Lillian MF/FM

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Lillian MF/FM

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Lillian MF/MF

"Come in, Ronny," said Lillian.

Ronny was carrying a cloth shopping bag, from which he extracted a pair of slippers. Lillian took his jacket, noting he was wearing his usual short sleeved check sports shirt and somewhat faded denim jeans. He removed his outdoor shoes and put on his slippers. “Thoughtful of him," Lillian said to herself. "I am glad you could make it."

She made coffee for him and tea for herself, and proceeded to ask him for what he had been up to since they had met in years ago. Ronny was starting second year engineering, and she was in dental hygiene. They were born the same year but Ronny was a fortnight older than her.

After a while, Lillian said to Ronny, "You may be wondering why I invited you over." She turned over a piece of paper on her side of the coffee table revealing a bound young woman, with a frontal and a back shot. "Would you please tie me up like her?"

[pictures go here. If I ever solve how to put in pics. I am reluctant to go outside this site.]

Ronny caught his eyeballs and pushed them back into place. Never in his wildest dreams would he have expected an invitation like that.

"I found them on my brother’s computer screen when I was looking for some printer paper. I took a picture of the screen on my mobile, took a few sheets, and left the room.

"This was a couple of weeks ago. Then I noticed you at an engineering event, and recalled the time you dropped in on your way to your Scout Master’s wedding, in Scout uniform, stave, Scout hat with its flat brim. You had a number of badges, and you told me what they were for. One was your knotter’s badge.

"So I finally got up the courage to ask you over to tie me up like the young woman."

Ronny noticed how intently Lillian was looking directly at him, and smiled. She was very attractive.

The woman in the pictures was dressed in a green sweater, with a darkish red jump suit on covering up much of the sweater. Bare feet in slippers. Her hands were tied behind her back, crossed at the wrists. The binding of note was a white rope which started centred across the back of her neck, the ends coming over her shoulders and back through her arm pits. The ropes crossed her back just above her waist and returned to her front, down her groin, and through her crotch. The back view showed the ropes coming up between her buttocks, over her rear and rising to come over the rope where it lay behind her neck and down to her hands. Pulled tight so the over-the-shoulder rope was pulled down her back, thus tightening the whole harness.

Ronny couldn’t tell if the ends had been used to secure her wrists, or another piece had. But her wrists were supported from the harness making it more comfortable to wear.

A Mona Lisa inscrutable smile on her face suggested that the bound woman was enjoying her captivity, comfortable, excited.

Ronny looked at Lillian, a smile on his face. Lillian was not dressed like the woman in the pictures, having on a red stretchy long sleeved top with a snug fitting pair of dark pants below. White socks, and a white scarf around her neck, long light brown hair.


Lillian nodded and added, "I bought some rope this week at the Home Hardware down the street. I hope it will do."

"How secure do you want to be?" Ronny asked.

"I want to be inescapable. I trust you."

Lillian produced her ropes from an inconspicuous bag beside her on the couch. "I cut it into lengths, one 25’, the rest into 6’ lengths. She had taped the ends of the pieces.

"Would you tie me up in return?" asked Ronny.

She looked at him in surprise. "I never thought of that. There is not enough rope for both of us."

"We can solve that problem later."

Ronny picked up the bundle with the 25’ length of 1/4" braided cotton rope. He doubled the rope to find the middle saying, "You could mark the middle of each piece."
He draped the rope over her shoulders from behind, letting the ends fall on the floor to her front. “Take each end and pass it under your arms to me behind you." She did, and he pulled each one across her back, holding the ends out each side of her waist, opposite to where they started. “Now pass the ends under your crotch, please."

Ronny reached down towards the floor and picked up the two ends. "Now, as I pull on the ropes, adjust them to be comfortable. Then tug at the parts coming around your waist to pull the rope over your shoulders tight, and adjust the ropes through your crotch."

Lillian was impressed with Ronny - how he had her doing most of the work involving contact with her body, especially in intimate areas.

"I’m going to do something that isn’t shown in the picture; I’m going to wind the ropes coming up from your bum around the ropes crossing the small of your back."


"You’ll see." Ronny then took the ropes up her back, around where the ropes crossed, up and under the rope over her neck, and brought them back down, tucked them under the crossing point, and brought them around to Lillian’s front. “Can you tie these ends together with a reef knot?"

Lillian did.

"That’s a nice snug harness," she observed, eyes closed.

"By retying the knot in front, you can loosen or tighten the whole harness," Ronny explained. "Before I tie your hands as in the pictures, please take your hands and stuff them between the ropes where they run up and down your back. One hand above the waist rope, the other below.

Lillian struggled and Ronny helped a little. Putting the first hand through tightened things so it was a little difficult to get the other in.

"Pull your hands out and try again, perhaps arching your back." Success. “There, your arms are supported, and in a form of securing. How does it feel?"

"Fantastic." She went over to the sofa and sat down, then lowered her body prone on the cushions. “I’m secured but not endangered.”

