Vet Arrest (M/F) Part One

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Vet Arrest (M/F) Part One

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Unlike my previous stories, this occurred only a few months ago. I was working as a locum (self employed, 'filler in') veterinarian in the northern beaches area of Sydney. I had arranged a three week job at a small, one-man vet practice. The owner was going on a well deserved holiday and I was to look after the place for him.

First day found me driving through back streets, craning up over the steering wheel trying to identify road signs to assist my helplessly lost mobile phone GPS. "Bingo"; I said as I finally spotted the 'VET' sign, hanging over a tired looking house; old painted weatherboard with frosted windows. I parked on the street and went inside, it was worse than I feared. Two rooms, a waiting and a consult room both the size of average bathrooms, and an storage area/hospital room at the back for recovering animals. Along the wall a canary sang in the morning sun, it's cage hanging from a hook near a window. My mood lightened when a lovely girl walked into the waiting room; she had sea-blue eyes, short blonde hair and wore a tight white T-shirt and blue jeans.
"Hi, I'm Natalie," she said. She must've noticed my look of incomprehension and added, "The nurse..?"
"Of course," I stammered. "I just thought you'd be wearing, you know, a vet nurses uniform?" I was glad she wasn't, they weren't very flattering. And in no way would show of her curves like her current outfit.
"Oh we're pretty casual around here, I wear what I like," she said smiling. "Did you think I was a client wandering around?"
"Yes, and this is your pet I imagine?" I said picking up a stuffed toy from the counter. With a show of great concentration I put it to my ear and listened carefully.
"It's worse than I thought," I said. "No heartbeat!"
That made her laugh, I was off to a good start!

It was a quiet practice and so after finishing consults there was always time to go into the waiting room and chat to Natalie behind her computer desk, or she would wander into my room and talk to me. She'd hop up and sit on my consultation bench, swinging her white Dunlop Volley sneakers back and forth. We talked about a lot of things and I quickly discovered to my disappointment that she had a long term boyfriend: I tried to not let it show. From her angle where she sat, she would watch the canary hopping about it's cage in the waiting room while we talked, and from mine I could watch her. Her jeans were as tight as her top, and were pretty low cut, held low around her waist by a black plastic belt. When she bent forward or backwards a few centimetres of tanned skin would teasingly appear. She must've been in her mid twenties. The other feature I couldn't help noticing was the slight bump of her bra straps, visible under her T-shirt only because it was so tight. She usually wore a T-Shirt and the colour varied, but white was the most common hue. She was talking about where she went last night, and turned her head to me again. I quickly shifted my gaze back to her face.

Over the next few weeks our frequent chats become more flirtatious. This encouraged me, but each time I tried to lead the conversation down to some kind of get-together; a coffee away from work or something, she would pull back. It was frustrating but each time I felt we were getting somewhere this portcullis would come crashing down. She was happy with her relationship and her loyalty to her current boyfriend outweighed her obvious interest in me. But what could I do? How could I shift the scales?

On the Friday of the last week of my locum I was sitting at my desk in the consultation room, searching the Internet for Party inspiration. I had accepted an invitation to a Costume Party the following night, which seemed a good idea at the time as I wanted to get to know the group of people who were hosting it. The theme was 'Crime & Punishment' and I knew most people would turn up as gangsters and criminals. If we were lucky a few pretty girls might decide to dress as 'Ladies of the Night' in some kind of halter top, short skirt and knee high boots outfit! My problem was I didn't want to spend a fortune on a costume I would only wear once. Closing the laptop, I went into the waiting room.
Natalie looked up from her work, she was studying for a nurses exam in a few weeks.
"Bored?" she said. It was a dead day; not even one consultation booked. Unusual for a Friday.
"More frustrated," I replied. "I have to go to a costume party this weekend and don't want to spend a fortune. I also don't want to spend a pittance and look like a loser."
"Theme?" she asked.
"Crime and Punishment."
Natalie tapped her pen on her lips.
"Every guy will go as that. I need to go as something different. Hey, if you were going, what would you go as?"
"Funny you mention it but I went to a similar party a few months ago. I had just bought some new boots so I went as a Call Girl..."
"Halter top and skirt?" I managed to croak.
"Yes, how did you know?"
"Just a wild guess." My heart sank. I could vividly imagine her like that. How I hated her boyfriend!
Natalie didn't seem to notice my despair and carried on.
"A cop?"
"I think a full policeman's uniform might be a tad expensive," I said, barely listening.
"You would look great," she didn't seem to have heard me. "And you can arrest people there, I was disappointed no-one arrested me when I was a Call-Girl."
That caught my attention. Did she just say what I thought she did? I watched her carefully; she was still watching the canary sing and jump around it's cage as she often did.
I had an idea. A last day of the locum gamble.
"I'm just going out for lunch, call me if anyone comes in."
"Sure thing," she replied, still watching the bird, her mind far away.

