The Dorky Detective: The bombastic milf F/FFF part3 added

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The Dorky Detective: The bombastic milf F/FFF part3 added

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The cover for this is drawn marvelous by Rodrigotfa!



The Dorky Detective: The case of the bombastic milf: Missing Girls

“ The first week as a detective, we’ve gotta look good and convincing! “ Although it was only just eight AM Denise was already up and ready to tackle her day. She had showered already, had breakfast, and put on her casual outfit consisting of the simple purple sweater and skirt.

As she stood there admiring her outfit she could hear her dad yelling from down the stairs.
“ Sweetie, I’m heading out for work, don’t be late today alright? “

“ No worries Dad, I’ll be fine! See you around five! “ Denise yelled back.

Her father was a casual tall man around his 40’s with a somewhat casual demeanor, tending to a local supermarket as one of its owners during the week minus the weekends. As he began heading out, Denise gave herself one last look in the mirror before feeling satisfied and ready.

“ Let’s go! “ She took her phone from the charger and swung her bag on her back. As she walked down the staircase she quickly texted Stacey that she’d meet her at school regarding missing scout girls.

Some of them went missing the past few days and considering she had no lead towards the sock case, she decided to put herself to this task firsthand herself, especially knowing who was probably running the case at the moment.

“ No way we’re letting the coffee bros solve this case “ Denise told herself smugly as she headed outside. The sun was pleasantly shining outside the street, with only a soft cold breeze felt as Denise began her walk towards the school.

She arranged to meet up with Stacey to see if she’d know something more about this. And while walking down the street she gave it further thoughts herself. ‘ Why would anyone kidnap girl scouts and how come no one saw anything if it happened during broad daylight… ‘ She couldn’t quite put her finger on it.

She continued while she sighted around the streets, taking in the people. It didn’t make sense that no one would’ve seen anything unless it was happening closer by. She eventually reached the school itself and took the staircase to walk inside the hallway.

‘ Where is she, shouldn’t be the hardest girl to pick out of a line ‘ Denise inwardly told herself as she looked at all the students gathering around their lockers and doing their usual gossiping.

‘ Bingo! ‘ She spotted Stacey in the distance as she was closing her locker and turned around to spot Denise. She returned a slight look of surprise as she walked towards her.

“ You’re early, I was expecting you’d be here around the break “ “ What can I say, early birds catch thieves faster “

Stacey inwardly felt to justify the saying, it was something she just couldn’t slide at school.

“ Actually the phrase is…. “ Stacey began, but as she saw Denise standing there proudly with her pose, she instead rolled her eyes and decided to be at her best behavior.

“ I’ll have to head class though, I only got three lessons though “

" Right class " Denise let out a soft sigh, she was hoping to let Stacey tag along before realizing the girl had her lessons. She couldn't blame anyone but herself for getting out this early and assuming Stacey would've all the time to help her out.

She smiled with glee and nodded. “ That’s fine, we’ll just meet at the school yard in about three, how about that? “

Stacey nodded, although an idea popped up, something that would be the best move for her.

“ Why not visit Miss Summers? “

“ Who? “ Denise asked in surprise as Stacey pointed to the hall towards their left.

“ The girl’s missing are all from her class, maybe she’s got something to help you out with? “

Denise looked at the hall and nodded before turning her gaze at Stacey. “ Thanks! Good luck with your class “

Stacey groaned at the thought as she was however aware her homework didn’t go as planned. “ Can’t be worse than last night, gotta run! “ Stacey started to dash towards her class while Denise began walking towards the hall where a thought occurred.

“ I Should’ve probably asked which classroom it is “

She then saw a janitor mopping around the floor and decided to approach him.

“ Excuse me sir, I’m looking for Miss summers, do you know which class she’s in? “

The janitor swiped around as he than turned around hearing the girl speaking at him. He placed the mop back into it’s bucket before answering. “ Last room at the hall, it’s got some historical symbol so you can’t miss it “

“ Thanks, moving on “ Denise eager walked towards the end of the hall.

Meanwhile, inside the history class Stacey finished explaining to her teacher what happened.

Her teacher was a somewhat stern type that could be placed in a military line.

Stern demeanor, a tightly combed hair cut and his belt so tight around his jeans.

He stood there with his arms crossed, shaking his head in disbelief.

“ What do you mean I’m not buying it? “ Stacey added in mild frustration.
She told him everything that happened last night and how she wasn’t able to do her homework, but he didn’t buy it.

“ The dog ate it, my brother has it, a burglar with socks took it… “
The teacher spoke with a harsh tone as the class itself remained mostly silent with only a few students gossiping at a soft tone.

