Jennifer : 23 - College: A New Chapter, Normal is Good (F/F)

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Jennifer : 23 - College: A New Chapter, Normal is Good (F/F)

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23 - College: A New Chapter, Normal is Good
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By Jennifer

Hi, I finally got around to writing the third part of this story. Have a read over it and let me know what you think.

Dinner at the college cafeteria went pretty well and normal as you would likely suspect. Ashley and I ate together as we often did. I had made several other friends in my first few weeks of college. I had a couple of girls that I hung out with from two of my classes and two others who lived down the hallway. I was still getting to know them. There was something different about making friends with someone and living with someone. While I was making friends with several of the other students on campus, Ashley and I were becoming close friends after the first few weeks of the semester. She and I got along quite well and shared a lot of interest. We has some differences in our personalities. She was a little more shy than I was and I was into the whole tie up thing and she wasn't. Still, she was the closest thing I had to true friend around here right now.

While I was closest with my family and I had quite a few friends from high school and grade school back home. None of them were here right now and I had been feeling quite lonely and cut off until I had formed a friendship with my roommate. We often shared an evening meal together. 4 in the afternoon was a good time to eat. The cafeteria wasn't crowded with the dinner rush and the food was just coming out fresh for the first time of the meal. The two of us sat across from each other and ate. The conversation bobbed back and fourth between a number of different things as we consumed the food. However, the item that had just transpired up in the room was absent from the conversation.

Ashley was very taboo about the whole tie up thing and she wouldn't even discuss her feelings about it with Stephanie and me. My assumption from our first encounter was that she didn't care for it at all. However, I wasn't sure what to make of the whole thing. There were still some light marks on my wrists from the ropes earlier in the day. I was careful to keep my sleeves down and I focused the conversation away from what had just happened. I wasn't sure that Ashley was unfriendly with the situation. But, I wasn't going to test it by bringing it up in public. The meal finished the way it always did, I got desert and Ashley sat there and watched me eat it. She was on a bit of a diet phase at the moment. I don't remember why, but she wasn't eating too many sweets.

So, are you ready to head back up to the dorm room Jen?” Ashley remarked as I picked up the plastic dish of ice cream and began to consume it with a spoon. “Yeah, I guess I am done let's head back to the dorm room and do something.” I replied. The two of us headed out the front door of the cafe and said good night to the woman sitting behind the cash register. She was an older lady with light grey hair and a polite smile. She was always pleasant to talk to on a busy day when you needed advice about college. The trip back to the dorm room was pretty simple and pleasant. The conversation that we had over dinner continued and everything seemed to be returning to normal. Not that most things I got involved in were considered normal by anyone's standards.

Ashley and I got off the elevator, I had finished most of the ice cream on the way up and threw the small plastic bowl out in the trash can next to the elevator. The two of us headed down the hallway towards the dorm room. I lead the way as Ashley clinged a few feet behind me. It wasn't in her nature to follow, but it was in mine to lead. I already had my key out to unlock the door and she gave me the right of way so that I could complete my task. I turned the key in the knob and glided the door gently open into the room. Ashley followed me in. She flipped on the light as she passed the switch illuminating our humble abode.

Let's face it, the room I shared with my little sister at home when I was growing up was bigger than the dorm room. Throw in the sofa and the bunk beds and got smaller by the minute. It was getting into fall and the amount of available light outside in evening hours was fading. Still, there was plenty of light coming through the windows to illuminate the small space. "So, Jen what do you want to do this evening?" The question was being repeated for about the tenth time since we left for dinner. I looked over at her not knowing how to respond. She had already asked the question several times and I told her I was fine with anything. I had gotten being tied up out of my system for the time being and any normal form of entrainment was equally worthy of my consideration. I just didn't want to have to give the first idea to the conversation.

Ashley looked at me inquisitively waiting for a response. She might as well have been talking to a bucket. I needed time to let things run through my head and she wanted an immediate epiphany. The combination wasn't coming together at all. "Movie?" The question was a one word phrase. It seemed she had already made up her mind what she wanted to do and was filling in the buckets lines for it. "Sure, what did you have in mind?" I asked looking up at her. Ashley took a moment to think herself. "Did you bring anything new when you went home last weekend?" I just shook my head and began realizing that it wasn't going my way. Ashley looked up at the line of tapes rowed across the bottom shelf above her desk. She walked over and began to look through it. I didn't have to look to know the answer. I already knew what we had.

