Taping Amber (M/F)

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Taping Amber (M/F)

Post by BearPlants »

I was home from University on winter break about 15 years ago, being bored in the last few days before returning to school. Earlier in the break, before the holidays really came around, I’d been texting with a friend named Amber and we both went to the same holiday party at a mutual friends’ house. We didn’t see much of each other that evening but enough to say quick hello’s and then from across the room for the rest of the evening. It was sort of a fun little flirty game, to be chatting with other people but to look up and spot the other across the room – and to see them seeing you. We’d exchange smiles and go back to our conversations.

Amber and my relationship had a lot of history: We’d started out as friends in 5th or 6th grade, then graduated to dating during our 10th grade year, before seeing out the last two years of high school as friends – and then friends with benefits. We didn’t see much of each other during the year as we went to college in different parts of the country, but we’d text with regularity and I considered her one of my best friends.

Amber was short and thin, about 5’2” and only 115 lbs or so, but she was strong. We used to wrestle a lot that always turned into….more. She had straight, brown hair that was a quarter of the way down her back, hazel eyes, and had light freckles over much of her face. She had a partly goth style, partly tomboy. I liked it. She was a cool girl who absolutely didn’t give a fuck what anyone thought of her, and she carried that attitude on her sleeve.

So – on with the story. It was about 10pm and I was just watching TV in the basement of the home I grew up in. My phone buzzed, and it was Amber.

Amber: “Wyd?”

Me: “Just watching TV, you?”

A: “Same, bored.”

M: “Wanna come chill?”

A: “K…be over soon.”

And that was it, so easy. Amber only lived a short distance away, so after 15 minutes or so, she texted me that she was outside. I went upstairs and quietly opened the door – as my parents were upstairs in their room, maybe sleeping maybe not – to let Amber in. I help a finger up to my mouth as she came in and kicked her black Vans off.

She was chewing gum and kept a straight face and just gave me a thumbs up.

Without her shoes on, she was wearing a black North Face jacket, blue jeans that fit a little loose and came down over the tops of where her shoes would be, and white ankle socks. She took off her jacket to reveal a white cotton t-shirt with baby blue lettering across the chest. I forget what it said – probably “Varsity” or something like that. Her hair was back in a pony tail and her fingernails were painted black. She had bigger breasts than you’d expect for someone of her size, a solid C-cup, and they were showing off under her white t-shirt as she wasn’t wearing a bra. I was wearing black sweatpants and socks and a grey t-shirt – the home-for-the-holidays uniform.

I took Amber’s jacket and hung it on the banister as we walked by it on our way to the kitchen, and then the basement.

“Water or anything,” I asked.

“No, I’m okay.”

The basement had a very large sectional couch that made an L-shape against one wall and cut out into the room. We went down to the basement and I clicked back on the TV, and as I did, Amber walked by me and plopped down onto the couch in the part where it intersected, stretching her legs along the long side of the couch.

It didn’t take long for us to get to flirting.

“Ummm, that’s where tall people get to sit,” I snarked as I sat down on the shorter side next to her at a bit of an angle to put my legs up on the couch next to hers.

“Uh! Jerk…,” as she laughed and jabbed an elbow into my ribs.

“Hey, hey, easy there,” I said as I joined in her laugh. “With an elbow jab that hard people might mistake you for someone much taller and stronger!”

Her height was a very easy, large button to push on Amber. She HATED being short.

She pushed herself back against the couch and feigned an angry look with her mouth wide, as if to say “How DARE you!”

Amber pretended to punch me hard – well, I’m not sure she was pretending, but she knew I wouldn’t let it connect, which I didn’t. I caught her punch in my hand and held on as we both gave a little laughed. She tried to pull her hand away, and playfully (again, I think?) swung at me with her other hand, which I then caught with my other hand.

“No, no, none of this,” I said as I successfully transferred both of her hands to one of mine, and held her wrists together with my much wider grasp. Again, the look on her face was “What…don’t you dare…”

As I reached my right hand down to her ribs, she verbalized this feeling. Trying to squirm away, she let out a somewhat nervous sounding, “No, no, no, no no no no no….stop, stop, st----”

My fingers connected with her ribs through her t-shirt and her look of fake anger turned to a huge painful smile as she tried with all her might to hold in the laughter. After a few seconds she, brought a foot up and pushing me, was able to break out of my grasp to relax for a second.

I attacked her again, this time with both hands, but she pushed them away and this time pushed off the couch and tried to jump onto me to attack my ribs. Basically, I was sitting on the couch now, Amber jumped-straddled onto my lap and was trying to tickle me. I was able to fend of both of her hands, grabbing each with my own. After a few seconds of her fighting hard to get free, she eased off, I pushed our hands wide allowing her to lean forwards, and we started to make out.