"Ronny, could I please have a glass of water?"

Ronny fetched a glass from the kitchen, finding a drinking straw in a cupboard.

"Please leave me here for a while. Do your homework, or whatever you brought. There is a newspaper to read."

She shut her eyes and enjoyed the restraint. “I never felt threatened by Ronny," she realized. Gentleman. Surprising for an engineering student.

Half an hour later Lillian said, "Ronny, would you be willing to tie my hands like in the picture?"

Ronny stood her up, extracted her arms from the harness, and selected one of the 6 foot pieces of rope. "I’m going to try a lashing about your wrists but the rope might be a little short. He tied a loop in the end of the rope and put it over her right wrist. After crossing her wrists, he wrapped the cord over her left, and then around her right. This used up about half the length, so he did only an over and under, then wrapped the remaining cord between her wrists, cinching the bindings. "Too tight?"

Lillian shook her head.

"Do you want to sit on a kitchen chair?"


Ronny helped Lillian put her arms over the back of a chair and tied the last end of the wrist rope to the harness up her spine where her fingers couldn’t reach. Save he used a knot that was secured by a loop and put the end in her fingers, saying, "Pull this to free your hands."

"I think you need to reflect on your captivity," Ronny said, taking the scarf about her neck, folding it into a long band, and placing it over her eyes.

"Mmmmm," she purred like a contented kitten.

Half an hour later (there was a clock that chimed the quarter hours somewhere in the background) Lillian asked, "Ronny, would you like to be tied up now?"

"Well, I’m enjoying the scenery right now. But when my turn comes, the ropes are in use right now."

"Well, go out and buy some more. The hardware store is four blocks down the street."

Ronny wasn’t sure because he thought it would be dangerous to leave someone tied up unattended. Eventually he capitulated.

"Maybe I should stay away for a little longer than a run to the store?"

"That’s OK. But...perhaps I should use the washroom first. Sorry."

Ronny completely untied her, and she headed to the bathroom. And returned wearing a 1 piece bathing suit.

Ronny retied her to the chair, noting that her smile increased with each level of constriction. He tied 2 sections of the short ropes together in order to improve the number of wraps around her wrists. He tied the wrist constraints to the harness, then brought the remaining rope around her waist, securing it with a reef knot. No way her fingers would undo this knot and her waist was secured to the chair back.

The remaining ropes secured her ankles and knees. Then the white scarf was replaced over her eyes.

"May I have your keys so that I can get back in?"

Ronny attached a string to a pair of sturdy scissors, and tied the string so that Lillian could reach it if she needed to escape.

"I’ll be off now," he said.


"Everything OK?"

"Please gag me."


Ronny was much longer than he intended to be, and was worried about Lillian. He peeled back the short strip of adhesive tape that he had used over her mouth, and offered the drinking straw.

"Are you OK?"

"In seventeenth heaven."

"Shall I untie you now?"

"Later. Another sip, please."

Then Lillian requested, "Touch me."

Ronny stood behind the chair and put his hands on her shoulders.


He moved closer and reached further over her shoulders.


So Ronny clasped her mounds, feeling the hardening of her nipples under the nylon of her suit.

"Kiss me."

Ronny gave her a short peck on her lips.


So he kissed her again and she kissed back.

"Would you like to be untied now?"

"No. I’d like to have you order a pizza for us. The phone number is on the board by the telephone. And there’s a bottle of wine."

Ronny pulled the chair so it wasn’t visible from the front door, and had change ready to tip the delivery guy.

While waiting, Lillian started talking.

"When you first left, my mind started thinking. Would you not come back? Would you come in and just have sex with me? Would you bring a bunch of guys and gang rape me?

"I decided that you wouldn’t do such things. First of all, you wanted to be tied up like the pictures. You were thoughtful to bring your own slippers ... you cared for my parent’s home. Then you took care not to touch me inappropriately ... I had to move the ropes to be comfortable, stimulating. You provided a way for me to escape.

"So I put that worry aside and tried to enjoy my confinement. But my mind wandered to my classes, assignments, homework.

"Then the clock sound another quarter hour. I decided to clear my mind. Everything that came to mind I shut down - to be addressed later. I tried to achieve a state of thoughtlessness. Blank mind. Black mind.

"I must have succeeded " I must have drifted off to sleep. I hadn’t slept well last night, slightly worried that I wouldn’t go through with this.

"I awoke to the most incredible orgasm I have ever had ... the second one you have given me."

"Pardon? Second?"

"Do you remember when we were together one winter time?. We were down at the creek, Old Man’s Creek where supposedly his body was found. We were sliding one by one down the bank on a sheet of cardboard. Then I said, ‘Get on behind me,’ and we slid down together. Then we reversed positions for the next ride; my legs were wrapped around your body, sort of. I was excited, aroused by the situation. Unfortunately the cardboard succumbed to its use, and the sliding was over. That night, I dreamt of you, and the sliding. And awoke to an intense orgasm.