“ No way she was robbed… “

“ Well it could’ve been true? “

Stacey turned her head hearing them behind her before turning her gaze at her teacher.

“ You can ask the police, I was tied in my… “ Stacey paused as she reflected on last night
‘ Better leave those details out ‘ She inwardly thought

“ .. my room, I struggled all night! “

“ You can do so again, I expect your report tomorrow, now I don’t want to hear anymore! “

Stacey felt like slamming her face at her desk as the teacher continued tending to the other student’s.

‘ Sure would be a shame if I got robbed again tonight! ‘ She groaned to herself.

Meanwhile Denise reached the end of the hall and looked at the door on the left. ‘ Bingo! ‘

She opened the door and stepped inside “ Sorry to bother.. “ To surprise the room itself was entirely empty, although a bit of a sound was coming from the back of the class room.

She shrugs and closes the door behind her as she walked towards what seemed to be spare room. “ Umm Ma’am, are you in there? “

“ Just a second darling! “ A pleasant female voice answered from behind the door.

Inside were two women, a tall blonde woman with a viciously stunning body, long locks of blonde hair, and a somewhat unique set of pupils these being green as well as a white one, likely a damaged eye.

The other was Miss Summers, a brunette with short brown hair and a pair of freckles dotting her cheeks. She was sitting in the chair, her entire body tightly bound as she had her mouth just stuffed with a pair of underwear before the blonde woman, known as Demi had it taped shut for her.

Miss Summers was still under the chloroform and her moaned muffles were faint due to both the gag as the door to be heard from the other side, despite frantically trying to wiggle in the chair while Demi had pulled on the teacher’s denim skirt and top in an attempt to impersonate her. “ Just tying a loose knot dear! “

Demi spoke further as she took a small cloth and reached for the bottle of chloroform.
The brunette shook her head angrily in response while she was soaking it with and tying it around Miss Summer’s mouth to keep her nicely asleep for the remainder of the morning.

Denise impatiently began walking around the classroom a bit before she turned around hearing the door open, and the blonde lady walked out while quickly closing the door behind her. “ Sorry about that, so what can I do for you? “

Demi asked as she began taking a seat in the former teacher’s chair as Denise took her position in front of the desk.

“ Well Miss, I’m a detective and I’ve been told your classmates or some of them are missing “

Demi returned a somewhat look of surprise hearing the words, she was expecting a student not a detective, but rather than feeling overwhelmed or surprised she was excited.

“ I’m actually quite aware of that yes, really unfortunate isn’t it? “

“ Don’t worry Ma’am, I plan to find out who’s doing it, but I have no idea yet. “

“ Well the girls in particular were each girl scouts “ Demi explained as Denise quickly pulled forth her phone and started typing what was told, nodding.

“ Most of them were going around the neighborhood just a few blocks behind the school “

“ A good place to start, gotcha! “ She smiled happily with the given information as she returned her phone but than heard a vague tapping against the room in the back.

“ Um, is that normal? “ She asked raising a brow as Demi turned to the door and shrugged it off “ O, probably something determined to get out, a pretty little rat I’d say “

Denise chuckled lightly before giving it no further thought.

“ Well thanks for the info Ma’am, I’ll better get going, bye! “

Denise waved as Demi returned the gesture and watched the girl exit the classroom.
She went through her hair as she pondered a brief bit by what just happened.

She hadn’t been caught or chased up until this point when arriving in the city.

But a young cute detective running around the city was something she couldn’t just ignore.

“ How about that, maybe this girl will give us a hard time.. “ She smirked to the thought and turned around as she heard some moaning coming out of the spare room.

“ Speaking of fun, it’s time to enjoy your company darling.

A few hours passed by, time Denise had spent chattering with various other students in attempts to get a little more of an idea what would be going on, and aside some useless pointers by students, it was least clear that all the girls were girl scouts and all last seen in the exact same neighborhood.

Bearing that in mind, she decided the best move would be to go undercover as girls scouts.

And as said it was done, Stacey borrowed the costumes from the drama class and the two headed down to the place. They brought a trolly with additional boxes of cookies to help blend in.

As the two headed down the streets, Denise couldn't help but continuously fidget the skirt with her fingers due to the uncomfortable size of it.

‘ This is way too short, how do girl’s wear this? ‘

“ Don’t tell me you’re gonna tear the skirt out before we get to our first door “

Stacey dryly remarked, sighting Denise who gave her a quirky shrug

“ Hey, I wouldn’t have if you took the right size “

“ Look I said I was sorry, they had nothing else “ Stacey answered while trying to sound apologetic. Eventually the pair reached spring street and decided to start their investigation.

Stacey took out her phone for additional feedback as Stacey was tasked to hold onto the cookies. She expressed slight annoyance as she realized she was going to be the one hitting door after door.

