Incident AT York Manor (F/FM)

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Incident AT York Manor (F/FM)

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Chapter 1

“Is that her?” Elliot Cleaver asked as he sat in the driver seat of the van tapping out a rhythm on the steering wheel. In the passenger seat Colton Spencer scrolled through the photographs on the tablet sitting on his lap and nodded.

“Yes, that is her. Photograph matches.” They were sitting in a public car park near the centre of Royston Castle, which was a small market town in the English countryside. Picturesque. Some would say. The town was split into four sections, almost quarters. There was the original town with its defensive walls, narrow streets and stone buildings. Then there was a part that had been constructed in the late fifties or sixties, a commercial bit with an industrial estate, small supermarket and local services and then the new, modern houses. Colton could tell the locals would have had the pitchforks out when that went through planning. Of more concern to him was that his team would stand out, draw attention but there wasn’t much that he could do about that now. The operation had started and there was nothing further that could be done. Picking up the walkie-talkie from the dashboard he depressed the talk button. “Danny, that is her. Follow her and make it subtle.”

“Sure thing,” Danny replied. Colton scanned the car park and found the blue hatchback that Danny and Jimmy were in and watched as Danny climbed out and headed off in the direction that the maid had went. It was handy that the car park only had one entrance or exit that should be used by pedestrians. Two sides had high walls, the far side fell away to a river and the fourth was the vehicle entry and exit for vehicles onto the main road. The car park was sparsely populated as it was probably every Friday afternoon, never mind on a Bank Holiday weekend, only people making a last dash for forgotten items on the high street would be about. That was good for Colton and his team. Less people meant less pairs of eyes, even better if they were just focused on picking up some carrots or a pint of milk. This hadn’t been part of the plan. When Josh had called from his surveillance position to let him know that someone was leaving the location they had to scramble and improvise. Packing up the vehicles with the equipment from their own base and then moving into position. The direction the maid had taken when leaving the target had given only one real destination, Royston Castle. They had played the odds and won. Colton relaxed a little. This endeavour had been a long time in the planning, almost six months. Colton had to put together a team that had the specific skills required for this job. It wasn’t the standard job that Colton would normally take on, but it was a new challenge and Colton was always up for one of those. Although, the benefits should the job have a successful outcome were also welcome. Finding the team was only the first part of the process, then you had to work on the planning, getting the correct equipment, getting the lay of the land, gathering intelligence on the players involved and then surveillance. “Perfect Planning Prevent Piss Poor Performance”, his instructor in the army had said. The man was not wrong.

“What do we do now?” Elliot asked from the seat next to Colton.

“Place the van between the entrance and the maid’s car,” Colton replied, “on the path that she will take to get back to the car.” Elliot nodded and turned the key in the ignition, bringing the vehicle to life. Elliot slowly moved the van to where Colton had said. “Now, we wait.” Colton turned around to look into the rear of the van where three women sat on a bench seat. “Are you ladies ready for this?”

“Why would you ask that?” Hannah Anderson asked. Colton shrugged a response. “You hired us for crowd control and that is what we are good at. So, you take care of your part of the job and don’t worry. We will take care of our part.” Hannah said confidently. Colton tilted his head and turned back, satisfied with the answer. This job had required people with skills sets that he didn’t know. So, in order to recruit people for this job he had asked around the fraternity for recommendations. It meant working with people that he hadn’t before, which on a job like this wasn’t ideal. What he required Hannah and her operatives for was a bit unusual, however they been very highly recommended by two people that he trusted so he had brought them on board. Their equipment was stacked at the back of the van. Various bags, blocky packages and a lot of compressions sacks. Colton hadn’t asked any questions, trusting them to take care of their end without interfering. Also, it didn’t hurt having some female members on the team. Made a change from a bunch of hairy, smelly guys. In addition to herself Hannah had brought three other women along, Michelle, Stephanie and Amanda. Colton had been impressed with what he had seen so far. Michelle was with Josh at the moment that left Stephanie and Amanda in the back on the van.
Danny followed the maid closely but at a safe distance. He was on the other side of the street but there wasn’t any chance of losing her. Although there wasn’t a lot of cover or a crowd to lose himself in Danny didn’t see the maid check for anybody following her once. Then, why would she? This was what he was good at, he was non-descripted. Average height, average build, brown hair no distinguishing features. It was Ellioty autumn and there was a drizzle in the air coming from the low-level dark clouds. Despite that it wasn’t cold but Danny turned up the collar of his coat to fend off the drizzle and continued walking along the street like he did it every day of the week. Glancing across he saw the maid reach into the basket that she was carrying and pull out a small umbrella and put it up to shelter from the drizzle. The maid tuned onto the main street an went into a deli. Came back out five minutes later with some packages in the basket. “Last minute shopping.” The maid seemed to be in a hurry, harassed almost, scurrying along the narrow pavement. But Danny didn’t have to work that hard to keep her in sight. Then she went into off license, sorry sommelier and disappeared from view. There weren’t any back doors to the shops, the benefit of thorough planning and getting to know the area, so Danny wasn’t worried about losing her. Danny held back and turned and looked in a shop window, pretending to be surveying what was on offer. It was a second hand book store and Danny looked at the dusty hardbacks in the window whilst using the window to keep an eye for the maid exiting the shop across the road. As he pretended to be interested in the shops wares Danny’s mind drifted back. Danny had known Colton for years. It was a cliché but Danny had got into criminality young, stealing cars and breaking into houses. He had gotten good at it quickly. They he got caught breaking into the wrong house. Not by the police but by Colton. The older man had given him some options, well only one really, join the army. So, that’s what Danny had done. He had actually enjoyed his five years but was glad to leave. During his time in the army, Danny had kept in contact with Colton and when he stepped off the train back home Colton was there to buy him a pint in the Red Lion. The rest as they say is history. They had worked together ever since. If you were going to get into a life of crime work with someone who knew what they were doing. Colton was certainly that. Even better Colton had said that this job could be the last one that they would have to pull. Colton wouldn’t give Danny the full details but if Colton was saying that the pay off could be bigger than Danny could imagine.

“Where are we Danny?” Colton’s voice bounced straight into his head from the earbuds that Danny had in.

“Picking up some food and drink by the looks of it,” Danny replied knowing the microphone would pick up his voice. Glancing at the reflection of the view across the road in the window and saw the door open and the maid exit the sommeliers with a selection of wine bottles in a carrier. Hands now completely full as she headed back the way she had walked previously, heading back toward where she had parked her car. “Looks like we are coming back your way.”
As they waited Colton’s mind drifted to when he had original been approached about this job. It was certainly not how it usually happened. As usual her had received a telephone call from Courtenay telling him about a potential job. Courtenay was a middle man or fixer. He put people in contact with each other for a fee. An Oxford graduate that had worked in finance, Courtenay had ended up involved with the criminal world. Colton never found out what had happened but now referred to him as a ‘respectable criminal’. The comment was always received a rude hand gesture in reply. Courtenay’s accent, manners and education gave him an ayre of respectability and competence. That helped in this game, especially with people who didn’t normally move in those circles. Enter Professor Montague Stafford, a white-haired gentleman in his late sixties. He entered the Red Lion wearing a tweed jacket with elbow patches, trousers, brown brogues and a hat. Colton had given him instructions and the man followed them. Stafford approached the bar and ordered a pint of beer from Harry the barman who grunted. After getting the drink Stafford retreated to a booth at the rear of the pub. Colton waited ten minutes as man shifted uncomfortably before getting up from his own table and taking his drink slipped into the booth across from Stafford. “Hello, Professor Stafford.” The older man looked at Colton for a couple of seconds.

“Are you the man Mister Courtenay arranged for me to meet?” Colton thought the answer to that question was obvious but nodded anyway. Stafford looked around the pub.

“Is this place not a bot public for discussing such a topic?” Colton looked around the pub. It was the middle of the afternoon on a Tuesday. Apart from the cheerful Harry tending bar the only other people in there were Monkey Harris and Paddy the Greek playing dominos with Estelle sitting at the bar sipping a gin and tonic.

“Nobody will bother us or overhear anything if that is what you are worried about.” It was just that kind of place. Everyone was left to their own devices and nobody got involved in anybody else’s business. “Relax and start from the beginning. What is it you need taken care of?” Stafford took time to consider this and after taking a mouthful of beer seemed ready to begin.
“It, is well, sort of a recover operation.”

“Recovery of what exactly?” Colton asked. His mind immediately moved to trying to locate Stafford’s wife wedding ring that had been stolen in a burglary.

“Now, I wouldn’t normally be involved in this sort of thing,” Stafford said from across the table, “but, it is a lot of money.” That wasn’t what Colton had been expecting.

“As I said, take your time and start at the beginning.”

“Do you know anything about Operation Fish?” Colton raised an eyebrow and gave the man a look that told him that he did not know anything about Operation Fish. “Well, back at the beginning of the Second World War, in September 1939, the British government decreed that all people living in the UK had to declare their securities with the Treasury. Just remember that for a minute.” The Professor began. Colton could tell by the look on his face that the man was enjoying dispensing this little know titbit of history. “With the war kicking into gear on mainland Europe, Britain had to make sure that it had the funds available to pay for the war effort. Buying planes, guns and other such essential supplies. So, in 1939 it was decided to transfer the reserves of cash, bullion and other securities to Canada to secure them. This was the Governments funds.” The Professor took off his glasses, gave them a wipe with a handkerchief before putting them back on his nose. “Where was I? Oh, yes. “When Winston Churchill formed his government in 1940 the war was going badly for the Allies. As a guarantee that Britain and the Empire could continue the fight if the UK was overrun, Churchill devised a plan to ship more British wealth to the safety of Canada. Using their wartime powers the Churchill government confiscated the securities that the British people were forced to register at the beginning of the year. Hundreds of accountants and bankers worked tirelessly to catalogue the contents of thousands of crates that were filled up and then shipped. When they were finished it was determined that $2.5 billion had been shipped from the UK to Canada.” Now the man had Colton’s full attention.

“2.5 billion US,” Colton stated, shocked by the figure.

“Yes, the Professor replied, “at 1940 prices. Around 45 billion US in today’s money I believe.” Colton blew out his cheeks. “Now, it was claimed that nothing went missing during transit.” The Professor paused for effect and Colton couldn’t resist.

“This is where you tell me that isn’t true?” Colton asked. The Professor nodded.

“Well, it wouldn’t look good if the loss of even a small amount of these funds got…erm…misplaced.”

“This is getting interesting Professor.”

“Glad to hear it. Now, my father was involved with the cataloguing and transportation from London to Montreal via truck to the port in Greenock and then onto boats and escorted by Royal Navy vessels across the Atlantic. At some point he received the report from Montreal confirming what has arrived. It didn’t match with the report from his end on what had been sent. There was a discrepancy.”

“Was there now,” Colton commented.

“He was told that it was a clerical error.”

“I guess that wasn’t the case.”

“My father didn’t make mistakes and he kept meticulous records.”

“One of the trucks went missing.” The Professor nodded. “And you think you know what happened to it?” Colton smiled.

“My father wouldn’t let it rest. He took this as a stain on his reputation that it had been classed as a clerical error and wanted to prove that it wasn’t. Spent years making enquiries and looking into the matter. He never really talked about it. Then when he passed away, I was going through his papers and came across the file. I was absorbed and bitten by the bug so to speak. I took up the cause.” By now Colton was leaning forward hanging on almost every word. The Professor could tell that he had the man’s interest. “Let me tell you a tale Mister Spencer,” the Professor said with a warm smile.
“Just turning into the car park now.” Danny’s voice echoed around the van as Colton had the phone on speaker. It was decision time.

“Jimmy, time to move. Let’s get this show on the road.” There was the sound of action in the rear of the van as preparations were made. Colton looked through the windscreen and watched Jimmy lumber into position in front of the van. The large man, almost six and a half feet tall and almost as broad across the shoulders leaned on the bonnet and waved.

“Getting closer,” Danny said. “Ten…nine…eight…seven…six…” Colton looked in the wing mirror and saw the young woman approaching with Danny making an effort to get closer.

“Ready ladies?” Colton asked and turned around to look into the back on the van. Hannah gave him the thumbs up.

“Three…two…” Jimmy stepped out and blocked the path.
The sound of the mobile ringing caused her to jump. “You really must calm down girl, there aren’t evil men lurking in the shadows.” With one hand occupied with a basket of chasse and hams and the other a carrier of wine plus an umbrella hooked over an elbow it took her too long to dig out the phone and it stopped ringing just before it answered. Pausing to look at the screen she clocked the number and shrugged. “I am going as fast as I can! Now, if Madam had made up her mind earlier…” She looked up to find a man blocking her path. Well, it was a man but he was built like a wardrobe. The wall to the left and van to the right meant that she couldn’t go around him. Looking at his large bald head with deep set eyes and flat nose she guessed he boxed a bit. The man wore black boots, blue jeans and a black bomber jacket. Not the typical dress code of people around here, so not a local. “Eh, could you please move.” The man just looked at her and smiled. An uneasy feeling began to creep up her neck. “Look, I don’t know what you think that you are doing but…” she looked around again and then noticed that a man was also on the path behind her, blocking her retreat. “What is going on here?” she asked just as the door to the van slid open and two women got out and stood either side or her.

“Get in the van Marissa,” one of the women said.

“What?” Marissa replied confused. “No…why…look I can call for help…” Marissa looked around but her view was blocked and she knew from experience that at this time of day that there wouldn’t be many people around.

“The hard way then,” the woman said and sighed taking a step toward Marissa who started to fumble with her phone.
There was a keyring on the car keys that Hannah had handed Danny, it was a picture of a German Shephard dog. “Well, hopefully you aren’t where we are going pal.” After getting into Marissa’s small car, he adjusted the seat and mirrors so that he could drive comfortably and started the engine.
“Everyone ready?” Colton’s voice came over the communications channel.

“Ready,” Jimmy said.

“Here as well,” Danny said as he manoeuvred the car out of it’s parking space, out of the car park and onto the main road. The slight drizzle and returned and Danny activated the windscreen wipers, hoping that it wasn’t an omen for the operation. Checking the rear-view mirror, he saw that Elliot and the rest were just behind him in the van. Jimmy would wait five minutes and then follow on. Well, Danny thought, no turning back now.
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Interesting start. Hope to see an update soon and get to the good parts :D
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A beginning with certainly a lot of potential! The build-up is very well done and promising, I am excited to read more!
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Chapter 2

“Where is that silly girl?” Lady Penelope York hissed through clenched teeth. It was hard to have a cheese and wine course following dinner without sufficient supplies of both cheese and wine. “She left over an hour ago. Plenty of time to be there and back.” Penelope looked around her suite and took in the glorious surroundings. She had just had it redecorated and in her humble opinion it looked spectacular. The massive main bedroom had a huge four poster bed at its centre with a large walk-in wardrobe and private bathroom off the room. Luxurious was what Penelope was going for with her refurbishment and she believed that she had gotten it spot on. “What will my guests think?”

“Indeed ma’am,” Jameson, the butler commented with a frown. He had just come to give Lady York an update on the food for the evening and had been subjected to a rant from his employer. He was reasonably new to this line of work, younger than what you would automatically think of when somebody mentioned a butler. Tall and lean he liked to use the gym in the guesthouse when not and the beck and call of Lady Penelope.
“I swear to God! Sometimes that girl makes me want to put the dungeon back into use.”

“Will that be all ma’am?” Jameson asked. Penelope nodded and flicked a hand.

“Have you found those shoes yet Kari?” Penelope shouted at her maid who was in the large walk-in wardrobe. Turning back to Jameson who was trying to skulk away. “Just let me know when the guests have arrived.” Jameson nodded before opening the door and slipping out into the relative safety of the corridor. Penelope had poured herself into a figure-hugging violet dress with subtle detailing that accentuated her curvaceous figure in all the right places. It didn’t hurt to make an impression, even when it was only a gathering of a couple of close friends. The friends had other friends that they gossiped with, and pretty soon word got around the community and how good you looked. Tall at five foot ten with straight black hair that fell just below her shoulders and blue eyes Penelope was both intimidating and striking at the same time.

“Found the shoes ma’am,” Kari said happily as she appeared from the wardrobe holding a shoe in each hand.

“Good girl,” Penelope said. The main placed the shoes in front of Penelope and she slipped into them before striking various poses, checking how she looked from every angle. “What do you think Kari?” Penelope asked as she posed in front of mirror. Generally good natured but haughty and overly confident, Penelope always like to be in control of whatever situation that she happened to find her in. She did not like it when that wasn’t the case. Hence her frustration with Marissa.

“You look beautiful ma’am,” Kari confirmed. It was the truth but even if it wasn’t Kari would have stroked her employer’s ego a bit. Young she may have been but Kari knew how to look after herself.

“Thank you,” Penelope replied. “Know we just have to select the perfect jewellery to set the outfit off.” Kari scurried along after Penelope, her shorter legs struggling to keep up. “Your friend Marissa could learn a thing or two from you.”
At that point Marissa had her own problems. “mmpphhff,” she moaned as she lay in the back of the van surrounded by three women. Initially in the car park Marissa hadn’t been frightened by the sight of the large man. It wasn’t until the van door had opened and the women appeared. Marissa could tell from the serious look on their faces that she was in trouble. Before Marissa could react, strong hands grabbed her and dragged her into the back of the van. “What are you mmpphh…” a gloved hand was clamped over her mouth. Marissa, now panicked, tried to fight off her attackers but she was outnumbered. There was the sound of her bags falling on the ground and then the whoosh and click of the side door of the van closed and she was locked away from view. Now, sealed off from help Marissa doubled her efforts to squirm free of the vice like grips but she was helpless as they forced her down into her stomach in the rear of the van. “UUMMPPHH!” Marissa screamed as she tried to get free. Her captors gave no response to her discomfort or attempts to resist. They were brutally professional and held her in place as she felt hands run up and down her body, patting her down. They were obviously searching for something and they removed her keys from her pocket.

“They are Colton,” Hannah said as she tossed the keys into the front of the van whilst using her other hand to assist her colleagues in keeping Marissa pinned to the floor. Colton caught the keys and slipped out of the van to speak with Danny. “Get the rope Amanda.” On hearing that Marissa started to squirm and resist with all her strength but the women continued to ignore her and kept her controlled with professional ease. “Don’t resist and this doesn’t have to be difficult.” Then, without warning Marissa felt the pressure release for a second before a heavy force, probably a kneed landed in her back and both arms were forced behind her back.

“uummppff!” Marissa cried into the hand as that move also forced her shoulders down into the floor of the van.

“I did warn you about struggling,” Hannah said almost mockingly. As she lay there Marissa felt her hands being brought together and then rope being wrapped around her wrists, once, twice, three times, pulling them closer together with every wrap. The rope got tighter with another couple of wraps until they were cinched off and securely knotted about of the reach of prying fingers.

“ffuummpphh, mmpphh!” Marissa mumbled into the hand. She felt the pressure in her back release for a second but that was short lived as Amanda was only changing positions so that she was turned around and actually sat down on Marissa’s back. Using her weight to pin the struggling young woman in place as Stephanie grabbed Marissa’s ankles and wrapped rope around them, securing them tightly together in identical fashion as her wrists. Stephanie then worked her way up Marissa’s legs binding them together just above and below the knees and then around the thighs. With their captive’s legs secured Stephanie and Amanda removed themselves from on top of Marissa for a couple of seconds. “uummppff!” Marissa mumbled in frustration as how easily these women had subdued her. Marissa managed to raise her head enough to look Hannah in the eye.

“I am going to remove my hand from over your mouth now but no shouting,” Hannah said with a smile. Marissa nodded and the hand was removed.

“HHEEMMPPHH!” Marissa went to call for assistance but then started to gag as a large, soft cloth was stuffed into her open mouth. The cloth was prodded deep into her mouth until it completely filled her oral cavity. Then there was the unmistakable sound of tape being peeled from the roll and Marissa felt the sticky side being pressed over her mouth and then the roll was wrapped around her head on a dozen occasions to seal the cloth inside and prevent her from expelling it. Once the end of the tape was torn and smoothed down on her cheek. The gag completed seemed to take the wind out of Marissa’s sails and she stopped struggling as much, mainly now just whimpering, which allowed her captors to flip her over and then lean her up so that Stephanie could use a much longer length of rope to pin her arms to her torso by wrapping the rope around her body several times. Marissa winced as the rope was pulled tight and knotted off. Finally, she was lowered back down softly onto the mat. As she lay there Marissa heard the sound of the passenger side door close and then the engine started. A couple of minutes later the van moved off in silence, that included Marissa who lay still stunned at the recent turn of events.
With the light fading as Jameson walked along the first-floor corridor of York Manor he flicked on the lights. At the end of the corridor was a wide wooden staircase which he descended comfortably on the thick carpet, taking the turn at the half landing there was the sound of the front door bell toning. “It seems that the guests are a bit early,” Jameson commented glancing at his watch. Picking up the pace he walked along the ground floor corridor toward the front door. As he walked along the corridor he took in the decoration, wood panelling up to three feet and then thick wallpaper up to the ceiling. The walls were adorned with paintings, landscapes mostly with some portraits. The majority of the paintings had been on the walls for years but Lady Penelope had injected some more modern artwork recently. In the corridor there were also some leather armchairs and wooden tables with vases on them, the corridor still wide enough to comfortably accommodate two people walking together. Just before the answering the door Jameson paused at a mirror to check his appearance. After straightening his tie and picking off a couple of bits of lint he grabbed the handle and opened the heavy wooden door to its full width. “Misses Footman, Misses Deveraux a pleasure to see you as always.”

“Good evening, Jameson,” Molly Footman replied as she crossed the threshold closely followed by Faith Deveraux.
“How are we this evening ladies?”

“Looking forward to our night,” Faith replied. “I hear that Penelope has a surprise lined up for us.”

“More than me job is worth to disclose anything that may or may not be happening,” Jameson said with a wide smile. Always helped to butter up the guests. “Can, I help you ladies with bags?” As they were talking both women slipped off their coats and handed them over to the butler.

