Real vs playful

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Real vs playful

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Hi all!

I don't know if this has been discussed before but I have always wondered how it is for someone with an interest in bondage to be tied up in a real life situation like for example a crime scene like a robbery or something like that.

I have, like many others here, grown up with fantasies about forced bondage in crime scenes and have always enjoyed stories about that. Now I naturally understand that there is a very big difference between tie up games and crime, just like there is a big difference in having sex and being raped. But it has always made me wonder anyway...

Does anyone here have any experience in being tied up by force in a crime scene or have any thoughts about how you think it would affect your interest in bondage?

Is it exciting to think back on afterwards, is it anything at all like being tied in more playful situations, does it turn you completely off and give you a distaste for bondage because of negative associations and memories or is it just two completely different things that doesn't affect the other at all?

Any experiences or thoughts?