Ashley and I had each brought about 2 or 3 movies that we had gone through in the first two weeks here. Other than that, Ashley had pretty much the whole first season of the Pokémon cartoon on tape. I had a lot of fun with the whole game and everything, but she was obsessed with it. She had two tapes that were official, the rest she had just recorded on Saturday morning on some blank tapes. We had already watched all the movies we possessed and her cartoon collection in its entirety twice. Not that I minded, Ashley was open about what she liked in life and I was happy to indulge it to make her happy. In reality, that was the facade I put up. I was just as hooked on it as she was, but I wasn't as open about the whole thing. I didn't have a stuffed Pikachu the size of a small child sitting on my bed by the pillow. But, if it made her happy, so be it. I had a couple of things that made me happy that most girls at that age would find weird to say the least.

"I guess I am going to have to go rent a movie." Ashley stated as she looked backward towards me rather than over the shelf of videos. "Are you sure, it’s almost a mile?" Ashley was already getting her coat on the video store I was thinking of was almost a mile from the dorm. "I am sure, is there anything in particular you want me to get?" I watched as Ashley was opening the door to the dorm room. I was surprised she was willing to make the trip over a simple tape rental. "Something funny would be nice, and nothing scary." The offer was more for her than me. I could stand horror films, but Ashley didn't care for them much. "I trust you, besides your paying for it so it's up to you." Ashley nodded and headed for the door.

I leaned back against my own desk and my hand landed on Ashley's keys. "Hey, aren't you forgetting something?" I said picking the keys up and jangling them to get her attention. "Nope, I could use the exercise, besides you need time to make the popcorn. I will be back in a little while." With that she closed the door behind her and took off. I knew there had to be a catch to the whole thing. No wonder she wanted to head off so suddenly. Ash wanted to stick me with all the hard work. I gave it a quick sigh and went off to get the stuff out of her closet.

So, you might be thinking, popcorn right, no big deal. Just throw two bags in the microwave and pour them into a bowl for later. Well, if that was it you would be wrong. I pushed my chair over so that I could extend my height. Each of the closets had two long deep shelves that ran the length of them. The top one was within reach of Ashley, long arms from the floor. At least the front edge of it was. Unfortunately, I wasn't blessed with her natural height. I pulled the air popper down from the top shelf where she stored it along with the pot and of course the pop corn. I set the pot and popper up on her desk. I filled the popper with a load of kernels and plugged it in. With most college students, a movie with popcorn was a simple way to unwind. With Ashley it was a ritual.

I took the lid off the 5 quart metal pot and put it under the lip to catch the popping kernels. While that was running, I headed over to the fridge and dug out a stick of butter which I cut in half. I put one half of it into a small ceramic cereal bowl and put it in the microwave. I set a timer and let it sit without starting the whole thing. I waited about 5 minutes while the popper emptied its contents over the side and into the pot. I retrieved the salt shaker and got it ready too. Once the first popping completed, I went over and refilled the air popper for the second go round. It took two popping to fill the pot. Once the second popping began, I hit the go button on the microwave to start melting the butter. I still had a few minutes to wait on the matter. Then I noticed something laying on the floor.

The pieces of rope that I had been bound with earlier was still sitting out. They was coiled up, but I had forgotten to put them away from earlier in the drawer where they were supposed to go. I let my mind wander back to where it had been before the movie had been suggested. I wasn't sure where the whole thing sat. I wondered whether Ash was gaining some interest in my activities, or if she was simply trying to be a good friend. It was a puzzle that I hadn't managed to quite work out how to address. At least not at this point. A beeping from the microwave brought my mind back into the present.

I pulled the melted butter out with a pot holder and crossed the room to spread it over the pot which, was now bursting with popcorn. I poured about half of it over top of the popcorn and then I began pulling the sides of the pile up. That way I could get some butter down further into the batch. Once I was done with that, I put the lid over the pot and shook it. I shook it like a melon trying to see if it was ripe. I was trying to spread the butter around evenly. After 2 minutes of shaking, I opened the top again and poured a little salt on top of it. It was a whole lot of work, but that just made it taste better. I grabbed a small handful and chowed down on it. Ashley was right, this was way better than 2 bags from a microwave.