The local mega-mall had costumes for adults, but the police uniforms for sale looked cheap and tacky. Fine for a Strip-O-Gram I thought, but not for me. That's when I had my revelation, a brainstorm, an idea worthy of the Grinch. I abandoned the 'Village People' racks and went back into the Mall to find a cheap department store. Finding the kids section, I quickly located what I was looking for; a plastic, cheap and fake looking policeman's toy badge. But in this instance cheap and nasty was exactly what I was looking for. I hopped back in my car but took a detour on my way back to work. I stopped at the house I was staying in - the absent vet practice owner's house where I had my stuff- to pick up one vital piece of equipment which I put in my back pocket. Mission completed, I drove back to the practice and the fair Natalie.
She looked up as I opened the door.
"Find what you were looking for?"
"I took your advice," I said. "I'm going as a policeman"
She glanced at my hands. No bag. No costume. She looked confused. I spread my arms and did a modelly 360 degree turn.
"I'm wearing it. You can call me Officer Jon," I said
She raised an eyebrow. "You're wearing the same clothes as you wore before you left, where's the uniform?"
I stepped closer and pointed to the plastic toy cop badge pinned to my shirt.
"Undercover Policeman," I whispered.
She groaned at the joke but I could tell she was amused. She liked that kind of silly humour, just like when I made her laugh on my first day here with the stuffed toy dog.
Now was my chance to tip the scales on her boyfriend. The next five minutes were critical.
"Any consults booked?" I asked as casually as I could.
"No," she sighed. "Boring afternoon."
"Good, then you can help me with my cop persona for tomorrow night. I need to practice arresting someone." The mood was just right, still light. Having fun.
She raised her hands in the air in mock surrender.
"Is this because I admitted I was a Call-Girl once?" She caught on fast.
"Yes," I replied, going along with it. Truthfully I hadn't thought of a reason to arrest her, other than to 'practice'. Now she had given me one.
"Turn around," I commanded. Smiling, she obeyed. She also, without instruction, put her hands outstretched on the wall and spread her legs. Her body was arched and I swallowed. Wow. She looked over her shoulder, waiting.
I jolted into action. We both knew what came next, I couldn't believe what I was about to do.
"You have the right to remain silent..." I said in my most official sounding voice. I couldn't remember the rest of the statement, it was something only said in America anyway, but it seemed appropriate. Next I started patting down her body, starting at 'safe' areas like arms and legs although it was ridiculous to imagine she hid any weaponry there. I watched her carefully for any sign of objection; it was hard to tell as she was facing the wall again so I had to rely on communication only from her body, and was silent. She didn't flinch or move away so I became more adventurous, slowly moving to explore her torso and waist with searching fingers. A light touch mind, nothing lecherous, as to keep the illusion going I had be seen to be looking for a handgun and not just trying to feel her up. That was the silent understanding we had between us. I marvelled at her taut body. She spread herself closer to the wall, was she enjoying herself? Her arched body made it easier for me to reach everywhere. She was like a coiled spring under my hands. It was frustrating that I couldn't see her face but I think her eyes were closed.
"You're 'clean', but Prostitution is a serious crime. I'm going to have to take you in," I heard myself say.
"Whatever you say, Officer," was her reply, muffled against the wall.
Now for the final card. I reached into my back pocket where I had put my handcuffs. Proper police issue cuffs. I took then out being careful not to make any metal on metal noise. A metallic ringing would ruin everything at this point. The situation was delicate.
"Put your hands behind your back, palms together," I couldn't believe the power I had as Natalie obeyed. As she did so I watched the green plastic bangle she wore on her left arm slide slowly down to her wrist. She intertwined her fingers, waiting.
