Knightwing : 01 - Tying up my friend Bear (m/m)

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Knightwing : 01 - Tying up my friend Bear (m/m)

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01 - Tying up my friend Bear

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By Knightwing

Saturday, May 4th 2002 - 04:56:31 AM

Tying up Bear

As told from MSN Messenger

Monday night was a thought-probing dilemma since i wanted to call up my friend, lets call him Bear hehe,to see if hes free tuesday afterschool. it was late in the night and i decided to ask him the next day. well i had this big algebra test...which i failed miserably, and i was studying in the computer lab, where its actually more peaceful than our school library. I didn't have time to ask him though he was in the same room since he always emails there for some reason.

During afterschool, he passed by my locker and commented on my locker inside. i asked where was he off to, and he said he had to go home and off he ran...besides it was 2:20 pm and the buses leave at around 2:30. well i didn't tie him up that day, but at around 6 pm i asked him if he had free time afterschool on thurday..

.wednesday was a holiday. he said yes and we talked about seeing an anime "Samurai X" the first 4 episodes in OVA and asked him to come over cause i wanted to do something with him.

he called me up wednesday night and as if someone read my mind and persuaded Bear to call me and asked what we're going to do thurday, i paused for around 30 seconds, which felt so so embarrassing or weird. I eventually asked him about movies where the guy or someone is tied up. He thought for a while and I suggested Scream...he never saw that.

fine, I ran out of things to say but I just went ahead and asked him.

It went something like this, and I told him the truth.

"Hmm I wonder how you can get out of that. Hey if you come over tommorow, do you want to be tied up?"

Outrageously and most surprisingly, he said "Ok why not?"

I thought I found the biggest goldmine in the world and i was thrilled....but i then tested him and asked if it was weird, what do you think (he said it was ok, it's ok since its something physical that he can try out), and he said after i asked him what was the most extreme thing he did, well anyway he said ok fine....hes into this stuff because he wants something exciting once in a while.

as his character, hes a lonely to himself type of guy.

he doesnt do his homework , he works out, hes basically just a home guy...i kinda feel sorry for him, but anyway hes cool and friendly.

Thurday came and I was so so so excited. I haven't tried this stuff at all and I was so thrilled since the day was kinda long. the hours past by until afterschool came.

I was supposed to meet him directly afterschool so we can catch the bus together...after a series of tag and hide and there you are finally outside the library, we took a walk to get a local native small vehicle called a Tuk Tuk and we drove towards my condominium. I wore socks (for the first time in a long long time) inside my home with slippers so he can wear his since Im wearing my own socks and slippers.

We went to the computer room, and watched Samurai X, the first OVA episode which is quite brutal...and throughout the whole time I was keeping my patience while watching and thinking at the same time.

"Should I just go ahead and say lets do something else, what should I do..." It was a good thing that I saw him not getting too interested and I went ahead and said, "ok lets do something else"

I then said while walking towards my room "let the tying up begin". As soon as he sat on my bed and I was thinking of lots of things about the whole subject, I then asked him literally for his permission to go ahead by saying "do you really want to do this" as a test "because i dunno if you think its weird."

he replied yeah its ok with assurance and to me, he didn't mind at all. I guess to him, it was like going for a rock climb with a friend or something...nothing that special or weird or strange.

I went inside my walk in closet, got out duck tape (hohoho, I was saving this special duck tape I bought at my home country since they didnt have this type of duck tape here...actually I was going to use it on someone else that I longingly wanted to tie up), a length of rope and asked him if he wanted anything to wear since it might ruin his clothes.

As soon as he saw the duck tape being opened for the first time from its plastic package, he was surprised and said "ooh ok duck tape, hehee". I just smirked and replied 'yeah its ok." i was thinking of saying that no tie up is complete with duck a gag heheeh. Anyway, for a moment, I covered my face with my hands and said "I can't believe Im actually doing this" and it kept racing through my mind.

I asked him to sit up at the edge of my bed and asked him if he had anything else to say...nah he replied. the new duck tape was quite hard to unravel and I placed it in his face around his head 3 times slowly, pressing his forehead towards me so the back of his head is on me and then i admired what i did. he mumbled and smiled i think and mumbled more.

I asked him "now this is like a kidnapping scene and i wanted him to moan or groan, in which he did for a time. Through the internet I found some techniques on how to properly tie up someone. Following that, I tied one end of the rope on his right wrist, revolved around that, and then revolved around his other hand behind his back. yes he was lied down face flat on my bed and he was patiently being tied up. Then I revolved the rope between his two bound hands and tied it with the end that was dangling from his right hand for around 2 knots. I then took the further length of the rope and tied it to his knees and then his feet. I then tied up the rope between his feet and attached it to his belt loop behind his back. Then i attached it to his hands and voila, instant tied up athlete hehee.

I asked him to turn over and sure enough, I had done it: he was tied up and gagged in a hogtie on my bed and this person was my friend whom i wanted to be also tied up: success hehee.

He squirmed as i observed him and told him he could do it on the floor. Moaning and with a contoured face he continued to wrestle with the ropes. He bounced from the bed onto the carpet and tried standing up. I can see from his face that it was tough, and i asked him to turn around and see his progress with his hands. It was soo cool because he couldn't get untied efficiently because of the tangle on his belt loop...a result from trying to untie his hands. He got out of it in 15 minutes and I was there, smiling and admiring and observing. When it came to taking off the rather unsmooth gag, on the second layer, his eyes went wide open and groaned a bit since it hurt. at the last strip, he closed his eyes and slowly pulled it out whilst his skin was being uncovered. I guess part of his small hair behind his head got pulled out also. There were some duck tape adhesive on his hair which was washed off later.

I suggested for some photo shoots which i would be glad to do it, and i don't know if he said he'd mind since he was gagged. Unfortunately my digital camera had low batteries and so i couldnt do it.

As soon as he untied the rope, it was my turn.

OK thats the first part......there's 2 more parts to it. If you want to hear the part where I was tied up and Bear was tied up again, email me or just post it. I'll check it sometime..

Southeast Asia

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