Finally helpless (M/F)

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Finally helpless (M/F)

Post by Amberbound »

Hello everyone. I used to be pretty active here but I kind of lost interest for a bit with other stuff going on in my life. I’ve gotten married, started a career, and haven’t really thought about this in a while.

Well, I had a story I figured I’d share here, for the first time in this section, though honestly it’s probably not as adult as some of the other stories here, but I digress.

I’m 28, and I’ve now been married for about 2 years to probably the best husband I could have ever asked for. He’s 30, and I’ll call him John, because fake names on the internet ftw. The only flaw I could possibly say about him is that he’s never really been into bondage. He’s willing to tie me up and experiment, but it’s usually only when I ask him to, and something about asking him to tie me and having to walk him through every step was always kind of a turn off for a while. I still did self bondage, and he definitely got better with practice, but since it wasn’t really his thing, he never really suggested it himself more than a few times. Again, in every other possible way, he’s literally perfect, so there’s no room to actually complain, I’m just giving context for this.

Something that I have told him before when discussing fantasies is the fact that I want to completely lose control and be absolutely helpless. I’ve gotten stuck in self bondage before, and if anyone here has ever read my stories from a few years back you might know I’ve even had tie up games with my mom before, but I think we can agree that even if she tied me well enough that I couldn’t get out, being tied by your mom isn’t exactly the same feeling. It’s mostly because deep down I know that there’s a safe word, or someone’s keeping an eye on me to make sure I’m safe, and I’ll always get out relatively easily. Obviously, when I told him about this, with him not being into bondage himself, he was hesitant to tie me up and actually ignore any pleas for help, especially at first since we were still getting to know each other better.

Sorry if that was a bit excessive on background when you want me to just tell a story, but it felt necessary when I tell you…this man truly loves me enough to scare me a bit.

It was a Saturday, getting close to the evening, and I was sitting at my desk playing a game. I was in short shorts and a simple red t-shirt, and I had my legs crossed in the chair with a controller in my hand. John told me he was going to be hanging out with some of our friends to play some games and maybe watch a movie, so hearing him rummage through drawers and things like that was pretty normal. Finally, when he was ready to go, he would always come up behind me when I’m playing and lean over me, kissing me from behind while I lift my head to kiss him back, then I’d go back to what I was doing and tell him “Love you!” And he’d say it back. Cute, consistent.

This time, he came up behind me, and leaned down for the kiss as usual, not suspicious at all. But when I looked forward and started to speak, all I got out was a “Love Ymmph!” As a ball was shoved into my mouth. It was a panel harness gag (just a note, I don’t own one of those. He literally bought it just for this) and he pressed it over my face with his hand and placed his other hand on my shoulder a bit roughly. My eyes widened as I looked around, unable to move my head, and moaned a bit into the gag, and his grip tightened.

“Don’t make a sound, and do as I say. Is that clear?” I had never heard this man say anything remotely that threatening before, and his tone was very commanding compared to how he usually was. I nodded, and he pulled me up to my feet. He didn’t use any of the straps of the harness, but let go of it, saying “Keep that in your mouth if you want to keep breathing through all of this.” I nodded before my vision went dark, as he tied a silk blindfold over my eyes, and I could feel him wrap it around my eyes twice before knotting it off for the final time, then he began finishing with the gag, strapping it over and around my head, then pulling the last two on the bottom of the panel around my neck and buckling it all, keeping it tightly in place.

With me completely at his mercy, he pulled me back a bit and told me to stand still while he got everything else he needs. I stood for less than a minute, hearing the rustle of a bag that he brought into the room and dropped on the floor behind me, making me jump a bit and turn my head, which he grabbed and turned to face the front again. “Only move when I tell you, or when we’re done.” He then pulled my hand back and I was expecting to feel rope be wrapped around my wrists, but then I heard the sound of tape coming off a roll, and he began wrapping it around my hands, one at a time, into small fists before pulling my arms back and wrapping the tape on my wrists. I moaned quietly again, enjoying the feeling before I heard what sounded like belts and buckles, before he pulled an armbinder onto me. I didn’t own an armbinder! He was casually pulling it and strapping everything into place over my shoulders and pulled the cord of what I assumed was a corset like set up on it, pulling my arms tightly behind me.