“Thanks,” Molly replied holding out the car keys. “I picked up Faith and our bags are in the boot. Would you be so kind as to take them to our rooms?” Jameson took the keys and nodded. “And be a dear and park the car around the back.”

“No problem,” Jameson replied. “Your usual rooms have been made up by the maids. If you would just retire to the study I will come and see to you when I have attended to the bags and car.” As the two women made their way to the study Jameson opened a large closet and carefully hung up both coats before heading outside. On opening the boot, he found four bags. “Geez, ladies, it is an overnight stay.” Grabbing all four bags he hoisted them out of the boot and onto the ground. Closing the boot over he locked the car and then stuck one bag under each arm before picking up the other two, one if each hand and heading back into the house.
The completion of the binding had taken a lot out of Marissa, plus the shock of being kidnapped had meant that she had spent the first five minutes of the journey to wherever they were going staring at the ceiling of the van. Kidnapped? Thats what was going through her head. Why would anybody want to kidnap her? There was nobody to pay a big ransom, she wasn’t rich and famous, it didn’t make any sense. As her mind started to run through the possibilities Marissa started to regain her strength and composure and took nice, even deep breathes through her nose. Her mouth being out of action with the gag. “uummppff, ggaauuhh.” Marissa having recovered decided that she had to do something and started to fight again, straining against her bonds. Which proved fruitless.

“Wait until we get you properly restrained,” Hannah said with a smile. The woman’s face had appeared in Marissa’s vision from above. That didn’t sound to great to Marissa, as far as she was concerned, she was secure enough at the moment.


“Will you be quiet Marissa?” Hannah said.

“uummppff,” Marissa mumbled into her gag as she squirmed against her bonds.
“This will all go easier on you if you just relax,” Hannah commented. “Take it from me, there is no escape from those ropes and how you behave now will decide what happens to you later.” Marissa gave Hannah a wide-eyed look and then Hannah nodded and Marissa felt herself being lifted into a sitting position again.

“Twenty minutes out,” Colton informed everyone. Marrisa glanced away to the sound of the Colton’s voice, turning back when she sensed moment directly in front of her. Hannah pulled a large, white cotton muslin from her jacket pocket and started to fold it into a smaller square, making a soft pad. The cloth was very sensitive to your captive’s skin, and perfect for what Hannah used them for. Once she had the pad prepared to her satisfaction Hannah pulled a glass bottle from the other pocket in her jacket and unscrewed the cap. Once the cap was off Hannah got a whiff of the sickly-sweet fumes that came from the liquid in the bottle. Carefully she poured the liquid onto the cloth. Satisfied that she had dosed the cloth to her satisfaction Hannah replaced the cap and then rub the cloth to make sure that the liquid had soaked in. Marissa started to thrash and buck, In Stephanie’s grasp, grunting and mumbling as she did so. “I think you may have guessed what this is Marissa?” Marissa stopped thrashing and glared at Hannah. “If that was chloroform, then you were correct.” Marissa started to thrash around again. “Now, there is no point in doing that.” Hannah got off the seat and knelt next to Marissa wielding the cloth menacingly in her right hand.

“uummpphh,” Marissa moaned as the cloth was brought closer. Hannah stopped just a bit short of the lower half of Marissa’s face. The bound and gagged woman caught a whiff of the fumes emanating from the cloth and instinctively turned her head away to one side.

“This is happening whether you like it or not.” Marissa turned her head back reluctantly and was welcomed by the cloth being pressed tightly over the lower half of her face. Instantly, Stephanie put a hand at the back of Marissa’s head to prevent her from moving it backwards and away from the cloth. There was a split second where nothing seemed to happed for Marissa and then the full effect of the fumes assaulted her nostrils and she started to struggle, a natural reaction when a chemical soaked cloth was held tightly over the lower half of your face. “Hold her tight Steph,” Hannah said as Marissa bucked and shook her head from side to side in a fruitless attempt to shake free of the cloth but Hannah held it tightly in place and forced Marissa to inhale the fumes. “This isn’t like the movies or television; it is not a ten or fifteen second thing.”

“mmmpphhfff,” Marissa moaned as she was forced to inhale the fumes. At first it didn’t feel like they were having much of an effect and then after several breathes Marissa started to feel funny, her arms and legs started to feel numb and her mind started to fog up. As she thrashed about, she started to lose strength and co-ordination. Grunting and moaning into the gag and cloth Marissa saw the grin on Hannah’s face.

“Just relax and take breathes, it’s over now.” The woman wasn’t wrong the more fumes that Marissa was forced to inhale the stranger and weaker she felt. Then her vision started blur and she blinked to clear it. That worked for a second and then a dark ring appeared at the edge of her vision and she suddenly felt very tired. That tired that she hadn’t noticed that her struggle had subsided to little more than the occasional twitch. “That’s it,” Hannah cooed as Marissa lost all strength and was not fighting to keep her eyelids from slamming shut. They felt so heavy. Her eyelids closed once and she managed to pop them open again but only for a couple of seconds until them closed again, this time for good. With a final moan Marissa slipped into unconsciousness and her head slumped over to one side. Hannah kept the cloth in place to give Marissa a good dose before removing the cloth and allowing Stephanie to gently lower Marissa back to the ground.
As they approached the turn off that they would take off the road the outline of a car could be seen parked in a layby. The lights on the car flashed twice. “That will be Josh, Michelle and the Prof.” In the front of the van beside him Elliot nodded and concentrated on making the tight turn as brake lights on the car driven by Danny. Colton picked up the radio. “We see you Josh. Follow us up. Jimmy is around five minutes behind us.” Josh flashed the lights again to confirm that he had heard the message. As the van swung through the gap in the trees and onto the driveway Colton took a deep breath. There was no going back now. In front of them Danny turned off the lights in the maid’s car and slowed to a crawl to reduce any noise to a minimum. The last thing they wanted was to draw attention to themselves. In the van they closed up behind and followed Danny as he edged up the driveway. There were a couple of tight turns and then York Manor came into view, the external lights giving the large house a ghostly feel. As they approached the house, lights appeared embedded in the tarmac, on the edge of the driveway which helped them with navigating. There was a right turn before the last stretch of road leading up the main house and Danny managed to find it, Elliot swung the van after it and then Josh followed in his car.

This road led round the back of the main house where there was a large tarmacked area with a garage and a guesthouse. The tension in the van increased as they approached their final destination. Making their way along the driveway they could see the lights of the main house off to their left, then suddenly the outline of two buildings loomed out of the darkness. “Almost there,” Colton said under his breath as Danny pulled into a large area next to the garage. The van and then Josh’s car followed. Quickly Colton opened the door and got out of the van, keeping the door open he signalled to everyone else to stay in the vehicles. York Manor stood about two hundred yards away in the gloom. Scanning the building whilst playing with the maid’s keys in his pocket Colton identified the rear door that would grant them access. As he scanned the immediate area, Colton saw the garage and guesthouse, Danny in the car that the maid’s shared, the four-wheeled drive driven by the butler and then there was a car that he didn’t recognise. A large silver or grey Mercedes. It wasn’t the Lady of the Manor’s vehicle, unless she had just bought it. Taking a couple of steps closer he checked the licence plate and it wasn’t a new car so that ruled out a new purchase. This could be an unexpected development that he hadn’t planned for. Who belonged to this car?
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@Benelux @crow3467

Thanks for the positive feedback. Hope that you enjoyed Chapter 2
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mrjones2009 wrote: 4 months ago @Benelux @crow3467

Thanks for the positive feedback. Hope that you enjoyed Chapter 2
I did enjoy Chapter 2 - this is an intriguing tale. And I am looking forward to read more @mrjones2009 :)
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Chapter 3

Penelope meets her guests in the study. “You look great ladies.” Penelope leaned in and pecked first Molly and then Faith on both cheeks. “I see that you managed to get a drink.”

“That handsome butler of yours popped in on his way to the kitchen and helped us with that,” Molly said with a wink. “I can’t think why you would have employed him.”

“Oh, it is not like that,” Penelope waved a hand dismissively, “Jameson is excellent at his responsibilities.”

“I bet he is,” Faith commented and all three women giggled.

“Please, Faith. We aren’t at high school any longer,” Molly said. After that exchange Penelope headed to the bar and poured herself a drink. “I must say that you look spectacular in that dress Penelope.” Penelope nodded a thanks and raised her glass. “Where did you get it?”

“I am not going to tell you that,” Penelope replied, “wouldn’t want you getting something similar. That could cause some embarrassment at social events.” They all laughed again. Just then there was a soft knock on the door. “Come in,” Penelope called. The door opened and Kari entered carrying a try with some canapes on it. “Just leave them on the table.” Kari nodded, deposited the tray as instructed and then scurried out of the door.

“Scaring the help?” Faith asked as she made her way over toward the tray.

“No,” Penelope replied, “well, not her anyway. My other maid though…”

“These are devine!” Molly commented finishing a canape and taking another.

“Glad that you like them,” Penelope said. She took a sip of her drink and smiled to herself. “There should be more where that came from.”
“Jameson did mention something,” Faith said between mouthful of canape.

“He didn’t mention specifics?” Penelope asked with a hint of harshness in his voice. If he had given away the surprise with the food then he would be in trouble.

“No,” Molly replied, “he was a good boy.”

“Well, I do have a surprise lined up for later,” said coyly. Then the conversation moved onto other topics, fashion, an upcoming charity event then they moved onto the juicy stuff about rumoured facelifts and affairs. The ladies continued to gossip only stopping of more canapes and to refresh their glasses. It was going to be an enjoyable evening if it continued in this vein.
Whilst that conversation was going on Colton was standing on the large tarmacked area watching Jimmy pull his car into a space next to the van. Colton was happy that they seemed to have made it this far without getting noticed. He waved at Jimmy and the large man got out of the car and approached. “Going to take a look at that door. You can come along.” Jimmy nodded.

“Mind if we tag along as well.” Colton turned to find Hannah and Amanda.

“No, but just try and not make any noise.” Hannah nodded and the small group set off on the short journey to the rear of the house. When they got there Colton pressed himself against the wall just to the right-hand side of the rear door. Jimmy and Amanda did the same in pools of darkness on the other side and Colton could feel Hannah behind him. Colton pulled out the maid’s keys and after looking at the lock and then through the keys he found one that looked the most likely to open the door. He slipped it into the lock and turned the key slowly until he felt resistance and then applied a little more pressure. The lock was obviously well maintained as it opened with a soft click. Colton held her breathe and counted to ten. There was no reaction from within the house. Satisfied that nobody had heard the door unlock Colton opened it further and slipped inside, closely followed by Hannah, Jimmy with Amanda bringing up the rear. The corridor was dark but Colton knew exactly where they were and where they were going having studied schematics for York Manor for months. They had been able to obtain these from the local planning department after they had been lodged for a renovation a couple of years ago. As they made there way along the corridor Colton could see a faint light start to appear from around the corner. They got closer and Colton stopped. He could hear voices, one male and the other female.

“How are things going with the food?” the male voice said. It was obviously Jameson, the butler.

“Does Mademoiselle require anything else?” Charlotte Balzac. Penelope had hired the chef for the night to prepare the food for her guests. The chef was an internet and social media sensation with her take modern take on classic French cuisine.

“No, she just sent me to see how you were getting on,” Jameson confirmed.

“I am almost finished,” Charlotte.

“Need help with anything?” Jameson asked. Colton turned to Hannah and raised an eyebrow. Hannah pulled cloth out of her pocket and started to prepare another of her thick cloths with chloroform.

“Sure,” Charlotte replied. “Could you get me some of those plates from the pantry? They are high up. I couldn’t reach them.” Colton could hear footsteps on the hard floor. “It is the blue ones. They will go well with the main course.” The footsteps got louder as Jameson approached. The light got brighter as the panty light was turned on. They could see Jameson’s shadow.

“Can we borrow Jimmy for this?” Hannah asked Colton. He nodded and gestured to the large man as they all moved into positions. There were scraping sounds as Jameson moved items around. Hannah turned to Amanda and Jimmy and nodded. They both gave the thumbs up and Hannah banged on a pipe. The scraping sounds from the pantry stopped. Hannah banged the pipe again.

“Hello,” Jameson said. “Anybody there?” Hannah just banged the pipe again. There was the sound of footsteps as Jameson approached the door into the corridor from the pantry. “If that is one of you maids playing silly games then you are in trouble.” Then Jameson’s outlined appeared in the door and Hannah nodded. Jimmy reached out a large hand, grabbed Jameson and hauled him through the door. Spinning the butler around Jimmy wrapped both of his meaty arms around the unfortunate butler. “What the MMMPPPHH!” Hannah clamped the cloth over Jameson’s nose and mouth as Amanda grabbed hold of the man’s wrists to prevent him from lashing out. Being chloroformed was not something that happens quickly. It is a slow process. Not only did method of application of the drug require that the woman or man inhale numerous times and inhale deeply, it required the cloth used, often a cloth, be freshly dosed with the drug. The application of the drug, which was usually done from behind, required that the cloth be kept over the mouth and nose for at least a minute. That is no small task when the person is fighting for their very survival. The cloth and a hand holding it also serves as a gag to stifle persons cries for help. Being at a disadvantage with someone holding you from behind, often times the only hope the person has is to attract attention, which is difficult when your mouth is effectively gagged. The attempts to cry out actually benefit the attacker because to yell requires an intake of air, but with the chloroforming cloth over the mouth and nose any attempt to scream results in the person inhaling the chloroform. All of the advantages, if the attack is done correctly, are with the attacker, or in this case attackers. Jameson never really stood a chance. “UUMMPPFF!” Jameson screamed into the cloth. The instant reaction to being grabbed was shocked and that changed to panic when the cloth was pressed over the lower half of his face and the strong, sweet chemical smell assaulted his senses. A split-second later Jameson started to struggle with all of his might against his attackers.

“He is pretty strong,” Jimmy commented as he increased the tightness of his grip.

“That’s alright, he can’t resist the chloroform’s fumes. Then when he goes out, we can reload the cloth and give him another dose.” Jameson’s eyes went wide at this chat and he redoubled his efforts to escape the grasp of the large man and second woman who had a grip of his wrists. “As long as you have a solid grip, the struggling isn’t an issue. It actually helps as he will inhale more of the fumes and go out quicker.” Jameson struggled but the large man that had grabbed him was very strong, add that to the two women and he really didn’t stand a chance. The sweet-smelling aroma from the cloth got to work on him. The more he tried to resist it seemed the more of the fumes that he inhaled.

“MMPPHHFF!” Jameson screamed into the cloth as he tried to signal help. Surely Charlotte would hear him and come to his aid as there was no way that he could get free on his own.

“Quiet,” Hannah hissed as she smiled at the butler. Jameson squirmed and moaned as the drug stated to have an effect. His strength waned and so did his struggling as the chloroform invaded his system. Very soon he felt his legs start to weaken and then Amanda let go of his arms, he tried to raise them but they just fell down to his side. “Almost there.” Jameson moaned again, knowing that the fight had gone out of him and any future resistance was futile. His vision started to blur and then he could no longer keep his eyes open, his eyelids closed once and he managed to force them open. When they closed for the second time there was no coming back. He slumped unconscious into Jimmy’ arms.

“Have you got the plates yet?” shouted a French accented voice from the kitchen. Hannah was keeping the clot in place on Jameson to insure he got a good dose of the sedative so gestured at Amanda with her head for her colleague to take care of whoever belonged to the voice.
“Jameson, Jameson,” Charlotte called. When getting no reply Charlotte started to edge toward the door to the pantry that Jameson had left open. “Jameson, are you alright?” As she was a couple of steps away from the door Amanda stepped through it.

“How are you doing?” Amanda said. “I am Marissa the maid.” Charlotte looked Amanda up and down and a doubtful look spread across her face Amanda was wearing solid shoes, combat trousers, and a light sweater under a waist length down jacket. “Yeah, didn’t think that you would buy that one.” They two women stared at each other for a second before Charlotte turned to move away. That was when Amanda struck. Charlotte felt herself suddenly spun around and had a large white pad pushed against her face.

“UMMMMMP!” she cried out as Amanda pushed her back until her momentum was stopped when her back hit the wall. “MMMPPPHHH!” Charlotte screamed into the pad as Amanda presses it firmly into place. Charlotte shrugged off the initial shock and then began to struggle. Amanada grabs Charlotte’s flailing right arm and pins it against the wall. The other arm Amanda had managed to trap in her initial assault. Standing with her legs on either side of Charlotte’s, pressing her body against Charlotte’s struggling form. Now, Amanda wasn’t going to lie. This was not an unpleasant experience for her. She could feel Charlotte’s hips buck against her own and she smiled at the woman with the cloth pressed over her face.
“Nice, deep breathes,” Amanda said. Charlotte’s eyes went wide and her struggles got even more intense. “That’s good,” Amanda cooed as she stated to see the effects that the chloroform was having in her prey. The look of bemusement in Charlotte’s eyes when her body wouldn’t react the way that she wanted, the lack of strength, the inability to fight back and being forced into unconsciousness without being able to do anything about it. Charlotte whimpers a stifled cry for help as she knows she's too woozy now to break free on her own. All Amanda has to do is hold Charlotte there and wait. The women’s bodies rubbed together as they struggled and Amanda can fell the strength wain from Charlotte. It was a losing battle for Charlotte from the start though. She continues to breathe in the chloroform fumes, weakening her struggle. The French women’s eyes grew heavy and her body sagged a bit against the wall. Charlotte felt weak and then as if she was drifting away. Amanda could feel her opponent’s energy fading; she eased her hold a bit. “There, good girl, enjoy a quick nap while we get things sorted.” She said like she was instructing a child. Charlotte mumbled into the cloth as her body went limp and slid down to the ground. Amanda kneeled down with her, needing only one hand to keep the chloroform in place.
“Start bringing in the supplies,” Colton said into the radio as he waited at the end of the corridor. After taking care of the two employees Colton had found the light switch and illuminated the corridor. Seeing Stephanie and Elliot appear carrying compression sacks Colton turned and walked through the pantry and into the kitchen. Just then Kimmy was depositing the unconscious butler onto the cold, stone floor of the kitchen. “Hope they won’t ger cold.” The woman called Charlotte was lying on the other side of the kitchen.

“They will get warmed up soon enough,” Stephanie replied as she walked past Colton, dumped a pile of compression sacks in the corner of the room and turned back to retrieve some more equipment. Elliot gave Colton a smile as he followed Stephanie.

“Hold this,” Hannah said as she handed Colton a length of blank rope. Kneeling down Hannah grabbed both of Jameson’s hands and brought them behind his back. Colton watched on as Hannah wrapped a length of rope around the man’s wrists several times before cinching the rope and knotting it off tightly. Colton noted that the knot was out of reach of any prying fingers. “Can I have that now?” Colton handed over the length of rope which Hannah used to tie the man’s ankles in similar fashion to his ankles. She finished the binding part by using a third length of rope to secure the man’s legs together around the thighs. Colton wasn’t an expert by any means but he reckoned that it would take a lot of effort to escape those ropes. Hannah then slipped off the man’s shoes and socks and through them away into the corner of the kitchen. She then patted him down and removed his mobile and keys. After handing the keys to Colton Hannah balled up a cloth and stuffed it into Jameson’s mouth before tearing off a length of white micro-foam tape and plastering it over his lips. “That will do for now,” Hannah commented as she got back to her feet and brushed off some bits of lettuce from her trousers.

“Better sort out that food,” Elliot said as he retuned with more equipment from the van.

“Good point,” Colton agreed as he and Hannah turned off various cooking devices and removed trays from ovens. As they attended to this Amanda bound Charlotte in exactly the same manor as Hannah had bound Jameson. Once everyone had completed their jobs Colton suggested that they make a move. “The study would be my guess.” Hannah nodded and waved at Amanda and Hannah to follow them as they exited the kitchen. Colton knew exactly where he was going.
“Well, it is Saturday night,” Penelope said as she finished pouring another round of drinks. As she poured Penelope noted the time on the large clock and her stomach groaned. But groaned quietly and ladylike. After handed out the drinks Penelope made her way across to a small table in the corner with a telephone on it. It was just an internal system. Penelope picked up the receiver and dialed the extension number for the kitchen. It rang four times without being answered. “Where the hell are they?” Penelope grumbled. “I don’t pay people to be ignored.” After another couple of rings without answer Penelope sighed and replaced the receiver.

“Wrong number?” Molly asked with a smirk.

“You just can’t get the help these days,” Faith chimed in raising her glass. Penelope forced a smile and chinked the raised glasses. After a mouthful of beverage, the conversation started up again but Penelope was still distracted and kept glancing at the clock. The food should have been getting served around about now. Jameson should be escorting them to the dining room. Then she heard movement outside the door and she turned around. The door began to open. “About time,” Penelope mumbled under her breathe. The door opened and in walked a man but it wasn’t the man that she was expecting. A puzzled look crossed Penelope’s face.

“Not who you were expecting Lady York,” Colton said as he stepped into the room followed by Hannah, Amanda and Stephanie. Jimmy brought up the rear, closing the door behind then and leaning on it. He crossed his meaty arms and scowled, trying to look as intimidating as possible.
“Sorry, where is Jameson?” Penlope asked taking a step forward.

“In the kitchen having a rest,” Hannah replied.

“I don’t understand,” Penelope replied

“At the moment you don’t have to Lady York,” Colton said. “What you have to do is exactly as you are told.” Penelope was perplexed. These people obviously had the wrong idea about something.

“Do as I am told?” Penelope asked her anger starting to build. “This is my house and I am in charge.” Molly and Faith took a step forward and were now flanking Penelope.

“Wrong, you were in charge,” Colton replied. There was a silence as both parties sized each other up. Penelope was starting to get worried. These people seemed very confident, liked there was something that they knew that she didn’t.

“Who are these people?” Molly asked. “Is this you surprise. Some kind of role-splaying experience?”

“Oh, I went to a murder mystery day once. It was great fun!” Faith stated.

“Who are you people?” Penelope demanded giving Colton, Hannah and the rest of the crew a look of distain. “Please leave my premises immediately before I have my staff contact the police.” Colton raised as eyebrow.