“ Okay, remind me again why I have to do this? “

“ Because you’re much better suiting as a scout than I am, and I suit better as detective. “
She added proudly as Stacey sighed and began walking her way to the first house.
She walked up to the door and looked back at Denise for something, who raised both her thumbs gleefully.

‘ Sure, that’s helpful ‘ She took a deep breath and rang the doorbell.

After some vague noises inside the door opened and a somewhat middle aged man opened up.

“ Look I’m very busy, I’ve gotta do my chores.. I gotta clean the dishes “

“ And I’m here selling cookies, these will totally make your lousy day much better! “
Stacey remarked, holding the box up for the man who scoffed some inaudible words before slamming the door closed.

“… They’re with chocolate and.. great “ She shook it off and continued going down to the next doors, while all that happened Denise eager took notes but instead of focusing on Stacey, she heard a familiar voice behind her that caused her to turn around.

“ Hey, if it isn’t our detective friend, decided to sell cookies instead have you? “ Officer Barney spoke smug as he and Officer Daniels were walking down the streets doing their usual patrol.

" I'll have you know I'm working on a new case, and this will totally proof who's better " Denise retorted with a similar tone but the two men mostly exchanged soft laughter before Officer Daniels decided to play along.

“ Sure kid, keep telling yourself that! “ He added amused as Barney felt curious however.

“ So, what’s the case? “ He asked, but Denise raised a brow before in response.

“ As I’ll tell you, my friend and I are in the middle of a breakdown. “

The two men looked around the streets before Barney began rubbing his chin.

“ I’m not sure I’m seeing a friend, you sure you’re fit for this girl? “

“ What do you mean? “ Denise responded bewildered as she pointed to where Stacey supposedly had to be before she realized no one was going door to door.

As she stood there with her jaw inwardly dropped, the two chuckled and walked onwards.
“ Kids these day’s, let’s get ourselves a coffee! “

“ ..Funny Stacey, where are you “ Denise began running through the street, looking left to right but she didn’t see anyone around at all. A little worried she reached for her phone and decided to call, maybe she had sneaked out or something.

“ Pick up, come on “ A bit impatiently she stood there but there was no answer, she sighed as she returned her phone and looked around her.

“ I turn my back a second and this happens, maybe the donut brothers had a point… “
As she stood there reflecting for a moment, she worked up a confident smile and shook it off. “ Not gonna happen, if something happened to her, it’ll be on me.. let’s hit the doors “

With that, she took a box of cookies herself and repeated the same pattern Stacey supposedly had been doing as well before she just vanished. She worked up a casual smile and rang the doorbell.

The door opened and the same somewhat grumpier man opened the door, as he saw Denise standing there with the same outfit his face quickly became as sour as it could be.

“ Not again, come on.. “

“ Sorry sir, but my friend just disappeared, and as a detective that has me worried. “

“ Wait, detective? You’re not a girl scout, well call me relieved

“ The man suddenly started to breathe a soft sigh of relief before he worked up a wry smile.

“ Sorry kiddo, it’s just that they come nonstop “

“ Been there, well I won’t occupy more of your time sir! “

“ Don’t worry, so long as you ain’t selling cookies.. you’re welcome to visit! “

The man eager laughed before closing the door, leaving Denise a bit bewildered before shrugging it off “ Sure.. “

She proceeded to hit the next door, her smile as glee as she could as an adult man opened up.
“ Great, not again.. “ The man sighed, clearly bothered.

“ Listen kid I’m in bed and I’m determined to get back in there with someone “

“ It won’t take long sir, I was investigating not really selling cookies actually “
Denise said as the man raised a brow briefly to that before just shrugging in response
“ Whatever works “

“ My friend is missing, don’t suppose you noticed anything strange around here? “
The man thought to the question some before shaking his head.
“ Nothing, well the lady next door is a bit of a..weirdo, but I guess that’s what age does “

Denise took a note in her phone as she chuckled in response.
“ Yea, that it does.. well, that’s all! “
“ Excellent, I gotta get back to bed.. if you know what I mean! “

The man started laughing somewhat creepy before Denise nodded and walked down the stairway.

“ Sleeping during the day, that’s totally normal I guess “

She told herself as she went to the next door, she took a deep breath as she rang the doorbell. ‘ Just two more, one of them has to be it.. ‘

After a few seconds pass, a somewhat elderly woman opens up, immediately smiling at Denise. “ Oooooooh girl scouts, oh darling you remind me of myself when I was younger! “ The woman spoke with a glee exaggerated tone that most elders would use when addressing teens.