I couldn’t help it at this point, I turned again and tried to speak, “whmme dmm mmm gmm amm thmm?” Was the best I could do. This man had somehow bought two restraints I had always wanted and not told me until now?? After the question, I got a bit over my shock and unconsciously said “oh god I love you.” Or something similar in gag speak. He chuckled a bit, then grabbed the straps crossing over my chest and pulled me through our house, to what I guessed, and later learned, was my closet, where he then pulled down my shorts, revealing black panties, before I was pushed to my knees, where he spread my legs a bit and pushed something under my panties, tied a crotch rope on me, and laid me down flat on my stomach, where he took the tail end of my crotch rope, pulled it through a small ring at the end of the arm binder, and began wrapping it around my ankles, several times. I could feel the rope reaching halfway to my knees before he cinched it off and finished everything.

“Now, I’m going to head out. I doubt you’ll even notice.” I heard a small click and immediately felt the vibrator he had placed in my panties come to life. I struggled, which just pulled on the crotch rope, and made me struggle harder as I moaned loudly. It was perfect. I heard him walk out followed by the closet door closing, leaving me completely alone.

Part of me was sure for the first bit he was waiting just outside the door in case things went south, but then I heard the sound of our garage open and I stopped struggling, trying to hear for anything else. It was hard to tell, the garage was loud enough that we could hear it anywhere, but his car wasn’t, especially not in my closet across the house. I genuinely couldn’t tell if I heard him leaving or not before the garage closed, and then it was just me and the sound of buzzing in my crotch. I started actually struggling instead of doing it for fun, but my double bound hands and my completely leather covered arms couldn’t do anything. My legs were stuck right at the end of the binder, and I could barely even spread my knees with how bound they were, which wouldn’t have helped anyway.

I was completely at the mercy of when he came back and let me out.

It was my dream come true.

I couldn’t have told you how long he left me there, I was just struggling and living in the moment, letting the toy give me everything I wanted. I climaxed again and again, until it suddenly turned off, and I groaned in frustration at being cut off so abruptly, before the door opened and I heard his footsteps come into the room beside me. I struggled again, moaning and groaning in his direction, and I just heard him laugh as he put his hand on my head.

“Doing okay?” His tone was completely normal, so clearly he couldn’t resist just checking on me. I nodded, and he laughed again. “It sounded like it. But now…” he started untying my legs, and the crotch rope, pulling me to my feet, which felt like jelly after so long in that position, and he pulled me around, before tugging the panties off of me, and suddenly pushed me onto the bed. “…it’s my turn.” He left all the other restraints as he had his way with me, and I’d describe that more but even though I was there…I wasn’t exactly taking notes, but I married him for a reason ;)

Finally, we finished, and he let me out. When I looked around, it was dark outside, but the clocks were off in the bedroom, and he wouldn’t let me check the time when we went to take a shower. He literally kept it a secret how long he had me tied. It wasn’t something that I had thought of in any fantasy, but honestly, it made be pretty excited again that he didn’t even let me know something as simple as that.

We went to bed afterward because it was at least obvious that it was really late, but I had to ask him.

“Where did this come from? All of it. You literally bought restraints I’ve never told you about, acted like I’ve NEVER seen you before, where did you learn all this??”

He shrugged. “You told me about the restraints you wanted when we were chatting that one time.” He remembered an offhand comment from nearly 3 YEARS ago. It was when we were talking about our sex preferences and limits for the FIRST TIME. Part of me wanted to be annoyed that he didn’t act sooner but y’all…this man was paying attention and that’s all I care about.

For everything else, he’s been looking stuff up on how to tie ropes, on top of the occasional practice I’ve given him here and there. For the personality shift, he said, “It was a bit uncomfortable I’m not going to lie, but I figured I could be mean for 20 minutes at least. After that, ignoring you a few hours was easy.”

This man… lol

Needless to say, I know I owe him. I don’t know how many other stories I plan to tell here. I really wasn’t expecting to share this one either, but it’s nagged at me for a while now and I figured what the heck. And yes, he is aware of this site, I told him about it before I posted this.

Until next time I suppose :D
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Post by Mrhashbrown101 »

I honestly think, with 8 billion people in the world, you might actually be, the most lucky woman in the world right now.
Great story telling by the way.
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Post by rtbw »

This is a wonderful story and memory. Lucky lucky you. I hope you share more
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Post by laz »

great story
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Post by superduperwaveydavey »

What an awesome experience and very well written too! You’ve got to love that perfect combination of not being able to escape no matter how hard you try combined with not knowing how long it will be until you’re let out.
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Post by JohnnyRockets »

Wow!! Outstanding story! And you tell it very well.
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Post by cellofello »

I hope he continues to summon his inner Snidely Whiplash (and you continue to write about it).
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Post by Dpsiic »

Terrific to have you back. What a great story, you are both very lucky.
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