“I don’t think that you have fully grasped the situation.” Penelope looked at the large man blocking the door and knew that they were in trouble. “We are in charge now.” Penelope set up glass on the table, her sense of unease rising at every passing second.

“Why don’t you introduce us to your friends Lady P?” Hannah suggested.

“Molly and Faith,” Penelope replied falteringly, eyes roving trying to find a way out of this situation.

“Well, they weren’t part of the plan,” Colton commented. “Does this create any issues. A couple of extra people.”

“Don’t worry, we brought extra supplies,” Amanda confirmed following a look from Hannah.

“Look, what is going on here?” Penelope asked.

“Exact details later but we need to borrow your estate for the weekend and that necessitates keeping you out of the way.” As Colton talked Hannah, Amanda and Stephanie made their way to take up positions behind Penelope, Molly and Faith.

“What are you doing?” Penelope said turning her head. “And what are those ropes for?”

“Ropes!” Molly echoed panicking.

“Now, I know that you line alone with no significant other Lady Penelope but what about your friends?” Penelope turned back toward Colton but kept glancing back to see what the women behind them were doing.

“My husband is in Barbados banging his Personal Assistant,” Faith blurted out. She used her fingers to make inverted comma signals when she used the term Personal Assistant. Molly gasped.

“I thought that was a business trip?” Penelope asked, suddenly distracted from her current situation. This would be a juicy bit of gossip for later on.
“What about you Molly?”

“My husband is away playing golf with his friends this weekend.”

“That is fine,” Colton replied satisfied.

“Why did you tell them the truth?” Penelope exclaimed, clearly frustrated at her friends not realising that lying could have been the best policy at this juncture.

“Please don’t hurt us,” Molly said. “We will do anything that you want.”

“Yes, we will co-operate. Take our cash and jewellery,” Faith said whilst nodding. Penelope looked around at these people and started thinking. They were here for something but she guessed that it wasn’t just cash and jewels. Penelope had some valuables in a safe and some of the furniture and paintings were worth some money but the previous owner of the manor had taken most of the really rare and valuable stuff away with them.
“What if we don’t want to co-operate,” Penelope suddenly blurted out, placing her balled-up fists on her hips.

"Nonsense ladies. Restraints, gags and chloroform can insure your cooperation. And, we have no intention of hurting anyone you unless you resist us," Hannah said from behind as she stepped forward, grabbed Penelope’s hands and brought them together behind her back.

“What…what are you doing?” Penelope asked as she tried to see what was going on. In a flash Hannah had the rope around Penelope’s wrists and wrapped around several times, locking them together before the rope was knotted. “HEY!” Penelope called out, shocked at the speed and ease at which her wrists had been secured. Very professional. Penelope turned left and then right to confirm that both Molly’s and Faith’s wrists had been bound in similar fashion. Penelope gave her wrists a quick wriggle but there was no give in the ropes. “Did you have to tie them so tight?” Penelope asked.

“Yes,” Hannah replied. Penelope turned around and noted that Hannah was pouring liquid from a bottle onto a thick, folded white cloth.

“What are you doing?” Penelope said suddenly not liking where this was going.

“Just something to make you more compliant,” Amanda commented. Penelope glanced left and right and saw that the other two women were preparing cloths with the liquid.

“Is that chloroform?” Penelope asked. “Like in the movies.” Hannah supressed a laugh.

“Not quite like the movies,” Amanda replied as she put the cap back on the bottle and rubbed the cloth to let the liquid fully seep in.

“Yes Penelope, this is chloroform. Not the nicest experience I will admit,” Hannah began, “but best that you experience it now. Give you an incentive to follow orders and not make any trouble later. Because if you do then the chloroform will get administered again.” Penelope looked on shocked. Molly looked perplexed and Faith just stood, staring forward and shaking.

“You expect that we will just let you put us to sleep with that stuff,” Penelope said defiantly.

“What other option do you have?” Hannah asked with a smirk. Penelope looked around and the large man at the door seemed to have gotten much larger since she last looked across. That way was obviously out of the question and then the windows weren’t an option with her hands tied behind her back. Could she even run in this dress and heels? “We will give you the same opportunity we give all the girls. The easy way or the hard way?” Hannah said nodding toward her colleagues. “Just turn around.” Seeing no other option Penelope turned around and waited. The anticipation was excruciating as she awaited her fate. Then Penelope felt an arm around her waist and she was pulled slightly backwards against a firm body, Penelope could fell Hannah’s breast in her back. A split second later there was movement at the edge of her vision and the white cloth was clamped over the lower half of her face, specifically the nose and mouth. Instantly a sharp, sweet smell invaded her nostrils.

“MMPPHHFF, UUMMPPHH!” Penelope screamed into the cloth. Although she was expecting it the shock of the chemical laced cloth being pressed over her face caused her to buck and struggle against Hannah.

“Just relax and breathe,” Hannah said. That was easy for her to say Penelope thought. She wasn’t the one being forced to sleep with a chemical soaked cloth. Penelope’s head twisted from one side to the other and then back again. As she swivelled her head Penelope saw both Molly and Faith suffering similar fates.

“uummppff,” Penelope moaned again as the fumes assaulted her senses. This really wasn’t like in the movies. It must have already been almost twenty seconds and she wasn’t out yet, the damsels in the movies always were. Penelope started to squirm but found only that the arm around her waist tightened and Hannah moved slightly so that Penelope was off balance, this made resisting in any way even harder, that was already hard enough with her wrists bound behind her back. Then a thought occurred to her. It took a couple of seconds before Hannah noted that Penelope had held her breath.

“Naughty girl, that is not allowed,” Hannah whispered into Penelope’s ear before grabbing her victims left breast and giving it a firm squeeze. Penelope gasped into the cloth and was forced to take a deep breathe, inhaling a large amount of the soporific vapour.

“mmmppphhhfff,” Penelope moaned, knowing that she was know defeated. She was going to be forced into unconsciousness against her will. Penelope inhale the fumes and as she feared, the powerful vapour was making its presence felt. Her thoughts were becoming sluggish, and her strength was ebbing, causing her limbs to go rubbery. She realised the end of her resistance was drawing near. Penelope was getting very woozy now and just managed to turn her head enough to see that Faith must have succumbed to the sweet-smelling anaesthetic as she was lowered onto the leather couch. The darkness was gathering at the edges of her vision and see realised that she now had absolutely no control over her body. Although she was aware enough to notice that Hannah’s hand remained on her breast. Penelope’s eyes fluttered and with a final moan into the cloth Penelope closed her eyes and slipped into unconsciousness her last thought as what trouble would she find herself in when she woke up.

Hannah slowly lowered the now unconscious Penelope onto the ground and then removed the cloth. Looking around to check that Amanda and Stephanie had completed their task successfully. “Good. Get them bound whilst I have a quick chat with Colton.” Hannah walked across and stood next to Colton and they watched the other two women work. “Think that you have the right women for the job?” Hannah asked cheekily.

“I must admit that I have,” Colton replied. “That just leaves us the other maid to lock down.”

“Leave that to us. You go and do what you have to do.” Colton nodded and gave Jimmy the nod. They both exited the room to go back to the kitchen and help with the equipment. Whilst the bosses were taking Amanda and Stephanie were taking care of their three latest victims. All three unconscious woman had their legs bound at the ankles and thighs then a longer length of rope was used to pin their arms to their backs by wrapping the rope around their bodies, over and under their breasts. The rope was tied and wrapped in such a way that it created a kind of harness. “Good job ladies. Just get them gagged and we can track down that maid.” Amanda nodded and balled-up three large cloths. Moving down the line of women she forced one of the cloths into each of their mouths, totally filing the oral cavity. Stephanie followed behind with a roll of white micro-foam tape. After Amanda had stuffed the cloth inside their victim’s mouth Stephanie tore a long strip off the roll of tape and plastered it over their lips, sealing their mouths shut and the cloth inside. “On second thoughts Steph you stay here and look after sleeping beauties.” Stephanie nodded and took a seat in one of the chairs whilst Hannah and Amanda left to find the missing maid.
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@Caesar73 Thanks for the feedback. Always appreciated.
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WOW! Well done, this is superb!
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Very well done, your style of writing is really enjoyable for a reader!
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Chapter 4

As Colton and Jimmy made their way back down to the kitchen Colton allowed himself to relax a little. He was now convinced that Hannah and her colleagues had been the correct people to hire which was one less thing to worry about. They entered the kitchen as Josh, Elliot and Michelle were still ferrying equipment and supplies in from the van. “Don’t worry boss, we are almost finished.” Colton nodded at Josh. “The Professor is outside.” Heading through the kitchen and into the pantry Colton and Jimmy walked along the corridor until they hot fresh air. Taking a deep breath and exhaling Colton could see his breath in the air. The temperature had dropped a bit and he zipped up his jacket. “Now that we have things tied up in there,” Colton paused as his own choice of word, “Jimmy take the van back to base and pick up the rest of the equipment.” Jimmy nodded and caught the key that Colton had tossed him in one of his large mitts. As Jimmy walked toward the van Colton turned around and saw Professor Stafford standing off by himself around twenty yards away flicking through his leather-bound notebook. Colton wandered over and stood beside the older man.

“I know it is here Colton,” Professor Stafford said, “I can feel it.”

“I am sure you are correct,” Colton replied. “It’s getting dark and cold Professor. Shall we retire for the night and get started properly tomorrow.” The older man nodded and they both turned and headed back toward the house.

“Nobody got hurt, did they?” the Professor asked.

“Of course not,” Colton replied. “We know what we are doing.” Stafford nodded. They entered the manor by the back door and made their way through the pantry and back into the kitchen. “That you finished.” Elliot nodded. Colton tossed Josh a set of keys. “You boys stay in the guest house, and we will be in here with the ladies.”

“No problem thing boss. If you need anything then just give us a shout on the radio,” Josh said as he and Elliot headed out the manor.
“Locked that door behind you,” Colton called. Josh waved a hand of acknowledgement. Looking around Colton noted that Marissa had joined the unconscious Jameson and Charlotte on the kitchen floor. “Will you be alright with them Michelle?”

“No problem,” the younger woman replied. “They will be out for a while yet and then we will get them moved. I can start moving items up to the designated rooms and keep an eye on them.” Michelle grabbed some compression sacks and turned to leave the kitchen. Just then the telephone rang. Everyone paused to look at it.

“Internal ringtone,” Colton said as he casually strode across and picked up the receiver. “Hello.” Colton said to the person on the other end. “Is this Kari? Where are you?” Colton looked around and signalled at Michelle to text Hannah. “Just you wait there, and I will get a couple of nice ladies to come and get you….” The line went dead. “Guess she didn’t like my telephone manner,” Colton said as he hung up the receiver.

“I got the text off.” Colton nodded and turned his attention back to Stafford.

“Shall we go and inspect our rooms Professor?” Colton received a nod of confirmation and they set off. Colton knew the layout of the house from studying plans and he led the Professor out of the kitchen and along the corridor. They reached a stairwell and climbed to the first floor. At the top of the stairs, they turned right and walked to the end of the corridor and stopped in front of the final door. The journey took a bit longer than it should due to the Professor stopping to admire something hanging on the wall or sitting on a table. Colton grabbed the handle and pushed the door open. “I hope that this meets with your requirements.” The Professor took a step inside the room and looked around.

“Well, this is certainly a step up from our previous accommodation.”
“Who the hell was that joker?” Kari asked nobody as she put the receiver down and stared at the phone. A lot of things went through her head. None of them were good. Something was clearly wrong. She was standing in the corridor when she heard two sets of footsteps coming toward her form around the corner. They sound purposeful and they also sounded like they were approaching quickly. For some reason Kari decided that she didn’t want to meet whoever belonged to those footsteps, turned in the opposite direction and hurried off.
Hannah and Amanda came round the corner just in time to see Kari before she disappeared around the next corner on the corridor.

“Hey, just give it up. There is nowhere to go!” Amanda called.

“Does that ever work?” Hannah asked as she picked up the pace.

“No,” Amanada replied, “but one of these days…” Kari heard the shouts and increased her pace, not easy in the heels that Lady Penelope made her female staff wear on important occasions like having visitors. Also, staff weren’t allowed to have their mobile phones on them when working so she was now scrabbling back to her room to retrieve that and call the police. Kari heard the footsteps closing and paused to slip off her shoes. As she did, she made the mistake of glancing back and saw with her own eyes two women closing rapidly. Dispensing with the shoes Kari hurried along with corridor in her stockinged feet. Looking up Kari saw the turn coming up that lead to the last set of stairs to the staff quarters. Taking the turn as fast as she could Kari bounded up the stairs, but physical fitness wasn’t her strong point and she was soon struggling, the footsteps behind her closing in. The top of the stairs seemed to take an age to come but there wasn’t much relief when it did. Her room wasn’t far away, just at the end of the corridor, thirty feet maximum from the top of the stairs. Panting heavily Kari swung around the post at the top and turned around obvious fear in her eyes to see her pursuers closing rapidly. The door at the end of the hallway was only ten feet away now, but she never reached it. Suddenly she was grabbed from behind and she felt an arm wrapping around her waist. Before Kari could protest a hand covered the lower part of her face, it held a thick white rag which gave off a strong, sweet smell. The maid screamed but her cries were muffled by the cloth, she lashed out, but the two women were now on her and had her tightly grabbed with no give. Kari struggled, trying to free herself from the women’s clutches. Much to her horror the pretty maid felt her strength waning as she fought. The attackers patiently held on, watching as the chloroform-soaked cloth did its job. The maid moaned into the cloth as she felt increasingly tired and weak. She started to slump into her attacker’s arms, Kari’s hanging loosely from her sides. The attacker eased Kari down onto the floor. Slowly they laid Kari down to the floor, letting her rest on her side. Kari’s eyes were barely open as she took in more chloroform through relaxed and deeper breathes. With a final gentle sigh, Kari finally slipped into unconsciousness. “Let’s get her back to the study and tied up with the others.” Amanda nodded and grabbed an arm, helping Hannah to lift the unconscious woman from the floor.
After making sure that Professor Stafford was safe and comfortable in his plush surroundings Colton made a sweep on the house, checking that all the doors and windows were locked. It took a while and as he walked through the house Colton couldn’t help but admire some of the items dotted around. Although not an expect he did know enough and totted up in his head what he could get for them. But he wasn’t here for them, he was here for a bigger prize. His last stop on the tour was the kitchen. As he entered Colton could hear moans and groans and guessed that their captives had regain consciousness. Hannah and the rest of her team were gathered around the three figures lying bound and gagged on the floor. Jameson, Charlotte and Marissa were all struggling against their bonds with varying degrees of vigour. The butler in particular was being very aggressive. “Pure, male ego that ladies,” Hannah commented. “No chance that you will get out of those ropes big guy.”

“MMMPPPHHH!” Jameson moaned as his struggles intensified.

“He cannot accept being dominated by a bunch of little ladies like us,” Hannah commented. Michelle and Stephanie couldn’t stop themselves from giving a little laugh. “Stop that or we will give you something to calm you down again.” That seemed to settle Jameson down again. Colton waved as crossed the kitchen and headed for the pantry to check the rear door where they had entered.

“Everything alright ladies?” Colton called.

“Fine,” Hannah replied. “Just getting ready to move this lot.” Turing her attention back to the squirming trio on the floor. “Right, listen up. We are going to untie your ankles and legs and take a short trip but no funny business.” There was a lot of muffled moans and groans as Michelle untied Charlottes legs and then helped her onto her feet.

“Are you going to give us any trouble?” Michelle asked. Charlotte looked around and then shook her head. “Good choice.” Next Amanda untied Jameson’s legs and with help from Stephanie helped him to his feet. The butler jutted his chin out and tried to look defiant. Hard to do when gagged. Then Hannah untied the ropes around Marissa’s legs and helped her up.

“We are going to go for a little walk, nice and easy. Michelle you can lead the way.” Michelle nodded and grabbed Charlotte’s upper right arm and started to led her off. Then Amanda and Stephanie grabbed one of Jameson’s arms each and with a push managed to get him started, but every step seemed to be a chore and he required a prod to get him moving. Hannah brought up the rear guiding Marissa. Around halfway toward the door that led out of the kitchen and into the main house Jameson started to resist a lot, or play up, as Hannah would say.

“Stop that will you,” Amanda said as Jameson twisted and bucked trying to shake off the strong grip of the woman.

“uummppff,” Jameson grumbled into his gag. Behind them Hannah pulled up and shook her head. Marissa whimpered. Just at that point Colton returned from checking the back door. As he looked on Colton saw the butler playing up and tyring to shake off Amanda and Stephanie. Jameson was strong but he was bound and outnumbered and these women were also strong and knew how to deal with uncooperative captives. Colton watched as Amanda and Stephanie wrestled a struggling Jameson toward the door.

“Do you need a…” Colton was about to offer assistance but the women obviously became tired of Jameson’s protestations as Amanda took step back and then slammed her foot into the back of Jameson’s left knee which caused him to buckle onto his knees. Stephanie produced a black velvet hood and quickly placed it over Jameson’s head tightened the drawstring around his to keep the bag in place.

“Hopefully that calms you down.”

“oohhmmpp,” Marissa whimpered in shock at the sudden action that she had seen. Michelle and Charlotte had stopped and turned to see what was happening. The French woman looked on wide eyes. This was clearly a warning that any resistance would not be tolerated. Neither the chef nor the maid wanted to have a bag tied over the head.

“Alright, let’s try that again,” Hannah suggested. “This time without the aggravation.”
Penelope woke up her head pounding, her limbs were sore, and her mouth was dry. There was the sound of moaning and when she tried to bring her hands up to her head, she found that she couldn’t. They seemed to be tied behind her back. “oommpphh,” Penelope groaned and they the memories came flooding back and she remembered being tied up and knocked out. It took a minute or two of blinking and trying to focus for her vision to return to normal. When she did Penelope saw Molly and Faith sitting on the leather couch across from her, bound with rope and gagged with white tape.

“mmuurr,” Molly moaned seeing that Penelope was awake.

“hhaammppff!” Penelope replied as she started to squirm against the ropes that bound her.

“mmpphh,” Faith mumbled as she tried the same thing. Penelope watched as her two friends writhed around in their tight-fitting dresses. In additional to the tape that was pressed firmly over her lips there was also something filling her mouth. Moving her tongue was difficult as the ball of cloth seemed to completely fill her mouth.

“arrhhgg, mmpphh,” Penelope mumbled in frustration as she frantically tried to loosen the ropes around her wrists, body and legs. After a five-minute thrash Penelope stopped, exhausted and started to look around. Molly and Faith looked to have had no luck when trying something similar. Penelope sighed in frustration and sagged back against the leather couch. Although not yet resigning herself to remaining securely bound and gagged, Penelope started to think out the situation she was in. What did these people want exactly? How did they have the temerity to break int her house, tie her up and kick her out? Someone would pay for this when she got free. Having regained some strength and with Molly and Faith watching her intently, having obviously given up the idea of getting free themselves, Penelope fought the ropes as best as she could, but unlike the girls in TV shows and movies, she was only getting tired, her body just as restrained as when they first tied her. But a few minutes later, she was letting out a frustrated sigh into the gag again. She decided to take a brief rest. "Work smarter, not harder girl" she told herself. Then she tried a new approach, her fingertips prying for the loose ends of any knots. The way it was supposed to work was resisting against the ropes while being tied, then using her muscles to work them looser. But that seemed to be another internet fallacy at this point, the ropes staying tight no matter how much she concentrated her efforts. With a deep sigh into the rag, Penelope then tried to work at her wrist bindings like they were a puzzle to be worked, twisting her hands around in every combination she could think of. But that seemed to be another dead end, too. There seemed no way out. Perhaps they would be rescued by another member of the household. Just then the door opened and Penelope’s heart sank as her hopes of being freed reduced greatly.

In came Charlotte, Jameson and Marissa all being marched whilst bound and gagged into the study. Well, Penelope assumed that Jameson was gagged as she couldn’t be sure because there was a black bag over his head. This also solved the mystery of what had happened to Marissa. A silence descended over the room as the captives were led over to another leather couch and one at a time forced down onto a seat, first Charlotte, then Jameson in the middle and finally Marissa on the other end. Each of the new additions had their legs tied at the ankles and around the thighs with rope. Everyone looked around the room and Penelope could tell that all of them were thinking the same thing. What was going on?

“mmppffhh,” Molly complained.

“uummppff,” Penelope joined in and looked at the four women and man who were standing looking at them. Hannah nodded at Amanda and she pulled the bag off Jameson head. The butler blinked rapidly as his eyes adjusted to the lighting.
“I thought that it would be best to gather everyone together and explain what is going on and what is going to happen.” A chorus of moans and groans emanated from the various captives. “This is why we go with gags,” Hannah commented with a smile. Colton took a couple of steps back. He had decided to let the ladies take the lead here as they would be mostly dealing with Lady Penelope, her staff and guests. “We will be in control of the next two or three days.” Another chorus of moans and groans emanated from the captives as timescales were confirmed. “Will you guys stop with the complaining and listen. There is no need to be nervous. We are professionals at this.”

“mmpphhff” Molly exclaimed.

“We have a moaner,” Stephanie commented.

“Now, for your own safety as well as ours it is very important that you comply with any and all instructions given to you by my team.” Hannah paused. “If you do not then there will be consequences.” Hannah looked every one of the bound and gagged people straight in the eyes to let them know that she was deadly serious. “If we work together then everyone will get through this very easily.”
“uummppff, ggaarruupp,” Molly complained into the gag and started to struggle against her bindings. Penelope looked at her and gave Molly a look that said will you just stop before turning back to look at Hannah.

“Would you do the reveal Michelle?” Hannah asked her colleague. All of the bound and gagged people in the room turned and watched as the younger woman pulled a sheet from something that had been piled in the room. Penelope hadn’t noticed the pile of equipment that had been lying off in the corner of the room but her jaw dropped at what she saw. There were what looked like very puffy sleeping bags, padded leather straps and unless she was very much mistaken…




A chorus of mumbled protests rang around the room from all of the captives apart from Penelope who just look on in disbelief. “I assume that it is the diapers that is causing this consternation.”