Denise awkwardly stood there clearing her throat before stating her business.
“ Actually I’m a detective and my friend was.. “ Denise began, but she was quickly interrupted “ O was she your friend? O she was so polite when she visited! “

The woman spoke out further as she began reaching for her wallet. “ I’ll happily buy your box too, how much was it again dearest? “

“ I’m.. never mind, that’s just two dollars miss “
Denise gave up trying, handing the box to the old lady who in turn passed the money to Denise. “ Thank you dear, o aren’t you the sweetest! “

Denise forced a wry smile as she nodded “ I really gotta go though, enjoy the cookies! “

She didn’t hesitate as she walked down the staircase, hearing the woman talk for a bit longer before hearing the door close behind her.

She didn’t look back and reached for her phone immediately.
“ Okay suspect the weird grandma.. “ Denise took a note in her phone, returning a suspicious look at the residence before heading to the last door.

As she rang the doorbell she realized she had no box left in her hands.
‘ O darn! ‘ She wanted to dash back but as the door opened she swiftly turned around and smiled.

“ Good day Ma’am! “

“ O, hello dear! “ A redheaded woman opened, smiling happy as she saw Denise.
“ If you’re selling cookies dear, I’m afraid you’re a little empty “

The woman laughed softly as Denise awkwardly chuckled in response before she shook her head.

“ Sorry Ma’am, I’m actually a detective! " Denise explained as the woman stood there smiling.

' A detective, she can join her friend then ' Inwardly the woman smirked but kept her smile as passionate as possible as she nodded towards Denise, eager to invite her inside her home.

" my friend went missing just now and I’m looking for her “
Denise explained.

“ Well, why don’t you come in? It’s no use standing in the cold “

“ O, that would probably be fine! “ Denise eager accepted the offer and followed her inside.
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Looking forward to the next part(:
Heyyy, I’m back. My name is Chelsey. I am into foot fetish, sock fetish, shoe fetish, HOM, bondage, gags, smelling, and getting kidnapped. I am always down to role play sooo message me (;
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chelseykittyc@t wrote: 2 months ago Looking forward to the next part(:
Still plotting how the story will go! But the next part should hopefully be done next weekend!

The milf however will always be up for roleplaying meanwhile! ;)
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Very promising - and nice artwork :)
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Caesar73 wrote: 2 months ago Very promising - and nice artwork :)
O yea, he absolutely nailed the cover for sure!! :D
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Denise eagerly followed the woman inside, closing the door behind her.

“ There we go, it’s much warmer and comfortable inside! “ The woman said as she smiled at Denise, guiding her inside her lounge.

“ Name’s Mary by the way! “ Mary briefly introduced herself as the girl followed her at a close distance.
Denise looked around somewhat due to her curious nature, but the room was kind of average overall.
It gave a simple as cozy vibe kinda like your typical grandmother's house.
She did walk towards a dresser that had a scout girl's belt laying onto it. She looked at it before turning to the woman.

“ Do you have a daughter who’s into girl scouts? “
Denise couldn’t help herself asking as Mary turned towards her and quickly shook her head.

“ O that’s nothing really! “ Mary answered fast as a tad nervously
“ I mean to say I keep hers there as she’d recently moved out! “

Denise nodded in response as Mary gestured towards her armchair.

“ Why don’t we take a seat, I’m sure you got a lot of questions “

Denise quickly made herself comfortable as the woman took a seat in the opposite chair.
She swung her leg across the other as she smiled at the girl.

“ Now, how can I help you dear? “

Denise eager nodded in response, taking out her phone with her notes.

“ Well it’s that my friend went missing after going door to door here “

“ You mentioned that yes, that sounds so awfull! ”

“ It does, so I’ve been hitting all the doors so far, and you’re the last “

“ I hope I’m not a suspect, the only crime I'd commit doing is smiling "

Denise chuckled with Mary in response, shaking her head.

“ I have no reason to suspect you, I do suspect some others however… “

Meanwhile in an upstairs bedroom, Stacey had been wiggling in some tight restraints for quite a bit of time, grunting through her gag. She had been stripped of her earlier scouting outfit and wiggled around in her trusty lace orange lingerie, not her favorite wear and not something she expected anyone to see her wearing.

“ Thmmm rlmmmmy smmmm… “ Stacey groaned out, her mouth had been packed tightly with what she believed to be worn socks, held in place with an ordinary rag. ‘ Why can’t they stuff my mouth with cloths, seriously! ‘

Somewhat irritated she looked around wanting to get out. She began as she wiggled around on the bed as she couldn’t believe her luck at the same time, tied up at two separate occasions without getting her homework even remotely done.

‘ This is two nights in a row, is this ironic or just karma… ‘

Stacey however just inhaled and exhaled calmly, she knew better than panic wasn’t going to help her. She paused her attempts briefly as she heard vague laughter coming from below her.