"So once again, I had an incredible pleasure in your presence. I felt my internal organs throbbing, my opening soaked in juices. A marvellous sensation spread from my crotch throughout my body, tingling all the way down my legs to my toes, to my fingertips, and to my mind. As the sensation subsided I was left with a feeling of absolute contentment. Body relaxed.

"My mind drifted to the class in which I decided to call you. I remembered what the instructor was saying, what she had said. The whole lecture scrolled through my brain. I could see the progression of the logic of the topic. What were the significant points. I could even play back to a previous lecture. Some points seemed important for tests, exams.

"The clock chimed another quarter of an hour. I switched subjects, and replayed the classes. Again I perceived the important issues. And developed questions about where the subject was going.

"I went through the rest of my courses while I was still on a high. I didn’t wonder why you were so long. I was in a nice pleasant mental cocoon."

The pizza arrived. Ronny fed her slices as she declined his offer to free her.

Later, "I hate to bother you, but I need to go to the bathroom."

The pizza was gone; Ronny cleaned up and wiped the table.

Lillian returned, wearing a tiny two piece, string tied. "Thanks for tidying up." The ropes were neatly bundled on the bag they had come from.

She inspected the bag Ronny had brought in. Two hanks of rope, a roll of duct tape, a bag of plastic straps, some used Speedo swim suit for Ronny from the Goodwill story nearby, and an oblong box. She held it up, questioningly.

"Condoms, in case we go further. They also control fluids."

"Are you?"

"Only what you want, need."

"Good. Let’s see about tying you up."

Ronny took the article of clothing and visited the bathroom.

"How long do you think we should cut our new rope?" she asked upon his return.

"We’ll make a measurement. Let’s apply the whole rope, and see how much is left over; measure each end. Then cut off the total extra from one end."

Lillian found the centre of the hank, and placed it over Ronny’s shoulders just as he had done to her. Then she crossed the rope over his back, and passed the ends to Ronny to send through his crotch. Before he did, he tied an overhand knot in the two ends were they would rest under his bottom. "The knot can be moved along the rope to wherever its pressure is most appreciated," he said.

Lillian pulled the rope up his back, around the ropes at his waist, and under the rope over his shoulders behind his neck. She was thinking about the knot, visualized it on her body and where it might best provide pressure. She shuddered in anticipation. Lillian brought the ends back down to the waist rope, had to figure out how to tuck them under the ropes at his waist, then pass them around his front.

"Tie them," she instructed.

Ronny tugged at the various parts of the harness he could reach to tighten things up, then tied a reef knot. There was quite a bit of rope left over.

Lillian was harnessed up same as Ronny.

"Tuck your hands in," Lillian instructed Ronny. She wrapped one of the short ropes around his wrists, securing them but likely he could wiggle free.

"Let’s go for a walk," she invited, which ended in her bedroom.

Lillian placed herself in front of Ronny, and took the spare rope of his harness (not yet cut off), wrapped it around her waist, then around their waists combined, tightly tied.

"We’re going to lie down on my bed." But first she passed a length of rope around her torso, high above her breasts, and tucked one end under Ronny’s left arm. Then gingerly they got down on the bed and wiggled into the middle. Lillian took the rope around her and tied it behind Ronny.

Ronny ended up on his back with Lillian lying on top with his manhood sandwiched between them. Lillian found that her lower ribs and Ronny’s were crushed together, so she wiggled down Ronny’s body until her breasts padded them comfortably. She reached behind herself and slid her hands in between the ropes on her back, laid her head on Ronny’s chest, and relaxed contentedly.

Ronny was patient and motionless. Lillian drifted off to sleep after a while.

She awoke, aroused only to the plateau level. Not to climax as before.

Ronny said softly, "Lillian?"

"I’m awake. I listened to your heart. Thump-thump. Thump-thump. Strong, on going. I like that."

She extricated her hands from jammed into the ropes up her back and undid the somewhat loose ropes holding them together. Ronny sat up and freed his own hands.

"Pull on the knots of my coverings," she requested as she stuffed her hands behind her back and lay down.

"I’m not comfortable doing it with a bound person, first time."

"I want you, I need you."

Ronny released her small pieces of swimwear and pulled them out of the way. He cut off his own covering and crawled back on the bed.

"I’m still leery with you tied."

"It’s OK."

"It’s not."


"There’s a quarter on the dresser. Tails," she called.

Lillian lost. But all was fine in the end.

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Wonderfully written story :D . I hope you write more about this couple
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Thanks for commenting @crow3467. Generally I don't have an idea in mind for a sequel.
I had hoped to add a picture but I don't know how.

But I just posted a sequel for Nadya at a suggestion by @GreyLord
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Lovely story! Enjoyed reading it :)
Please feel free to read and comment your thoughts.
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Thanks @charliesmith. I'm pleased that you liked this story.
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