“Will you just all just be quiet and listen!!” Hannah said and clapped her hands. The sharp sound seemed to get the attention of all of those in the room. “Alright then. Now that I have your attention you are going to be strictly but comfortably bound for long periods of time. We will not have time come around and check you all the time. I can assure you that wearing a diaper is better than the alternative.” Hannah looked around the room again. There were wide eyed stares of disbelief and gulps from the captives. Jameson had gone bright red. “Don’t worry,” Hannah said with a wink, “seem it all before. Modern adult diapers are extremely comfortable, it takes away the stress of thinking about needing the toilet and as discussed it will be more convenient for both parties involved.” Hannah could tell that she had the attention of everyone in the room. “Just think of them as a different type of underwear”

“MMPPHHFF! UUMMPPHH!” Molly grumbled and started to thrash around.

“It seems that we have some dissension in the ranks…” Hannah walked over and took a seat next to Molly on the leather couch. There was a silence in the room as Hannah looked around and smiled. “I believe that if your captive is comfortable then there is less chance that they will misbehave or attempt to escape.”

“MMUURR…HHUUPPFF!” Molly growled and shook her head as a show of frustration. Hannah sighed and the eyes of rest of the people in the room were on her. Then suddenly there was a flash of movement and Hannah bent Molly over her knee and then raised her right hand, leaving it hanging in mid-air for a moment before bringing it down and smacking Molly firmly on the bottom. “uummpp-oofftt” Molly moaned when she felt the sting of the contact. Hannah smiled and then raised her hand again. Whack! “uummppfftt!” Whack! “uummppfftt!” Whack! “uummppfftt!” Whack! “uummppfftt!” When Hannah finished, she helped Molly back into a sitting position. Penelope looked on stunned at what had just happened. Her friend’s face was bright red and Molly sat back silenced, wanting the ground to open up and swallow her. Hannah had found that embarrassment was the best tool at keeping people in line.

“With that demonstration finished we really should get to the main event of the evening so that everyone can get some sleep.” Hannah got up from the leather couch. “Now, normally I would say ladies first, but Jameson let’s start with you.” Without having to be asked Stephanie and Amanda scurried across and untied Jameson’s legs. They helped him to his feet and the butler allowed himself to led from the room and to his fate without any complaints. There was silence in the room until Stephanie and Amanda returned.

“No problems,” Stephanie said with a nod.

“Good,” Hannah said. “Let’s have the young ladies next. Marissa and Kari.” The two young maids glanced at each other but remained silent and Stephanie and Amanda untied their legs, helped them up and then led the out of the room. Colton had moved to the door and heled it open for the group of women as they left the room. Once again, the room fell into silence. Hannah paced around a little and the three remaining bound and gagged captives followed her around the room. Wary about what the woman could do. Then the door opened, Stephanie and Amanda returned and all the eyes in the room turned toward them. “Molly and Faith,” Hannah said with a smile.

“mmmooohhh…” Molly moaned.

“Don’t worry Molly,” Stephanie said as she untied the woman’s ankles, “you will be fine.” As her friends were being led out of the room Penelope watched on intently until the door closed. Where had they taken them? What fate would befall her friends? A mild sense of panic started to flow through Penelope’s body as she realised that she was next. Whatever these women were doing to them she was soon about to experience it.
“No need to keep you in suspense,” Hannah said as she stood in front of Penelope who looked up to find Hannah standing in front of her with hands on hips. “Your turn Lady Penelope?”
“We set up in your room Lady Penelope,” Hannah said as Michelle led Penelope down the corridor, “thought that you would appreciate being in your own room.” Penelope mumbled an intelligible response and continued to allow herself to be led along the corridor toward her room. It wasn’t until then were outside her room that it struck Penelope that these people knew where her room was. They obviously knew their way around the house. That would suggest a lot of planning and a level of professionalism. Penelope didn’t know whether that was a good or bad sign. Hannah opened the large, wooden door and Michelle ushered Penelope inside. The lights were already on, and Penelope swept her eyes around the room. Everything looked the same, furniture, large bed, walk-in wardrobe and on-suite bathroom. Then just as the door closed behind her Penelope found what her captors had put in the room and her eyes went wide.

“MMPPHH! MMOOHH! UUMMPPFF!” Penelope tried to back up, but Hannah and Michelle dragged her forward.

“Look, any more of this nonsense and you were warned what would happen,” Hannah stated as she muscled Penelope deeper into the room.

“Shall I get a chloroform cloth prepared?” Michelle asked.

“MMMOOOHHH!” Penelope screamed into the gag, in no hurry to be rendered unconscious by the sweet-smelling vapours from the soporific chemical again.

“Well, then,” Hannah started, “start acting like a reasonable adult.” Penelope stopped resisting and allowed herself to be walked into the centre of the room, her heart still racing. Although they had explained in the study what was going to happen, seeing the equipment laid out specifically for her had spooked her. “Alright, we are going to take those ropes off your upper body now but don’t do anything stupid.” Penelope nodded her head to confirm that she understood. Hannah took a couple of steps back as Michelle loosened the knots on the ropes and then removed them from Penelope’s wrist and chest. Instantly Penelope rubbed her wrists. “Sorry, the other binding materials will not be as bad as the rope.”

“mmppffhh,” Penelope grunted as she moved her hands toward the tape over her lips.

“No,” Hannah said in a tone of voice that didn’t leave any room for negotiation. “The gag stays on until we are ready to change it.” Penelope gave the woman a look and sighed. “Now, take the clothes off.”

“UUMMPPFF!” Penelope exclaimed.

“I doubt that you want to be bound in those clothes,” Hannah commented.

“The other option is that we take them off,” Michelle chimed in crossing her arms and smirking. Penelope looked from Hannah to Michelle and back again. Her shoulders slumped and Penelope slipped off her heels before starting to take off her stunning new dress. Once it was off Penelope folded it carefully and laid it down on the bed. That job completed she turned and faced the two women. “Didn’t you hear her Lady P?”

“I meant all of the clothes,” Hannah stated. Penelope thought that they were joking for a split second and then caught the look on their faces. They were deadly serious. Penelope felt herself blush as she slowly slipped off her undergarments. As she this Hannah started talking. “Don’t worry it’s a process that we have used numerous times before. I can tell you it’s not like the movies with the coarse rope and dirty cloths, we are far more civilised than that.” Hannah tried to say of that in assured tones. The underwear ended up in a small pile in front of her as she tried to cover her embarrassment with her arms and hands. “I don’t know what all the fuss was about,” Hannah commented looking at the pile. “There wasn’t much there to begin with.”

“mmoorrhh,” Penelope mumbled.

“Pick some nice nightwear out.” Slightly puzzled Penelope turned and pulled a fresh pair of white silk pyjamas from a drawer. As quickly as possible she slipped on the top and buttoned it up. “Those look nice,” Hannah commented.

“Might need to get me a pair of those,” Michelle chimed in.

“Doubt that that they would fit you Michelle,” Hannah said, “you don’t have the assets.” Both women laughed and Penelope glared at them as her gag prevented her from making a comment. That may have been a good thing. The two women approached Penelope and that was when she noticed that Hannah held a pair of what looked like large white mittens in her hand plus a set of cuffs. There was also something dangling from Michelle’s hand, from that distance Penelope couldn’t really tell what it was, it looked like it was some kind of pad with straps on either side like a large wristwatch. Hannah and Michelle stopped a pace short of her and Penelope felt a chill run down her spine. “Hands out in front.” Penelope looked from one woman to the other before complying. Penelope looked on as Hannah placed a thickly padded cuff on each wrist, each was then tightened until Penelope felt the padding tight against her skin, enough that she winced.

“Oh, is Lady Penelope uncomfortable.”

“MMUUCC FFUUFF,” Penelope growled and glared at Michelle before looking back at her wrists. Penelope tried to pull her wrists apart, but they are now locked in place by the short, strong chain between the two padded leather cuffs.

“That didn’t sound too friendly,” Hannah said whilst raising an eyebrow. “You obviously have forgotten what I said back in the study.” Penelope dropped her hands back in front of her stomach and shrugged. “Did I tell you to drop your hands?” Penelope and Hannah exchanged a stare before Penelope put her hands back out. Hannah quickly placed a one of the large white mitts on each of Penelopes hands and locked then in place by tightening straps around her wrists. Penelope looked at her hands and then tried to move her fingers inside the mitts but found that their movement was extremely limited. She couldn’t bend her fingers far and the smooth fabric meant that her hands were now useless. “Finger control mitts. Originally developed for use in the medical profession but we find them very useful as well.”

“uummppff!” Penelope mumbled.

“Now, lets get that gag off.” Penelope’s eyebrows shot up. Finally, some good news! Hannah reached up and found the corner of the tape over Penelope’s mouth and slowly peeled it away. It came away reasonable easily with a perfect impression of Penelope’s luscious lips on the stickly side. “See, we are nice. Some people would use that ghastly duct tape of something similar.”

“Well, thanks for that but…” Penelope had already spat out the balled-up cloth in her mouth before Hannah held up her finger.

“Please do not talk unless spoken to.” Michelle moved to stand to the side of Penelope and then without any warning Michelle thrust the pad toward Penelope’s mouth with Michelle placing her other hand behind Penelope’s head, it was then that Penelope noted that there was a large ball shaped object at the centre of the pad that went directly into her mouth. Michelle then reached around Michelle’s head and secured the pad over Penelope’s mouth using the buckles on the straps. Hannah watched on with grime fascination as the thick pad over Penelope’s mouth compressed as the straps were tightened to secure the gag in place. That job completed the two women stepped away. Hannah took a seat on the bed as Penelope took some time to get adjusted to her new gag.

“Now, get over to that mat and we can out a diaper on you,” Michelle order.

“mmoohh,” Penelope mumbled and shook her head. The embarrassment was bad enough so far, but she decided that it could go no further. Michelle looked at Hannah who shrugged. “I thought that you explained the benefit of diapers really well earlier as well boss.”

“mmuuppff, uummppff, ggrruuhh,” Penelope mumbled.

“That is a better gag. And I must say gags look good on you.” Hannah said with a hint of humour in her voice. Then is changed. “Now, get over here.” Penelope shuffled over to where Hannah was sitting on the edge of the bed. Suddenly Hannah’s hand shot out and pulled Penelope down. It happened so quickly that Penelope didn’t know what was happening until she was lying bent over Hannah’s knee. “What did I say earlier?” There was a sharp slap as Penelope felt Hannah’s palm make contact with her buttocks.

“mmoohh,” Penelope mewed into the gag.

“Yes, Penelope,” Hannah replied.

Whack! “uummppff!” Whack! “uummppff!” Penelope could tell that she was going red all over her face and not just her butt as the punishment continued. Eventually Hannah let up and allowed Penelope to stand back up.

“Look at Lady York,” Michelle said, “not so high and mighty now.” With her face no bright red Penelope looked sheepishly down at her feet. Michelle grabbed the waist on the pyjamas and pulled then down. Penelope took the hint and stepped out. “Get. On The Mat.” Michelle enunciated each word clearly and slowly so that there would be no mistake.

“mmmppphhh,” Penelope moaned as she complied with the instruction, not looking at either of the other women in the room as she carefully sat her naked bottom down on the cool, smooth fabric of the mat before lying down flay and staring at the ceiling. Lying nervously on the mat Penelope heard the sound of fabric and rummaging before she felt cream being applied around her private areas. “mmmooohhh.” Penelope tried hard not to react.

“Just a little something to prevent a rash. Now, you will have worked out that we are going to have to put a diaper on you for the duration. Don’t think of it as embarrassing, more a practical solution to a problem. Raise your hips.” Penelope did and Michelle slipped the diaper into place. “Now down.” Penelope did and felt her bottom land onto the soft, thick fabric of the diaper. Michelle then flipped up the front of the diaper and after a bit of adjustment used the sticky tabs to hold it snugly in place. “There, not that bad.” Hannah offered Penelope a hand. Extending her bound and mitted hands Penelope allowed Hannah to help her up.

“It will be strange at first but you will get used to it.” That wasn’t something that Penelope really didn’t want to happen. “Also don’t worry about using the diaper, there won’t be any leakage. It’s not like a kiddie diaper they are designed for adults so they are absorbent enough to take whatever is thrown at them so to speak.” Glancing down Penelope took in the bulk of the diaper and ran her mitted hands over the smooth outer shell of the thickly padded diaper. “Stop admiring that and step into these.” Looking around Penelope saw Hannah holding her silk pyjama bottoms. Penelope stepped into the long trousers and Hannah pulled them up, hiding the diaper underneath. “Out of sight, out of mind.” Hannah gave the diaper a quick pat. “How let’s get you into those bags.” Penelope turned and look around at the two large sleeping bag like contraptions that were lying open on the carpeted floor. With more than a little trepidation, this was a step into the unknown after all, Penelope let herself be led across. “Stand on the bag.” Penelope lifted her bare feet from the deep shag of the carpet onto the smooth fabric on the inside of the sleeping bag. As she stood on the bag Penelope clenched and unclenched her toes, feeling the fabric move under her feet. Looking at the bag it was a nice shade of purple both inside and out. Now that Penelope was up close, she could tell how thick it was and also see that it had built in straps externally. Then she felt a hand on her shoulder and Penelope was encouraged to get down into the bag. After a bit of squirming and with some help from Hannah and Michelle, Penelope found herself lying flat on her back inside the bag. Her head on a small built-in pillow with the roof.

“Now, just hold still while we secure your legs.” Penelope groaned but looked at the ceiling as she felt padded leather cuffs being placed and tightened first around her left ankle and then right ankle. Not long after Penelope felt larger padded leather cuffs being placed around her thighs. Raising her head slightly Penelope caught Michelle finishing off the securing the thigh cuffs. Michelle noticed that Penelope was looking at her and winked before she tightened the cuff on Penelope’s right thigh. Penelope winced as the woman tightened the cuff a bit more than was necessary. Grunting, Penelope could tell the woman enjoyed that. “Lie still.” Then Penelope could feel the fabric of the bag moving around her feet in the box of the bag. Then came the unmistakable sound of a zipper being closed. Penelope didn’t have to look down to know that the bag was being closed up. In addition to the sound, she could feel the bag being closed around her, working up from her ankles, then calves, thighs, hips then chest. As the zip was pulled up Penelope could feel herself being slowly encased within the bag. As the zip went over her chest the bag was pulled tightly around her shoulder until the zip was pulled all the way up to just under Penelope’s chin.

“There you go Lady P,” Michelle said, “that wasn’t so bad.” Penelope mumbled a response and squirmed around in her down cocoon. Penelope could feel the smooth fabric on the internal shell of the bag rubbing against the smooth fabric of her nightwear. It was quickly clear that there would be no friction to help any escape attempts. Then Penelope felt movement around her and felt the first of the straps on the bag being pulled together. As the straps were fastened and tightened Penelope could feel the pressure against her body. Hannah and Michelle moved up Penelope’s prone form securing the straps at ankle, calf, thigh, stomach and chest level. For her part Penelope just lay still and let them work. Then Michelle’s face appeared in her vision. “Don’t you go anywhere. We will be right back.”

“oohhmm,” Penelope responded and took a deep breath. Unable to see what was going on Penelope started to wriggle about, testing her bonds to see if she could get free. Deep down Penelope knew that it was probably hopeless but felt that she had to give it a go. Her struggling got a little more intense but all that happened was the sound of nylon swishing got louder and more frequent.

“Stop this nonsense!” Hannah ‘s voice suddenly said sternly. “Where is it going to get you? Do you want the chloroform to come out again?” Penelope froze and then returned to lying still. Now that she was lying still Penelope could still hear the swish of nylon. She groaned. This was obviously the second bag that had been lying out. The loft of the hood meant that Penelope couldn’t see what was happening, the only sense that was of use to him at the moment was her hearing. And what that told her wasn’t encouraging. “Alright time for bag number two Penelope.” Hannah’s face appeared in his vision from above. Penelope mewed something intelligible. Hannah grabbed the shoulders of the bag and Penelope felt Michelle grab her feet. Between them they hoisted the down cocoon containing Penelope up, moved it a couple of feet to the left and deposited her onto the second bag. As the two women worked to get Penelope positioned as they wanted Penelope felt herself partly sink into the loft of the bags, it felt like being swallowed up by some strange device. Finally satisfied at what they had been doing Hannah and Michelle flipped over both halves of the top of the bag, it had a central zip, and slowly began to zip it up, given the loft that took a bit of effort. When they reached the top of the bag Michelle locked eyes with Penelope, clearly enjoying the helpless look that Penelope gave her in return. It was a double zip and Michelle clipped them together with a small travel padlock. Penelope was now encased in two layers of down cocoon with no means of escape from inside. Now fully zipped into the second bag, and while Penelope had slowly been heating up as a result of the layers of down in the first sleeping bag, she was now really starting to feel the heat of his bondage increasing even though the second bag had just been applied. She was now fully zipped into two thick purple mummy bags.

“And now for something slightly different.” Michelle moved away and headed away from Penelope, back to their stash of equipment again, while Penelope quietly moaned into her gag starting to fret at her current situation.

Out of Penelope’s line of sight Michelle collected two black ratchet straps. Grabbing the first of the ratchet straps Hannah lifted Penelope’s legs and wrapped it around her ankles. Unlike most of the bondage process so far, Michelle ratcheted the strap down around Penelope’s ankles very quickly. Even through the puffy loft of the bags Penelope could feel the strap tighten around her ankles. The loft of the bags meant that Michelle had to put a lot of effort into getting the strap tight. Just as Penelope thought Michelle had applied the strap to her liking, she heaved and found a way to tighten it even further, practically crushing Penelope’s already inseparable legs further together. There was something about the feel of the ratchet straps, the weight they carried as it pertained to her bondage. The finality of essentially being locked permanently into the sleeping bag, until her captors saw fit to release her. Once that strap was in place nothing happened for a couple of seconds then Penelope felt hands on the top of the bags next to her shoulders and then she was lifted up at the waist.

“uummppff,” Penelope moaned as she was hauled up into a sitting position inside the bags.

“Sounds like you are beginning to enjoy this.” Penelope grunted a reply that was clearly a complaint.

“Stop complaining,” Hannah commented. “All of this is for your own comfort and safety.” The second strap was placed around Penelope’s chest, just below her ample bosom. Once the strap was positioned and secured to their satisfaction Hannah stepped away and allowed Penelope to fall back to the floor with a whump. Penelope grunted when she hit the floor but the large amount of down around her body meant that the landing was soft enough. Without any warning Penelope felt herself being lifted off the ground and froze in fright. She wasn’t off the floor long as she felt herself be moved over to and then deposited onto her bed. “I don’t know about you but I need a rest after that effort.”

“We can once we get tidied up,” came Hannah’s reply. Penelope mind had gone numb and she couldn’t think of anything as she heard the occasional noise as Hannah and Michelle tidied up. Lying staring at the ceiling Penelope was startled as suddenly Hannah’s voice called out to her. “That’s us off. Don’t you go anywhere Penelope and we will see you later on.” Michelle stifled a laugh. Penelope heard their footsteps going toward the door which opened and then closed. Suddenly left alone Penelope tried to offer up some sort of struggle in his extreme, bizarre form of mummification. Twisting, turning, wriggling around, well as much as the ever-increasing loft of the double layer of down would allow. Even bound Penelope though that she would have some movement but they were very much restricted. She wouldn’t have thought that a bag of down and nylon would be as effective. After a short amount of time Penelope thumped her head back into the pillow under her head a couple of times in frustration. All that she had succeeded in doing was building up a sweat and getting out of breath. Even in the short time that she had been inside the bags Penelope could tell there was no way to escape without help. Bloody hell! As the time passed Penelope’s mind drifted to what exactly was going on. Who were these people? What did they want? What had they done with the other members of the household? Penelope whimpered into her gag. She was so used to being in control and now that she wasn’t she didn’t like it one bit. There was nothing to do but lie back and wait.
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@LunaDog @Benelux

Once again thanks for the positive feedback!
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That is an absolutely intriguing Tale you are weaving her @mrjones2009 :) I enjoyed the Sequence of Penelope´s Binding very much - but Hannah and Co must be very tired, when they have finished stashing all their Captives :)
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Chapter 5

“uummppff!” Penelope mumbled as she woke up with a start. Automatically Penelope attempted to roll over and rub her eyes, but she instantly felt confined, the down pressing in around her and it took her brain a minute to process what had happened and she moaned into the large, padded gag that she was wearing as that part of her brain kick in. There was a rustle of fabric as Penelope squirmed around in the bags to get a look at the window. The curtains were closed over but there was a gap and Penelope could see a thin line of sunlight start to break through. She knew well enough that it early in the morning, a lot earlier than she would usually get up. This was the third time that she had woken up. The first time that she had awoken Penelope had experience some kind of panic attacked at her plight and had to undertake a breathing exercise to retain her composure. But now Penelope had decided that this was the situation that she found herself in and there was no point in worrying or panicking at this point, although that may come later-on depending on what exactly her captors had planned. There was something about the women that Penelope thought was extremely impressive and professional. Not that she would admit that to them. Penelope closed her eyes and tried to make herself fall asleep again. Very quickly she gave up on that idea and sighed in frustration. With nothing better to do, Penelope took some time to properly assess her situation Penelope noted that the down loft in the bags had increased significantly during the duration of her slumber so that the smooth fabric was pressing even more tightly around her body. Having not being bound in sleeping bags, Penelope had nothing to compare this new experience to, but there was something about the strict bondage that was strangely soothing. Then again, these were obviously not standard sleeping bags. There was far more down, and it seemed tighter around her body than a standard sleeping bag would be. So, they were probably purpose made so perhaps that was the difference. On a professional level Penelope had to give them credit for this restraint system. Even in the short time that she had been inside the bags Penelope could tell there was no way to escape without help. Bloody hell! As much as she didn’t want to admit is she did feel incredibly cosy and comfortable, almost to the point of not wanting to escape. Not that she could. “mmppff!” Penelope started to run through the bigger picture in her head. Who were these people? What exactly did they want? How could she escape or get help?
As she lay there with all of this running through her head, suddenly she was alerted to the sound of the door opening. “Is the lady of the house awake?”