The funny thing was there was enough popcorn for my whole family there in that pot. Ashley and I were going to end up eating all of it despite just having dinner over a half hour ago. Ash was weird that way. She wouldn't eat a scoop of ice cream. But, put a pile of popcorn in front of her and suddenly she would become a bottomless pit. I looked up at the clock. Ashley had only been gone for about 15 minutes or so. I had made the last trip to the video store with her. I had at least a good half hour before she was coming back. That would be if the store only had one tape to rent and a bear chased her back. I put a lid on the popcorn and headed over towards my dresser. I decided that to take a shower and get it out of the way for the evening.

I opened the bottom drawer of my dresser. We had a pretty open and sharing relationship about everything in the dorm room. Clothes seemed to be the exception to this rule. Mostly because our sized didn't match. Ashley had lent me a sweatshirt once. We had gone to an outdoor activity earlier in the month. Ashley had brought a pull over sweatshirt and I wore shorts. It ended up that she tied it around her waist because she didn't need it and I got cold. So, she let me borrow it to warm up. It ended up keeping me warm, but it looked a little ridiculous as I could have passed it off for a short dress.

I was still trying to decide whether or not to go through with my plan for the evening. My bottom drawer was designated by me week one for clothes. Actually, it turned out to be the only private place I had in the whole room. It housed a couple of things that I hadn't shared with either Ashley or Stacy yet. The first one being the harness I sometimes wore in the car. The vest from it was situated underneath everything else in the drawer. I had also brought out a seat mount for it. Actually, Scott had hidden them in the top of my laundry bag the day I moved in. It was in case I wanted them for anything. So far, they had just sat at the bottom of my drawer. There was also a pair of hinged hand cuffs with their keys. However, these two things weren't what I was looking for.

I went over to the left side of the drawer and retrieved the item I wanted. I lifted the outfit out and slid the door shut below. I tucked it under one arm and grabbed a change of underwear and a towel along with some soap as I headed out and down the hallway to the bathroom. I stepped into one of showers and pulled the curtain around me. I changed out of my clothes and turned the water on and let it come down streaming to hit me in the face. It was warm and a welcome soothing to end what had been a long day. My shower lasted about 10 minutes. I washed and stepped out with a towel wrapped around my body. The area around the floor was getting rather quiet for this time of evening most of the students who were going home had already left for the weekend. Of the few who remained, most of them were off at dinner right now. I had the bathroom all to myself. I headed over to second stall to dry off and get dressed.

Once I was dry, I slipped on my undergarments and then I unfolded the outfit I had retrieved from the dresser earlier. It was a fleece set of footed pajamas that I had brought from home on my last trip out. They were the normal one piece set that zipped in the front from the wait up to the neck. It had long sleeves and legs that ended in the built in feet. The whole thing was light blue with a snow flake print. My mother had ordered two sets of them for me the year before from the JC Penny's catalogue. I slid them on over my body and did up the zipper in the front. Then, I gathered my clothes up from the floor and headed back to the dorm room. I had avoided being seen by anyone so far. I headed back into my dorm room and went inside.

I had brought the outfit from home the last time I had gone. I had meant to wear them to bed earlier in the week. However, I wasn't sure how my two roommates would react to seeing me in pajamas with feet. I was worried that Ashley and Stacy would have a good laugh at my account and tell me how ridiculous I looked. Still colder weather was coming and I didn't want to go the whole winter without them. I figured I was better friends with Ashley than Stacy so this would be a good time to see what she thought. If she had a problem with them, the rest of my stuff would have to make its way home in secret. I seated myself on the sofa again much like I had been tied up earlier. Basically I just put my feet up and stretched out. Then I waited for Ashley to get back.

I still had to wait another 15 minutes or so for her to return. A two mile walk to rent a video took her almost an hour. The door opened and Ashley came into the room. She plopped the video down on my bed and took off her coat. "Hey Jen, sorry for taking so long with the tape. Did you get the popcorn done?" I looked over at her and nodded quietly. Ashley got two cereal bowls from a box in her closet and brought the pot over. She put it on the floor and pulled the chair from my desk up and set it facing the television. Afterward she put in the movie and sat down in the chair. My roommate didn't even attempt to fight me for the couch or part of it. Finally, Ashley hit play on her remote and passed me a bowl of popcorn. Everything went pretty smoothly. The two of us just sat there watching the movie start munching away on popcorn.

