Sate : 01 - Babysitter bondage weekend (m/F)

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Sate : 01 - Babysitter bondage weekend (m/F)

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01 - Babysitter bondage weekend
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By Sate

Thursday, May 9th 2002 - 07:14:47 AM

Babysitter bondage weekend part 1

This happened a couple of years after my first bondage experience with my babysitter Alison. I was now 13, she 23. We'd had a few other tie up games whilst she'd sat with me but nothing could compare to this weekend ever.

My parents were going away for the weekend and wouldn't leave me alone in the house so decided to ask Alison if she'd come stay the weekend. She couldn't but said i could go stay with her if i wanted. I jumped at the chance.

I went round to Alisons on the saturday morning hoping we'd get up to some bondage fun. Nothing quite prepared me for what was to come. When i arrived she said she had to do some college work but after we had the whole day to play some games. Then she winked at me and i knew what she meant.

So i kept myself amused for a few hours watching tv then Alison came in and said she'd devised a game to play but first i should come take a look at what we were playing with. I followed her into the spare room where, on the bed, there was a large roll of black electrical tape, a roll of silver duct tape, a roll of elastoplast tape, a lot of rope, a couple of rolls of bandages and a pair of handcuffs. Could be in for some fun here i thought to myself.

The game Alison had come up with was a dice game. Similar to ones posted on here before.

The first roll would determine who would be tied up. Odd number me, even alison. If alison was to be tied another roll would determine what she'd wear. 1, winter clothing. 2, summer clothing. 3, sports wear. 4, smart wear. 5, sexy wear. 6, casual wear.

Alison rolled to see who was the victim and it came up 4. I sighed a huge relief and instantly got excited about the prospect of binding such a sexy and attractive woman. I then was able to roll to determine every outcome of the process.

I then rolled another 4. She would have to wear a smart outfit for the duration of this game.

The next roll would determine how she was tied. 1, chair tie. 2, hog tie. 3, hands above head. 4, mummification. 5, regular hands behind back. 6, regular hands in front.

The next roll would be for what was used. 1, rope. 2, duct tape. 3, elastoplast tape. 4, bandages. 5, handcuffs. 6, electrical tape.

I rolled 1 followed by 6. A chair tie with electrical tape (which is my favourite).

The final roll was for the gag. 1+2, cleave gag. 3+4, tape gag (strips). 5+6, wrap gag. I rolled a 6 which meant a wrap gag. Good good i thought.

Alison was now starting to look worried. We just had to determine what her gag was to be made of. 1, bandages. 2, duct tape. 3, electrical tape. 4, elastoplast tape. 5, two types of my choice. 6, all. I rolled 3 which to her was better than 6 by a long way.

So Alison was to be chair tied and wrap gagged all in the black electrical tape. She went off to change her clothes as i set up the chair and got a cloth and the huge roll of shiny black tape.

The chair was a high back computer chair with arms and wheels. This is the best possible one i thought to myself.

We'd decided that i was going to take alison hostage because she was my business rival and i wanted to run her out. Hence the business suit she'd wear.

Alison came out of her room wearing a grey business suit and skirt with a white blouse and tan tights with black shoes. She looked great, but not as good as she would when i'm done.

I pretended to ransack her spare room where the chair was looking for smth when she came in and tried to stop me. We wrestled for a bit until i got a cloth over her mouth which we pretended to have chloroform on. Her muffled screams got weaker and eventually she let her body go lip. Knocked out. I can do as i please now.

I began to bind her whilst she was still on the floor. I wrapped tape around her ankles and up to her knees so it looked like a single long tube binding her lower legs together. I hitched up her skirt and did the same to her thighs pulling her skirt to the right place over the tape once i was done. Her legs were now completely imobile. I picked her up and placed her into the chair. I removed her suit jacket and placed an arm on each chair arm and began to tightly tape each one down from wrist to elbow. Now she was completely helpless and i hadn't finished yet. After i was done taping her arms i started to wrap the tape around her shoulders, pinning her back to the seat. Above and below her breasts and round her stomach. Her upper body was now almost completely covered in the smooth shiny black tape. I was very excited by this point and still had to gag her. Before i did tho, i taped her thighs down to the seat of the chair making her completely bound to the chair.