“oommppff…..mmppff…” Penelope complained and made an effort to show her dissatisfaction by squirming around, struggling against her bonds and the loft of the down filled bags to get a view at what was happening. Then the smiling faces of Hannah and Michelle appeared in her vision, looming over her from above.

“Good night of rest Lady P?” Michelle asked.

“mmurr,” Penelope growled. She did not like being restrained. She did not like being dictated to. And she definitely did not like being called Lady P!
“I don’t think she liked that question Michelle,” Hannah said. “Look, lets get you out of these bags and let you have some refreshments.” Penelope did like the sound of that and didn’t resist as the two women removed her from the bag. As Michelle took the two bags and opened them up to air Hannah helped Penelope into a sitting position and nodded toward a tray that had a bowl and a glass sitting on it. “I am going to take your gag off but remember what I said about being quiet.” Penelope nodded and moved her head enough to allow Hannah easier access to the buckle. Hannah removed the large padded gag and Penelope worked her jaw.

“Thanks,” Penelope mumbled. That only got a stare from Hannah as a response. Penelope held up her hands in anticipation of those being released as well.

“Just the gag,” Hannah said with a shake of the head before picking up the bowl, taking the spoon out and moving it toward Penelope’s mouth. Like a child Penelope allowed herself to be fed from the bowl of cereal and also took long gulps of orange juice through a straw. Being in those thick sleeping bags had obvious dehydrated her. Once finished Hannah picked up the tray and headed for the door.

“Wait! Aren’t you going to untie me?” Penelope shouted.

“You really need to be quiet Lady,” Michelle stated. Hannah paused on her route to the door but didn’t turn around. There was a brief shake of the head before Hannah opened the door and exited. “Must be your lucky day,” Michelle commented and continued to work away. Penelope sighed and sat on the edge of the bed. “Anything that you need before I finish up.” Penelope flinched slightly as she hadn’t heard Michelle approaching. She looked up; a little sheepishly. “Do you need a diaper change?” Michelle asked. “Last chance before I have to gag you again.” Penelope’s face went bright red and she nodded. “No need to feel embarrassed Penelope. That’s what they are designed for.”

“Um…alright,” Penelope mumbled.

“I will have to gag you first.” Penelope’s shoulders slumped as Michelle produced a large cloth from her pocket and balled it up. If possible, Penelope slumped further as the balled-up cloth was moved toward her mouth. Without argument Penelope opened her mouth and allowed the cloth to be crammed inside. This was followed up by a large section of white micro-foam tape being plastered over Penelope’s lips. After Michelle had pressed and smoothed it in place to her satisfaction Michelle bent down and removed the ankle. “I really shouldn’t be doing this alone but you won’t give me any trouble. Will you?” Penelope shook her head slowly as Michelle walked over to the pile of equipment and spent a couple of seconds selecting some items from it. When she returned the younger woman had an armful of items that she deposited on the floor. Penelope looked on in wonder at the number of items that had been dumped as Michelle put on a set of rubber gloves, like a surgeon would wear before slipping a long plastic, disposal bib over neck and tied it around her waist. “Protects the clothes from anything nasty.” Penelope went from red to purple and then took looked on as Michelle pulled the plastic changing mat from under the bed and lined it up. “Let’s just get you down on this.” With a little help from Michelle, Penelope soon found herself lying on the mat looking at the ceiling. “Put your hands over your head then lie back and think of England.” Penelope did and then felt Michelle pulling down the pyjama bottoms until she could feel air against her now bare legs. Then there was the sound of the sticky tabs that held the diaper in place being loosened and the pressure on the diaper’s bands around her waist thighs released. Penelope raised her legs to allow the soiled diaper to be removed and then winced as Michelle used antiseptic wipes to clean her bottom and private areas. “Good, that’s you all cleaned up. Now to get you a nice fresh, clean diaper.” Trying to relax as much as possible Penelope felt talcum powder being liberally applied before Michelle asked her to drop her hips. When she did Penelope found her bottom hitting the fresh diaper. Michelle finished the application of the diaper by folding over the front of the diaper and securing it in place with the sticky tabs. “There, that’s better.” Penelope flushed again as she had to admit that it was a much better feeling around her intimate regions.
Having finished his breakfast Colton strode confidently out of the house and into the gardens at the rear of the house. The sun was starting to rise over the large trees and hills that were on the edge of the property as he exited house, so he pulled his sunglasses from the top pocket on his shirt and put them on. It looked like the rest of the team had made a start without him having to give them orders. Jimmy was busy unloading equipment from the van and trailer whilst Elliot and Danny were putting the finishing touches to a medium sized gazebo that they had located just off the tarmac area. Under the gazebo was where he found Professor Stafford leaning over a wooden table that was now covered in maps with handwritten markings on them and well worm books with a lot of bookmarks in them to allow quick and easy access to pages. “Thought I would get an early start,” Stafford said without looking up.

“I bet if I gave you a pen and some blank pieces of paper you could draw these maps from memory,” Colton replied and patted the man on the shoulder. “It’s a fine day to start.” Colton could feel his enthusiasm for the job start to increase as the prospect of the pay-off got closer. Colton looked at the map of the York Estate that Stafford had made the most notations on and then looked out and tried to fit the map to the pictures he was seeing with his own eyes. The main house didn’t sit at the exact center of the estate, it was slightly to the left and down into the lower left quadrant if you split the estate into quarters. The estate was lowest at the bottom left of that quadrant where there was a stream and a wooden area. The land rose from bottom left to top right on the estate with the flattest section in the middle where the majority of the buildings were. Then the ground rose in a series of rolling hills with smaller areas of woodland dotted around. This is where the professor believed they would find what they were looking for.

“You alright Colton?” Stafford asked.

“Yeah, just got lost in my own head for a couple of seconds.” Stafford took the small leather-bound notebook from his pocket and rifled through it. “Checking those calculations again?”

“Again…and again…and again…” Stafford replied with a smile. Then something sprung to the front of Colton’s mind.

“Hey Danny!” Colton called. “Where is Josh?”

“Back in the guest quarters,” Danny replied pointing back above the garage. “He is playing around with that drone of his.” Colton nodded but caught the tone in Danny’s voice. Josh was playing around whilst they worked. Well, they would see when the drone did it’s thing and saved them a bunch of time. Colton left the Professor to it and went around to check on what the other guys were doing, including checking on Josh was doing configuring the drone. It was going to be another hour or so until Josh was ready to launch so Colton went back into the sunshine and headed back toward the team having made his mind up about how to kill that hour. “I think that we better have that discussion with the lady of the house now Professor.” Stafford nodded and Colton reached for the radio clipped to his belt. “Hannah.” Colton paused. “Can your girls bring Lady Penelope to the study.” There was a response in the affirmative before the two men turned and headed into the house.
Having spent the night restrained in those bags on her bed Penelope now found herself facing the humiliation of being led through her own house whilst bound and gagged wearing her best silk nightwear. Walking wasn’t easy, the combination of the diaper and the cuffs on her ankles that hobbled her steps made it awkward. Just after her diaper had been changed by Michelle, Hannah had re-entered the bedroom and Penelope fully expected to be put back into her down cocoon. She was proved wrong as Hannha knelt down and placed a set of padded cuffs on her ankles. There was a longer length of chain between these cuffs. “Time to go for a walk.” After putting on the ankle cuffs Hannah had grabbed her upper left arm and led her out of the room. Penelope could tell that they were heading for the study. As she was hustled along the corridor Penelope felt her sense of frustration and anger growing. At the entrance to the study Hannah stopped and knocked. Penelope blew air from her nose. Imagine! Lady Penelope having to get permission to enter a room in her own house! A call came from inside and the small group entered. Penelope was led into the room where three large chairs were set up. Two set across from a single chair. The two were occupied by the guy from last night that seemed to be in charge and an older gentleman wearing brown corduroy trousers and a checked lumberjack style shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Penelope was led to the vacant chair and pushed down into it. Then Michelle and Hannah quickly removed the cuffs on Penelope’s wrists and ankles before securing Penelope’s wrists and ankles to the arms and legs of the chair with lengths of sturdy black rope. Every touch seemed to infuriate Penelope at this point. Once the binding had been completed the two women took up positions just to the side and behind the chair. Just close enough that Penelope could feel their presence. Penelope had a quick test of her bindings, there was no give in them before leveling her gaze at the two men sitting across from her. The one in charge, the one called Colton, seemed cool and confident but the older man looked distinctly uncomfortable about the whole situation.

“Now, Lady York we just wanted to have a chat with you and explain what is going on,” Colton began. “If Hannah takes that gag off do you think that you can keep quiet and we can have a sensible conversation.” Penelope considered this for a moment before closing her eyes and nodding, knowing that she had no intention of being quiet. Colton looked at Hannah who leaned in and after finding the edge of the tape over Penelope’s mouth carefully peeled it off before using two of her slender fingers to remove the cloth that was in Penelope’s mouth. “Well, sorry for the inconvenience Lady Penel….”

“What gives you right to burst in here, tie us up and take over MY house?” Penelope interrupted. Colton paused and gave the woman a look. Had to admire her pluck at least.

“I think that you have misread the situation here.”

“I have?” Penelope said. “You and your gang of thugs, misfits and whatever she is,” Penelope nodded toward Hannah, “can’t just barge into a private dwelling and treat people like this.”

“We can’t?” Colton replied, arching an eyebrow.

“Be quiet and listen to the man,” Hannah chimed in from behind.

“Who the hell exactly do you think you are?” Penelope said turning her head around to look at the woman. “Giving orders in my house.”

“You really need to keep quiet Lady P,” Michelle cautioned. Penelope turned her head to look at Michelle.

“I will not be quietened in my own home. I demand to be released immediately. If you do, I will give you an hour of a head start before I call the police. That is being more than fair.” Penelope turned to look back at Colton and nodded her head, confirming that was her final word on the matter. There was a smattering of laughter from Colton, Hannah and Michelle.

“I don’t think that you understand the situation that you are in Lady Penelope. You are not in a position to bargain here. If you just relax and let the Professor and I explain what is going on I will think that you will gain some insight and find out what is going on here, what our plans are and what it means for you.”

“AAARRRGGHHH!! Penelope screamed and started to fight against her bindings enough that the chair started to move. “This is my house and I will not be dictated to by people like you.”

“That isn’t very nice,” Michelle said.

“Oh,” Penelope replied. “Have I offended the criminal?” Then without warning Hannah clamped a cloth over Penelope’s nose and mouth.

“This should help you calm down,” Hannah said with barely concealed joy, “a nice dose of chloroform.”

“UUMMPPFF! MMMOOOHHH!” Penelope moaned into the cloth and shook her head from side to side in a vain struggle to get away from the sweet-smelling anaesthetic. “MMEESS! MMOOHH!” Penelope cried.

“Sorry, you brought this on yourself with your behaviour,” Hannah explained as she kept the cloth firmly in place, forcing Penelope to inhale the soporific fumes. The room was silent for around half a minute as all eyes were on Penelope as she was forced into unconsciousness. For her part Penelope tried to resist but there was no escaping the cloth, shaking her head vigorously from side to side did enough to weaken the cloth’s vice like grip over her nose and mouth. The drug started to have an effect, Penelope could feel her strength start to drain and her fingers and toes felt weird and her thoughts were becoming muddled. Penelope moaned into the cloth as she was forced to inhale more of the fumes. Then just as she was starting to feel drizzle the cloth was removed and fresh, clean, non-chemical containing air hit her lungs.

“wwhhaaa…oohhmm…” Penelope took large gulps of fresh air now that the cloth had been removed.

“Promise to behave now?” Unable to speak yet Penelope just nodded her head. She was in no rush to be rendered unconscious again.

“I think that I should put that gag back on,” Hannah said. Colton nodded.

“Wait, I thought that you wanted a conversation,” Penelope said between deep breaths, suddenly panicked at the thought of being gagged again.

“Not really, I was just being nice. This will work just as well with you gagged and only able to listen.”

“I don’t suppose it would make a difference if I promised to be quiet?” Hannah shook her head.

“Just remember Penelope, you brought this on yourself,” Hannah said as she brough a fresh balled-up cloth toward Penelope’s mouth. Although not wanting to be gagged again Penelope didn’t have any other option but to open her mouth and accept the cloth. As Hannah stuffed it deep inside her mouth, filling it completely, Penelope had the impression that this cloth was larger than those that had been previously used. Hannah then moved away, toward the pile of equipment that was still lying in the room. Penelope watched on in fascination as Hannah delved into a bag and then walked back toward her with her hands full on material. Penelope moaned and glared in indignation at the amount of material that Hannah held in her hands, knowing that it was about to be used to gag her. “if you had only kept quiet we wouldn’t have had to do this. Penelope watched on thinking what was next as Hannah picked up a bag of cotton wool and a silk scarf. Hannah folded the scarf into a band and then reached into the bag of cotton wool pleats and produced a large wad which she placed at the centre of the folded silk scarf. Hannah picked up the scarf and centred the cotton wool over Penelope’s packed mouth and held it in place whilst she took both ends of the scarf and walked behind Penelope who felt the cotton wool compress as the two ends of the scarf were tied together, there was a brief pause as the woman freed Penelope’s black locks from under the gag then pulled it tighter, eliciting a muffled groan from Penelope before securing the scarf with a knot. Then Hannah picked up another cloth and folded it into a pad, placing it at the centre of another folded silk scarf. Hannah had a wicked smile on her face as she lined the folded cloth up with where Penelope’s mouth would be and placed it over where the cotton wool was and then tied the silk scarf behind Penelope’s head, very tightly keeping, viciously compressing every other part of the gag, keeping everything snugly and securely in place. Penelope winced as the second scarf was tightened, encasing and compacting all of the material over her mouth. What was this woman doing? This gag was far more than was required to stop her from calling out.

“That should keep you quiet,” Hannah commented before she turned around and went to put the materials back where she had gotten them leaving Penelope to check her new gag. After testing out her gag and trying to get it a bit more comfortable, the silk scarf was almost welded in place, Penelope had to agree. There was no chance of calling for help, even if she had been inclined to do so. With nothing else for it, Penelope settled in, waited for the explanation to begin.

“Well, I guess that we should start then…” Colton said “I will let the Professor take up the story.” Penelope watched on as the older gentleman made adjustments to his clothing and fidgeted, clearly uncomfortable with the current situation. As they waited for the Professor to start Hannah leaned in close to Penelope’s ear.

“You just bought yourself some punishment with that little outburst, and I don’t just mean a nice heavy gag. I thought that we had established the ground rules but it looks like you will have to let you have them again and they give you some time to learn them. This larger gag might seem the least of your worries in an hour or so.” Penelope swallowed. “Now, sit nice and listen to what Colton and the Professor has to say or I will get the chloroform out again.” Hannah turned her head and nodded at Colton as if confirming that everything was fine to proceed.

“Back just before the second world war,” The Professor began, “I shall try and keep this brief as don’t want to detain anyone longer than necessary. When Winston Churchill formed his government in 1940 the war was going badly for the Allies.” Colton had heard this speech before many times over the months of planning but it was still entertaining. The Professors enthusiasm drew you in “As a guarantee that Britain and the Empire could continue the fight if the UK was overrun, Churchill devised a plan to ship more British wealth to the safety of Canada. Using their wartime powers the Churchill government confiscated the securities that the British people were forced to register at the beginning of the year. Hundreds of accountants and bankers worked tirelessly to catalogue the contents of thousands of crates that were filled up and then shipped. When they were finished it was determined that $2.5 billion had been shipped from the UK to Canada. This was wealth of…well… I guess not ordinary people but…anyway…It seemed that not everyone was happy with this policy, seeing their wealth disappear abroad without a certain date for return. There was a bit of grumbling and talk about doing something about it. It seemed that at least one person did decide to do something about it. A Lord Winstanley decided to take back his funds before it could be sent abroad. Plus, some interest.” Colton looked around and raised an eyebrow.
“mmmppphhh!” Penelope mumbled. The sound hardly audible through the gag.

“I see that you recognise the name,” Professor Stafford said with a nod. “It was who your grandfather purchased the estate from. Well, purchased the estate from his estate when Lord Winstanley passed away suddenly.”

“uummppff?” Penelope asked raising an eyebrow. Stafford guessed at what Penelope was asking.

“I know that there was at least one truck that went missing in transit between the bank and the docks and my…” Colton raised a hand and Stafford stopped.

“Obviously, it was too hot to get rid of the items at that time, not to mention how unpatriotic it may have looked had it come to light,” Colton took over the story, “we believe that there is something hidden on the estate worth finding and we just need some time without interruption to do that.” Penelope glared at Colton over her gag just as the radio buzzed.

“Boss, we could do with some input here. Bring the Prof.” It was Josh.

“No problem,” Colton said into the radio before turning his attention back to Penelope. “So, to sum up if you just behave and play along then nothing bad will happen to you or your friends and then we will be out of your hair.” Colton got up and nodded to the Professor. Both men got up and Penelope followed them with her eyes until were out of the door. Once the door closed Penelope sighed and craned her neck to look at Hannaha and found a hand filles with a soft, thick cloth heading her way.

“mmmooohhh…” Penelope shook her head and moaned as the cloth was applied over her nose and gagged mouth.

“Yes,” Hannah said nodding, “a girl needs her beauty sleep.” Penelope groaned as the cloth was applied again Penelope moaned as the scent of chloroform invaded her nostrils. Not having any other option Penelope was resigned to her fate and stoically inhaled the fumes without complaint of resistance. Eventually she could resist the effects of the fumes no longer and after a couple of flutters her eyelids slammed closed and her held rolled to one side as the darkness engulfed her.
They looked at the data from Josh’s drone on the tablet and then back at barn. “Are you sure?” Stafford nodded his head.
“That is my best calculation of where the item will be.” Stafford nodded his head again sagely as he communicated this. Colton crossed his arms as he surveyed the scene. There was a dilapidated shed standing exactly where they were going to dig. It has four walls and a roof but only gaps where the doors and windows should have been. “This wasn’t on any of the official plans that I have seen.” They were standing near the boundary of the property. The area was in a small valley between rolling hills and hidden from view from both the main house and any prying eyes from the main road of the neighbouring properties.

“Not your fault professor,” Colton said, “if I had thought about it properly, I would have gotten Josh to fly that drone over a couple of days ago. Hindsight and all that.”

“The data from the drone does tell us that it looks like something is buried beneath the surface.” Colton stayed quiet and couldn’t believe their luck, or lack thereof. Someone had stuck a building on the land and obviously not bothered about planning consent. Josh continued to squint at the data on the tablet “There is something there but it looks half buried under the concrete pad for that barn.”

“No utilities?” Josh and Jimmy both shook their heads.

“What do we do?” Stafford asked.

“Are you confident that your calculations are correct Professor?” Stafford nodded.

“Doesn’t really change the plan that much,” Colton said whilst scratching his chin. “We just need to hope that they didn’t pour the concrete to deep. Jimmy, fire up the digger and ger started digging a trench along the foundations of that wall.” Colton pointed. “Dig it until you think that we get just above what we are looking for. Keep checking with the scanners. Once we get the exact location then we can work back from there with the rest of the excavation.”

“Might need some props,” Jimmy suggested.

“Yeah, not a bad idea.” Colton turned to Danny. “Can I leave that with you?” Danny nodded confirmation that he would pick this up. “Alright, I shall leave you to it and come back and see how you are getting on in a couple of hours. Jimmy walked across to where he had parked the mini-digger and fired it up. As he started to reverse the mini digger toward where they would start digging Colton turned and walked back toward the main house. “The best laid plans of mice and men…” he mumbled under his breath.
When she woke up Penelope found herself staring at the ceiling in her bedroom. They had obviously carried her through whilst she was unconscious. Her heard hurt a little but not as much as last time she had come round from chloroform induced slumber. Managing to raise her head slightly Penelope could see that she was restrained exactly as she had been before being placed into the bags last night and assumed that this would be her fate again. “Sleeping Beauty is awake,” Penelope heard Michelle comment.

“mmeeppmmumm uuttehh…” Penelope grumbled as she felt more than heard them approach. Then both Hannah and Michelle appeared in her vision. Hannah had a wicked smile on her face.

“Special treat for you.” Hannah held up a pair of black panties. Penelope gave her a perplexed look. “Had these on yesterday and I was very active,” Hannah smiled as she slipped the panties over Penelope’s head. Positioning them just right so that a certain section was right over Penelope’s nose. “There, that is right.” Penelope moaned as she got a whiff of the fragrance coming from the worn underwear. “When you learn to behave, they can come off?” Hannah pulled out a roll of micro-foam tape and wrapped it around Penelope’s already gaged mouth. This had the effect of both keeping the panties in place and also reinforcing Penelope’s gag.

“Let’s see what kind of underwear the Lady of the house likes to wear.”

“Only fair Hannah,” Michelle commented. “Lady P is getting a good look at yours.” Both women chuckled and Penelope groaned. Both women disappeared from Penelope’s view, the panties narrowed her vision somewhat but Penelope could tell that they were working there way around the room. Hannah looked through the drawers and after a couple of minutes found something of interest.

“My oh my, Lady York. What do we have here?” Penelope blushed as Hannah turned on the item that she had discovered and an unmistakable sound drifted across the room. “Fully charged and with a remote control. This looks top of the range.” Michelle smiled as Hannah walked across the room and stood over Penelope holding up the item in one hand and a piece of paper in the other. “Now it says here that the Magic Wand is the top selling woman’s sex toy. It’s easy-to-clean silicone head, rechargeable battery, quieter motor, and greater variation in intensity and vibration patterns make it a favourite with women of all ages. The toy is durable as well as functional…” Penelope’s embarrassment only increased as Hannah read from the items pamphlet, she could feel the heat coming from her forehead and neck, in no doubt that she was going an even deeper shade of red. “What shall we do with this?”

