Shane's trouble mm/m

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Shane's trouble mm/m

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Shane was a 17 year old boy. He went to school in the out skirts of London. He has short blond hair, blue eyes, about 5ft 6in, and of muscular build. He lived at home with his mom and dad. He is the only child. Shane's family would be considered well off. All though he was never one to talk about money. Or rub it in other people's faces. He is a good kid, He does will enough in school, and has always tried to help out other people where ever he can. Shane likes to play basketball and swimming.

It was just after half three when the final bell rang for the last class of the week. Shane quickly packed up his bag and headed towards the gym. Shane had a busy life, Monday to Friday he would have school from half eight to half three. And each day after school he would have training. He loved the busy life, but some times found it hard to get everything done in the one day. Shane never complained or tried to get out of doing home work. He was brought up to work hard and study hard. His dad always told him, to get anywhere in life you must work hard.

Shane now walking quickly towards the gym heard his name being called. 'SHANE' a teacher called, out loud as there were many kids passing through the hall. Shane stopped and turned to see Mr Roberts walking towards him at speed. 'I have a job for you' he said in a commanding way. 'Sir I have…' Shane started to say before he was cut off. 'I know you have class in the gym now, but I have cleared it with Mr Flynn. I need you to hand out these flyers to people in the post offices this evening' Mr Roberts said while handing the flyers to Shane. Shane looked down at them and saw Citizenship project, Written across the front. 'Sir Do I have to?' Shane said in a low kind of sad voice. 'Yes you do. Plus the more you hand out the more credit you get for your final exam' Mr Roberts said. Shane now had a smile on his faces. All he had to do was to hand out a few flyers, and he would get more credit towards his final exams. Nice one he thought. 'Oh one last thing, you must be in the post office for 5pm to 7pm tonight. That is the only time allowed to us by the postmaster' Mr Roberts said. 'Yes sir no problem.' And with that Shane headed off.

Ten to five came and Shane left home. It was only a quick minute walk to the post office from his house. Shane also knew that it would be very warm in there, so he decided to leave his jumper off, so he was wearing his white shirt with a black and red tie, grey pants and black shoes. He arrived at the post office at five to five. Just enough time to go to the bathroom. Where he freshened himself up. And like always, bang on time; Shane was standing at his post in the post office handing out flyers when five o'clock came. There were a lot of people come and going, and they all seemed very interested in the flyers that Shane was handing out. So people took them, and asked questions, others just walked passed, before he knew it, it was almost 7pm,

He counted the flyers and he saw he had handed out over 40 of them. Shane was over the moon. 'I have handed out over 50% of the flyers; this has got to be good for my final report.' Shane thought to himself.

7Pm came. Shane went over to the post master and thanked him for allowing him to hand out flyers, Shane was about to leave, When the front door of the post offices flue open. And in rushed 3 men, all dressed in black with hoods and gloves. Shane still had the flyers in his hand. One man stayed at the door. While the other to run towards Shane and the post master. The biggest one of the three was about 6ft4 and as big as an ox. He runs straight for Shane. Grabbed him and held a knife to his throat. 'All the money in the bag,' the tug ordered the master. He complied. Putting all the days' takings into the bag. Next the third man gripped the master and said, 'Now the safe' the post master shook his head. 'I cant, Even if I wanted to I can't. It has a time lock' the master said, hoping that nothing would happen to him or Shane. The three men looked shocked. 'Hey you said there would be money here,' He said to the Derek. (For the story, the three bad guys are Tony, Derek and Jerry. Jerry is the biggest guy about 6ft and about 15 stone. Derek is 5ft 8 and about 13s, while Tony is 5ft 8 also but only about 12 stone. All big and mean guys) 'Shut up and let me think' Derek roared back at Jerry. Derek at this point grabs Shane a puts the knife back to his throat. 'Old timer you better give us the money, NOW or I slit this kids throat' Derek said, Shane eyes showed how much fever there was in this young man. But deep down Shane knew he had to be strong. The post master at this time opened the only till that he could and handed over about 100 euros. 'That's it, that's all you're giving us'? Jerry roared. 'That's all I have, I locked the safe about an hour ago, Please it is all I can give you' He said with tears coming down his eyes.

