The Obsession With Lindsey (F/M, M/M)

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The Obsession With Lindsey (F/M, M/M)

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To say I screwed up, well that’s an understatement. It was summer, and my parents for their 25th anniversary decided to spend the summer abroad. It worked perfect for them because I could stay with my best friend Jackson at his house for the summer.

The first week was amazing, we gamed. We played sports outside with our other friends. Every night was like a sleepover, then I woke up the next morning and got to do it over again.

Jackson and I were both 16, and well in the onslaught of puberty. Sleeping in the same room in a bunk bed, well it made masturbation a little difficult. I hadn’t in seven days, and I needed to do my business needless to say.

Jackson’s sister Lindsey, she was 14, and a couple years younger than the both of us. She played soccer and always wore a certain pair of red socks to her knees. Socks are a major turn on for me, and instead of using a picture as I had so often, well I wanted the real thing.

During the day everyone was out of the house, I knew because I had waited until they left, and I jumped into action. I opened the door to her bedroom and went over to her top drawer. I was super nervous, but driven by raw instinct and teenage hormones, i ignored that fear. There were pairs of her underwear and socks which I rifled through. Then, there was the pair I was looking for. Red knee high socks that said Lincoln High on them. I grabbed them out of the drawer, and a pair of her underwear for good measure.

Still wasn’t enough. I wasn’t thinking clearly and decided to grab more of her underwear and socks and flung myself on her bed. I pulled her soccer socks to my knees and put her underwear on, pulling them off slightly as I started jerking off. I was on her bed and next to her bed was another picture of her playing soccer.

I lathered on the lotion, then held that picture frame in my left hand and went to town, I was in heaven. It wasn’t going to last long, but soon my ecstasy was interrupted by her door flinging open. Lindsey standing in the doorway, parents right behind as they headed to their bedroom.

“Oh my god!!!” Lindsey exclaimed as she stood in the doorway. Her parents looked right at me and boy it didn’t look good. Lotion slathered all over me, Lindsey’s socks on and her underwear everywhere. Jacking off on her bed. Naked.

“AUGGHHH!!!” I screamed and immediately tried covered myself with the blanket but I was at climax and cum squirted everywhere. “OOUUHHHH!!!” I shouted. The floor, the covers, then on the bed itself. Covered in white goo. The picture of her in her soccer uniform shattered on the floor.

There was a long horrifying pause. I laid there in ecstasy. Soon though, the moment of ecstasy had passed and fear and dread filled my chest.

Their dad stood in the doorway, hand trembling with anger. “Tyler, get dressed, cleaned up, and get downstairs. NOW.”

I rushed to put on my clothes in the bathroom. Black Nike crew socks, soccer shorts, and a red t-shirt.

I came into the dining room. The four were in there, and they were royally pissed. You could see it in their eyes. I was embarrassed.

“We invite you into our house, we let you have free roam, and this is what you do to my 14 year old daughter?”

“That’s messed up man,” Jackson said glaring at me.

“Now what do we do Tyler? What do we do? We have to keep you here, but we don’t trust you at all.”

“He can’t go near her obviously,” their mom said.

“Let’s restrain him,” Mr. Graham said.

“Come on Dad, you can’t be serious?”

“No I am. Can’t have someone in my house who could potentially hurt my daughter, unless we know they’re fully subdued,” Mr. Graham responded.

“Sir I….”

“No don’t fucking talk. It’s final. Jackson, take Tyler upstairs while we get some rope.”

I was led upstairs where I held my head down in shame. The door closed behind me and I tried to explain myself, but only received a hard punch to my face from my best friend.

I crumpled to the ground holding my face in pain.

“Dude what the hell is wrong with you? That’s my little sister.”

I didn’t have any words. I could hear the rage from my best friend though.

“Now I’ve got to keep you here all summer and it sounds like I’ve got to keep you tied up too so you don’t mess with my sister or her shit. DAMMIT TYLER!”

“I screwed up its not like I’m going to do anything bad,” I said.

“Shut up Tyler, I can’t even talk to you right now. Just get up on the bed and stay quiet until my parents bring the rope.

At Lindsey’s request and their parents, I was to be restrained overnight. Jackson tied me down on the upper bunk to ensure I couldn’t move. Rope lashed my four limbs spreadeagle to each bedpost. When I came into the room, the rope was already tied off.

Mr. Graham had went to the store and bought the rope specifically to tie me down that night. They really weren’t taking chances.

I tested my bonds to no avail. “Can you get out?” Jackson said.

“Ugh no I don’t think so,” I said.

“Jackson can you tape his mouth?” Lindsey said handing up a brand new roll of duct tape. She had clearly brought it just for the occasion.

“Fine,” Jackson said.

“Oh come on, I’m already tied ummmpphhh!” I said, bewildered. Jackson put his hand over my mouth.

“Oh put a sock in it!” Kyle, Jackson’s little brother said below.

Jackson started removing the packaging from the tape.

“Yeah put a sock in it. Better yet we’ll put a sock in it,” Lindsey said.

“Yeah let’s duct tape a sock in his mouth!” Kyle said.

“Fine give me some socks,” Jackson said. Kyle handed up a pair of his white underarmour crew socks and Jackson took one, casting the other aside. He removed his hand from my mouth and I kept my mouth closed.

“Open your damn mouth or I’ll tape both socks in instead of one.”

