Sugar Demon (F)

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Sugar Demon (F)

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“Welcome great-boss sir! Welcome snaga-shop of Gaz! Iz Gaz me. Iz sell finest beauties in all Nebelbergheim! Iz here haz demoness beauty, beauty with demon-name Melanofuranosibylinna. Name mean ‘Sugar’ in demon speak, in demon, how you say, language. And Sugar iz sweet demoness, iz meek demoness. Iz make very good first demoness-purchase for great-boss sir.

“And iz smart, too. Iz sweet-smart, smart in nice way, not in too-clever conspiring way. Iz like books, like reading. Iz quiet-reading demoness like, how you say, librarian. Only haz no books. Books not come with summoning spell; only bookcase, empty of books. So great-boss sir must find books for bookcase. But when buy sweet sugar-demoness, Gaz include bookcase for no extra gold ork-mark. Great bargain, great deal!”