“mmmoohh uummttiiff!” Penelope mumbled into her heavy gag, suddenly panicking. Hannah switched on the device and wiggled it in Penelope’s vision before moving it down. Penelope tried to follow it but Hannah placed a firm hand on her chest to keep her pinned down. Suddenly the sound muffled a little and Penelope felt something press on the front of her diaper.

“mmpphhff!” Penelope moaned as Hannah moved the vibrator around. Even through the thick diaper Penelope could feel the vibrations of the device. “MMOOHHPPFF!”

“I think that we found the spot,” Michelle chuckled as Hannah used a couple of straps to hold the vibrator firmly in place.
“That should give you something to occupy your mind later.”

“oohhmm mmoohh,” Penelope mewed.

“Let’s get her back in the bags and we can relax for a bit.” Michelle nodded and they both walked away from the bed. “Did you unpack the Beast?” Hannah asked. Beast? That didn’t sound good to Penelope. But that was for later. The two women quickly went through the same process from last and inserted Penelope into a down cocoon of two sleeping bags. Once that job was complete Hannah grabbed a hold of the top ratchet strap and hauled Penelope into a sitting position. Penelope could now see better what was going on and watch as Michelle wandered off, bent down and picked something up from the floor. There was a swish of fabric as Michelle picked up a very large sleeping bag and carried it toward the bed. “Meet the Beast!” Hannah exclaimed, clutching the ratchet strap tightly and pointing at a sleeping bag. Lady Penelope’s eyes went wide as she got a look at the bag. She couldn’t believe that they were going to put her in that as well.

“mmmooohh,” she moaned. That thing wasn’t a sleeping bag, it was some kind of monstrosity that was posing as a sleeping bag and hoping that nobody noticed. In panic, Penelope frantically shook her head, pleading not to be placed in that thing, the last thing she wanted was to be shoved into that beast. It was an absolutely monstrous bag. The mass of shiny purple nylon was unbelievably puffy, Penelope had never seen anything like it. It made the, in her opinion, already puffy restraining bags that she was currently in practically look like nothing in comparison, it looked so massively insulated. Hannah dropped Penelope back down with another whump and helped Michelle spread out and position the massive bag on the bed next to Penelope’s already heavily cocooned body. Michelle began slowly unzipping the bag, relishing in seeing the panic in Penelope’s eyes and her soft whimpers. Once the bag was unzipped it sat there ominously waiting to gobble up its soon-to-be occupant. “Had to get this specially made,” Hannah commented as watched Michelle unzipping the bag and making sure that it was laid out perfectly to accept its unwilling occupant. “Made to measure size wise and a lot of extra down stuffing.” Michelle finished unzipping the massive bag, stood bag and left the bag lying open, awaiting its captive. Leaving Penelope to mull over what was about to happen.

“Let’s just get this finished,” Michelle said as she grabbed the bottom strap. With Hannah taking the top strap then both hoisted Penelope into the air and dropped her into the welcoming grasp of the massive bag. Hannah, obviously happy with the initial positioning of Penelope, flipped over the top of the bag and stood aside as Michelle took over. She began zipping the monster bag shut at a very slow pace, both for dramatics and because it was such a tight squeeze that she really had to force the zipper to keep moving. Penelope moaned as he felt the fat mass of nylon and down squeeze against her from all sides. The zipper was only up to his waist at this point, but she could already feel the pressure of her situation magnifying greatly. Penelope frantically shook her head no and tried to beg into her massive gag for mercy in one last frantic attempt to avoid this brutal mummification. Her pleas came out as an unintelligible mix of moans and mumbles as the heavy gag did is job to almost perfection. The bag was nearly zipped closed now and as she was squeezed uncomfortably on all sides by the thick wall of insulated nylon. Eventually, Hannah had to assists Michelle so that they could get the bag zipped all the way to the top. Once that was finished Hannah gave the massive down cocoon a pat. Not that Penelope could feel it. Penelope made a distressed mewing sound that came from deep in her throat. She gave a showy wriggle, straining against all layers of her bondage, but it was useless. There was no movement.

“No point in that Lady.” She began to attempt to squirm again, but Penelope barely even shifted at all. She quickly discovered that the addition of the massive sleeping bag meant he could no longer sit up, lift his legs, roll over, or even really move at all. Penelope could only lay on her back and squirm. It was really confusing, surely something like down filled sleeping bags shouldn’t do this to people. Then Penelope felt the vibrator kick into life, there was hardly any noise as the down muffled most of the noise.

“Enjoying yourself in there?” Hannah asked. The response was a whimpered moan. As the intensity of the vibrations rose Penelope tried breathing exercises to remain in control but the stimulation wasn’t helping. Then there was the unmistakable sound of the door opening. “Sorry, forgot mention. Didn’t want you getting lonely so we are going to get Marissa to keep you company. That was the last thing that Penelope wanted at this moment in time.

“Nice to see you all tied up like that,” Stephanie commented as she made the short journey over to the bed where Penelope was lying. The woman’s face appeared at the corner of her partially panty blindfolded vision. “Gags really suit you. Do you ever think about wearing them on a permanent basis?” A wide smile crossed Stephanie’s lips as Penelope looked daggers at her from above the blue the top later of her gag.
“mmuupphh, hhaauummpphh,” Penelope complained.

“Well, give you something to bit on for…” The vibrations were starting to have a real effect how and Penelope concentration moved away from what was happening beside her as Marissa was encased in her own down cocoon. Judging by the amount of time and swishes it was only two bags for Marissa, Penelope was obviously special.

“Well, we will leave you ladies to it and see you for dinner in eight or nine hours.” With that Hannah and the other two women left the room. Penelope moaned deeply but what caused it, being stimulated or the thought of such a long time restrained in her down cocoon being forced to inhale the stench from the panties over her head was anybody’s guess.
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Great story. Love how you added the panties for smelling. Keep up the great work
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The Fog of Mystery is lifting :) And Penelopes Temper got the better of her - understandable, but unwise, so she earned herself VIP-Treatment. I wonder if she learned her lesson :) Wonderfully written @mrjones2009 !
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Thanks for the positive feedback everyone! Glad that you are enjoying the story.
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You started this story at a VERY high standard, and have totally maintained it. I've thoroughly enjoyed this, and not just the bondage part of the equation, it's also a very good crime tale in its own right.

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Chapter 6

It was a relaxed Colton that sat on a chair taking long drinks from a large glass of lemonade in the garden behind the main house. The sun was up and he was enjoying taking a break from having to think about things too much. It seemed like the operation was going to plan, albeit with a potential delay caused by what they had discovered at the dig site a couple of hours ago. Just then his thoughts were interrupted by the sound of footsteps on the slabs approaching the patio where he was sitting. As Colton looked up and squinted through the sun and noted Hannah walking toward him with a glass in one hand. He had to admit her hips had a certain sway to them that attracted your eyes. Or, perhaps it was just him. “Is this seat taken?” Hannah asked with a smile. Colton looked around before smiling at the woman.

“I guess not.” Hannah wiped some debris off the seat before sitting down with a sigh. “Long morning?”

“Not too bad,” Hannah replied. “Just leaving them to it now until dinner.” Hannah looked around, admiring the surroundings and took a sip from the lemonade in her glass. “Nice gardens.”

“Indeed,” Colton replied. “I could get used to living here.” Hannah laughed.

“Don’t think that our host would sell to you.” Colton chortled at that comment.

“Speaking of our host. I hope that you weren’t too hard on Lady Penelope,” Colton commented.

“Not really, just something to teach her how to behave. Focus her mind.” Hannah smiled and Colton raised an eyebrow. “No harm will come to anybody during this operation Colton, I can assure you of that.” Colton nodded and took another mouthful of lemonade.

“This is good stuff.”

“How the other slightly less than half live,” Hannah commented and raised her glass. Colton clinked the glasses together. The two sat for the next half an hour chatting until they were interrupted by a blast on the radio that Colton had sitting on the table next to him.

“I wonder what this could be?” Colton said as he picked up the radio. “What’s up?”

“Eh…sorry boss but you might want to get back up here again,” Josh’s voice sounded a bit shaky.

“I guess there is a problem.” Colton cursed under his breath.

“And there was me having a nice time as well.”

“What’s that boss?”

“Nothing Josh. I will be there as soon as I can.” Colton looked at Hannah who had raised an eyebrow questioningly. “Don’t know. Fancy a walk?” Hannah nodded and stood up.

“Be nice to stretch the legs a bit.” Hannah pulled out her phone and put a message on the group chat that she had with Michelle, Amanda and Stephanie letting them know that she would be heading out. “This should be interesting.”
As they approached the barn Colton could see the large mound of earth that Jimmy had managed to excavate piled over to one side. The Professor, Josh and Jimmy all stood looking down at the hole where the earth should have been. “What are we all looking at gents?” Colton asked as he approached the edge of the hole. Josh and Jimmy turned around and nodded to Colton and then Hannah and they made space for them so that they could get a good view.

“It looks like what we thought was a concrete pad,” Josh began, “is actually a wall.” Colton gave Josh a look and then followed the younger man’s line of sight and then arm as he pointed further along what was actually a trench rather than a hole. “When we dug down the concrete just kept getting thicker and thicker and well, something didn’t feel right so I had Jimmy dig further along rather then down and they is definitely a corner where two wall meet at the end.” Colton looked along and had to agree.

“Sorry Colton,” Stafford said, “I didn’t have any information on this.”

“Not your fault Professor, didn’t even know there was a building here,” Colton said scratching his head, “just that this definitely wasn’t in the plan. Looks like the building was put up to disguise the fact that the concrete pad was the roof of a hidden room.”
“Explains why they didn’t make any kind of official application.” Stafford nodded his head.

“What do we do now?” Hannah asked.

“Well, this certainly puts a spanner in the works,” Colton commented and looked around.

“That is steel reinforced concrete,” Jimmy said. “Take ages to get through that even if we had the correct equipment. Even then might end up needing to blast it.”

“Blast it!” Stafford said. “Well…you…could damage what is inside.”

“I don’t think that is an option,” Colton commented. “The noise might bring unwanted attention.” Colton waved his hand around as everyone continued to look in the trench. A sense of dejection hung in the air. Colton crossed his arms whilst Josh put his hands on his hips. Surely, they couldn’t have come so far just to be thwarted at the last hurdle. Just then there was a burst of static from the radio and Danny’s voice burst out of the speaker.

“Guys you had better come and look at this. About twenty yards away on the other side on the barn.” Colton shrugged and led the group carefully around the trench and out to the other side of the barn. There was a small close of trees and shrubs with a waving Danny standing off to one side. “Sorry,” Danny said when he clocked Hannah’s presence, “I didn’t know you were here.”

“What have you got Danny?” Colton asked. Danny pointed them towards something in the ground sheltered between two large boulders amongst the trees and shrubs

“That doesn’t look very natural to me.” Colton walked across and could see what Danny was talking about. Something did look slightly out of place, not blending in with the natural habitat. “You wait here and Jimmy and I will go and take a look.” Colton and the hulking figure of Jimmy approached the area that Danny had indicated. After taking a long look Colton and Jimmy swept away leaves and other foliage that was lying around. “Certainly, something that shouldn’t be here.” They were looking down at a heavy wooden door that had been set into the ground. It was cleverly disguised; you would almost have to stumble over it to find it. “What do we have here?” Colton said as he knelt down and examined the edges of the door.

“Interesting, ay boss,” Jimmy said. There were a couple of large bolts and padlocks on one of the edges of the door. “Shall I get the digger.” Colton nodded his head without taking his eyes from the door. He heard Jimmy trudge away and then other footsteps approaching.
“Ah, the plot thickens,” Hannah said.

“Where do you think that leads?” Professor Stafford asked out loud.

“I hope that it is somehow connected to that hidden room but we are going to find out.” Just as the Colton said that the silence was shattered by Jimmy moving the mini digger up. The group moved out of the way to allow Jimmy to manoeuvre the digger into position next to the wooden door.
“What do you think?” Jimmy called out over the noise of the idling engine of the digger.

“No time to be subtle about it…” Colton balled his hand into a fist and made a smashing gesture. Jimmy smiled and grabbed the controls of the digger pivoted it around to position the bucket over the wooden door. The groups all watched on as the bucket slowly rose in the air before it suddenly smashed door onto the door. There was a loud noise followed by a creak but it didn’t budge.

“Stronger than it looks,” Josh commented ad Jimmy raised the bucket slowly again. Then the bucket crashed down again. This time there was a bigger creak and an obvious indentation in the centre of the wooden door.

“Hit it again!” Colton yelled and Jimmy did, again, then again and then on the fifth time there was an almighty crash and wooden door collapsed inward on itself. Colton waved at Jimmy and he swung the arm away from the door and shut down the digger. As he did that Colton and Danny moved in and cleared away some debris.

“What is there Colton?” Stafford asked.

“It looks like a staircase.” The rest of the crew crowded in and they all looked down at the staircase that seemed to disappear into the darkness. Josh broke what seemed to be a trance like state by leaning down and looking around inside the hole. He leaned it and pushed something. Then the darkness disappeared as lights sprang into life.

“Let there be light.”

“I suppose someone should take a look,” Danny suggested.

“Is that you volunteering?” Jimmy asked. Danny looked sheepish.

“Josh and I will take a look,” Colton stated. “The rest of you can stay here.” Colton and Josh looked at each other before heading slowly down the concrete stairs. There were a dozen stairs that took them down about ten feet. At the bottom of the stairwell was a short corridor. Everything was well lit and the walls and floor were both smooth concrete. They walked to the end of the corridor where they found a large steel door with an electronic security lock. The door was built into a concrete wall.

“We aren’t getting through that door boss,” Josh commented as he examined the installation with professional eyes. “That door is solid steel and I guess very think. I am guessing that there will be large pins going deep into the concrete on either side.” Josh took out his phone and took some snaps. “Looks like maybe two-level security. Code and biometric. I will send the photographs to a guy that I know but….” Josh shrugged.
“We are screwed,” Colton vocalized what Josh didn’t want to say.

“Only way in without the code and the biometrics is probably to either drill through the pins or dig around them and removed the whole door but we don’t have the equipment or probably the time for either of those.”

“Yeah, I understand.” Colton felt defeated as he heard footsteps approaching and turned his head to see Hannah and Professor Stafford approach.
“That looks like a problem,” Stafford said.

“Perhaps an insurmountable one given our current situation.”

“That security lock is almost new boss,” Josh said. “No way it was put in sixty or seventy years ago.” Colton and Hannah walked across and took a closer look over Josh’s shoulder. “This is top rated equipment, perhaps eighteen months, two years old.”

“So, not from the nineteen forties then,” Hannah commented. Josh shook his head.

“Is everybody else thinking what I am thinking?” Colton said. The Lady of the House was clearly hiding something from them. She obviously knew more than she was letting on.

“It would take a bit of money to run an estate like this,” Stafford commentated.

“I think that we need to have another talk with Lady Penelope.”

“Can we afford the time?” Stafford asked.

“We can’t anywhere in the timescales that we have without her input by the sounds of it.” Colton looked around the group and shrugged.
“Let me do that Colton,” Hannah suggested. “I have the ways to make her talk and what she is experiencing now will soften her up a bit.”

“I don’t like the idea of torture,” Stafford said.

“It is nothing like that Professor,” Hannah said gently. “I promise.” Colton looked at the way Hannah’s soothing tones and honest expression calmed the Professor and he nodded. It sounds like they had a plan. They smaller group excited the underground passage and back into the natural light. After Colton had given instruction for the trench to be filled in and something found to cover the hidden entrance he strode back to the house with Hannah. “I will get her to talk Colton and I won’t have to resort to knuckle dusters or bamboo sticks under fingernails.” Colton nods. “Just no guys in the room.”
They were just tidying up after having their dinner when Colton had sent Danny and Professor Stafford to the closest supermarket to pick up some supplies. Partly it was to get some supplies but he also felt it best to get Stafford out of the way whilst Hannah had her chat with Lady Penelope. Colton finished drying the last of the dishes and handed it off to Hannah who stacked it in the cupboard. “Well, I guess that I should get on with this.” Hannah commented and headed for the door. Colton watched her go and silently wished her the best of luck

Penelope could fell the sweat on her forehead start to run down onto her face and groaned. Yet more indignity to pile on top of the rest. It had been a long day of lying almost immobile with her massive three level down cocoon pressing in her from all sides whilst suffering the stimulation of the vibrator through her diapered groin region. It didn’t help that every intake of breath was through another woman’s worn panties. Despite trying to avoid the embarrassment of doing so on she had to use the diaper and along with the many results of being stimulated by the vibrator had no doubt that it would be a mess down there. Although, judging by the sensations it did seem that the diaper had done its job it was supposed to do well. Then there was a crinkle and swish of fabric rubbing and Penelope knew that Marissa was moving around. Penelope had forgotten that the maid was lying in a down cocoon beside her. “mmmuurrpphh,” Penelope moaned and started to squirm a little as the vibrations started to fully kick in again. Then the sensations stopped and Penelope sighed with relief. The batteries had obviously run out. Just after the vibrator had cut out there was the sound of carpet being disturbed, that was the door opening. “mmmpppfffttt,” Penelope mumbled and tried to raise her head enough to see what was going on but the amount of down around her made that impossible. Perhaps, a harder core workout down the gym was needed when she got out of this.

“Hello, Lady Penelope,” Hannah said with a smile as her face appeared. “Have you enjoyed the day?”
“mmmooohhh….” Penelope groaned and shook her head.

“Well, then let that be a lesson to you then about your future behaviour.” Hannah’s tone was like a nanny scolding a naughty child. “Stephanie and I are going to take care of Marissa first and then we will see to you. Lie there are relax or the vibrator goes back on.”

“mmmhhhmmm,” Penelope nodded her head. As she lay back Penelope heard the sounds of zips and Marissa was freed from her double down cocoon. Lucky girl only had two, Penelope was currently enveloped in three!

“Marissa, I want you to behave and this will go easy,” Hannah said sternly. “No nonsense and no talking, even when your gag is removed.” That was the last piece of conversation that was said in the room for a while. Judging by the sounds and smells Penelope could tell that Marissa was fed and they her diaper changed, it was at that point that she embarrassingly thought that she couldn’t wait to get her own diaper changed and she went bright red. The sounds of swishing fabric returned followed by the zips as Marissa was encased back in the down cocoon. “Marissa, we are just going to give you some chloroform to put you to sleep for a while. Just relax and inhale and you will slip off quietly.” Penelope moaned in anticipation as she assumed that was be happening to her soon enough. The silence fell for another minute of so in the room and then without warning there was the sound a zip being pulled and the suddenly the pressure surrounding her body lifted almost instantly. It was a relief. The two women worked expertly and soon managed to have Penelope extricated from all three bags and lying on the bed.

“I think she needs cleaned up,” Stephanie commented looking down at Penelope who blushed. “I don’t mind taking care of that.” Hannah quickly removed all of the bindings from Penelope’s person apart from the wrist cuffs, finger control mitts, gag and panties. Hannah and Stephanie both leaned down and grabbed an arm to help Penelope to her feet. Although a bit unsteady on her feet, the last number of hours locked in the bags had taken their toll, Penelope managed to steady herself and got a look at the bags from this angle and wondered at the amount of material and down that had been around her. “Impressive, aren’t they?” Stephanie asked as if reading Penelope’s mind. The two women went about turning the bags out to give them some air.

“Freshen them up for you later,” Hannah said with a wink. Once that job had been completed Hannah peeled off the tape and removed the panties from over her head. Penelope took a first intake of clear air for what felt like days, although there was the hint of other smells in the air. “Stephanie will take you into the nice toilet and clean you up but no funny business.” Penelope nodded and allowed Stephanie to lead her into the toilet. Once inside Stephanie looked around and say a sturdy looking towel rail. After guiding Penelope across Stephanie undid the cuffs around Penelope’s wrists and then undid the buttons, Penelope was unable to do so due to the finger control mitts that were still on her hands. “Slip off that top.” Penelope hesitated before slowly complying. “Put your wrists either side of that rack. Again, Penelope complied Stephanie slipped the cuffs back on, this time with the chain on the other side of the towel rack so that Penelope couldn’t move. “This is really nice, Stephanie said taking in the surroundings, “bigger than the bedroom in my place.” Stephanie knelt down and pulled down the white pyjama bottoms. As Stephanie carefully undid the sticky tabs on the used diaper Penelope moaned softly into her gag. “Don’t worry, seen it all before.” Stephanie expertly removed the diaper and disposed of it. “Would you like that gag off?”

“uummppff uuurrr,” Penelope mumbled with a nod. With great care, it took a bit of time, Stephanie managed to remove all of the material that made up Penelope’s gag. “Thanks.”

“Just stay quiet.” As Penelope stood cuffed naked to the towel rack Stephanie bundled up the pyjamas and gagging material and deposited them into a bag with the used diaper. “I assumed that you won’t be wanting those again.” Penelope shook her head. Stephanie next found a bowl and went to the sink before filling it with soapy hot water. Next the woman grabbed a face cloth before returning to where Penelope was standing. “Let’s get you cleaned up a little.”

“Wait…” Penelope said twisted her body slightly.

“What did I say about being quiet,” Stephanie scolded and gave Penelope a playful pat on the bottom. “Now, don’t be shy.” Penelope sighed and twisted around again to allow the woman easier access. As Stephanie used the face cloth soaked in the warm. Sopay water to clean her legs, bottom and private areas Penelope closed her eyes, as if not looking would lessen the embarrassment of being cleaned by someone else. From the legs Stephanie worked up Penelope’s body taking particular care around the chest and armpits. “That wasn’t so bad.” Penelope shook her head and then with her eyes closed felt herself being dried down with a large fluffy towel. Finally opening her eyes Penelope watched as Stephanie folded the towel and placed it over the edge of the bath. It had been embarrassing but Penelope had to admit that she felt better, fresher for the experience.
“Thank you,” Penelope said. Stephanie turned around and put a finger to her lips.