‘ Wait… I recognize that laugh, is that Denise? ‘ She felt cautiously optimistic realizing her friend was just sitting this close. Hoping Denise would either hear her or suspect the woman, either the former or the latter. She began by rolling off the bed, making a slight thud.

“ Shmmmms… “ She shook it off and began to work herself forward into her bonds, much like she attempted at her own home. She crawled on the carpet like a helpless slug and slowly moved towards the door, she rolled herself around and began slamming her feet heavily against the door to make some noise.


“ You mean the older woman, I don’t talk to her a lot myself actually “ Mary answered question after question without drawing too much attention, all while Denise began scribbling further notes onto her phone.

thunk thunk

Both Denise as Mary turned their attention in the direction of the sound towards the hallway leading to the staircase.

“ Do you have any cats, they sound pretty angry “ Denise comically added as Mary awkwardly joined in to laugh along.

“ I do actually, I mostly keep them in the basement but this one is somewhat more stubborn “

“ I would believe so “ Denise added as Mary briefly stood up.

“ Do excuse me sweetie, I’ll have to make sure she doesn’t break stuff “

Denise nodded in response as Mary briefly headed up the staircase as Denise couldn’t help herself but get a bit too curious for her own good.

“ Weird, there’s no indications of pets in this house… “ Denise slowly stood up and quietly began to sneak around the residence a bit more, keeping her ears sharp to make sure Mary wouldn’t catch her behaving differently.

As she did, she was immediately drawn back to the girl’s sash on the dresser.

‘ She likes kittens… she has a sash here, and there’s some weird bonking going on upstairs… ‘ Feeling more suspicious, Denise eager grabbed the sash and viewed the green fabric further, various badges were pinned on it, but as she turned it around she got a closer look and saw a name; Mariana Woodrow, one of the missing girls!

She felt a shiver down her spine, was she actually correct or was she just getting a bit paranoid and tense in the middle of all this going on?


“ Cmmmm ommmm! “ Stacey grunted out as she gave the door another good kick, but upon hearing some footsteps she began to realize this was not going to be Denise at all.

‘ Didn’t think that true did you… ‘ She groaned out upon realizing.

The door swiftly opened shortly after, and Mary walked in, shutting the door almost instant as she shook her head somewhat disappointingly at Stacey.

“ You’re making a bit too much noise, can’t have that sweetheart! “

“ Yourrhhhh crmmmy! “ Stacey sputtered out further in defiance as the woman ignored her further moaning and took a small bottle of chloroform from the shelf as well as a cloth, dozing it with it in the process.

‘ Not again… ‘ Stacey inwardly knew she was about to take another nap and there wasn’t anything she could do, she pleaded through her gag but Mary ignored it further, crouched down and placed the rag across Stacey her mouth and nose, holding her head still with her other hand. She struggled into her bonds as she began forcefully inhaling the sweet scent, kicking with her legs whilst moaning out against Mary.

“ Ssshhh, we’ll have our fun after I tie up your lovely friend “ Mary cooed softly as she shook her in defiance. But her vision became blurry once more.

“ Plmmmmm Dnnnse… hlllmmm! “ Stacey uttered out in her final breathe before her eyes closed with the chloroform slowly knocking her unconscious again.

With that taken care of, she stood up and began to doze the rag a bit further in the chloroform. “ Now let’s tend to your friend “

Denise laid the sash back before pondering on her move, she wasn’t entirely sure of her next move or if her accusation was even going to be accurate. She took a deep breath and decided to do the second-best thing she could.

“ I hate having to do this… but I might as well “ Denise groaned inwardly to what she was about to do, she took a look around her first and upon the room being empty, she quickly began typing a message on her phone, hitting the sent button and closing it.

“ That’s gonna haunt me for sure “ Denise exclaimed at a soft tone before she vaguely felt someone standing behind her.

“ I’m sure of that darling! “

Mary retorted while she clamped the rag tightly across Denise her mouth.

“ Nommmmm lmmmm gmmphh!! “ Denise cried out, trying her best to wrestle the rag from her mouth, but Mary her hands swiftly took those and held them in a tight grip.

“ No no, don’t wake my neighbor darling… “ Denise fought back as much as she could, but her moaning got softer with every attempt, her vision slowly became black and she passed out In the stranger's hands…

“ Should’ve stayed home sweetheart, now you’re joining the rest! “
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After some time had passed, Denise had slowly begun to lift her head and squinted with her eyes while slowly waking up. As she began to open her eyes and open her mouth, she quickly felt something In her mouth preventing her from doing so.