It turned out that my worries were not going to be realized. She had seen me and I hadn't heard one word about what I was wearing. The movie went forward and I worked slowly through my first bowl of popcorn before moving onto a second. The pot had a good 7 or 8 bowls in it. I was still full from dinner and the movie was about an hour and a half in length. It took me about 40 minutes to finish the second bowl. I went to get a third from the pot. However, all I got was a handful that I managed to scrape together. Ashley had devoured the rest of it in my absence. Not that I minded, I wasn't all that hungry.

The movie Ashley rented was Men in Black with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones if I am not mistaken about the actors. It would not have been my first choice, but I am easy going. It was okay, and it had its’ moments. The light flashed and the movie ended. (See it if you don't know what I am talking about.) Ashley got up and hit the rewind button on the VCR. "Well, that was different." Ashley said looking for a word to describe the movie. I could tell she wasn't as pleased with it as he had expected it to be. "Nice Jammies by the way, they look pretty comfortable." She continued to comment showing me a quick smile. I looked up at her trying to hide the embarrassment of the whole situation. "Yeah, they are warm and comfy." I repeated her comment back to her.

I sounded like a 4 year old, but I wasn't sure how to respond. Luckily Ashley moved the matter forward for me. "Where did you get them? I didn't know they made blanket sleepers in adult sizes." I paused for a moment and responded. "Actually, they are on the upper bound of child sizes. My mom ordered them for me from the JC Penny's catalogue last Christmas. I like pajamas with built in feet to keep warm. I have had them ever since I can remember." Ashley just nodded, "Well, they look comfortable, maybe I should get some." Her tone was a mix of laughing and a warm smile. I couldn't tell if she was being sarcastic or not. However, the matter dropped off.

Ashley took the tape out of the VCR and put it back in the video stores box. Then she came over and seated herself with her back resting again the side of the couch. Her position was chosen specifically because of what I had left on the floor. The coils of rope from earlier were still sitting there on the floor where I had left them. Ashley picked one of them up and passed it back and fourth between her hands. She looked down at it methodically and avoided making eye contact with me for a time. This was a second reason she had chosen to sit where she had. For a few minutes, she just sat there in silence. Ashley was letting her thoughts circulate in her head trying to choose the right way to phrase what she wanted to ask. They were moving around like clothes in a dryer.

Finally, she kept her gaze forward, but put a question out in the air. "Jen, I want to ask you something. It's hard for me, but I wanted to know something. It's about you being tied up earlier today. I had a question that I wanted to ask you with relation to that." I looked down at the back of her head. "OK, go ahead." I replied. "It was about the way you were tied up earlier. Have you ever fallen asleep tied up like that?" The question seemed strange at first, but the more I thought about it, it made more sense. I understood what Ashley was trying to ask. The problem was how to phrase it and my current outfit might had sent her to ask that question. I took a deep breath and resounded. "Well. . . . "

I am going to break here. I apologize that I didn't get to the good part of the story yet. However, this is already another 5 pages and I need to get some sleep tonight. This is turning out to be longer than I anticipated it would. I will finish the story up in over the next week or three. I promise. I hoped you enjoyed it despite nobody getting tied up just yet. Who gets tied up? Well I am not going to spoil the surprise. If you want to know you need to continue reading next time.


Note from Canuck : I did not find the last part of this story in the archives, sadly. If you have it, do not hesitate to post it here as a reply!

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find part 4 of this story from archive, but no part 5


Part 4: Sleeping captive

Sorry for taking so long on this story. I have been pretty busy with life as it is right now. I don't have the time to write like I used to. So, I won't be updating my stories as often. However, this part of the story is done and the next one will probably come sometime in July or so. I hope everyone enjoys it.

"Well, . . . ." The words swarmed from my mouth as I tried to move the conversation forward. I wasn't quite sure how I was going to explain this. So, I just spit it out. "Yeah, I have slept d up on quite a few occasions growing up. However, I usually do it with my hands d in front of me. I have tried sleeping like I was d up earlier, but I haven't had much success with it. It just gets too uncomfortable for my body to find a position I can rest in." I took a moment and let the newly shared knowledge sink in to Ashley's mind. She was sitting there hanging onto every word that I was sharing on the matter.