For this to work I had to be fast. I quickly opened the first cuff and tightened it on her right wrist. Then the second on her left, lifting the bangle up out of the way. The sound the handcuffs made in the small room seemed deafening as the ratchet mechanism closed. This was the moment of truth as no toy handcuffs ever made this racket. I didn't put them on tight but they were tight enough to stop any escape. Silver steel on her wrists.
She turned her head, looking down at her restraints as she moved her hands forward so she could see them.
"Wait..." she said quietly. "These aren't a toy." She twisted her hands experimentally.
"Did you think they were?" I answered as innocently as I could . This was my revelation I had in the Mega Mall: what everything hinged (no pun intended) upon. The fact that seeing my plastic cop badge Natalie would 'assume', like any normal thinking person would, that the rest of my 'cop equipment' would also be plastic toy replicas. Only they weren't, and it was too late to do anything about it now, she was wearing them.
This was the climax, the pivotal point. Would Natalie demand to be released? I would have to uncuff her right away of course. But maybe she go along with the charade, even though it was rapidly getting serious?
"Are they real?" she asked. I nodded, then realised she couldn't see me.
"Do you have the key?" she turned her body to face me. She was pale. I was relieved she wasn't red and outraged, but I still couldn't tell where this was going. I was focused on her face but my peripheral vision noticed how her breasts seemed much larger with her hands behind her back. The motion of her shoulders told me she was moving her hands and fingers, exploring her cuffs.
"Are they on too tight?" I asked.
"No, they're alright."
Did 'alright' mean they were 'alright' to wear as well as not-too-tight 'alright'? She still hadn't asked me to take them off.
"What happens now?" she asked.
I felt my mind erupt with the sound of cheering. She was going along with it. But I had to focus on the moment. I had this beautiful girl in handcuffs, what was I going to do with her?
"I'm taking you to Prison."
That surprised her, her face flushed pink.
"Prison? Where? Outside? On the street....?" She showed embarrassment, fear and excitement all rolled into one.
"I know somewhere closer;" I said.
I took her by the arm and half guided half marched her not out into the street but deeper into the practice. To the little used storeroom/hospital out back. She resisted a little, then accepted my control over her.
On my very first day of this locum I had noticed something interesting in the back room. Not the washing machine. Not the bags of cat and dog food in storage. Not the small stacked cat cages. It was the large dog cage that caught my attention. Not small cages like the ones for the cats, but an alcove made out of cement about 2 metres high, deep and wide with a barred door that swung closed . More like a proper cell. No padlock normally swung from the cage door hasp, but I had one in my pocket that I used to lock the front practice security grill at night.
I led her inside, turned her around and unlocked one of her wrists. Then I gathered both her hands in front of her body and re-cuffed her. I swung the door closed, fastened the hasp and fastened on the padlock. Then I stool back. Under the flickering white neon light (there were no windows in the back room) I watched Natalie. She put her cuffed hands on the bars and tugged. They rattled but were unyielding. She was a prisoner.

To be continued.
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Post by Canuck100 »

So nice to have such a willing victim…. Love it so far!
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This is really cute. :3
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I was so happy to see the “To Be Continued” line. Great job!
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Lovely start to the story - the advantage of being a locum!
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Beautiful story, I like how you describe your thoughts and feelings, and the silly and devious plan you pulled off! Looking forward to the continuation. I guess there's a reason this is in the adults section :mrgreen:
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This is great. I'm impressed by how you acted so well on your intuitions. I'm looking forward to the rest.
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