My experiences with handcuffs and roleplays (M/F, M/F, M/F)

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My experiences with handcuffs and roleplays (M/F, M/F, M/F)

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Part One

I can’t remember when my love for TUGs started. The thing I know fore sure is that I always had the same interests : roleplays involving law enforcement, handcuffs, authority. I was reading things on websites like this one to gather ideas but I always stayed discreet on them. It was only after my 20th birthdays that I got to experience real TUGs with handcuffs. And not only once. Actually, being in my late 20’s, I had a dozen experiences, most of them in the dominant role, but also a few times as a sub. This post is a bit hard to categorize. What I’d like do here is to tell you about three of these experiences with three of my girlfriends/dates. I swear they are true.

My first experience was with a beautiful 18 year old girl I was dating at the time, who I’ll call Emma. She was 5 foot 7, with blonde hair and a beach tan. However, her best attributes were her sparkling and sneaky blue/green eyes. She used to close them a little bit when she was in a playful mode.
Emma was a big fan of bondage games. Her preference was the rope bondage. Once, she even showed me how to do it. But my first real experience, the first one to excite me, was when I got to put the cuffs on her. We had discussed it before and she knew I would do it sometimes. She was very open minded about it.

I looked on the Internet for a pair of handcuffs. Being a broke college student, I made a rookie mistake and chose a cheapish pair. Sure, they were not in plastic and they had no safety lock, but they weren’t exactly Smith and Wesson either. ‘That’ll do it’, I thought. At the time, I wasn't confident enough to try a roleplay, but I was crazy with excitement with the idea of putting these cuffs on her.

I chose the next Saturday morning to bring them to her place. When I got there, she was in a great mood, bubbly as usual. We chatted for a while and then things got more intimate. We went to her room.

A while after, I remembered the handcuffs. I had showed them to Emma earlier and she mentioned how they were a bit cheap, but still nice. They were now by the side of the bed while Emma and I were laying down.

I had already decided that day would be the day, so I gave myself the green light. With my head, I motioned towards the cuffs. ‘Would it be okay if I put them on you ?’, I ask, probably blushing a bit. She smiled playfully and said : ‘Tell me what I need to do’. My heart was racing.

I told her to roll over. She looked at me with her sparkling eyes and turned around to be face down on the bed. She placed both her hands together in front of her head and put her chin on in, tilting her head a little bit on the left. She looked like a girl getting a tan on a beach.

I grabbed her right wrist and pulled her arm behind her back in a circling motion. She gasped a while I did so, perhaps losing her breath for a brief second. I took my handcuffs and placed one of them on her. Although it was not heavy metal, I enjoyed the clicking sound they made. I then repeated the move with her left wrist.

She was now in a very vulnerable position, handcuffed behind her back while laying down on the bed. I enjoyed the view and played with her a little. It was my first experience with handcuffs, and they weren’t very comfortable, so I chose to uncuff her pretty quickly, but only after enjoying the view and playing with her a little bit. It was still a great moment.

On a different topic, I also had one of my most frustrating failed experience with Emma. It was not very long after the first one, so I was still a rookie with all of this. Well, I knew she had a cop costume from a previous Halloween. So I simply told her that I would find her very sexy if she wore it sometimes. She actually did it one day. She looked great in her tight blue suit. I assumed that she would play the role and engage in some sort of police roleplay, but she simply ordered me playfully to undress her. I wasn’t able to bring her to use her handcuffs which where in a plastic bag on the table. It was an important lesson for me : Never assume anything and always communicate clearly what you expect from your partner.

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Post by Shooney »

Part Two

(I wrote all the parts on Word before submitting them, in case anyone wonders about the short delay between the posts).

My second experience was when I was 22. Sarah, the girl, was 21. She was 5 foot 6 and about 125 pounds. Because of her Arabic roots, she had a beautiful tan and dark eyes. She was also very busty. She was quite kinky so I wasn’t surprised when she accepted to do a TUG roleplay with me. Since my first experience with Emma, I had realized that better handcuffs were a must. So I ordered a real pair of cuffs on the web, a black and solid pair from a known company. She wouldn’t be able to get out of them. I fantasized about putting them on her for a few days, wondering if it would be better than the first time.

On the day of the roleplay date, I went to Sarah’s apartment with my handcuffs in my pocket. I was to play a police officer and her, a busted criminal. I smiled when I saw how gorgeous she was, wearing a grey t-shirt and a pair of tight jeans showing her shapes to perfection.