"How long have you been playing these games Jennifer?" The question darted from the other part of this conversation. I looked over at Ashley trying to get a second read on where she was going with this. "I mean, you seem to know what you are doing, I was wondering how long you have been doing this?" I took a moment and pondered what the best response would be, "I really don't know. My brothers and sister were into the games for quite a while now. Probably before I was born. I have been playing with them ever since I can remember. I . . . ."

I continued moving the conversation forward about some of my past experiences growing up with the whole up epidemic. Anyone familiar with my stories knows just how much experience I had. I shared a couple of anecdotes with Ashley related to the subject at hand. I don't remember exactly which of them I shared with her. However, they were some of the ones that are located on my site and in the back log of the forums here. I spoke with her for a good half hour on the topic sharing 3 or 4 of my experiences.

"Wow! I had no idea that you were that involved with this. I thought it was just a strange hobby that you probably picked up as a teenager or something. I can see where you get all your knowledge on this matter from. I am surprised that you remember all of that." I smiled as Ashley took all of my past in. Gaging her reaction was not as difficult as it had originally been. Her eyes gave most of it away. There was a genuine interest in the subject floating around and threw her appearance like the air in an empty headed cat.

"I thought I was getting to know you Jen, but you really are full of surprises. How do you remember all of this?" Ashley asked. "I don't" I took a deep breath and headed over towards the computer. It was still sitting on where Ashley had set it. I could have just explained the whole thing to her, but it was easier to just show her. I pulled the chair away from the desk and opened the drawer. Once it was opened, I reached inside and opened a recipe box that was situated in the back corner of the desk. Inside were a number of the old 3 and 1/2 inch 1.44 MB floppy disks. There were half a dozen of them buried back in the box. Most of them contained files and some of the work I was using for school. Each of them was neatly labeled with their contents clearly written on a label that adorned each disk.

However, there was one disk whose label was worn off and I had not bothered to replace it. The disk itself was more than a few years old. It was one of three in a collection that I had. I popped the diskette into the drive on the computer and then dug through the menus locating the shortcut to the dos prompt. The software I was about to boot up was older than windows. It was buried deep on my hard drive, but the contents I wanted were in a file on the aged disk. I opened a version of Microsoft word that was at least a decade old. Then, I opened a file located on the a:/> drive on the computer.

The file popped up on the monitor in front of us. It was a simple word file that had been begun more than a few years ago. The caption at the top of the page read, "journal". I scrolled to the bottom of more than 200 pages of text put together with a loose collection of headings. I reached the end of the document and began to amend it. I put the date at the top of the heading and typed "An experience with Ashley." What followed were three paragraphs that listed the details of how I was d up, what I had on and several of the other details surrounding the incident.

Once I was done, I saved the file and began to scroll back upwards through its contents. "Every time I get d up, I write it down. My sister Mary always kept a diary growing up. I wanted to be just like her when I was little. So, I began keeping my own diary too. " Ashley just looked at me. She gazed at the file as I scrolled backwards towards the top of it. "You mean to tell me Jen, that whole file is just about you getting d up?" Her eyes were quite wide not knowing how to respond. I just nodded. "Yup Ash, that's what all of these are. This is my second disk. The first one got filled up past capacity and I had to start a second. I back this one up on a second disk at the end of each week." Ashley wasn't responding to me now she was just looking at the screen. He mouth was open and nothing but hot silence was coming out.

I didn't wait for a response. "I have 4 spiral notebooks at home as well. They are from before I decided to start using the computer. My mom thought it would be cheaper to buy me two computer disks than another 20 notebooks. I have been keeping this since I was 7 years old. You are the first person outside of my family that I have ever shown it too." Ashley finally closed her mouth again and stepped back from the computer. "Wow! . . . " followed by a long pause was all she got out. "Yeah, I got d up quite a bit as a kid." Not every entry in this diary was about getting d up. But, I was not going to share that with her at this point. Three quarters of them were and that was enough for me to claim some truth to my bragging.

