THE TAKEN CLUB - Prologue (M/F Cons Adult Content)

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THE TAKEN CLUB - Prologue (M/F Cons Adult Content)

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The Taken club is an extremely exclusive ‘ladies only’ service. Finding it is almost impossible. Those who do find it are required to complete a detailed application which is then considered and scrutinised via a strict vetting procedure. Being accepted is rare but those who make it that far, receive a correspondence which includes a price for membership, a time frame and a legal contract. Sometimes the price is a small fortune and sometimes, it is nothing at all. On the other hand, the time frame is always the same…..24 months.

Those who wish to proceed from this stage are required to sign and return the contract. Even then, there are absolutely no guarantees…except one. That guarantee being….24 months of not knowing if or when or how.

If the time frame expires without any contact, all fees are returned, all communication is ceased and the matter is considered settled and final.

The chosen few, the applicants who are fortunate enough to be accepted as new members….are not notified by post, or by phone call or email. They are welcomed in a time they least expect….and in a way they will never ever forget.

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THE TAKING OF SARAH – Part 1 (M/F Cons Adult Content)

I’ve been watching you for weeks and although you have absolutely no idea, today is the day that you will finally get to meet me. It is a Friday, which means that if all goes to plan, I will have you for the whole weekend.

I watch from a short distance away as, right on schedule, you leave your house and get in to your car. You are making your weekly trip to the gym and I know that I have at least 2 hours before you will return. Less than 15 minutes later, I am standing in your bedroom. I have more than enough time to look around and search for anything which might tell me something that I don’t already know about you. I take my time to look through your wardrobe, your underwear drawers and also your laundry basket. Whilst searching your wardrobe, I find a pink box and I am more than delighted to find that it contains a selection of toys. The sexual kind. Needless to say, this box is immediately placed in to my bag.

I take the rest of your personal items which I have carefully collected and sit down on your bed with them. I study your intimate clothing with curiosity and interest. I have wanted to know what kind of panties you wear, what material you prefer and which style. I hold them, feel them and in some cases, smell them. One by one they go in to my bag. I revel in the feeling it gives me to possess and control a collection of things which are such an intimate and personal part of you. And I smile as I think about the fact that very soon, what I am going to add to that collection…..and to my club…… you.

After some time, I return from my thoughts to reality and check the time. I mutter the words to myself ‘’not long now’’ as I pick up my bag and carry it with me down your staircase. I place the bag out of sight, carefully removing the items I need from it before taking up a position close to the door which I know you will soon be walking through. As the minutes pass by, I feel a spark of apprehension and excitement growing within me. This is how I always feel at this point. The thought that you have no idea whatsoever about what is about to happen to you. That you are about to get what you desire but absolutely do not expect. It has been 8 months since your application was received. Just long enough for you to forget enough to relax enough.

When I finally hear your car pull in to your drive, my senses immediately sharpen and focus. A few minutes later, I hear your steps approaching and a few seconds after that, the rattle of keys. I ready myself. I am very good at what I do, an expert in fact and I also have the advantage of complete surprise. The door opens and you enter, turning to close the door behind you before taking a few steps towards the light switch….just as I knew you would.

And as you reach out to press it, I am on you. I wrap one strong arm around your upper body and the other clamps a hand firmly over your mouth. You are in complete shock and as I use my body to shove you forward towards the floor, you haven’t even had the time to form a scream. It is too late now though because the force of your body hitting the floor with the added weight of mine, drives all of the air out of your lungs. And as I remove my hand from your mouth to grab what I need from my back pocket, all you can do is gasp as you desperately try to catch your breath. You struggle under me but I am stronger and so very good at this. By the time you manage to draw in enough air in to your lungs and open your mouth to scream, you feel it being forcibly stuffed with a massive wad of cloth. I push and prod the material until it completely fills your mouth. You finally manage a scream but it is a futile one and the sound is now completely absorbed and muffled by the stuffing in your mouth.

I am now sitting astride your back which is effectively holding your body against the floor and my legs are trapping your arms at your sides. You are struggling with all your strength and shrieking in to your tightly packed mouth but you can do nothing to prevent me from pulling a pair of your own pantyhose over your head. Once I am satisfied that they are positioned correctly, I take one of the legs and begin to wind it tightly around your face and head….directly over your mouth. I manage to make four tight turns before securing it by tying it off at the back of your head.