Jerry turns to Derek and whispers something in his ear. 'Good plan, Make it happen.' Derek said. And with that Jerry headed to the door and left. 'Hey where the hell is he off to?' Tony shouted. 'His looking after something, He will be back in a sec' Derek said. No sooner had Derek said that Jerry comes running in the door with a bag, Derek throws Shane to the floor and before Shane can react Jerry is over to him grabs him by the hand and forces him on to his stomach. Shane starts too fight, 'Tony get over here and help me' Jerry orders. Tony runs over and grabs both of Shane's hands and pulls them behind his back and crosses them. 'Hey what are you doing to the boy? Leave him alone' the master says as you tryst to go over to help Shane. Derek turns to the master and gives him a huge smack on the back of the head, knocking him to the ground. 'Leave him alone, Shane shouts and try to fight even harder. Derek walks slowly up to Shane and says in a cool voice... ' Boy you will do what we say and when we say, or I will beat the old timer ever time you fight us or do not follow our rules' Derek said, And with that Shane stopped fighting. Making it easier for Tony and Jerry to tie his hands behind his back using the nylon cord they brought with them. They made sure that they tied it very tightly so he could barely move his wrists to stop him struggling.

Derek turned to jerry and whispered, go check with the boss what to do about the boy and make it quick, we've been here far too long already. Jerry ran out to check with the boss who is parked around the side as a bystander just parked reading the paper. Jerry tapped on the window, he quickly says to the boss. Boss, boss we have a kid inside what should we do with him. In a gruff voice he tells him to gag him, blindfold him and stick him in the trunk, I'll deal with him later. With this knowledge Jerry runs back to give the orders.

Back in the post office Derek is starting to get impertinent with the time its taking Jerry and Tony to complete their parts of the job. With a quick hurry jerry fly's back in the door and whispers to Derek what to do with the boy, and also the postal worker, from this Derek pulls out his favourite item to use, a nice new roll of gaffer tape, which he first uses on Shane to reinforce his hand restraints. Next he flips him over on his back and starts to roll it over his mouth and round his head, doing about four layers he stops and cuts, next he tapes Shane's legs and feet together to stop him struggling, then he issues the orders to jerry to drag him to the car. While jerry drags him off, Derek makes sure the Postal Worker is secured by tying and gagging him by the safe. Making sure that was done he gives the order to pack up and head back to the car.

Derek puts the sign on the post door to close. And slowly walks out the door, closing it behind him. Derek slowly walked to the car that was parked a short distance away. He climbed into the front seat, looked at the driver and said, 'Well that was a waste of time'. The driver in a cool and clam voice replayed 'No it wasn't' and with that the car pulled away slowly. About 5 mines into the driving they could hear faint cries coming from the trunk. And every now and then a small bang. The driver waited till he was at a quiet alleyway and pulled over. He grabbed some rope from Derek, and getting out of the car he opened the boot. There he saw Shane with his feet near the back of the boot, as if he was trying to kick his way out, the driver quickly grabbed his feet, tied one end of the rope to his already tied legs and then pulled it hard and tight up to his hands, where he tied it off. Thus making Shane to be in a very tight hogtie. And as quick as he stopped the driver closes the boot, and drove off again.
Shane was now very helpless and scared. Why was this happening to him?

About an hour or so later Shane felt the car stop and heard the boot open. He soon found himself being through over some one shoulders and carried down what seemed to be a stairs. There he was dropped on the ground. Derek walks over to him bends down and says, 'Be good and you wont get hurt ok?' Shane heard this and decided he had no choice, so he stayed quiet. But this was meet with a hard kick to his stomach. Shane coughed out loud, Will as loud as the gag would allow. Derek quickly says, 'When I ask you something you nod an answer, Understand?' And with that Shane quickly nodded YES. 'Good boy' Derek says. As he get up to leave the room. Shane hears a door closing and what sounds like the locking of it. Hell Shane had no idea where he was, or what these people wanted with him. All he knew was that he had to escape or at least get some help. It was at this point that Shane remembered that he had his phone. He rolled on to his right side and started to shack, Hopeing that the phone would fall out of his pocket, Shane had being shacking for about 2mins when his phone eventually fell out of his pocket. Not seeing where it landed Shane started to fell around the ground for it. At last he got it, All he had to do now was dial the cops and they would coming running. But how the hell was he going to talk to them. Being gagged and all. He had to try. He felt the phone and knowing where all the numbers were. He quickly dial 000. Its at this point he rolled over and got his ear as close to the phone as he could, And a few seconds later he heard. ' EMERGENCY what is the address of the call.' And all Shane could manage was a very loud 'MMMMUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPP' The call taker said 'Sir I cant hear you' Shane screamed even louder, 'MMMMMMMMMMMMUUUUUUUUUUPPPPP' Its at this point Shane heard the door being unlocked and a number of foot steps entering the room. Befor Shane could so anything someone had grabed the phone and shane heard it being smashed off the ground. 'You idiot I thought I told you to search him, Derek roared at Jerry, 'I didn't have time' Jerry shouted back. Both Derek and Jerry looked at each other with red faces. 'Sort it out NOW' Derek said to Jerry. And with that Derek left the room. Jerry got up close to Shane and said, 'You will pay for that'