TRAP by root001

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TRAP by root001

Post by tomato »

I stumbled upon this absolute gold mine of a bondage doujinshi, and thought I'd share it.

Note: While this doujinshi is safe to read for everyone, the site does contain adult ads pop-ups. So be aware.

Link: Link removed by mod for violating rules on porn links/ nudity

EDIT: as stated above, link has been removed (mb mods), so just search up the title and you should find it.
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Post by banshee »

One of the best bondage comics ever, I'm a sucker for fantasy scenarios but even looking past that its amazing, incredibly well drawn and detailed and with a plot decent enough to keep the bondage scenes coming without it feeling gratuitous, also, and this is because of my preferences, it isn't overly smutty past the bondage, and that I appreciate because even in other good bondage comics sometimes I feel like they are too sexual, which of course isn't a problem, just something I'm not really into.
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