I had laid out the big picture for her. The reaction I got was more than I was looking for. Ashley looked like a 5 year old in a candy store with 2 shiny new nickles to part with. (I am looking back through the diary I kept right now. There are around 780 total entries or so. So, there were probably 5 or 6 hundred of them when I was sharing it with Ashley.) However, she only got to see the thing as a whole and read one or two of the pages over my shoulder before I shut it down and pulled the disk out of the a drive on the computer. Being d up was a big part of who I was growing up. Ashley had gone on a quest to find out what my experience with the whole situation really was. I thought this was the best way to show her the big picture.

Ashley continued to stare at me for another minute or two even though the computer screen now showed my care bear desktop. "So, do you want to give it a try?" Ashley just looked at me without speaking. After another 2 minutes of just sitting there she nodded her head back and forth silently as she returned my gaze. I rose from where I was sitting and headed over to retrieve some rope to get started. Ashley just stayed sitting where she was. I could still see the nervousness in her eyes at the suggestion I had just made.

I had been down this road about 100 times growing up. Introducing someone to getting d up can be a tricky thing to walk through. Usually when another individual finds out about my weird hobby, they give one of two reaction. Either I lose a friend, or they become interested in it. Ashley was the second case. Some people who know about me getting d up just sit back and won't participate in it at all. The events from earlier today were a clear indicator of Ashley's thoughts on the matter. She was just having the trouble working up the courage to bring the matter further out into the open. So, I offered an invitation. I figured it was better to approach the matter directly and maybe her up for about 20 minutes and let it work in our out of her system and then go from there.

I got a piece of rope from where it was sitting on the floor, and returned to where Ashley was seated by my desk. "OK, could you do me a favor Ashley and put your hands together please?" Ashley hesitated for a minute or two, but then she stood up and turned around bringing her arms around behind her back. I decided to go with it and began the process of tying her hands together. I pulled her wrists together and began wrapping the rope around them several times. After 7 or 8 passes, I cinched it off in the middle and d a knot. It wasn't the best job I had ever done by a long shot. She probably could have freed herself if she had any idea what she was doing. However, that wasn't the point. Ashley and I were just testing the waters with this matter.

Once I gave her the go ahead, Ashley started to struggle quite a bit. I stood there and watched as she yanked on the ropes from a couple of different directions trying to separate her hands from their current position. The struggling lasted for about 2 and a half minutes before Ashley finally tired herself out. She was drawing in deep breaths and leaning forward trying to examine her hands. She wasn't at the end of her strength, but it wasn't proving to be an effective means of procuring her freedom. After a few deep breaths and composing herself, Ashley sat down on the couch and leaned back.

"Are you OK?" I asked. The question was just routine. Ashley seemed to be composed, but I didn't want to scare her. "Yeah, I am all right." She replied. "You know, ugh, you make something like this look pretty easy to get out of the other night. I guess it's just not as easy as it looks." I nodded. "It takes a lot of practice to learn how to escape effectively. There are some tricks of the trade and if you follow it long enough you will learn." Ashley looked up at me. "Yeah, I guess so. Jen, could you un me now.?" I looked up at the c on the shelf above my desk then I looked down at Ashley. "Sure, I guess."

I leaned over and instructed Ashley to lean forward to give me access to her bound wrists. The square knot I had d earlier parted with relative ease and I was able to free her hands a minute or so later. Ashley brought her hands out from behind her back and began to massage her wrists. Despite the fact that she had only been d for about 5 minutes. There were some rope marks on her arms. After she finished a little bit of rubbing, Ashley got up and walked passed me. "Thanks Jen, look at the time. It's late already I should probably start getting ready for bed." Ashley crossed the room to her closet and retrieved a set of clothes for bed and headed out the door to our room without another word.

The whole of the process took about 45 seconds or so. I was still standing there holding the coil of rope in my hands after she left. I was almost struck dumbfounded by the whole of the event. I figured that I should get this out in the open so that I could Gage Ashley's reaction and temperance to the situation correctly. She had been d up for 5 minutes and stormed out with a lame excuse about getting ready for bed. I looked over at the c. It really wasn't that late. I think it was sometime around 8:30 pm or a little after. Ashley still went to sleep often earlier than I did, but this was out of character even for her. She usually stayed up until at least 10:30 at the earliest.