You are screaming in to the gag and trying desperately to free your body….and then, just a few moments later…..your protests…both vocal and physical…suddenly lessen significantly, fade and then cease. I am pretty sure that I know why too….as I have experienced this before. My guess is that the tightly wound leg of the pantyhose has not only secured the stuffing in your mouth…but has also forced it significantly deeper inside……and if so, there is a good chance that the concept of choking has caused you to reconsider your options and reactions.
This suits me just fine and makes my job much easier. Not that you could possibly stop me from this point onwards…but purely that I won’t need to use as much effort and energy to complete your restraints. So it doesn’t feel like very long at all before I am able to stand up and looking down at you to admire my work. Your arms are now secured behind you, wrists crossed and tightly tied together with a silk scarf. There was a purpose for the leg of the pantyhose that I didn’t use. After winding it in a single turn around your forehead, I carefully fed it under the knot of the other leg at the back of your head before positioning myself on your backside and tugging on the nylon cord with some force. This had the desired effect, which was to force your head back and your body to arch. This clearly caused you some discomfort and the noise you made suggested a distinct level of disapproval as your view is forcibly adjusted from floor level to near ceiling level. Once I was satisfied with the effect, I attached the leg securely to your crossed wrists. All that was left was your legs.

Arguably, I didn’t need to remove your jeans in order to achieve this but I chose to anyway. Understandably, this did indeed generate a considerable level of protest from you. You clearly didn’t like losing your trainers, socks and Jeans but your protests eventually faded as those items of clothing were replaced with tightly secured scarfs, one at your ankles and another just above your knees. I could only guess that mentally, you might be feeling some level of relief that your legs were being tied together instead of apart? A thought which I considered quite ironic considering how widely apart they were going to be for most of the days to come.
So there I am, standing over you and admiring my work. You are completely helpless. You can’t really move much and you definitely can’t make much noise. To me, you look like a work of art. The way that you are so securely tied, the arching of your upper body and neck. Your nylon covered head and the way it is stretched back towards your firmly tied wrists. The regular and continual muffled complaints that are coming from behind that extremely effective gag in your mouth.

That’s it. I’ve done it again! I feel the elation, the excitement and most of all, the power. You are mine and from now until the moment I choose to release you, you will belong to me. I have you for at least 3 days and I know that you can’t possibly contemplate how much I can do to you in that time.

What I need to do next is move you to what will be your new home for the next few days. That will involve driving my van up to the side of your house, getting you in to it and transporting you safely to my secret location.
I check my watch again and feel quietly pleased that I am still 20 minutes ahead of my schedule. I look down at you again, consider what is now spare time and my temptation gets the better of me. I kneel down beside you and you groan loudly in to your gag as I roll you on to your side. This doesn’t lessen your helplessness but what it reveals to me is how much your bondage is making your breasts strain against your blouse. I also notice how visible your nipples are. They must be quite hard to be so visible….and that leads to another thought.
I look towards your panties. They are black and cotton. I reach out one hand and grip one of your nipples firmly between two fingers. You immediately scream through the gag and your body spasms in response. And yet it is nothing compared to your reaction as I reach out, push my other hand between your legs and my fingers firmly against the part of your panties which cover your pussy. What I discover causes me to grin, release your nipple and focus my attention.

I push my fingers against your panties and begin to massage what they hide. It doesn’t take long before your gagged moans increase significantly and your struggles start to rock against my fingers. As I continue my efforts, I manoeuvre my body so I am laying down next to you, my face moving close to yours. You can’t hide the fact that you are enjoying what I am doing. You can’t stop me and as I continue to pleasure you, your moans and struggles gradually increase and intensify.
And then I move my mouth close to your ear and whisper to you.
‘’Your panties are wet?’’
You moan a response which sounds like a protest.
‘’Why are they so wet Sarah?’’
I push my fingers and your panties as deeply as I can in to your pussy.
You moan much louder and your body starts to shudder.
“It’s because you like what I’m doing don’t you?’’
The noise you make sounds like an angry yes yes yes…. I really can’t be sure.
‘’Well, I’m glad you like it Sarah because I really like wet panties. So you go ahead and make them as wet as you like because at some point over the weekend, I will certainly find a useful purpose for them.’’.
Your panties feel really wet now as my fingers push in and out of you so I re-engage their attention on a spot which I can feel by touch as well as the way you react, is directly on your clitoris. Your moans seem longer and deeper so I start to mix things up, running my fingers firmly up and down the wet groove in your panties for a while and then running firm in small circles over your sensitive spot before moving downwards again.