When it came time to do the roleplay, we both tried to start the game by stating how much she was a ‘badgirl’. Suddenly, I get into full cop mode and I tell her to put her hands on the wall. Her room was not that big so the space between the bed and the wall was rather small. I had to stay very close behind her. In addition to that, I asked her to make one step back and spread her legs. I even kicked them gently. Her bottom was now literally laying on my chest. I looked for a while at her long black hair falling on her back and at her arms muscles in full extension.

I proceeded to search her for drugs or weapons. ‘You seem to enjoy this, officer’, she said in a playful tone.

I told her that I needed to do a full search, without her clothes. So she turned back to face me, removed her shirt and pants and dropped them nonchalantly on the floor.

‘Remove everything, I said’. ‘Even my underwear ?’, she asked, faking outrage. I told her yes and to put her hands back on the wall.

She assumed the position once again, even spreading her legs by herself. I searched her again in a more intimate way while she was playfully asking me if I was sure this was standard police procedure. I was shivering with pleasure.

‘Stay there. I’m arresting you’, I told her after a while. She nodded.

I grabbed my handcuffs on the drawer next to the bed. 'Don't move, I said with authority'. Having little experience, I unlocked one of the cuffs instead of trying to snatch it on her wrist like the cops on tv. I gently grabbed her left hand and placed it behind her back. I remember my excitement when the cuff clicked on her with it’s distinctive sound.

In an instinctive move, I then used by whole body to push her as close as possible to the wall. She grasped, surprised, her chest being squeezed on the wall. It did not hurt her and I’m pretty sure she liked it. I took advantage of her surprise to take her right hand and lock the second cuff. The view of her being locked in these black cuffs really turned me on.

I made her turn around to face me and I remember how excited I was to see her in full submission, her hands disappearing behind her back. Because of her morphology, being tied up made her shapes look even better. It was also the first time I had a cuffed girl standing up in front of me. With Emma, everything happened while we were laying down. It just felt more realistic, more cop-like.

Sarah played a bit with the handcuffs but gave up when she realized she was stuck in them.

I kept my role and we went into playing mode. Sarah had innocent eyes and was trying to get herself out of jail. Now I should probably add a very important detail. When I got to her apartment and we talked about the roleplay, she said one of the sexiest things I had ever heard : ‘I have cuffs’. Actually, they were bondage bracelets in leather so I told her I would use mine first and hers later. Well at some point, I asked her if she would prefer to wear the soft ones and she said yes. So I unlocked the metal cuffs and installed with a bit of difficulty the bracelets behind her back. That allowed me to keep her tied up for a longer time while we were both having fun.

So that was my first ever roleplay. It was a very simple one but it's still my favorite to this day because it seems like every detail (the feeling of her skin, the sound of the cuffs, the sight of her palms when cuffing her), everything was more exceptional to me back then. Everything was so sexy. My mind was used to stories on the web so it was almost surreal to be the main actor of a TUG. She said she liked it as well.

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Part Three

The third and last story I will tell you happened a few years later, when I was in my mid 20’s. It actually took place abroad, in a country where I had just moved. By that time, I had the chance to cuff a few more girls, but these stories are not really interesting and too similar to the previous one. Once I handcuffed my gorgeous blonde and blue-eyed date while she was wearing a cute white wool shirt and red leather pants, but apart from that, there is nothing much to say about these experiences. Perhaps, however, I should mention that I purchased a few other pairs of cuffs, always black as it became sort of a tradition for me.

So this third story involves my prettiest girlfriend ever. I will call her Kate. She was about 5 foot 6 and probably slightly under 120 pounds. She was more petite than Emma and Sarah, and she also had this sexy and feminine way of walking they didn’t had. Her eyes were dark blue and her hair light brown. She had a small chest. She also had delicous thin and delicate lips like I prefer. Because of that, she had the prettiest smile I ever saw. She was 23 at the time.

Anyways, this is the most complex roleplay I had ever done. It will even sound insane to most of you. To tell you everything, Kate shared all my interests, although she had a more dominant personality. She was also bragging a lot about how she was an expert at roleplaying so I challenged her to try a very hard scenario and she accepted. The game was the following : She was a criminal on the run and I was an undercover detective trying to catch her. My character would localize her and invite her for a ‘first date’. They would enjoy the date together and ss soon as she would reveal that she was wanted, I would arrest her.

My preparation for this game was crazy. Obviously, I still had a pair or black handcuffs ready. I also bought a police badge on the Internet. In my free time, I created a very realistic arrest warrant on my computer with her name, basic information and her picture, completed with a fake signature and other official details you would find on a warrant. It looked amazing. I printed it and then went to the store to get a bottle of champagne for our date (a half-bottle actually because I’m no Elon Musk).

The roleplay was to happen on a Friday. Two days before, on Wednesday, I texted her to suggest she could dress in a very ‘rebellious’ outfit to match the character. She seemed to be as much in the game as I was, it excited me.

