Kinky-wolf : 01 - A weekend alone with my sister (F/M)

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Kinky-wolf : 01 - A weekend alone with my sister (F/M)

Post by Soraka »

by Kinky-wolf » Mon Aug 04, 2014 10:20 am
This is a small and simple story about me and my sister spending the weekend home alone, as our parents enjoy their weekend together for their wedding day. During this story I'm 20 and my sister 18.
In this story I've changed my real name into Mick, and my sister's name in Lisa. ( To keep our names away at least :) )

Its friday evening, and our parents have been away since the morning.
Its been pretty hot, so we've been up to our usual, and just do whatever we want the entire day without really bothering about each other. My sister was still in her room on her computer, and I was sitting downstairs on the couch watching some TV as I was rather bored.
I've got short brown hair myself, blue eyes, and I'm wearing a blue jogging pants, and a small black T-shirt.

There wast anything good on TV, it was late and I was still bored.
Maybe I should see what my sis is doing but then again I knew she'd probably be stuck on some sort of chat online. But I decided to see it for myself and I turned the TV off and went upstairs. We never really knock on each others door, so I just went inside without warning and I was surprised seeing my sister sat there in front of her computer wearing a red jogging pants, small pink socks, and simple red bra. She has long brown hair, blue eyes and wears small glasses. She was surprised as I got in her room, as I was surprised seeing my sister without her shirt on which is why I should've knocked at first.
But to my suprise she didn't cover herself up at all, she seemed more annoyed than embarrassed.

"Can't you knock on the door first before just bashin in my room?"
She had a wicked grin on her face, that was clear to me.
"S-sorry, I-I didn't mean to"
My heart was pounding, and I was obviously nervous all sudden.
I closed the door behind me, as she turned her computer screen off.
"So why did you rush in my room all sudden anyway?"
"W-well, I was bored and wanted to see what you were doing"
My heart was still pounding, I wasn't expecting to see her like this in her own room at all.
"So just because we're all alone for the weekend, you decided to check on me? Like I'm some little girl or something?"
"O-ofcourse not, you know I can be clumsy sometimes"
she suddenly had a small smile on her face.
"Well, you're bored aren't you? And we're obviously alone for the weekend, and you just sneaked into my room like this"
"O come on, you know I didn't mean too"
"Sure, but I think I should teach you a little lesson"
"Who's the little girl now? We're nearly adults and I need a lesson?"
She started to approach me, and smiled some more.
"Yes, I think you do need a lesson for sneaking on your sister like this"

I didn't like where this was going, mostly because I know my sister.
Even though I'm two years older than her, she has always been the strong one as I never liked the idea of fighting at all.
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Post by Soraka »

"Look, I should've knocked on your door ok? No need for a lesson "
She than stood in front of me, and smiled upon my reaction.
"Oh no, I'm going to teach you a lesson"
Before I had a chance to react, she grabbed me with force, and grabbed my hands and took them behind my back with one hand.
I groaned as she grabbed me, but I knew I couldn't fight back.
"L-look, you don't have to wrestle me for a lesson ok?"
"Wrestle? Who says I'm going to wrestle with you at all?"
"I've got a better idea to teach you a lesson with, now stop squirming already ok? You know you can't win from me."
She then pushed me on her bed, and took a quick scarf from the ground. She tied my wrists together using a pink cotton scarf.
She then threw me on my back, and smiled at me.
"Look, this isn't funny anymore ok? Untie my hands already!"
"Loudmouth, you always talk too much don't you?"
"Perhaps I do, and I can tell mom too that you tied me down"
"Oh, who's the little boy now" She says as she smiles at me.

She then got of her bed, and left her room a minute and returned with something behind her back, a roll of ducttape.
I figured she was going to strap some tape on my mouth.
But when sat next to me on her bed, she first removed one of her pink socks.
"W-why are you removing those socks?"
"What? I thought you loved my socks?"
"What do you mean, love them?"
"Well, I bet you'll love them in your mouth!"
And before I had a chance to react to her, she stuffed it in my mouth.
It tasted rather sweaty, but I couldn't spit it out either because she had her hand over my mouth as she used her other hand to grab a strip of ducttape. She than placed two stripes over my mouth to keep her sock inside of my mouth. She laughed at me, and stood up.
"Well, now you got a mouth full of socks and you're actually quiet"
"Mmmph!!" I groaned with the sock in my mouth.
"I didn't quite catch that, but try to relax a bit ok?"
She then turned to her closet, and took several other scarves and then tied my legs together to fully restrain me on her bed.
I moaned trough the sock in my mouth, but couldn't get my hands free from the scarves. She laughed as she saw me struggle on her bed.
"Well, having fun yet? Oh don't worry, you'll learn your lesson this weekend and if you ever tell mom and dad, you'll get many more of these lessons, got that brother?"
I moaned with anger to the sock, and tried to struggle further.
"Oh, I bet thats a yes than isn't it? Well, I've gotta dress up a bit but I don't want you to be a pervert so let me fix that for you, ok?"
"Mpph?" I moaned as I wasn't sure what she meant.
She then grabbed two other scarves, and blindfolded me with them to prevent me from looking at her, as she would change herself.
I started to moan and struggle some more on her bed, but it was no use at all, as she tied those scarves rather tight.
"I bet you wanted to watch me change my pants, and underwear"
"Interested into your sister, sneaking in her room, little pervert"
"MPPH!!" I moaned in anger, to wich she giggled a bit more.
"Don't worry, I've got some plans for you. She said
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Post by Soraka »