I then began to wake her up at which she began wriggling and fighting her bonds which she soon found out was a waste a time. I'd taped her very well. We played the role and i tried to get her new invention ideas from her but she wouldn't tell. I then decided enough was enough and i'd leave her but before i did i said i'd have to gag her so i could make a clean getaway. I forced her mouth open and jammed a large cloth into it to start. Just to keep it in i stuck a strip of the electrical tape over her lips so i could start properly. To begin i pulled off a scouple of strips of the sticky and shiny tape and, from behind her, pulled them underneath her jaw pressing the tape onto her cheeks. She began to mmmppphhh a bit and breathe thru her nose. Still from behind i pulled the tape out but didn't tear it and tightly pulled it over her mouth, sticking the end round the back of her neck and commencing with the wrapping round her mouth. I put about 4 layers over her lips and cheeks. By the time i was done she could barely mmppphhh, let alone talk and i wheeled the chair into the lounge so i could watch tv with her heavily taped up next to me. She rocked in the chair and tried to escape but it was impossible as was calling for help. I kept her that way for most of the day all cocooned in tape before the next bondage game we were to play that night.

To be continued.....



Thursday, May 23rd 2002 - 10:02:39 AM

Babysitter bondage weekend part 2

During her time taped to the chair i ungagged her at one point to allow her to drink. This was very uncomfortable for her as i unwound the sticky tape from round her head and peel off her mouth. Whilst she wasn't gagged she pleaded with me to let her go. I toyed with the idea for a while and decided i would. So i unwrapped all the tape from around her body and freed her from captivity which she was very greatful for.

After this we agreed that we'd play the dice game again later that night after we'd eaten and chilled in front of the tv.

So the evening flew by for me and it was time to see who would get what.

(I'm not going over what each number of each roll was for. Read part 1 dated 9/5/02 for everything if you want.)

Alison once again rolled a 4 and was once again disappointed that she'd have to be the victim.I, on the otherhand was very excited again at the prospect.

I then took control of the dice and rolled a 5. This would mean she'd have to wear smth sexy. 'What kind of sexy do you want? Regular or slutty?' She asked me. I enthusiastically replied slutty hoping for anything that may be shiny or smooth.

I then rolled a 2 followed by a 1 which would be a rope hog tie. I was unsure about this because i'd never done one before, so i had to think back to the movies i'd seen where they were used and try to replicate it.

I finally rolled a 4 followed by a 2. Strips of duct tape to gag her beautiful mouth.

We agreed that this was just a fun tie up rather than like earlier and would last only an hour max if she couldn't get out.

Alison went away to change as i arranged my ropes and roll of tape.

When she came back i was amazed as to how she looked.

She had on a pair of shiny black knee length boots with fishnet stockings and a skin tight red rubber, high neck, long sleeved, mid thigh length dress. I was gobsmacked. I never had then or now seen such an amazing site in all of my life. I felt privileged to tie up such a fine looking woman.

She came over to to be bound, dress squeeking as she walked.

I turned her around and pulled her arms behind her back, crossing her wrists. With the rope i tightly bound her wrists together and then bound her elbows as close as they'd go. Not only did i wind round her arms but i tied rope between her wrists over the rope to tie her even tighter and more inescapably.

I then went to work on her legs. I did to her ankles what i'd done to her wrists, and wrapped rope around her knees to make her a touch more secure.

She now was well enough bound to hold her for a while but i wanted more. I started to tie around her chest to bind her arms to her body, the rope digging in to her rubber clad torso. I was starting to get very aroused by this binding proccess.

I helped her down to her knees in order to gag her. I filled her mouth with a cloth and then firmly pressed on 3 strips of the duct tape over her lips, smoothing each one meticulously, making sure it was tight enough to silence her. She looked at me with pleading eyes over her gag and began to gently mmpphh into the tape securing her mouth.

With her gagged i now had to hog tie her. I laid her down on the floor, light glistening off her dress and began to tie some more rope around and between her feet. I pulled the end of the rope up raising her feet and lower legs until i was sure it was tight enough and she wouldn't be able to escape and started to wrap the rope around and between her wrists. I didn't tie the knot there as i had a little bit of rope left so i pulled it up to her elbows and bound the rope binding her elbows to the rope forming the hog tie. During the whole proccess Alison was screaming into her gag in discomfort but it held firm and her noise was kept to a minimum. She tried moving her mouth around to loosen the tape but it just returned to its original shape and stayed tightly stuck over her lips.

She was now securely gagged and effectively tied up and i just sat back and admired my work as she squirmed about the floor in her bonds mmmmpppphhhhing into her gag, her rubber dress squeeking and shining with every move she made.

After the hour was up i begrudgingly untied her and removed the tape gag. She said that even tho it was uncomfortable she'd loved being hog tied, especially in her skin tight dress. This was great for me coz i'd loved her being hog tied in the dress.

It was now late on the saturday night and we went to bed, but the bondage fun didn't stop there that weekend. We still had sunday to come.

To be continued.....

P.S. If i've offended anyone with the manner of clothing in this story i apologise.


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