“ Wh...whmmm hnnnnd? “ To her surprise, all that escaped her mouth were some muffled taunts, quickly frustrated she tried to move her hands to her mouth, but she couldn’t seem to budge them either. As she fully opened her eyes, she stared into the room she was earlier standing in. She was on her knees, her back firm against Mary her armchair, various layers of tape securing her body against it. Not to mention something was packed into her mouth, sealed inside.

“ Omm gmmm! “ As she felt slightly more nervous, she had looked around herself, not spotting Mary or anyone else for that matter, alone for now. She knew she had to remain calm, or at least try doing so. But as she sat there, she felt sweat break up on her head, nervous for what might happen to her.

She then moved her head in a direction as she heard a pair of footsteps approaching, followed by a woman chuckling.

“ O Denise, you should’ve stayed out of all this darling! “

It was Mary, it was her all along.. She like a fool for not having noticed this sooner.

“ Whh arhhh dnnnng thhhmm? “ Denise immediately felt her curious nature take a hold of her nerves, wanting to know what this woman was after.

Mary however simply sat herself down before the girl, gently caressing Denise her thighs. This quickly had her shudder, her eyes immediately looked down as she realized her skirt was missing! ‘ She’s into some weird stuff isn’t she? ‘

As the woman began to caress her thighs, Denise shook her head further in defiance, trying to pull her knees back away from the woman, which was causing Mary to chuckle only further in response.

“ O relax, you’re going nowhere.. you, your friend.. you’ll join the others soon! “

“ Whhh? “ Denise retorted more frightfully.

“ Because a woman needs hobbies Denise, and bondage is really creative! “

‘ Called it! ‘ Denise smugly thought out, not wanting to give Mary satisfaction yet, but as the tape had bound her.. she wasn’t gonna do much. She hadn’t felt helpless till this day, wanting to save the girls but ultimately unable too.

“ There there, no need to be upset! “ Mary her hand brushed Denise her hair ever slightly when noticing her expression somewhat more defeated.

“ Think of all the fun we’ll be having together? “ Mary spoke with glee, giggling delightfully.


Meanwhile, Stacey woke up from her recent chloroforming, quickly letting out a soft groan before realizing once more she was tied up in the bedroom of a stranger.

“ Srrrmmmy! “ Frustrated the girl began her attempts to escape once more, knowing that Denise must’ve gotten captured herself, otherwise she had been free by now.

She looked around the room further, wanting to get herself out of this mess at once.

She looked left and right before her eyes spotted something shiny in the distance on the floor, a small pair of scissors. ‘ Wait, these were here all along? ‘ Feeling sheepish Stacey decided to waste no further time and began crawling herself forward, eagerly she turned herself around, slowly pulling her tied arms low enough to grab ahold of them. ‘ Careful, I need these for my history test! ‘

With success, she managed to cut through the ropes, and before long Stacey sat up straight as she untied herself entirely. She immediately stood up, looking around for her clothes but not seeing them right away. ‘ Come on! ‘ She then pulled the rag from her mouth and spat the drenched fabrics out of her mouth.

Upon a closer look, she saw they were indeed a pair of socks.

“ Knew it.. “

She then began to look around, knowing she needed something to help Denise.

‘ Come on… what do we do, wait.. is she really that sloppy? ‘ A bit surprised Stacey then noticed a bottle on Mary her dresser and as she walked closer she saw it was indeed a bottle of chloroform.

‘ Someone clearly has to teach her this stuff.. ‘ Feeling optimistic, Stacey took the rag from the floor, and began opening the bottle, dozing the cloth with the drug. She felt somewhat unsure about her next approach, as she began to open the door she first peaked left as right before walking out of the bedroom.

She wasn’t going to overpower an adult woman anytime soon, even with the chloroform in her hands. She then realized that Mary wouldn’t even know she had been untied.. ‘ It’s risky but come on Stacey you got this! ‘


‘ Seriously, what’s taken them! ‘ Denise started to become somewhat more irritated as she bit harder onto the socks in her mouth, all while the woman continued rubbing her thighs. She began shaking her head in protest didn’t do much except stimulate her further.

“ Now, let’s get your friend, and head downstairs..shall we? “ Mary eager stood up, blowing a kiss towards Denise who looked back mostly in annoyance while Mary walked towards the hall. She muttered out something angrily, watching the woman walk away.

“ Mmmmmm mmmmmhh!! “ Denise sputtered out, while she slammed hard down the carpet with her feet

Mary meanwhile walked up the staircase and walked back into the bedroom, spotting the girl nicely bound on the bed. “ All up are you, excellent! “ Happy as ever, the woman started to walk towards the bed, unaware of Stacey her little gambit. ‘ This really seemed a good idea.. let’s hope it is ‘ She nervously bit onto her gag, purposely waiting on the bed as she had somewhat tied herself back up, not quite like Mary had done but judging from her looks, she didn’t notice Stacey had gotten untied at all.