There was no point resisting so I did and he shoved his brothers long sock in my mouth, that Kyle pulled them taut each time only made the sock longer, practically knee socks.

“Make sure you wrap the tape all around his head,” Lindsey cheered.

Once the sock was in my mouth, I closed my lips and Jackson wrapped a generous amount of silver duct tape around my mouth and face, pulling the roll real tight every time he circled around my head.

"This should keep you quiet." he said with no remorse, severing the tape after his sixth pass around my head and over my mouth.

I laid there and screamed into the gag, pulling on the ropes that secured my arms and legs to the bedposts.

“Dude shut the fuck up. Lindsey and my parents wanted your mouth taped shut for a reason. If you wake me up I’ll put more socks in,” Jackson said getting off the bed. “Alright, Lindsey make sure it’s good.”

Lindsey got up onto the bed and inspected the knots tying my ankles to the bedposts, I still had some black Nike socks on, she looked at the knots securing my wrists to the bed, pulling each knot ensuring they were tight.

“Jackson can I have the duct tape?”

He handed her the roll and she straddled my chest and began to wrap under my chin and over the top of my head.

“I just want to make sure he doesn’t keep you awake,” I looked up with discontent at her as she smiled and pulled the tape tightly, as tightly as she could. No doubt she was enjoying this. After four wraps vertically, she put the tape over my already taped faced and wrapped a couple times horizontally for good measure, patting the tape down and smoothing it over my lips.

“You’re lucky Jackson’s nice, I would’ve taped both socks in your mouth. Pervert.”

As if to taunt me she had her red Lincoln crew knee socks on as well. She placed her socked foot next to my face and pulled the socks up slowly. Taut to her knees. I felt myself getting hard again.

She looked down at my tent and smiled. “Can’t wait until the chastity cage my parents ordered gets here for you. Then no more “accidents,” she said.

Not finished she used the duct tape to tape down the rope around each of my limbs to prevent me from slipping out before getting off the bed.

“Thanks for tying him up Jackson,” she said.

“And for duct taping my sock into his mouth.” Kyle said.

It was going to be a long summer…
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The night was tough. I tried falling asleep, but no turning on my side, my friends sock duct taped in my mouth. The ropes unrelenting keeping my arms and legs spreadeagle.

I pulled against the ropes, slightly rocking the bed as Jarrett slept below.
Eventually though, I would fall asleep.

I woke up tied to the bed still. Yesterday wasn’t a bad dream. Kyle’s white Underarmour sock still duct taped in my mouth.

Eventually Jackson entered the room, and turned his attention to me.

“Okay, I’m going to get you off the bed, then we’ll be moving you downstairs.”

He pulled himself up the ladder and straddled over me. He held a pair of handcuffs, chains, and padlocks in his hand.

“I’m going to untie your hands, you’re going to handcuff your hands while I chain your ankles together.”

I did what I was told as I clicked the cuffs together in front of me while he untied my socked ankles, and using chain and padlocks created a set of makeshift shackles for me. There was very little slack between my ankles. Enough I could shuffle but not run.

Then I was led downstairs. It was tricky moving down the stairs, but Jackson kept me from falling over.

I was led to a kitchen chair, where I was sat down.

“My parents are gone, but we’re going to keep you in the dog cage until we get something more permanent for you. We tested it, there’s no way you can get out, so don’t even try. Lindsey wants you restrained the entire time though so that’s what we’re going to do.”

He reached for the tape around my head and started removing it.

“Before you spit the sock out, you don’t say anything. Not a fucking word.”

He ripped the tape from my head and I spat Kyle’s sock out on the ground. Jackson force fed me a breakfast sandwich, before leading me to the other room where the dog cage was.

Lindsey straddled my chest. Hands cuffed in front of me. Ankles chained together. I didn’t even try to fight it, eventually I knew I’d have to make my way escape, but no chance now.

She pulled off one of her red Lowell Crew knee high socks and held it in her hand.

“Alright, open up.”

“Lindsey, please that sock is too big it’s not going to fit.”

“Oh don’t worry, we’ll make it fit.”

“Come on you don’t have to put a fucking sock in my mou…mmmpphhh!”

She shoved the red knee high sock into my mouth. I tried to bite down so that not all of it would go in, but she was having none of it. Pushing it in and filling up my mouth, cheeks both bulging out. Tongue pressed down. Some of the sock still hung out of my mouth a bit. I was fortunate I had a strong gag reflex.

She then grabbed a roll of gorilla tape from the table next to her. Apparently they didn’t think regular duct tape was good enough, because the gorilla tape roll was big, and looked brand new.

She pulled the tape off the roll and slapped a piece over my mouth and started wrapping around my head, yanking my neck up unceremoniously.

The tape was yanked tautly over my sock covered mouth each wraparound, and soon after eight wraps and from the bottom of my nose to my chin was smothered in shiny black tape.

I shook my head no, knowing what was coming but she didn’t care. Tape was then wrapped vertically from underneath my chin over my head and my hair, and that happens 5 times. To prevent me from opening my jaw.

She tore the tape off the roll, and set it aside.

“We’ll use more of that for later, for now though, crawl in the cage boy.”

I picked myself up the best I could and crawled my way over to the cage opening.

Once I was in the dog cage, she secured the padlock over the door.

I tested my surroundings. The padlock on the cage door locked secure. The bars were thicker than a usual dog cage.
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