This third experience also took place at the girl’s apartment. We were not living together at the time. So on Friday I dressed up in a nice outfit, I put all my accessories in my pockets and in a bag I carried with me (including the bottle), and I left for her place.

When she opened the door, I was shocked to see her wearing a sexy black leather jacket with a pair of jeans and high boots. Her beautiful long hair was falling on her shoulders. I kissed her three times on the cheeks like we would do on a first date and came inside. We were really acting like we didn't knew each other that much.

She sat next to me and I proceeded to open the champagne, using a smooth technique I had learned thanks to the power of the Internet. She made a little surprised sound when the bottle popped open and, to be honest, it turned me on.

We both acted the part, like it was a first date. I asked about her hobbies, her passions, and she did the same. It was really an important moment in our relationship actually, I felt like I was getting to know her a little better.

At one point she said ‘It’s really hot in here’, and she removed her jacket to reveal a black thank top. The bottom was placed inside her jeans, making her look even more badass.

It was already more than an hour into the date when we started talking about her travel experiences. She was very well-travelled and cultured so she told me about her trips to Panama and elsewhere in Latin America and what she liked about them.

At one point I told her that she really has been travelling a lot in the past few years. Probably feeling like it was time for more action, she said with a playful and confident tone that I will never forget : ‘I’m a fugitive’.

I acted shocked and confused, asking what she meant exactly. With all the creativity and the skills she had been bragging about, she started telling me about the bad things she had done and how she was forced to run away and come back discreetly after the storm was over.

At this point I am trying my best not to shake uncontrollably. I was sitting right next to the prettiest girl I had seen in my life, prettiest than all stars and celebrities, not only kissing me and rolling her hands on my body, but also setting up the stage so I could dominate her.

I took the police badge in my right pocket and I flashed it right to her face. ‘I’m in the police’. She couldn’t help but smile when she saw my accessory but then went back to play and said in a shocked, almost disgusted way : ‘You’re a cop ?’

‘Yes I am', I said. You’re under arrest.’ Faking irritation, she started complaining about how ridiculous this was. I took a second to breath that felt like an hour. ‘Stand up’, I said.

She did as I told her, silently. ‘Turn around and put your hands behind your head’.

She turned around while I was giving the command and she started placing her hands behind her back before she heard the word ‘head’. She then interlocked her well-manicured fingers behind her perfect hair.

Like I had done with Sarah, I told her not to move and I pulled her left hand behind her. Seeing my little black cuff on her soft skin was amazing. I did the same with the right hand and asked her to sit back.

I explained that it was a sting operation to catch her and I showed her the arrest warrant. She stayed in character but I could see the curiosity and passion in her eyes. She was enjoying this a lot. She always liked when I was creative.

I then told her I needed to bring her to the station, which would be her bedroom. I placed my hand on her upper arm and helped her up. I wanted to walk her by the arm like they do in the cop shows. She didn’t show how much she was nervous but I figured it when I realized she was sweating a little bit. Somehow the feeling of her perfect silky skin and her sweat on my hands excited me.

I walked her to the room and sat her on the bed. I said I would be back in two minutes after a few check-ups. I actually wanted to take a minute to calm myself and stop shaking. When I came back, I discovered one of the sexiest poses I have seen in my life : She was sitting on the bed with her hands laying submissively behind her, her palms upwards instead of down on the blanket. I was wandering if it was painful to stay like this, but I didn't say anything.

I removed her handcuffs and lead her to the wall where I proceeded to do a strip search like I had done with Sarah. She told me later that she really enjoyed that part. After the search, I placed a pair of leather bracelets on her, as well as a blindfold (I bought both on the Internet) and lead her to the bed. She made a cute smile when I rubbed her little wrists after removing the metal cuffs, and she said ‘You’re very gently, officer’. When I placed the soft restraints on her, she said ‘Ah, much more comfortable’.

The rest is not hard to imagine. She spent the rest of the evening trying to negotiate her freedom. That being said, when she tried the classic line of ‘Is there anything I can do, officer ? I would do anything’, I told her ‘You’re such a cliche. That'll never work.’ and that made her laugh a little.

It was one of my biggest deception when we had to leave each other because I had to leave the country. I really liked that girl. She was, in fact, the queen of roleplay (We did a few other ones without bondage).

So these were the best experiences I had in my life. At the present time, I am still looking for a new partner to try a cool roleplay. If there is any creative girl out there, whether dom or sub, who has any interest in my kind of soft/erotic roleplays, feel free to contact me or shoot your ideas here. To the other members, feel free to give your ideas and comments as well.

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Great story especially the last one which I enjoyed a lot
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