“Do you want another gag put on?” Penelope worked her jaw and shook her head. The woman approached and removed the cuffs and finger control mitts before gesturing that Penelope should lead the way back into the bedroom. “Stand next to the bed.” Penelope compiled and found herself standing beside Marissa who was sleeping inside her down cocoon. Hannah was again rummaging through Penelope’s drawers again trying to find something suitable. “Here we are,” Hannah announced as pulled out and held up a skimpy orange swimsuit. “This will do perfectly.” Stephanie nodded. “Put that on,” Hannah order as she tossed it onto the bed beside Penelope. Penelope was perplexed but given what had happened over the past twenty-four hours complied with the instruction and put on the outfit. As soon as the outfit was on, she felt Stephanie’s presence beside her. Gently Stephanie took Penelope’s hands and brought them behind her back before putting the padded cuffs and finger control mitts back on. Whilst this was going on Hannah pulled a silk robe from the wardrobe and walked across to Penelope. Hannah draped in over Penelope’s shoulders before tying the cord around Penelope’s waist. “Hide your modesty a bit.”

“Are we going on a trip?” Penelope asked.

“Just a little walk,” Hannah replied. There was something in Hannah’s eyes that caused Penelope’s heart rate to increase a little. Suddenly, as if from nowhere a balled-up cloth appeared in front of Penelope’s. “Open wide.” After a snort, Penelope opened up and accepted the cloth getting pushed into her mouth, Hannah taking great delight in pushing the before smacking a length of white micro-foam tape over Penelope’s luscious lips. “That is better.” Stephanie grabbed Penelope by the upper left arm and pushed her toward the door with Hannah falling in a couple of steps behind.
Colton waited in the corridor until Hannah and Stephanie brought Lady Penelope out of her room and into the corridor. He was leaning against the wall with one foot on the ground and the other foot on the wall. Arms crossed and relaxed.

“So, Lady Penelope we need to have a chat about what we found under that dilapidated ban out there.” Colton pointed in the general direction of where the barn was. Penelope stopped and turned to look at Colton as if just seeing him for the first time. They locked eyes. “Hannah here is going to ask you some questions and I suggest that you answer.” Penelope looked at Hannah, then at Stephanie and then back to Colton. Even gagged Colton could tell that she was putting on her best innocent face. He had seen this before and knew that Penelope was hiding something. He stood up straight and leaned in so that he could whisper in Penelope’s ear. “We found the entrance.” He leaned back out and held up the phone with the photograph that Josh had sent him.

“MMMOOOHHH!” Penelope screamed into the gag and started to struggle and Stephanie’s grasp and Hannah had to reach in and help her colleague restrain Penelope as she made to move toward Colton. The man himself didn’t flinch.

“Seems like you have a feisty one here,” Colton came off the wall and headed down the corridor. Hannah and Stephanie wrestled Penelope off in the other direction until they hit the end of the corridor and then through a door into one of the many spare bedrooms in the house. Although it was two against one Penelope gave a good fight and continued to struggle until they flung her face down onto the bed. Even then she bucked and thrashed against the hold of the two women whilst breathing heavily from the exertion.

“Will you stop this nonsense,” Hannah hissed.

“MMOOPPFF! UUMMPPFF!” Penelope screamed into her gag and continued to buck and squirm.

“Hold her still will you,” Hannah instructed. Penelope felt the force holding her down reduce and set about intensifying her struggles. Then a hand containing a folded white cloth suddenly appeared in front of Penelope’s face, almost obscuring her vision. It was promptly applied to her nose and gagged mouth. Before she could react, Penelope had already inhaled a substantial amount of the sweet narcotic vapour from the chloroform which made the cloth damp.

“uurrmmppff!” Penelope complained in frustration. She had instantly identified the chloroform’s scent from memory and knew that she was about to be going out again. Despite this, she fought hard, jerking and flopping her body. These actions only got slower and weaker though, while Hannah looked on.

“Pointless and futile struggling Lady Penelope,” Hannah commented, “it will just wear you out and I think that you will need that strength later on.” Hannah kept the cloth firmly in place despite Penelope shaking her head to try and throw it off. Eventually the chloroform wore her down and effected Penelope’s ability to struggle effectively, slowing down her motor functions and clouding her thinking. Then Penelope felt tired and stopped struggling, not because she gave up, but because the chloroform sucked away her ability to fight. Her protests moved from strong defiant growls to long, drowsy moans. Hannah watched on as Penelope tried valiantly to fight the inevitable slide into unconsciousness but eventually Penelope’s eyes rolled towards the ceiling and she passed out.
“Anything else on the list Danny,” Professor Stafford said as he pushed the shopping trolley toward the checkout. Danny’s mouth moved as he went through the items in the trolley, double checking.

“No, looks like everything is there.” Danny and Stafford had spent the last hour going around the supermarket and other shops in the retail park picking up all the items on the list that Colton had given them earlier. “Check out?” Danny asked and Stafford nodded in confirmation. They turned the corner and approached the checkout without a queue and with a middle-aged woman with short brown hair. They began to deposit their items on the belt and it started automatically.

“Not seen your faces before,” the woman operating the till commented as she scanned the items through. “New to the area. I’ve been here years me.” Danny and Stafford looked at each other, not wanting to be rude and not answer but also not wanting to give too much away.
“Just having a little break away from things actually,” Stafford replied.

“That’s nice, always good to get a change of scenery,” the woman continued to scan. “Staying at one of those Airbnb places?” Danny nodded and shuffled off to begin packing. “Well, it is usually quiet around here but with that escaped criminal on the loose.”

“Escaped criminal?” Stafford asked raising an eyebrow.

“Yes,” the woman looked in both directions conspiratorially before leaning over. “Yeah, on the local radio news earlier. He escaped during transportation this morning. The police are going to start going house to house searching for him tomorrow morning. Everywhere in a twenty-mile radius. They reckon that he hasn’t left the area. Advising everyone to keep all doors and windows locked until they find him.” Stafford turned his head slowly and looked at Danny.

“Thanks for letting us now,” Stafford said as the woman scanned the last item.

“That will sixty-seven fifty please love.” Stafford opened his wallet and handed over seven ten-pound notes. “Not often people use cash these days.” The woman completed the transaction and handed over the receipt and change.

“Thanks for that…and also the warning about…you know…”

“That’s alright love. Hope that doesn’t put you off. Usually this is such a quiet area.” Stafford waved as he scurried off to catch up with Danny who had grabbed the bags and was heading toward the main doors.

“We had better get back and let Colton know.” Danny said.

“Shall we give him a call?” Stafford asked.

“Better keep off the airwaves for now Professor.” Danny and Stafford heading straight for the car and got in. The drive back to the Manor House was made in awkward silence.
“oooohhhh…wwwhhhaaa…” Penelope moaned as she slowly came to and they jerked and her eyes went wide as the fumes from the smelling salts invaded her nostrils and shocked her back to full consciousness. “Wait…” Penelope, startled trying to move her arms but discovering that her wrists were cuffed together and stretched out over her head.

“Welcome back to the land of the conscious,” Hannah said leaning over Penelope. “Now, time for that chat. We have some questions that you need to answer.”

“About what?” Penelope managed to raise her head off the plump pillow that it was lying on and look down to find that she was held down by heavy straps to what could be best described as a massage table that had been adapted with bondage kit. “I thought you guys were in charge and knew everything.” To Penelope it actually looked more like medical restraints, there were loops around her ankles and just above and below her knees. There were also straps across her hips and just below her breast, a quick attempt at movement informed Penelope that she was basically stuck fast in place with no ability to move apart from her arms which she could wiggle a little. With the skimpy outfit that she had on it all left Penelope feeling a little exposed.

“Oh, don’t get me wrong Lady Penelope we are definitely in charge here,” Hannah said as she stalked around the table where Penelope was currently lying. Penelope’s eyes followed her around the room. “However, you haven’t been very truthful with us. Have you?” Hannah stopped at the bottom of the table with Penelope strapped to it and locked eyes with the woman.

“I don’t know what you mean?”

“That hidden bunker with the locked steel door.” Penelope looked away and cursed under her breathe.

“I would advise against taking up poker as a career Lady Penelope,” Hannah opinioned. “Just tell us how to get in and we can move forward without any unpleasantness.”

“I have no idea what you are taking about,” Penelope said as she turned back to stare at Hannah, “and even if I did, I wouldn’t be telling you.”

“This was your last an only chance Lady Penelope. Once the gag goes on it doesn’t come off for a while.” Hannah stated. “Remember that talk I gave and obedience and consequences.

“Is this when you get the thumbscrews out?” Penelope said jutting out her jaw. “Typical, I knew that you were a bunch of thugs from the start. I won’t be telling you anything.”

“That’s what they all say Lady Penelope.” Hannah looked Penelope straight in the eye when she said this. “Stephanie, please gag Lady Penelope and we can get started.” Penelope was about to retort when as if from nowhere a soft, thick cloth was jammed deeply into her mouth. The cloth caused her to gag as it was deep into her mouth. That was quickly followed by a leather padded pillow mouth gag. Penelope fought to control her gag reflex as the buckle on the gag was tightly fastened to secure the gag in place.

“ggrruumm…” Penelope groaned. Her mouth was full of fabric and she was biting down on the leather padded pillow gag that held her jaws open.
“Now, I won’t be using anything as thumbscrews. Wouldn’t want to leave any marks on that blemish free skin of yours.” Penelope raised an eyebrow, perplexed at where this was going. Hannah slowly pulled on a pair of thin, sheer gloves and began to run them across the soles of Penelope’s feet. The sensation wasn’t unpleasant, certainly stimulated. Penelope started to try and twist away but the straps held her fast in place. That was the last thing that Penelope saw as a thick padded sleep mask was placed over her eyes.

“gguurrmm,” Penelope moaned as she lost one of her senses.

“Stop complaining,” Hannah said, “it will heighten the experience.”

“Oh, boss,” Stephanie began. “Before we get started properly…remember what happened last time.” Hannah thought back and nodded. “All that stimulation can get things moving down there.”

“Valid point Stephanie.” All the time Penelope just reacted and moved her head in the direction of who was speaking. “Did you bring something to prevent any accidents?” Stephanie nodded and held up the package. “Good thinking.” Not being able to see anything Penelope was worried and started to turn her head to try and get as much information as possible. Then without warning she felt the pressure from the strap over her hip release as it was removed. “Raise those hips Lady Penelope.” Penelope replied with the request and felt her skimpy swimsuit bottoms removed. There was a crinkling sound and Penelope groaned as the diaper was unfurled and positioned. “Now, drop that butt back down.” As she complied Penelope felt her bare flesh hit the inside fabric of the diaper. Stephanie quickly applied the diaper and then put the strap back in place. Penelope groaned as the strap was tightened. “There that wasn’t too bad.”

“uummpphhm” Penelope moaned.

“Now we can begin,” Hannah stated as she walked around the table with Penelope trying to follow the sound of the footsteps. They stopped at the end of the table and a split-second later Penelope felt the soles of her feet attacked and reacted by trying to move them away but she was held fast in place by the numerous straps. “Bet you weren’t expecting that?” Hannah asked. “Tickle torture is the use of tickling to abuse, dominate, harass, humiliate, or interrogate an individual. In this case the latter. While laughter is popularly thought of as a pleasure response, in tickle torture, the one being tickled may laugh whether or not they want to or not.” Penelope was very ticklish and couldn’t help to start laughing and snorting behind her gag as the sensation intensified. “In a tickling situation, laughter can indicate a panic reflex rather than a pleasure response. Tickle torture may be a consensual activity. However, forced tickle torture can cause real, physical and mental distress in a victim, which is why it has been used as an interrogation method in both ancient Japan and Europe.”

“uummpphhff…mmmpphhh...hhaauupphh…” Penelope mumbled into her gag in a mixture of laughter, moans and shrieks.

“Sounds like this dirty little minx is enjoying this Steph” Hannah said as she did circular motions up and down Penelopes foot and then ran a finely bristled brush back and forth across Penelope’s deathly ticklish toes. Penelope laughed into her gag. “Though laughter is ordinarily a pleasant and welcomed reaction when it's brought about by tickling, it can generate acute and severe stress since laughter is, fun or not, inevitable. The one being tickled laughs whether they want it or not, despite of whether they find the experience pleasant or not,” Hannah lectured. Now, it’s time to get serious.

For the next fifteen minutes Penelope was subjected to the most intense sensations of her life. She now knew why she was scantily clad and bound the way she was. It gave them easy access to attack different parts of her body. First the soles of her feet, then the back of her knee, inner and outer thighs, navel, midriff, ribcage, neck, armpits and finally the palms of her hands. The sensations intensified as the two women made their way around her body, Penelope thought that tickling was supposed to be fun and playful but this non-consensual tickling was frightening, uncomfortable, and painful for the ticklish sensations being positively excruciating. Penelope felt herself feeling not that great, scared about where this was going. She tried to writhe and squirm but the straps held her in place. There was no escape. And it wasn’t just their fingers and hands they used. Tongues, feathers, brushes with rubbery bristles, an electric toothbrush, a pin wheel and a hairbrush were all used. There was no answer that Penelope had to this, aside from further laughter. To be tied like this, completely helpless as the gang used tickling to torture her, it was a humiliation. The tickling of her underarms had already been going on for some time and Penelope was short on breath. The flicking against her smooth hollows was utterly unbearable and she shook her head from side to side almost violently. She felt as if she was losing her mind! How could being tickled be so bad?! This forced tickling was causing her real physical and mental distress. Then suddenly from nowhere Penelope completely loses control over her body and she was forced to use the diaper. “Told you that was a good idea.” Stephanie commented.

“Let’s give her a little break there,” Hannah said. Penelope was glad of the break and was even happier when Stephanie removed the gag.

“I could go another hour of that,” Penelope commented between huge intakes of air.

“That was only fifteen minutes Lady Penelope,” Hannah said with grim satisfaction, smile like a stiletto blade. Even with the blindfold Hannah could tell that shook Penelope on as the woman’s body slumped despite her big talk. “Next time it will be half an hour, then we will just jump to the hour…”

“Can I have my gag back please?” Penelope asked breathing deeply. “I have nothing to say.” Hannah admired the woman’s spirit but knew that she would break in the end when she entered a state of tension, fatigue and anxiety. Hannah nodded. “Wait!” Penelope called out. Hannah smiled. Not so tough. “At least give me some dignity and change my diaper.” Stephanie stuffed a fresh cloth into Penelope’s mouth and reapplied the pillow gag. Hannah nodded and Stephanie pulled out a fresh diaper. Once that had been changed; they started again.
The night air was fresh as Colton came back from a quick walk around the grounds. A quick look at his watch told him that he had been away for around forty-five minutes. “Perhaps give it some more time before checking in with Hannah.” Not that he would ever admit it to any of the team but he was a bit anxious about the way things are going. As he approached the house, he saw Danny and Professor Stafford coming the other way toward him. The Professor looked particularly animated.

“Boss, we have a problem,” Danny said. Great! Just Great!

“Whatever it is, it surely can’t be as bad as a concrete bunker with a steel door and a high-tech security system.” Colton tried to make a joke of it but the look on both of their faces told him that it was serious. “Don’t ever play poker lads. Come on then. Out with it.” Stafford quickly gave Colton the rundown of the story that they had heard from the checkout operator.

“Hell!” Colton.

“Sorry to be the barer of bad tidings Colton,” Stafford said.

“Are you sure?” Colton asked. Both Stafford and Danny nodded.

“We checked the local news outlets when we got back.”

“What else could go wrong?” Colton asked. No sooner as he uttered that question than the sound of an engine approaching in the distance. The road was too far away and the engine noise was increasing which suggested that the vehicle was coming up the driveway. “What now!”
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LunaDog wrote: 4 months ago You started this story at a VERY high standard, and have totally maintained it. I've thoroughly enjoyed this, and not just the bondage part of the equation, it's also a very good crime tale in its own right.

@LunaDog Once again thanks for the feedback
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One had to admire Penelopes courage, but I think it will be futile in the End, it always is - the tickle torture Sequence was glorious!

And a very nice Cliffhanger - I wonder who the Newcomer will be :)
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Chapter 7

“mmmooohhh…ooohhh…” Penelope cried as she bit deeply into the pillow gag between her teeth. It was the only form of relief that she had, the only thing that lifted the tension and agony running through her body. This was unbearable! “mmmppphhh…uuuooohhh.” The sensation was unbelievable and it was only tickling. It had built up and built it and just when Penelope thought that it couldn’t get any worse. It did. The women attacked her most sensitive areas with what seemed like renewed vigour and the sensations intensified. The only wany to make it stop was to tell them how to get into the bunker. Penelope didn’t want to tell them but there was no way that she could hold out for that much longer. Maybe for a couple of hours, maybe but certainly not until someone came along and discovered what was going on in the house. Even if Molly or someone else managed to get and get help that would take time. “ooohhh…ggguuummm.” It was really only moans and groans that Penelope could only manage through the gag and taking deep and regular intakes on breath through her nose to control her heart rate. Her entire body was awash with sweat and her bowels had emptied into the diaper again. It was humiliation on a grand scale and that added greatly to the physical discomfort that Penelope was feeling. Then all of a sudden, the sensations and stimulations ceased. Penelope breathed a sigh of relief; even temporary respite was welcome at this stage. Still blindfolded Penelope couldn’t really tell what was happening but tried to concentrate and pick up what was going on despite the pounding in her ears from her heart beating, her body being exhausted and her mind confused from the influx of sensations from the stimulations.

“Was that the radio?” Hannah asked Stephanie.

“Yeah, think it was.” Hannah walked across and picked up the handset that was sitting on a small table.

“Colton,” Hannah said into the radio. “You looking for an update. Don’t have the information yet but don’t think that we are far away.”

“Hannah” Colton said into the radio. “We have a problem a niece has just turned up.”

“Her niece,” Hannah responded and looked at Penelope. “You didn’t tell us you were expecting a visitor.”

“MMMPPPHHH!” Penelope screamed having overheard the conversation. Hannah turned and looked at Penelope and the look on the woman’s face gave her an idea.

“That actually might not be as bigger problem as you think.” Hannah said. “I will get Amanda and Michelle to bring her up here.” Hannah looked at Stephanie and nodded. Stephanie headed off to give instructions to the other members of the group. “What do you think Penelope? Should we have a chat with you niece?”
10 minutes earlier

“Hello my name is Sophia,” an energetic young woman said as she approached Colton, Danny and Professor Stafford. “Is Aunty P around?” Colton looked at Stafford and Danny who both had blank looks. “It’s my birthday, twenty-two today and Aunty P promised me a special surprise.” They had watched the as the engine noise turned into a sleek silver sports car. It’s light bursting through the darkness as it sped up to the front of the house and slid to a halt. A second after the engine and lights died a young woman burst out of from behind the wheel, looked and waved.

“Did she know that you were coming?” Colton asked taking a good look at the woman. He could see the family resemblance in the bone structure and the hair colour and style was identical but Lady Penelope was a woman.

“Actually not,” Sophia replied and leaned closer. “Thought I would surprise her.” Now that Colton had the young woman’s attention no waved his hand to encourage Danny and Stafford to leave. “It was supposed to be next weekend…but my friends bailed and I decided to come down from London. They are so lame and Aunty P is cool…for an older person.” Colton chuckled at that, thinking of Lady Penelope’s reaction to that comment. Sophia looked around. “Where is Aunty P anyway?”

“Oh, she is entertaining some visitors,” Colton said. “Let’s take a walk and wait for her in the main house.” The young woman was wearing tight blue jeans and a sweater under a fashionable black jacket. Danny and Stafford had slipped away so they walked alone toward the house.
“I didn’t know Aunty P had visitors.”

“They were a surprise as well.” Colton said. “Or, at least I think they were.”

“If you don’t mind me asking. Who are you?” It hadn’t taken the young woman long to ask.

“Lady Penelope wanted some renovation done in the guest house so we are staying for a week to under the work. Easier to stay rather than travel.”
“So, contractors then.”

“Exactly.” They reached the door and Colton opened it and let Sophia enter first.

“Where is Jameson?”

“He is a bit tied up at the moment.” Colton coughed after he said that and ushered Sophia into the nearest room, which happened to be a small sitting room. “Take a seat and I will see where Penelope is.”

“Thanks,” Sophia said as she took a seat on a small settee.
When he opened the door again Colton found that Sophia hadn’t moved, she was engrossed in looking through the social media applications on her phone. “Sophia,” Colton called but the young woman didn’t seem to hear him. “Sophia!” Colton called a little louder. The young woman looked up and smiled. “This is Amanda and Michelle,” he introduced the two women standing next to him. “They are going to take you to Lady Penelope.” Colton waved. “It was nice to meet you,” he said over his shoulder as he left the room and closed the door behind him. Sophia and looked back at her phone and didn’t look back up again until Amanda and Michelle loomed over her.

“Oh, just wait a second ladies,” Sophia said, “just waiting for my Instagram to update.”

“Take you time,” Amanda said through gritted teeth. Sophia looked up.

“Are you new maids?” Sophia inquired innocently not looking up. “There finished.” Sophia put her phone in her pocket and looked up. “Aunty P must be letting dress standards slip.” Amanda shook her head, grabbed Sophia and hauled her to her feet. “What! Aunty P will hear about this!” Sophia stated.

“Let’s go and tell her,” Amanda replied. Sophia turned to face Amanda.

“I don’t think that I like…hey! What?” Michelle had slipped behind Sophia and quickly pulled both of the young woman’s arms behind her back and wrapped a length of strong, black rope around her wrists and tied them together tightly. Professionally and smoothly done, Sophia’s wrists were quickly secured. “What are you doing?” Sophia started to panic and spun around looking from a grinning Amanda to a stern Michelle. Michelle put both of her arms around Sophia and put her in a bear hug. “Let me go.”

“Hold still a minute,” Amanda said as she patted down Sophia and removed everything from her pockets and threw everything onto the chair apart from the phone. “Code.”

“What?” Sophia replied still looking around for help.

“Screen lock code for your phone.”

