Unexpectedly Sadistic (M/M)

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Unexpectedly Sadistic (M/M)

Post by CaptiveDan »

At my request, my boyfriend had tied me spreadeagle to the bed. Thick velcro cuffs around my wrists and ankles were padlocked to chains that encircled the bed posts, a setup I had rigged up to ensure I would be stretched out as much as possible, while still comfortable enough to remain locked in for long periods of time. Despite the cuffs being velcro, my hands were too far from each other to tear them off, and so this simple position had been inescapable so far.

I've been tied up this way a fair number of times. I love being tied up, and my boyfriend is happy to indulge me. I've tied him up a few times too, he enjoys it as an addition to other sex acts, like being tied up while I fuck him, or being tied up and forced to suck me off. But I crave being tied up for really any reason; Tied up and fucked, tied up and left alone while he works, tied up while we cuddle or watch a movie, and tied up and tortured.

Because I'm more into bondage then him, most of the time a bondage scene goes as such: I come up with a position I want to be restrained in and get myself as locked down as possible, I then ask him to lock the last few locks, or put the gag in, or tape my last writs, or pull the straps to finish restraining me. Then we usually chill, sometime we watch a movie while I'm tied, sometimes he plays video games or works while I see if I can get free. Occasionally he'll tease me for a bit or fuck me and go back to doing what he's doing, but for the most part it's a rather hands-off and relaxing time restrained.

And so, as he locked the last velcro strap to the far corner bedpost, stretching and restraining my naked body to our bed, I was expecting him to essentially leave me alone while he read. I'd lay there, blindfolded, relaxing in bondage as he did his own thing, as we had so many times before.

I was in for a very welcome surprise.

He placed his book on my chest and started to tease me. He traced gentle circles on my inner thigh. He cupped and fondled my balls. With the lightest touch he ran his fingers up my cock. I was already rock hard and approaching the edge. Every time he touched my cock I'd thrust and moan for more, only for him to pull back and return to teasing my balls and thighs. Within minutes I was a mindless mess, unable to focus on anything but the orgasm I needed so badly, and that he refused to give. He'd edged me before, but this was by far the most torturous. He kept me so close to the edge, long after I thought for sure I was past the event horizon, only to stop me there. Not truly letting me rest either, but returning to the other erogenous parts of my exposed body that would keep my unbearably horny but not bring me over the edge.

I heard him turn the page to his book and realized how fucked I was.

Since I'm more into bdsm then him, usually the limiting factor to more involved scenes is his interest. I can be tied and left alone for a while because he's off entertaining himself, and we're both having fun in our own way. More involved scenes, like edging or torture or sex, are shorter because he'll have fun messing with me for a few minutes, get bored, and be ready to move on to something else. But the sound of the page toldme that he was multitasking. The edging that kept my whole body and mind occupied in a frustrating and incredibly horny frenzy, was nothing but an afterthought to my boyfriend. Something to mindlessly do with his free hand as he read his book.

I thrashed and fought, trying to find a way to free myself from the prison I'd rigged up and let him put me in. My hands couldn't reach the strap on my cuffs. What they could reach was a padlocked chain, that without the key, I had no way to escape. I was trapped, doomed to suffer on the edge as long as my boyfriend wanted to read. I was filled with equal parts dread and excitement at the thought of being kept in this state for over an hour.

Somewhere, a few pages in, my boyfriend showed a little bit more of this sadism I didn't know he had. As I begged him to let me cum, he took his hand off my cock, letting me thrust at the air helplessly and without relief. But instead of returning to my balls to tease me, this time I felt dancing fingers crawl up my side. I struggled to get move away, but I was stretched out to a point were I could move at most a few inches - not nearly enough to escape him.

He tickled me mercilessly. I thrashed and laughed uncontrollably, worried the neighbors would hear but unable to stop myself. I'm incredibly ticklish, even a little bit is enough to bring me to tears. Outside of bondage I despise it, and won't tollerate tickling even a tiny bit. When I'm restrained however, I love it. I love how much I'm forced to fight even when theres no chance to escape. I love the agony I have no choice but to endure. I love suffering at the hands of the man I love knowing he will only hurt me in ways I can tolerate and in some strange ways crave. Tickling is so unbelievably painful and overstimulating - the whole time I want nothing more than to make it stop, but then moment I'm freed I'm immediately fantasizing about the next chance I get to be tied down and tickled again.

Page after page he plays with me. Edging me one minute and then tickling me the next. As time goes on he starts to play with my nipples; gently circling them at first, then painfully pinching and twisting them. He slaps my balls in between fondling them. He moves his hand up and down my dick, his grip so loose I only barely feel it. With the blindfold I get no warning before he jabs his fingers into my pits, tickling me until I'm begging him to stop. He doesn't stop. He reads his book, flipping each page quietly, torturing me as an afterthought. One of most intense bondage experiences I've had in years is just a calm hour of reading before bed to him.

Finally, after over an hour of teasing, edging, slapping, and tickling me, my boyfriend closed his book. I felt him get off the bed, and heard him walk away. I laid there, waiting in anticipation. I called out to him. No response. I shook my head to try and get my blindfold off, but had no luck.

A few minutes later he returned, and I felt one lubed hand wrap around my cock, his other hand gently caressing my balls. I moaned, thrusting my whole body as much as my bondage would allow, heavily breathing as he brought me closer and closer. Finally I came. I shot so far I felt cum on my neck. My whole body shook as a wave of pleasure and relief washed over me. I must have kept cumming for a full minute, an orgasm earned from over an hour of torture and edging. I went slack, resting in my bonds and sinking into the bed.

He took off my blindfold and kissed me. I watched him as he released me from the bed, staring at this wonderful and beautiful man that I love. This wonderful and beautiful man that had surprised me in just how good of a dom he could be. I fell asleep replaying the memory of what had just happened, and getting myself excited about what other surprises he might have in store for me next time.
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Post by PepperFugita »

Very hot text.

The power exchange idea of one having a so intense and longing experience, while for the dom is another reading night before bed routine, is extremely arousing.
The kiss and melting feelings at the end made this even better. A very good dom indeed, you are lucky.
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Post by romancedawn »

this was really hot! would love to have it done to me. keep writing!
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Post by Gino »

really great story
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Post by Canuck100 »

Unexpectedly sadistic, but in such a hot way! Really great story! I hope your boyfriend continues being creative and that you’ll have more experiences to report about!
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Post by harveygasson »

Very good little story about your experience
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Post by MaxRoper »

Long term edging is an amazing experience and you conveyed the feelings perfectly. You're an excellent writer, and your BF is definitely a keeper. Thank you for sharing this.
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Post by Pup Wingletang »

What a brilliantly written account of your experience at the hands of your boyfriend. I love the idea that everything he was doing to you was just an idle distraction for his free hand whilst he got on with the real task of enjoying his book. And a lovely romantic ending.
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Post by ExcessivelyCurious »

Wow this sounds incredible, wish I could have an experience like this.
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