As the woman sat beside the girl on the bed, she reached out to brush Stacey her hair, to which she mostly growled back into her gag.
“ Stmmm thmmm wlmmmd ymmm? “

Mary mostly sat there whilst chortling at the girl her defiance.

“ O you’re SO irresistible, I’m so glad you showed up when you did “

As Mary than turned her attention to the sound of a doorbell, Stacey decided to make this her cue, it was now or staying in the basement forever not tending to homework. she flung both her hands at the woman, revealing the rag of chloroform she hid in her clenched hands, rope falling off from her as she worked her best attempt to clamp it across Mary her mouth, resulting in the two slightly falling from the bed.

" Whnm dmmnnnnhhg!! " Mary exclaimed angrily as bewildered by Stacey her sudden move, who kept the rag firmly across the woman her mouth, despite her attempts trying to pull the rag off. She spat her own gag out in the process.

" I'm missing homework because of this! " She sputtered out as she used her free hand to keep Mary's arms from flailing around too much " Mmmmm mmmmhhh stmmmm!! " Mary continued to moan out angrily and before long the woman began to feel the drug work wear her down, her struggling began to decrease, slowly she closed her eyes, passing out on her own carpet.

Stacey gulped, not pulling the rag off immediately and wanting to make sure she was knocked out, and as she waited.. she slowly pulled the rag from the woman her mouth. After realizing the trick worked, she collapsed on the floor herself, panting out heavily from the struggle.

" ..Sheesh, I'll remind myself to stick to gym lessons from now on " She slowly stood up, hearing the doorbell ring once more. “ Better not be another scout.. “ Stacey then looked around a bit, wanting to put on at least a shirt before tending to the rest. She opened the wardrobe, peeking at the content hanging around.

“ Ugh, wide shirts.. big shirts, nothing my size at all? “ She whined out sighting the collection, not wasting further time she just yanked out a large red shirt and pulled it on. She took out a pair of rope and secured Mary her wrists before quickly rushing down the staircase, crossing her fingers whoever was at the door, wasn't a friend of that weirdo.

As she took a deep breath, she opened the door and immediately felt relieved seeing two police officers standing before hers, Officer Daniels and Barney.

“ O, thank god! We could totally use your help right about now! “ She exclaimed happily, her smile quickly faded however as she noticed the two were staring down at her underwear. They exchanged looks with each other before Barney decided to clear his throat slightly before answering.

“ Right, right! We got a text from your friend stating you and her were in danger? “

“ By the looks of it, it seems we’re knocking at the wrong time! “ Daniels added smugly, resulting in both chuckling. Stacey shook her head however.

“ Hardly, I barely got myself untied, and Denise … DENISE! “ She immediately realized she forgot something and ran back inside, leaving both cops somewhat surprised.

“ I totally forgot! “ Stacey spoke out loud while she ran back into the lounge, sighting Denise taped around the chair on the floor, moaning helplessly.

Upon hearing her friend’s voice Denise looked up, happy to see her friend again.

“ O you’re alright, thank god! “ She happily walked over to her friend, who in response breathe out in relief. “ Smmm ammm ymm! “ She answered in a muffled tone. Stacey pulled the tape from her friend’s mouth and began pulling the tape from her friend’s body as well, allowing Denise to pull the drenched socks out of her mouth, tossing them on the floor. She stretched her jaws a bit before slowly standing up on her feet.

“ I own you, sorry for losing you out of my sight.. I should’ve been more careful “

Denise spoke, expressing herself somewhat apologetic with Stacey mostly shrugging it off slightly. “ I was gonna give you a lecture, but I think we’ve had enough for one day huh? “

Denise then looked at what Stacey was wearing, a rather oversized shirt that was far too wide for her body, she couldn’t help herself but chuckle at it.

“ What’s with your shirt though... “

“ Don’t ask.. “

At the same time, the two men walked into the room, sighting the pairing.

“ Well how about that, your text was actually serious.. “ Daniels began to phrase as Barney looked around the room somewhat further.

“ I told you, the woman you want is upstairs.. the girls are likely in the basement “

Barney nodded while he took out his phone, starting to make a few calls while Daniels turned towards Denise. She gave him a look as in ‘ I told you so ‘

“ So you were right, but you put yourself and your friend at risk, for what? “

“ Doing the right I guess? “ Denise retorted, feeling satisfied despite knowing Daniels had a point, but it didn’t matter to her, she knew today was a good day.

