College Gloved Handgag F/M

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College Gloved Handgag F/M

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This is a fairly tame story about an early bondage experience I had back in college in the mid nineties. I was a senior in college with a single room. There was a girl a couple years younger, and we would hang out. We were not dating. We had what I would deem a fairly innocent friends with benefits arrangement. She would come over to my room and we would chat, flirt, watch movies, and make out.

One night right before Thanksgiving break I had just gotten back and had a message from her. This was back when we all had room phones with answering machines. I called her and she asked to come over. I told her I would meet her at the side door of the dorm. She lived in the dorm across the street so I only had to wait five minutes.

It had gotten colder that week and was raining. As she came up the outside stairs, I opened the door and reached out for her hand. She smiled and took my hand as we walked up the one flight of stairs to my room. I noticed right away she was wearing a pair of black leather gloves with a black jacket. It definitely got me excited. I had fantasies about women wearing leather gloves. Most of my exposure had been from movies and television and occasionally seeing someone out in the world wearing a pair of gloves. I had never experienced it firsthand though.

In the room she took off her gloves and put them into her jacket pockets. She hung her jacket over the back of my desk chair. I closed the door and asked her if she wanted to watch a movie. She agreed and we picked out a movie from the shelf.

I sat on the couch and she laid down with her back leaning into me and my arm around her. It wasn’t long until we started rubbing each other’s arms and she turned back to kiss me. We were making out for about ten minutes when I said,
“Hey, I want try something.”

“What?” she asked with a mix of teasing and hesitancy.

“The gloves you were wearing tonight. They were so soft. I was wondering if you would wear them for little bit. I want to feel them again and see how they feel touching my face. They were kind of mysterious and sexy.”

She paused. “Mysterious and sexy, hmm?” She kissed me.

“Yeah, like you’re a sexy burglar or kidnapper.”

“Interesting. Okay. I can do that.” She continued to kiss me as she spoke.

She got up off the couch and walked over to her jacket. She pulled the gloves out of the pockets. She smiled as she pulled them on.

I stood up, walked over to her and reached out to hold her gloved hands. We started kissing again.

She slowly rubbed her gloved hands up my arms and around the back of my neck.

“How does that feel?” She teased.

“It feels really nice.” I replied kissing her back and pulling her into me.

“And when I do this?” she asked as she grabbed my face in both gloved hands and pulled me in to kiss her.

“I like that a lot too.” I said. We kissed for a few more minutes, and she rubbed her leather gloved hands over my face, neck, and arms.

I grabbed one of her gloved hands and started to kiss her fingers. I continued kissing her hand and slowly made my way to kissing her palm. It was intentional as I really wanted her gloved hand covering my mouth. A leather gloved handgag was one of my biggest fantasies to that point. I decided to just go for it so I took her hand and put it over my mouth. She understood what I wanted and placed her other hand on the back of my neck. She applied some gentle pressure to my mouth, and started to kiss my neck. I moaned softly enjoying the feeling of her gloved hand against my mouth.

She whispered, “Maybe this is the part where I should kidnap you.”

“Okay.” I mumbled from under the handgag. We both laughed.

We had never done any kind of bondage before. At most we had alternated pinning each other’s arms down while making out. It was fun, unspoken, and not serious.

She took her hand from my mouth, and we kissed some more. She walked around behind me and pulled my arms behind my back by putting one of her arms through the crooks of my elbows. Her other hand reached over my shoulder and covered my mouth.

“Now if I am kidnapping you, I need to tie you up. What do you have I can use?”

I was eager to play along. I made a soft moan and moved us toward the closet. She released my arms. I reached into the closet and grabbed a tie. She pulled me back to the couch with her gloved hand still over my mouth. She sat down on the couch and maneuvered me so I was sitting on the floor between her legs. She took the tie from my hands.

“I’m going to tie your hands. Are you going to be good and stay quiet?”

I nodded my head. She pushed me forward a bit and pulled my hands behind my back. She wrapped the tie around my wrists a few times and tied it in a knot.

Then she pulled me back into her. She put one arm around my neck and again covered my mouth with her gloved hand. She kissed my neck and ears.

“How does it feel being tied up?”

“Good,” I mumbled through the gloved handgag.

“It’s pretty fun being in control of you. Why don’t you come up here?”

She pulled back a little bit and I made my way up on to the couch. She held me from behind for a several minutes with my back leaning against her chest. She kept one gloved hand covering my mouth. The other rubbed and teased different parts of my body. I laid back and enjoyed the feeling of being tightly held by her.

After several minutes she let go of my mouth and we continued making out. She eventually straddled me while I sat on the couch. Then we switched and I was on top At some point she untied my hands and took off her gloves.

The make out session eventually slowed down, and we fell asleep in each other’s arms on the couch. It really was an innocent version of friends with benefits. Still an amazing experience and memory.
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Bravo @bocephus23

Did one good knot lead to others?
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That was one hot and interesting experience! Loved reading it. I hope you have more stories to share :D
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This is the best. How heartwarming that you had a friend like this 🥹
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