I read the situation for what it was. Most of the friends I had played up with gave me a better reaction than this. I had two cases where I introduced someone to the games as a participant and it had gone really bad. One of them freaked out once they were bound and the other one never spoke to me again. I ran back over the last 5 minutes in my head. Trying to figure out what had gone wrong. Ashley hadn't been d up long enough for her to get hurt. She had attempted an escape, but that was the normal first reaction. She had been pretty calm about the whole thing after her first wind broke down. Then she asked to be und and left the room with an impartial attitude towards what happened. Almost if she was dismissing the whole matter.

I ran through everything again and again in my head for about 10 minutes. I was trying to nothing that had gone on seemed to fit the pattern with the other two bad reactions that I had concerning it. I just knew something had gone wrong. Once I rule out any thing I should have done differently, I chalked the whole situation up to a bad reaction and began working my way through my next move. Ashley was a becoming a close friend. The best one that I had out here. I didn't want this to ruin our friendship. I mulled over what to say to her when she came back in my head several times as I sat on the edge of my bed. A lot came to mind. I didn't want to blame her, but at the same time, I really didn't want to put all the weight of this on my own shoulders. I was looking for a middle road to share the blame between the two of us. I was hoping we could just get past it. However, no words came to me. Well, at least none in time.

About half an hour after she left, Ashley came back into the room. I had already rounded up the rope and put it away in Stephanie's dresser hoping not to leave an innuendo of the situation out in the open. Her hair was still a little damp and the clothes she had been wearing during the day were situation under one of her arms with a towel. She was in her favorite sleeping outfit. The yellow sweatpants and hooded sweatshirt. She padded in to the room and dropped her dirty clothes in to a laundry bag located on the left side of her closet. Without a word, she shut the door and turned and looked at the bed. I began to speak.

"Ashley, " The words drew slowly from my mouth. "I am really sorry about . ." Ashley stopped me with an hand being raised mid sentence. "What are you apologizing for Jennifer?" I raised my gaze up from the floor to read the reaction on her face. I didn't see anything out of the ordinary. "I guess I took the whole thing with a little too much excitement. I should have started out slower. I probably shouldn't have d you up, we at least not with your hands behind . ." Ashley gave me another raised hand. I couldn't blame her, I had earned it after all.

Ashley crossed the room and put her hands on my shoulders. "You didn't do anything wrong Jennifer. I wasn't scared of being d up, that's not it at all." I stopped the apology. and looked up at Ashley her face was quite calm and relaxed on the matter. I tried to read an explanation from her, but none seemed to be forth coming on the matter. Ashley finally let the silence pass and opened an explanation of her behavior to me.

"Jen," There was a long pause. "to be honest with you, I have been curious about this whole up thing since I watched you d Steph up the first night we were here together. I have been watching you for the last few weeks and after a few times I have been debating whether or not to ask to participate. I still had some fears on the matter, but you put most of them aside this afternoon. I finally understand why you like being d up. Still, I wasn't sure how to approach the subject from the initial standpoint I gave you on the matter. Then a few minutes ago, I finally worked up the courage to try it. " I listened to her explanation and gave it my full attention.

"Well, when I was d up a little while ago, it was an interesting experience. I thought back to the first night when you d Stephanie up and she fell asleep like that. I was wondering if she was just playing around or if she really fell asleep like that. So, that's why I asked you if you ever fell asleep d up before. I thought about trying it myself. I figured if I made it all night d up, then I could know about this one way or the other and put the matter to rest. Anyways, this is going to sound a little stupid. I thought that if I was going to ask you to me up for a whole night I should head to bed early. That way if I cannot fall asleep d up, I still have some time to get a good nights rest before morning. So, I ran out of her and started getting ready for bed. Sorry if leaving so early gave you the wrong impression."

Ashley finally stopped and took a couple of breaths. She was speaking so quickly that I was having a hard time keeping her words separate. Still, I got the majority of it. I let out a sigh of relief before continuing. I had drawn the wrong conclusions, but at least everything was OK. I couldn't contrive the right words to say so I just answered her approach with a simple nod. "Well then Jen let's get started." Ashley stated without any more discussion on the matter. She turned her back to me and brought her hands together in the middle of her lower back. "OK, I guess we can if you want to give it a try. Let me get some of the rope back out since I put all of it away." I replied as I crossed the room over to Stephanie's closet and removed a piece of rope from the dresser.