“Why would I give you that?” Sophia replied.

“Because, if you don’t, I will have to smash it to pieces”

“Urgh!” Sophia said as she struggled, not liking the options.

“Stop struggling will you,” Michelle ordered.

“This feels really delicate….” Amanda teased.

“7359!” Sophia said exasperated. Amanda punched in the code, turned off the phone and removed the battery.

“Thank you, Sophia. Now open your mouth.”

“Why? What would you…MMMPPPHH!” Sophia gagged as Michelle stuffed a cloth into the young woman’s mouth and then Amanda plastered a length of white micro-foam tape over her mouth. “mmmpphhff…uummpphh,” Sophia moaned and shook her head in a futile attempt to shake the tape off.

“Futile struggling and gag talk,” Amanda commented with a shrug. Michelle grabbed Sophia and started to drag the young woman across the room and toward the door. Amanda scurried into the lead and opened the door to allow Michelle to drag Sophia out in the corridor.

“mmuurffgg,” Sophia mumbled and started to struggle and drop to her knees, forcing Michelle to make more of an effort to drag her along. Amanda stopped and had to help Michelle get Sophia back to her feet and move her along. “uurrmm,” Sophia said and collapsed her feet away, trying to make it as difficult as possible for the women to move her along. Amanda sighed and let go of her grip before grabbing Sophia by the jaw and getting in real close.

“Have you heard of chloroform?” Amanda asked. Sophia nodded. “Good. I have a bottle in my pocket and a nice, thick cloth to put it on.” Sophia swallowed. “Would you like to find out what chloroform smells like?” Sophia shook her head. “Well then. Stop this nonsense.” After they got Sophia back on her feet there was no further resistance as they led her through the house to where Hannah was waiting with Lady Penelope. Amanda knocked on the door and entered.
During his tour of the Manor Colton had found the library and it was here that he returned to wait to hear from Hannah. Hopefully with good news. There was something about the ambiance of the library that he liked, there was a relaxed atmosphere and the smell of old books was the overwhelming scent. Each side wall was lined with bookcases full of books and there was a large bay window at the far end that would allow in all the natural light that you would need to read the books sitting in one of the large leather seats that were positioned for just that purpose. Colton walked slowly through the room looking at the spines of the books, Hemmingway, Twain, Dickens, Austen, Steinbeck, Verne on to Agatha Christie and more current authors. He picked up a copy of The Maltese Falcon and made his way to one of the chairs. Opening the book, he quickly got engrossed and spent the next half an hour reading until a burst from the radio clipped to his belt. “That is my que.” Standing up he replaced the book in its place on the shelf and turned to leave before something caught his eye. The last book on the right of the shelf above the row of Crime Noir section didn’t look right. He studied it for a couple of seconds before reaching up and trying to pulled it down. However, it didn’t come off the shelf, the book pivoted in his hand and there was a clicking sound. Colton stepped back and looked at the entire section on bookcase on his right. There was a gap. Placing his hand on near the gap he felt cool air against his palm. “What is this?” he asked himself. He carefully put his fingers in the gap and pulled. Expecting to have to exert a lot of force Colton was surprised when the bookcase came away easily to reveal, well, a missing section of wall. Taking his phone from his pocket Colton selected the torch function and took a step forward. Scanning his phone around there were bare stone walls and what looked like a light switch. “In for penny.” He flicked the switch and there was light. It revealed a stone staircase descending into the depths of the Manor House. The lighting was relatively modern and from what he could see all of the bulbs were working. The place looked clean as well, so it was obviously well used. “What do we have here? Lady Penelope you are just full of surprises.”
Hannah smiled as the door opened and Amanda and Michelle entered with a young woman walking between them. She beckoned them over and turned around to look at the blindfolded and gagged Penelope strapped down to the table. Nodding at Stephanie to remove the hood and gag. “Look who we have here Penelope.” Hannah stepped away from the line of sight and allowed Penelope to see her niece who was standing gagged with her wrists bound behind her back.

“Sophia!” Penelope cried.

“MMMPPPHHH!” Sophia cried in return and struggling against the grip of the women holding her. She had obviously been shocked at the vision of her aunt lying strapped down, wearing a diaper and obviously in some distress.

“Quiet,” Amanda hissed into Sophia’s ear.

“UUMMPPH!” Sophia cried, clearly in distress as she continued to fight and squirm.

“Stop struggling sweetheart,” Penelope said trying to reassure the young woman, “Aunty P will take care of this and look after you.” Hannah stepped into Penelope’s vision to block her view of Sophia. Penelope looked concerned. It seems that they had finally found someone that the Lady of the Manor cared about. Leaning in close Hannah grabbed Penelope’s jaw.

“Focus on me Penelope,” Hannah hissed. “Now, you have been taking this punishment or a while and you know what it’s like. I am sure that you could take it for a while yet.” Penelope glared at Hannah with barely disguised loathing. “But you would track eventually. Trust me.” Hannah smiled. “Well, we have some timescale issues so here is my offer.”

“What offer?” Penelope snapped. Suddenly a hand with a thick white cloth appeared as if from nowhere and clamped itself over Penelope’s nose and mouth. “uummppff.”

“You know how long chloroform takes to work now Penelope,” Hannah said with an evil smile. The fumes hit Penelope hard, she had been weakened by the constant assault in the bags and then the tickling so this could be fast. “Tell me how to get into that bunker or when you wake up Sophia will be where you are and I will make you watch until she begs me to stop.”

“MMMOOOHHH!” Penelope said shaking her head.

“Yes,” Hannah replied nodding her head. Penelope continued to be forced to inhale the soporific fumes and started to feel drowsy and her brain was fuddled. It was time to make a decision. “Starting to feel tired?” Hannah asked. “All you have to do is nod and Sophia is saved any discomfort or embarrassment.

“mmmooohhh,” Penelope mumbled and shook her head.

“Does some money and trinkets mean more to you than your niece?” Of course, they didn’t Penelope thought but she was determined to not give in to these people. Who were these people to take her things? But she was feeling so tired and could feel her eyelids dropping. Penelope moaned in frustration and then she nodded. “Was that a nod Penelope?” Penelope nodded weakly, with a subtle look Hannah instructed Penelope to remove the cloth and leaned in close knowing Penelope was on the edge, ready to collapse. “Whisper in my ear.” Hannah leaned in and listened to what Penelope said. “Good girl. You know it makes sense. Put her out.”

“please…chloro…” Penelope mumbled before the cloth was applied and she drifted off into slumberland.

“Take Sophia and put her in a room with one of the other women,” Hannah instructed.

“Alright boss,” Amanda said and dragged a stunned Sophia away. The young woman was so stunned that she didn’t even flinch or resist as she was tugged away. “Sophia, did you like what happened to your Aunt? Don’t worry we have plenty of good stuff for you as well. You won’t be missing out.”
Molly lay still and enjoyed the feeling of the down pressing down around her body. It had been a strange couple of days. She had arrived at York Manor expecting a night of fine food, wine and gossip and ended up being rendered unconscious, tied up and gagged. If she was being honest, she wasn’t that upset about being strictly restrained like this. She had always had a thing about being tied up and wanted to explore it further but always felt to embarrassed to mention to anyone. Anyway, she doubted that any experience that she had would have matched this. So, tightly restrained and yet so comfortable. It made her excited. She didn’t even mind wearing the diaper, it was a nice touch. Even the girls looking after them were friendly and professional. In her head captors had always been big, scary men. Then the door opened and Molly tried to see what was going on. “mmmppphhh,” she moaned into the gag as she tried to get a view. Must be somebody else coming in. One of the girls had come in earlier and laid out a couple of bags.

“You alright there, Molly?” Michelle asked as she leaned in so that they could see each other.

“mmpphh…hhaannggee” Molly replied and blushed slightly.

“Need a new diaper?” Michelle asked deciphering the gag talk. Molly nodded. “Get that sorted for you after we have taken care of the new arrival.” Molly nodded her thanks. It may seem strange that she was so relaxed but if they were going to hurt her, they would have done it by now. Also, if they were going to whisk her away to some horrible fate, they would have done that as well. She took them at their word that they would do what they had to do and then leave.

Having been dragged through the house Sophia now found herself standing in a room looking at a large down cocoon lying on a bed. One of the women that had tied her up started talking to the cocoon and that’s when Sophia realised that there was a person inside the cocoon. “mmpphh,” Sophia mumbled. Molly? Aunty P’s friend? Having witnessed what Penelope had gone through Sophia was stunned, confused and scared. Looking around she noticed to large sleeping bags lying open on the floor. Then it clicked. She wasn’t the sharpest but she out the pieces together. They were for her. “HHUURRPPHH,” Sophia screamed to no affect.

“Now, that was pointless. There is nobody to hear you,” Amanda said with a hint of amusement in her voice. “Well, nobody that would or could help you anyway. I suppose the other guests might but they are not in a position to help you. You will find that out why for yourself soon enough. Please be assured that we have no intention of harming you. Although don’t mistake that for softness. There will be no dissent tolerated any of use. Restraints, gags and chloroform can and will ensure your cooperation if you insist on being difficult But, if you behave like Molly here then there will be no issues.”

“Do you understand?” Michelle asked. Sophia nodded, feeling very nervous and what was about to happen.
“Alright,” Amanda addressed “We are going to take off the rope and gag so that we can get you properly secured. Just be sensible and do exactly as we tell you and everything will be fine.” Amanda watched on carefully as Michelle removed the rope from around Sophia’s wrists and then peeled off the tape and removed the cloth from Sophia’s mouth. After rubbing her wrists Sophia’s eyes wandered toward the door “Don’t even think about it,” Amanda said sternly.

“Sorry,” Sophia said meekly.

“That’s alright,” Amanda said. “Now, strip everything off except your bra.” Sophia’s eyebrows went half way up her forehead.

“Why do I need….” Then her mind drifted back to the chat one of the women had with Molly. “Diaper?” Amanda nodded. Sophia face flushed. “Don’t worry, all comfortable and it is actually for the best.”

“I am not doing that,” Sophia crossed her arms. Suddenly finding some confidence. It seems that was a line that she wouldn’t cross.

“Get the chloroform and a cloth.”

“Is that the stuff that puts you to sleep?” Sophia said, suddenly panicking.

“Yes,” Amanda said.

“Easier when they are awake. They are aren’t dead weight,” Michelle commented.

“Agreed, but sometime they don’t give us any choice,” Amamda commented with a pointed glance at Sophia who glanced at the sleeping bags again. Those weren’t like any sleeping bags she had ever seen. There was no doubt that she would she would soon face the same fate as Molly and would do so without further complaint as she did not want to be chloroformed, she assumed it would not be a nice experience. “Don’t worry you will get used wearing a diaper.” Amanda commented as Sophia was taking off her clothes. Once that task had been completed, leaving a neat bundle of clothing on the floor it was time to put on the diaper. Michelle pulled out an adult sized changing mat and pointed at it.

“Lie down on that and I can get a diaper on you.” Sophia complied with the instruction and watched on as Michelle unfolded the chunky white object out into the recognisable shape of a diaper. “It may look big but you have to take into account that you are an adult and you will be restrained for a long period of time so if you want to take the chance it is up to you but I certainly wouldn’t want to………well you know. Just lie still on the mat.” Sophia could feel the heat rising in her cheeks. “No need to feel embarrassed about this.” Michelle commented before getting down on both knees in a position to the side of Sophia. “If you could raise you bottom off the mat that would be ideal,” Michelle requested. Sophia lifted her hips from the mat and after a couple of seconds she felt a cold rubbing sensation over her bottom and most private areas, once that had been completed, she felt a substance being applied to the same areas and then a tap on her hip and took this as a sign to lower her bottom again. When she did Sophia felt her bottom land on something soft and thick. Sophia lay perfectly still as Michelle proceeded to diaper her quickly and efficiently. “Lift your knees up toward your shoulders.” Sophia did as she was told and then Michelle applied talcum powder and pulled the diaper between Sophias legs, making sure it was nice and tight before she finished the process of putting on the diaper by securing the sticky tabs to keep it in place. “Not so bad that was it. Right get back up off the mat. Sophia did so and found Amanda holding out a pair of silk pyjamas.

“Put these on.” Sophia nodded, took the offered pyjamas and put them on.

“Let’s get things moving shall we, it is getting later. No need to be nervous. The result of the process is surprisingly comfortable. First things; hands out in front of you”. Sophia complied and watched on nervously as Amanda picked up what looked to her like a pair of large, heavily padded white gloves and proceeded to put one of each of Sopha’s hands. “They are finger control mitts. Originally developed for the medical sector but adapted by us to stop captives picking at knots and buckles” Amanda explained. Sophia noted that Michelle had taken a place a couple of paces away, close enough to pounce and help her colleague if Sophia misbehaved. The mitts had a small buckle at the wrist section which Amanda tightened to lock the mitts in place. Sophia winced slightly as the buckle was secured and tried wriggling her fingers but the thick padding severely restricted their movement. That combined with the silky smoothness of the fabric on both the inside and outside of the mitts meant that trying to pick something up almost impossible rendering her hands useless. Sophia had a feeling that these women were going to be very thorough and although nervous the calm authority and professional manner of the women did relax her somewhat; she didn’t fear that these women were going to harm her in any way. “Keep those hands out,” Scarlett did and watched as Amanda placed padded cuffs on her wrists, just above the end of the mitts, locking them together with not much of a gap. Sophia had never been tied up before, not even when playing as a kid and was stunned and shocked at the thoroughness and professionalism with which these two women had set about binding her. Sophia was brought out of her reverie by the sound of the zip that Michelle had just pulled down in order to fully open up one of the sleeping bags that were lying on the bed. Amanda grabbed Scarlett’s shoulders and guided the young woman over before pushing her down so that her bum was resting on the inside of the sleeping bag. “These may look like sleeping bags, and they are similar in their basic design but we refer to them as restraining bags. They will be tighter and more filled than any sleeping bag you have used before.” Sophia didn’t know what to do so just nodded whilst still staring at the giant bags that she was about to be encased within. She had never been in a sleeping bag before so had no reference point to start with.

“Legs together,” Michelle said and then used two sets of cuffs to secure Sophia’s legs at the ankle and around the thigh. Sophia winced a little. “You’ll get used to it.” Sophia appreciated the consideration but didn’t like this comment as it did suggest that she would be bound like this and wearing a diaper for a significant amount of time. “Let’s get you gagged.”

“No, your fine. I will be quiet. I promise,” Sophia almost pleaded.

“Sorry,” Amanda laughed and picked up something from the bed in both hands and moved it slowly toward Sophia’s face; it was a large padded gag with a ball in the middle. The large soft ball at the centre of the gag was forced into Sophia’s mouth. Sophia’s natural reaction was to close her mouth around the ball and Amanda pushed the pad firmly against Sophia’s lips, who felt the pad press down on her lips as a buckle was used at the back of her head to secure the in place. Sophia quickly concluded that the pad was made of the same material as the mitts, thickly padded and smooth to the touch.

“Swing your legs up and get in the bag.” Again, with a little assistance Sophia managed to do as instructed. “Squirm around a bit and get comfortable.” Sophia did and then lay perfectly still with her head on the built-in pillow, nervously awaiting what was coming next. Amanada pulled the top of the bag over her and zipped the bag up fully. Sophia could feel the bag tight around most of her body, especially the hips and chest. Out of the corner of her eye Sophia could see Michelle pick up the second bag. “Sophia please do not move around whilst we put you in the second restraining bag.” The young woman lay still and felt her legs lifted as they were slid into another bag, dead weight as the two women managed to slip the bag under her body, finally getting the hood under her head. This bag had a centre zip so Sophia soon found Amanada almost straddling her to bring the two halves of the top section of the bag together and zip them in place, fighting against the loft of the down to get the zip up to the top before locking it off. Finally, they finished off the bondage by putting on the two ratchet straps. “That’s us finished Sophia. No means of escape but you will be very comfortable for the duration of your captivity as long as you relax and accept what is going on. Lie back and get some rest. We will be back to check on you later and give you something to help you relax.

“mmmyymmuu…” Sophia moaned as she lay still. Thought ran through her mind. What would happen to her? What was going on with Aunty P? Then she heard the zips and the swishing of fabric as Molly was extricated from the bags for her diaper change. Sophia lay perfectly still and listened as the process took place and then they were the same sound of zips and wishing fabric as Molly was put back into the bags.

“See you girls later,” Amanda called as she turned out the lights and closed the door as the two captors exited the room. There was now only darkness and silence after the door closed. Now, left alone, well with only the equally entombed Molly on the bed next to her for company Sophia took the opportunity and had a wriggle but there no give in her bindings. What’s more with the smoothness of most of the material she couldn’t gain any purchase to get something loose by rubbing them against each other. Thumping her head back in frustration she noticed that the thickness of the sleeping bag was increasing as the loft inflated. She gave it another thrash but after several minutes of pointless struggling against her bonds Sophia’s muscles relaxed as she submitted to the situation, stopped struggling and rested her head in the thickly padded hood of the restraining bag and the soft, thick pillow under her head and wondered what exactly had happened and more importantly what would she tell her friends. In the cocoon next to her Molly smiled under the gag. She could have told the younger woman that struggling was pointless. Best to just relax and accept the situation.
“Colton you in here?” Hannah called as she walked through the library. “Got some good news for you.” With no reply Hannah walked deeper into the room until she noticed the light that seemed to be coming from the bookcase. Making her way tentatively across toward the light Hannah discovered that there was actually a gap in the bookcase. Then she heard footsteps echoing and getting louder. “Colton.” Then the man himself appeared from down the stairs and around the corner.

“Hello,” Colton called on seeing the woman.

“Where the hell does that go?”

“Down into the cellar, some kind of dungeon. It is massive. Must almost half the size of the main house.”

“A hidden dungeon,” Hannah stated, clearly amazed. Colton nodded

“With the entrance hidden behind a bookcase.”

“It would seem that this place is full of surprises. Perhaps we should have another word with Lady P. See if we have missed anything.”

“Speaking of that…” Colton left the question unanswered.

“Result,” Hannah replied and explained to Colton.

“Assuming she is telling the truth.”

“She was,” Hannah assured him.

“I think that we should get an early start in the morning then. Sooner we begin, the sooner we can get going. Can your girls check on the guests and I will get the guys to have an early night?” Hannah nodded and set off to pass on the instructions. Colton worked out how to close the bookcase and then used the radio to tell the guys to lock up and turn in for the night. That down he stood at the large window in the library looking into the darkness. Perhaps this was it, the big score, the one that he could retire on and it was now only one night away.
It had been a long and stressful day so Amanda decided to sneak out and indulge her one vice. Having a cigarette. She kept it quiet from the other girls as they would only nag her for it. It was pitch black now as Amanda snuck out through the back door, across the car parking area and down the side of the garage with the flat above. There were no lights on above the garage so she guessed the guys had all turned in for the night with the expectation of a big day tomorrow. To be honest, she was quite excited to find out if all of the planning and effort had been worthwhile herself. Finding a dark spot behind the garage Amanda pulled out a lighter and a single cigarette. Taking her time Amanda lit the cigarette, put it to her lips and took a long drag. “I needed that,” she said to herself as she blew lout a long line of smoke. Savoring her cigarette Amanda had just stubbed it out against the wall when without warning a hand went over her mouth and another wrapped around her stomach and pulled her back against a body. “uummppff!” Amanda mumbled.

“Not. A. Sound,” a male voice said. Amanda nodded her head slowly, calm and relaxed this wasn’t her first rodeo. “I don’t want to hurt you but will if I have to. I am a dangerous man.” Amanda rolled her eyes, he even put on a gravelly, hard man voice. “I am going to remove my hand but no screaming.” Amanda nodded to confirm her understanding. The man’s hand was removed and the went around her neck.

“Oh, please don’t hurt me,” Amanda said putting on her best damsel in distress voice, “I will do whatever you say!”

“Good idea,” the man said. “Anybody else in that house?”

“Yes, they are all in bed,” Amanda said. Whilst talking and keeping the guy distracted, she slipped her hand into the pocket of her jeans and started typing on her phone. “I slipped out for a cigarette,” she put on a couple of sobs. “Don’t hurt me.”

“Need someplace to crash for the night. Out of sight of prying eyes.”

“The guesthouse should be empty,” Amanda said.

“Really?” the man said. Amanda could feel his breath on her neck. “But, what should I do with you?”

“Oh, don’t hurt me mister strong man…” Amanda couple keep the sarcasm from her voice, “you can tie me up all tight and I won’t resist. Keep me out of the way.” The man grunted and ran his hand over Amanda’s body. Right, that was enough of that Amanda decided and made a grab for the arm around her throat.

“That sounds like a…oofftt…” From thinking he was in control of the situation the man suddenly found himself lying on the ground on his stomach with his right arm twisted painfully behind his back. “AAAHHH!” the man called.

“Give me your other arm or I break it…” the man didn’t move and Amanda applied more pressure. “Spiral fractures are really bad…” the man screamed and put his other hand behind his back. “Right choice.” Amanda kept a knee in the guys back as she pulled two zip-ties that she kept for emergencies from the back pocket of her jeans and snapped them tightly around the firstly the man’s wrists and then ankles.

“Hey…what are you…mmmppphhff…” Amanda stuffed a handkerchief in the man’s mouth just as she heard footsteps approaching.

“Do.Not.Spit.That.Out.” Amanda said as she slapped the man around the back of the head. “That’s what you get for attacking a Judoka 5th dan black belt.” Just then Hannah came around the corner.

“Are you alright?” Hannah asked. Amanda nodded. “Who is that?” Amanda shrugged. “It could be that escaped criminal.” The man moaned and squirmed. “Looks like we have a winner.” Amanda gave him a nudge with her foot. “Lucky we brought spare bags!”
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Another intriguing update - so Penelope gave in after all, but she was a hard nut to crack :)
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WOW! I think I was wrong when I said that you're maintaining the high standard, this story is actually getting BETTER! Really intriguing.
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Complex plot, enjoyable to read and intrigued to see how this ends!

Enjoying it despite my dislike for chloroform in stories - so well done!
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