Zeppo : 01 - Houdini and Jen (F/M)

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Zeppo : 01 - Houdini and Jen (F/M)

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01 - Houdini and Jen
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By Zeppo

Friday, May 3rd 2002 - 05:26:08 PM

Houdini and Jen

I have been a lurker for a while but I will now share a story with the group.

I am male about 5'6 and considered short by average standards. My partner in this escapade was Jennifer. Now Jennifer was about 5'4 102 lbs give or take a bound and had a phenomenal body. I was attracted to her. This takes place when I was 18 and she was 17.

I had always been into bondage, (courtesy of Batman episodes when I was a kid), but mostly self-bondage. I always like the challenge and thrill of escaping the evil clutches of some villain. Quite an active imagination.

This story takes place in the summer of 1993. I had just started dating Jen after meeting her at a party. She was down to earth, easy to talk too and we just seemed to hit it off. Well one day we were talking about our childhoods and I let it slip out that I had ONCE tied myself up when I was a kid. (This was a lie of course I had done it many times but I was afraid she would think it was weird or something.) I told her that I had used some belts and almost got stuck but because I was such an escape expert I was able to get out. We both laughed about it and she told me that her and two of her friends had once tied up a neighborhood bully who had been teasing them. I was caught off guard by this revelation but excited.

I must have given myself away because Jen just stared at me with a sly look in her eyes and said, "Well look at this I once tied someone up and you once got tied up. My we do have a lot in common. Do you still think you are an expert Houdini??"

My Adams apple almost went down to my feet at this remark. Was this a challenge?? Or just a test to see if I still was into bondage and the like. I could see where this might be leading and thought about my answer for a minute or two. I was going to take the plunge.

"Yeah I still have some escape skills if necessary but I don't think it would take much with some girl scout doing the tying. I could easily escape from you my dear. We aren't little kids anymore you know. Why don't we make some sort of wager on this if YOU are up to the challenge."

I figured it was put up or shut up on this topic and I knew I could get out of any tie she could come up with.

"My we are cocky aren't we?" she said. "I'll tie you so good you will be begging for my mercy" This sounded like an old time showdown. A true prizefight.

"Okay let's do it. We need to set some rules first though." I said.

"I get two hours to get free and when I do then I get to tie you up. If by odd chance I can't get free (laugh,laugh) then you can do whatever you want to me for another two hours providing it nothing in public."

I felt two hours would be more than enough to escape from anything Jen could do to me (The greatest escape artist since Houdini himself).

"Deal" was her only reply and with that we set a date for one week from that day. We would rent a hotel room so we wouldn't be disturbed.

It was a long 6 days waiting for that day but sure enough it came and boy was I in for the time of my life. After both giving false stories to our parents so we could sneak out for the night, I picked up Jen at 6:00p.m. on Friday. As she got into my car I noticed she was carrying a rather large duffel bag.

"What have you got there?" I asked.

"Oh nothing just a few changes of clothes and a couple of other items no girl should leave home without." She smirked back at me.

"Ok but don't be disappointed when I get to tie you up" I replied.

"We'll see" she smiled back at me and with that we were off to the hotel.

To be continued...

Zeppo the magnificent

United States

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