“ We’ve saved a group of girls today from a.. “ She slightly paused, thinking on what to add, before Stacey shrugged and added. “ Bombastic milf? “ Stacey added bluntly resulting in a slight chuckle between all three.

“ Well, get yourselves some pants.. we’ll take it from here “

Denise as well as Stacey immediately felt flustered as they were once more reminded on their clothing. Denise picked her skirt from the floor as Stacey awkwardly looked around, groaning to herself. “ Ugh, I’ll borrow one I guess.. “

As Stacey fetched her pants, the two began leaving the residence. Various sounds of sirens were heard in the distance as police cars drove in to the scene. Mary was immediately put under arrest, as the other police officers began tending to the basement, freeing the girls and escorting each to their homes.

As they saw Mary being taken into the van, the two couldn’t help but feel a form of accomplishment for what they’ve done today.

“ So, how did you lose me exactly? “ Stacey wondered as she turned to her friend who eyed her a bit guilty in the process. “ Well about that, it’s a funny story.. “ She let out a sheepish laugh before coming clean.

“ It was the donut brothers, they startled me and I wanted to kinda.. prove myself “ Denise explained all while her tone remained filled with guilt.

“ I’m sorry, next time I’ll promise you they won’t get to me “

“ I’ll hold you to that, you can make my homework and we’ll be even.. “ Stacey retorted while chuckling amused. Denise her expression quickly became full of regret, but Stacey poked her friend before winking. “ Kidding, I love homework! “

The two began heading off, with Denise walking alongside Stacey to her home.

The two remained a bit quiet during the walk, their thoughts occupied with the aftermath of today’s experience. Denise herself couldn’t help but feel both accomplished, as also a bit worn out, she had never felt helpless before and even texting the donut brothers wasn’t a guaranteed victory as Mary could’ve easily lied.

As she looked at her friend, she realized today’s victory was partly hers.

“ So, how did you pull all that off? “ Denise asked curiously as Stacey looked at her.
“ Pulled what off, the escape? Denise quickly nodded in response.
“ That must’ve been difficult “

“ Well it was actually super easy, she just left scissors and chloroform with me “

“ For real? What a moron! “ The two joked it off a bit before arriving at Stacey her residence. “ Home sweet home, I’m due a shower after all that.. “ Stacey joked dryly with Denise nodding meekly. “ Yeah, about that huh “

“ So, how about we hang out tomorrow.. at my place, just friends stuff? “ Denise suggested with a smile while Stacey turned to Denise a bit unsure.
“ I mean, I do have my essay and all but.. “

“ Come on, don’t you want to have some fun, a study break and all that? “ Denise threw in as Stacey let out a soft sigh and slowly nodded with her head.

“ Fine fine, how about the afternoon? That way I can tend to my essay regardless? “

“ That’s fine by me, my dad’s off all day so it’ll be just us! “

“ See you then I guess “ Stacey retorted, wanting to walk up the stairs before Denise halted her.
“ Wait, I forgot to say thanks! For saving me and all “

“ Don’t mention it, after that weirdo and her socks.. I wasn’t gonna let it slide “ Stacey said somewhat prideful.

“ That’s a good point “ Denise answered with a grin before she waved her friend goodbye and began heading home. She unlocked the front door and began by kicking both shoes off and closing the door behind hers.

“ I’m home dad! “ She shouted before walking up the staircase, immediately tending to her room and landing herself onto her bed. She sighed deeply as she closed her eyes to relax.

Shortly after she heard some footsteps and her bedroom door opening.

“ Hey sweetheart, how was your day..? Don’t you want to eat something? “ He asked politely while Denise shook her head a bit.

“ I’m good dad, it’s been.. exhausting, I’ll get myself some later if that’s fine “ She said as he nodded, wanting to ask but sighting how exhausted she looked, he decided to close the door and let her rest if off further.

Meanwhile, the police had also arrived at Stacey her school, after Summers had been stuck inside that closet for a few hours a janitor finally realized it wasn’t rats but moans he had been hearing all afternoon. The police were clueless who this supposed blonde woman was, but with Summer her description, it was clear the woman was no stranger..


At that same time that evening, the news did broadcast the events that were playing out, leaving Stacey and Denise their names out respectively.

‘ Because of the brave work of these two detectives, the girl scouts have finally been found and rescued. Their parents were overjoyed and immensely grateful. Meanwhile the owner of the residence, Mary clover is now put under arrest for her attempt at kidnapping. ‘

“ So she did save them after all, well how about that.. “ Demi noted with ecstasy as she shut her tv off shortly after the announcement. She gave it some thought, and smirked wickedly. “ I think I finally found my perfect nemesis! “

It's actually super easy, barely an inconvenience!
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