We kissed like this for a few minutes, feeling each other up in the process. After a while, the session was winding down and I felt her hand come off my...whatever. I opened my eyes, looked up at her (still straddling my lap), and saw her with a mischievous smile.

Oh no.

She had me. I’m SO ticklish, and the millisecond her fingers connected to my ribs I was in trouble. I tried and tried but could get her off me as I struggled to keep from exploding my laugh. She laughed in enjoyment of my suffering and I laughed from the pain of sensitive and ticklish skin.

Finally, I was able to break away, and with tears in my eyes, I got up and started to walk to the utility room in the basement. “You’ll [laugh] be[ sniffle] sorry [sniffle] for that…”

Amber continued to laugh at my anguish on the couch.

The first thing I did was grab a few tissues and clean myself up. The next thing I did was grab a role of gray duct tape from the workbench area.

I walked out to the main room of the basement and Amber’s face turned from laughter to shock.

“No, no, no, hey, hey, hey, there’s no need for that….stop, STOP! What are you going to do with that?!” Amber’s pleas as I walked closer to her resulted in an increasingly large smile on my face.

“What do you think? I can’t let that happen again,” as I grabbed at one of her wrists.

“NO!!!” Amber screamed, but quietly so as to keep the noise down.

I was able to quite easily push Amber onto her stomach and grab her wrists from behind, making me believe that, not only was she okay with this bit of fun, she was all for it. Personally, I couldn’t believe it was happening you see it in movies and such but never did I think I would get to tape someone up, in private, who I was extremely attracted to, and who would go along/want to do it.

I had to start the tape, so she essentially held her wrists together behind her back while I started the tape and wrapped them together several times.

“There,” I said, that’s better, as I lifted her into a sitting position on the couch and lifted her legs up so they were laying straight.

Again, she feigned an angry look, looking up to the ceiling, until I brought my own hands in toward her sides. It was at this point I noticed her nipples popping through her white t-shirt. My own bulge had been ongoing for a while, but now I noticed her physical excitement, as well.

“Ah-uh! She said, as she pulled her feet in and pushed them into my chest.

I reached and grabbed her feet before she killed me, and gave her a quick mischievous smile, myself.

“NOOOOOO!!” Amber just about screamed, loudly this time, as I dug my fingers into her socks. It was here that she just about lost it, unable to control her laugh, she rolled around on the couch, trying to escape my grasp and bellowed in agony at the feet tickling.

Amber alternated kicking and pulling her left and right legs in desperation, trying to stop the tickling. Her laugh was loud and I was terrified that my parents would hear and come down to check what was going on.

I shushed Amber and told her I’d have to tape her mouth if she didn’t quiet down.

“You WOULDN’T,” she declared.

“Oh? Keep it up,” I replied, as I let go of her legs and tore off a few strips of the duct tape and stuck them to my t-shirt.

“You know that won’t actually stay on my mouth, right?”

“You know, I think you’re right…you’ll just be able to scream through it and push it off unless I properly gag you.”

Again, Amber started blankly for a second, processing what was just said.

“You wouldn’t!”

I knew what I wanted to do, but faked looking around for something to jam in her mouth, before looking down to Amber’s feet, then up to her face.


“Shhh, now I have to since you’re screaming so much – hey, this is your fault!” I started to reach down as Amber tried her best to keep my hand away from her feet. Eventually I was able to corral them and slipped her socks of. I brought them up to her face as she smashed her mouth shut and was suddenly quiet, moving her head around. I tried to force them into her face but she was able to keep her mouth closed pretty good, until she couldn’t help herself and needed to say something.

“Ew don---!”

She was cut off as I pushed her socks into her mouth and held my hand over, keeping them pressed in and listening to her muted objections.

“What, what’s that Sorry, can’t understand you,” I mocked her.

I took a strip of tape from my top and quickly pressed it to her mouth before reclamping my hand over the tape to keep it in place. I did this two more times, but wasn’t satisfied that the tape would actually hold, so I ripped off 2 more pieces, longer this time, and pressed them over Amber’s mouth as she continue to protest.

“Sorry again, what’s that? You want me to tape your ankles so you can complete the damsel in distress look? Okay, gotcha…”

Amber’s eye’s bulged as she continued her muffled screaming. I rolled her onto her stomach so it was harder for her to kick. It worked, and I was easily able to wrap the tape several times around her ankles, over her jeans.

I rolled Amber back over as she quit protesting, convinced that I wasn’t going to remove the gag and that she was now, basically, screwed. She glared at me with the I-can’t-believe-you-did-this-to-me death stare.