I can feel how excited you are. Your panties are betraying the level of your arousal and the sounds you are making no longer sound like a protest. They sound like an invitation, maybe even a plea. I decide that it is time to put you out of your misery and I think I know exactly how to push you over the edge.
‘’That feels so nice doesn’t it Sarah?”
As I speak, I thrust my fingers inside you again. You react by screaming in to your gag and pulling fiercely once more on your ties.
I watch your reaction for a little while before speaking softly to you again……
‘’You’ve been a good girl Sarah….so I’m going to push those wet panties of yours all the way inside of you…..just like the two pairs of your used panties that I’ve already pushed in to your mouth!”
I didn’t do what I said I would. I just waited for what I had said to sink in. And a few moments later, the sounds that you start to make suggested a sense of realisation, possible disgust, anger and outrage….trailing off in to what I could only guess or assume were whimpers of submission.
“Yes Sarah, I gagged you with your own panties. I got them out of your hamper. Definitely not fresh I have to say....but try and look on the bright side hunni… least they are yours!....Anyway, I hope they taste ok because I’m going to make you cum soon and they are all you are going to have to bite down on!”

As I finish speaking, I immediately thrust my fingers and your panties with as much force as possible in to your pussy. A second later, I withdraw them before shoving them back in. I continue to pump your pussy with my fingers and the way your body is shuddering and shaking suggest to me that my next words may well be redundant before they are even spoken....

‘’Now Sarah, be a good girl……and cum for me……cum right now!”’

and whether you already were....or not…..the fact definitely were now. Your body jolted and convulsed violently against your restraints and if you were not so well gagged, your screams would very likely have been heard from miles away. My fingers, which are still thrusting in and out of your sex suddenly feel like they are trying to plug a warm tap and as your throat expresses shrieks in to your panty gag, your pussy is expressing jets of fluid on to my fingers and hand. I am taken aback by this and lift my hand up towards my eyes and confirm that they are in deed dripping with your sex. I bring my fingers to my nose and take in the scent. My mouth forms in to a huge grin, brimming with satisfaction as I lean towards your ear and speak softly to you.

“ You are a naughty girl Sarah!, young lady…..are a gusher!”
You don't react or respond as you are clearly still lost in the throes of your orgasm and very likely beyond hearing my words, let alone able to process them. Nevertheless, I silently congratulate myself for my decision to accept a gusher in to the club.
Your body is still twitching and you are moaning softly in to your gag but it is obvious that you are vacant and may very well remain so for some time.

I make a decision to take advantage of this. So I walk over to my bag, take out another pair of your panties, a white cotton pair, which I had taken from your laundry basket. I use them to dry my hand and fingers. Next, I hook a finger under the crotch of your black cum soaked panties, tug them roughly to the side and with my other hand, I bring the white pair of your underwear between your legs and slowly but firmly, push and prod them in to your pussy until almost all of the material is inside of you. When I am satisfied, I release my finger from the panties you are wearing, go back over to my bag and retrieve a pair of scissors and a plastic baggy with a zip lock seal. Returning to your bound body, I use the scissors to cut off your soaking wet black panties, fold them in to a wad, place them in the zip lock bag before sealing it.

I cannot help but steal a glance at your now bare pussy. It looks rather flushed and angry. It also looks as wet as it would if you had just stepped out of a bath. I also allow myself a rather wicked smile as I note the slither of white cotton which protrudes from it. The only visible evidence of what I have stuffed inside. Why? because I could.

I check my watch and feel utterly astounded that I am still 2 minutes ahead of schedule. Did all of that really happen in just 18 minutes? I glance down at you again. Barely conscious, tightly bound, effectively gagged and a pussy still leaking uncontrollably with your pleasure.

Time to go get my van. Time to take you to the club house....and once I have you there, the fun can truly begin.

To be continued.....
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I like the premise, interested to see where this goes...
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