Restrained for sleep (F/M)

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Restrained for sleep (F/M)

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I woke to my wife spooning me from the behind me. Her hands were exploring my chest and started moving downward. Of course at this point I had an erection, and she snaked her hands under my pajamas and started stroking my cock. A small moan emitted from my mouth and immediately I felt my wife’s other hand press over my mouth, she held a silk scarf in her hand and was using it to hand gag me. She continued stroking my cock with one hand, and hand gagging me with the other. I slowly started to get on the edge.

This went on for the few minutes, till my wife stuffed the silk scarf deep in my mouth and turned me around. She was wearing nothing and she moved my hands to her clit. I started to moan, and started pleasuring her with my fingers.

“I want you to play with yourself”

I started to use my other hand to rub my cock. Eventually she was moaning and had to place a scarf in her own mouth to keep the noise down. She started to get very wet and started to make a mess on the bed. Finally when she was on the edge, she ungagged herself and asked me to enter her.

We continued making love, and I thrusted inside her for quite some time, always making sure to not lose control. When we were both out of breath we stopped and we lay next to each other panting.

She took the scarf out of my mouth and we made out for a while.

“Now you can go back to sleep”

“But I am still very turned on”

“I can take care of that”

She reached down and grabbed the pile of scarves next to the bed. She tied my wrists tightly in front of me, she tied another over my knee and tied my ankles. She took a sleep mask and placed it over my eyes, plunging me into darkness.

“This is not helping me”

“Quiet” she commanded.

With that she tied a scarf in between my lips, with a tight cleave. She took another and wrapped it tightly over my mouth and a third went over my nose in a tight OTN.

“We can’t forget about this”

I felt her tie a scarf tightly over the base of my balls and shaft.

She kissed me deeply on my gagged lips and placed the blanket over me.

“Finish your sleep because you are staying turned on all day today”

I heard her move away and heard the sound on my bedroom being shut.
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Really nice experience! ;)
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Sounds fun!!
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