eric_1974 : 01 - Punished at friend's house (M/mm)

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eric_1974 : 01 - Punished at friend's house (M/mm)

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01 - Punished at friend's house
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By eric_1974

Sunday, April 21st 2002 - 01:47:38 AM

Punished at friend's house

Hi, my name is Eric and I am 27 years old. My tie-up experience happened when I was at my friend Jason's (name changed)house when we were both around 15 years old.

I don't think either of us had expected to be tied up till it actually happened.

Jason was my best friend at school and he and I would hang out often after school at his house. Neither Jason nor I had any brothers or sisters so we liked hanging out with each other to talk about girls and play video games. Our parents worked long hours so it was ok for me to be at Jason's as long as I made it home for dinner.

One evening, Jason shocked me when he confided that his dad punished him sometimes by restraining him or locking him in his room. His mom was a passive person and let his dad discipline him the way he saw fit. That was a bit scary. I grew up in a family that talked things through rather than used severe punishment and so this kind of stuff made me a bit uneasy. But Jason was my best friend and this issue did not affect our friendship.

One afternoon I was hanging out at Jason's place as usual. His parents were at work and Jason told me that he had found an adult video in his parent's bedroom that we could watch. I was a bit scared of what might happen if we were caught but we gave in to our curiosity and so Jason played the tape.

The tape had barely begun when Jason's dad walked into the living room making us jump from the couch. He had come in early that afternoon and he immediately recognized what was on the TV screen. Jason and I were standing frozen at this point and he asked us both to go to Jason's room while he hurriedly took the tape away.

He walked into Jason's room after about 5 minutes and said that he was extremely disappointed in us. At this point I was ready to leave for home and I gathered my jacket but Jason's dad stopped me. He told me that both Jason and I were going to be punished for trespassing in their bedroom and stealing his tape. I was too ashamed to let my parents be involved and preferred to keep this incident within Jason's home so I did not object and I sat down.

Jason's dad lectured us that he had given us too much freedom and that we had misused it. He took out two pairs of handcuffs from his pocket which made me very uncomfortable. He tossed one pair of handcuffs to each of us and asked us to put our hands behind our backs before putting the cuffs tightly on our own wrists. We complied and with our hands tightly cuffed behind our backs, we followed Jason's dad into the living room. We were embarassed to see Jason's mom there especially when she heard what happened. Jason's dad asked us to apologise to her for trespassing in their bedroom which we quickly did. She nodded and quietly slipped into the kitchen.

It was still at least a few hours before dinner and I assumed that we were to remain in our cuffs till then. Jason's dad asked us to go back to Jason's room and stay there till he came to get us.

Once we were upstairs, Jason apologised to me and said that generally his dad would cool down quickly and probably would set us free within an hour or so.

It was strange and very embarassing for both of us to be in Jason's room with our hands cuffed behind our backs though neither of us showed our embarrassment. Instead we just sat on Jason's bed and talked.

We felt bad for what we had done and hoped that this ordeal would be over soon.

After more than 2 hours, Jason's dad entered the room and asked us to stand and turn around. He uncuffed both of us and gave us a stiff warning before letting us go.

We apologised to Jason's dad again and never again trespassed in their bedroom.

However, this was not the last time we got into trouble with Jason's dad.


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