“Oh don’t give me that look,” I said as I reached in for her ribs again. She squirmed and tried to move away, but having her wrists taped behind her and feet taped together, she knew it was of little use. Her muted laughs were magic to my ears.

After a minute or so, Amber was starting to cry from laughing so much, so I stopped to let her catch her breath. I placed her on the couch and sat next to her in the same way as when we first plopped down, and we returned to sort of watching whatever was on TV.

I saw Amber glance down at the bulge in my pants – which was incredibly obvious – and she motioned down with her heard and looked at me, giving me the quick eyebrow raise. I know we’d had a friends-with-benefits post-dating relationship, but I couldn’t believe she was doing that – saying essentially, “Want me to take care of that?”

I raised my eyebrows up in a questioning look and I could see from the squint in her eyes that she was smiling. She rolled over to her right (I was sitting on her left) and started opening and closing her hands, telling me she wanted to use them.

“Are you sure?”

With her face toward the couch, she nodded her head quickly and continue to move her fingers, still taped behind her back.

I grabbed her ribs – careful not to tickle her and ruin the moment – and lifter her up and sat her on my thighs. She leaned back so that her hands were resting on my erection and her back against my chest. She leaned her head back into my shoulder and began to rub my dick with her taped hands.

I reached around her from both sides and began to caress her breasts and rub her hard nipples through her shirt.

After only about a minute, I was close to cumming but desperately didn’t want to. I reached under her t-shirt with one hand and started to feel her up, while the other wandered down to between her legs. She was warm and moist and was obviously excited if it was noticeable through her jeans. I started to rub between her legs as Amber started to let out a few moans.

30 more seconds and I reached down to unbutton her jeans and quickly reached my hand down her underwear and began to finger her. As I did, she moaned louder into her gag and was rubbing my dick with her hands harder and faster. I let out a long “Fuuuuuuck” as I exploded in my pants and continued to finger her until only a short time later Amber moaned loudly and screamed into the gag, grabbing onto my wet pants and dick and tensing up as she came.

I fingered her for a little bit longer allowing her orgasm to conclude, which she indicated by releasing her grip from my dick.

I wiped my hand on her underwear and buttoned her jeans back up before lifting her up and placing her back on the couch.

“Be right back,” I said, as Amber mmphed in protest of me leaving her in the basement taped up.

“Oh relax, I’ll just be in here,” as I walked to the washer/dryer area to put on some recently washed underwear and shorts.

I came back quickly and straddled Amber sitting on the couch.

“Okay, as much I enjoy seeing you like this…”

“Ha-ha,” Amber said, which came out as just two muffled syllables.

“Time to let you go…”

I slowly peeled off her tape from her mouth, careful not to pull any hair or rip it too fast and hurt her. Finally I got to the last piece and afterwards, she opened her mouth wide and pushed the socks out, having the wet mass fall to her lap.

She started to say something but I pulled her head in and pressed my lips to hers and allowed our tongues to dance.

I pulled away after a few seconds and said quietly to her, “I know, but thanks for being a champ about it. I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did.”

She just smiled and gave a little nod and didn’t say anything more. I untaped her wrists and ankles. She put her socks back on and it was getting to be that time, so I walked Amber upstairs, got her jacket, and walked her out the door. We kissed again outside and said our goodbyes.

“See ya next time.”

She walked to her car and unlocked it, opened her door, looked up and smiled, and got in to drive away.

Unfortunately, there was no next time. Not too long after, my parents retired and moved away. I’ve only seen Amber two or three times in the last 10 years and we’ve both moved on in our lives. But that was a very fun evening that obviously made an impression on me, and I hope for her, as well.
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Post by tickletied84 »

Fantastic story! What an experience for her, and for you, let's hope someone else got to play with her in the future :D
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Post by Canuck100 »

It must have been even more exciting knowing that the parents were upstairs…

Really enjoyed your story! It was awesome!
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Post by 011020 »

Great story! Sounds it was an amazing time for both of you, and I love that she was gagged with her own socks. And did she actually put the socks she was gagged with back on her feet?
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Post by Ovi1 »

sounds like a great experience, and very well-written.
I believe you would be a lot more comfortable in ropes
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Post by TheEngineer »

I love the dynamic you two have, amazing story!
No harm in wanting to try new things right?
Always down to chat ;)
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Post by BearPlants »

Thanks y'all, appreciate it!

@tickletied84 I hope so, too!

@Canuck100 Oh my gosh...so petrified that they would come downstairs and catch us. Surely they knew that events transpired in their basement over the years with two boys growing up, but still!

@011020 Sure did :D

@Ovi1 Thank you!

@TheEngineer Thanks, we did also :lol:
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Post by TiedUpLatina »

Very hot story!
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