I began to uncoil it and came back across the room to where Ashley was standing. "All right, but turn around first." I instructed. "Why?" Ashley replied. "I am going to your hands in front instead of behind your back." Ashley looked over her shoulder at me and gave me a look of discontentment. "Look Ash, I have done this quite a bit growing up and it's really had to fall asleep with your hands d behind your back. This will be more comfortable. Besides, if you decided you don't like it then you won't have to wake me up at 3:00 am to un you." Ashley glared at me. "Jen, I promise that no matter what I won't wake you up at 3 in the morning over getting und. I want to do this and I am going to spend the night like this no matter what."

The argument went on for about another 3 minutes on whether I should Ashley hands in front or behind her back. However, after she refused to change her mind, I played my trump card and won argument. Ashley turned around and brought her wrists together in front of her. I took the rope and looked them around her wrists parallel several times and cinched it off in the middle. I gave it a slight jerk, and made sure it was snug. I was careful not to make it really tight. I wanted it to be comfortable for her first night like this. Ashley looked down at the ropes and then brought her bound hands up and itched her nose. "You know Jen, if I wanted to get out of this it would be pretty easy." I nodded, "Yeah, it would but if you want to be d up then you can just leave the ropes alone. If you want out at some point the option is there for you. Either way let's get you into bed."

Ashley nodded in agreement and then headed over to our bunk beds. She started trying to climb up into the bed, but it proved to be a lot harder than she thought it would be. The bed didn't have a ladder or really any good hand holds. Usually, you had to step on my bed and reach across. Once you got the other side you could pull yourself up. This proved rather difficult for Ashley to do with her hands d together. After a few minutes of failed attempts, I came over and offered her a boost up. Ashley finally got both hands across the bed and managed to pull herself up. Once she reached her perch, she turned herself around and sat on the edge of the bed facing me.

"Shouldn't you lay down?" I asked looking up at her. "I will, but could you at least my feet together first. I don't want to be able to move around too much." I let out another sigh, but then I stopped and headed over towards the dresser to get a second piece of rope. I came back across my own bed and took hold of Ashley's s. Then I began tying them tougher with the piece of rope just above her slippers. I didn't to anything elaborate. Just a few coils and a center cinch like I had done to her hands earlier. "There, is that better?" "Yeah Jen it is." Ashley replied once I had finished tying her feet together.

My roommate scooted back in her bed and pulled her legs upwards. After a minute or two of shifting around, she lied down with her head against the pillow. Next, Ashley pulled her hood up and shifted onto her right side. Finally, she lifted her hands up and grabbed the big stuffed pikachu that was sitting at the head of her bed. She tucked it close to her chest and hugged it with her bound arms. "All right Jen, I am all set." "OK," I replied. I reached up and took hold of the covers at the foot of Ashley's bed. I pulled them up over her and brought them to rest just short of her head. "Sleep tight Ash, don't let the bed bugs bite." I stated with a sarcastic tone of voice. Ashley just laughed and wished me good night.

Once I was sure that Ashley was situated properly, I crossed the room and turned out the lights. I felt a yawn of my own coming on. It had been a long day and I was pretty tired myself. I decided that even though it was early, I should probably hit the hay myself. After all, Ashley was going to have a hard enough time sleeping without me keeping her up on top of the ropes. I made sure the door to our room was ed for the night and then I went back over to my own bed. Before I knew it, I was laying on my side tucked beneath my own covers.

I laid back in the darkness and stared up at the bed above me. For the first few minutes, Ashley just lied still and tried to go to sleep. However, I heard her shift around about 10 minutes after I had gotten into bed. Neither of us said anything. The next half hour or so, Ashley just shifted her position a couple of times. She was having a hard time getting comfortable bound up in the ropes like she was. However, a little while later the movement stopped all together. It seemed that she had finally found a manageable position to sleep in and was finally off to dream land. I took in a deep breath and let out one last deep sigh of relief. For as complicated of a day as it had been, everything worked itself out. I closed my own eyes finally content that Ashley would likely make it through the night without incident.

Sleep came easily to me as the evening moved forward. There were a lot of ideas flowing around in my head. I just needed to make some sense of them. Despite not being d myself, I fell into s deep a quiet slumber. Suddenly, I was awakened by a loud and heavy 'THUD'.

More to come

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