I continued to struggle as she removed the scarves around my face.
She was standing in front of me in just her lingerie, her purple set.
I saw the red lingerie she wore dropped on her floor next to her pants.
"So, still having fun? You shouldn't have gotten in my room like that"
I moaned and grunted as I struggled on her bed trough the scarves.
"Whats that? You know, you should really speak up"
"Mpph!! Mmpphh!" I moaned as she was just teasing me.
"Not sure what you're saying though"
"Well, I'm going to myself a drink, you stay here ok?"
I moaned back at her as she giggled and went downstairs.
I tried to losen the scarves, but she sure knew how to tie them tightly around my wrists.
All I could do was struggle on her bed with her dirty sock still in my mouth.
I shouldn't have gotten in her room, now I'm tied up for the weekend like this.
After about 10 minutes, I heard her getting back upstairs.
She returned in her room, and smiled as she saw me struggle.
"I just called mom and dad, told them we're having plenty of fun"
"So, still having fun I see?"
"Maybe I should remove those socks don't you think?"
I nodded to agree with her.
"But try not to shout to much ok? Or they'll go back in"
She than removed the straps of tape, and picked the moist sock out of my mouth, and threw it around her room.
"Th-that was disgusting, even for you!" I said in return to her.
"Really? I thought you would like it actually."
"Why would I like your socks in my mouth? Now untie me!"
"Nah-uh, I still own you for the weekend, you'll learn your lesson."
"Y-you can't keep me like this all weekend!?"
"O, just watch me"
She then stood up, and looked back at me.
"I think I'm going to watch some TV, think you can be quiet in my room? Or do I have to keep your mouth taped?"
"L-look, I'm sorry for getting in your room, but just untie me!"
She then sighs to herself. "Thats not what I asked though"
"Y-you don't have to put the sock back, that was gross!"
"Fine then" She then picked up the red panties she wore before and approached me as she balled them up.
I started to figure out what she was going to do.
"N-no, you're not doing what I think you're doing!"
"Oh I am brother"
And she then pushed the wet panties straigth in my mouth.
And quickly applied the tape to keep the panties in.
"Well, isn't that just much better?" She replied with a smile.
I started to struggle and trash somemore on the bed with those dirty panties in my mouth, but it was no use.
"Well, try to relax a bit ok? I'll be back in about thirty minutes.
I moaned loud, but it was no use. The panties muffled my voice down.
She closed the door behind her, and left me on her bed.
I tried to struggle, but it was no use.
All I could do was move around the bed, and chew on my sister's underwear packed tight in my mouth, trying to wonder how long she had been wearing them.
After about thirty minutes I heard her getting upstairs.
All I could do was struggle, so I watched her getting back in the room with a smile as she was staring back at me.
"I know I can't say this, but you look nice like that"
Mpph!!! I grunted trough my gag.
"Alright, I've just talked with mom, told them we're doing good"
Now, I'll remove your gag and untie your legs so you can walk upstairs to your room, and you'll spent your night like this in bed
Mpphh mphhhh!! I grunted back.
"Sure, you'll get breakfist in the morning, now stop grunting ok?"
She approached me, untied my legs, and than got me to sit up.
"You know what, I'll keep your mouth taped like this actually"
Mmphh? I moaned back in confusion.
"That way you won't insult me once I remove the tape" as she said with a smile.
Than she got me to stand up, and we went upstairs to my room.
Then she threw me on the bed, and threw the sheet over me.
"Alright, that should do it. Sleeptight brother, tommorow we'll have fun, try not to have too much fun, bye.
I moaned back at her, but it was no use since she left and closed the door behind her, leaving me in bed like this.
It took me a while to get myself to sleep, but eventually I managed to do so either way. Wondering what else she would do with me.
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Post by Soraka »

Chapter2 / friends
Saturday morning 11 o clock.

It has been a long night, being tied in my own bed by my own sister, with her own underwear packed in my own mouth.
All that for sneaking in her room. She untied me in the morning, but told me not to try anything funny,
because she would tie me up after beakfist, wich she certainly did.
After taking a shower, and finishing some bread, she took me to our parents bedroom, so she could have her room more empty this time.
She was wearing her red jogging pants, a blue tshirt, blue socks, while I was stripped to my white briefs, and my black tshirt.
She forced me to sit down, tied my legs and hands once more.
"You're seriously not keeping me like this all weekend are you?"
"I'm sure I've had my punishment by now, alright?"
She started to giggle at my response.
"Your punishment is barely even starting big brother"
"And even better, I'm having my friend Lucy over in a bit."
"What?" I replied quite angry, I thought we'd be alone all weekend.
"I invited her over, so we could play some games together"
"And, she told me she'd enjoy some tie-up games too"
"Yeah, you can do that with her"
"No, with you and her" she said with a small grin on her face"
"But lets first get things done here shall we?"
To that she started to remove my white socks, balled one of them up and pushed it in my mouth, followed by a layer of tape to keep the packed up sock in my mouth.
I grunted in anger back at her, but I was glad it was my sock at least, and not her own socks.
"Alright, try to relax in here ok? Once Lucy gets here, we're first going out for a swim, once we're back, we're going to play lots of games with you.
But first I'll have to get my bikini.
but you can stay here ok? MPPHH!! MPPH! I squirmed and moaned, but she ignored me and stood up, and left the room, leaving me on the floor tied up.
It didn't take long before I heard a door bell, and it didn't take long before I heard the two leave.
There I was, all tied up in my parents room, while my sister is having a blast outside with her friend.
After struggling for about an hour, I heard the door open.
I heard some voices, and some steps on the stairs.
Than my sister opend the door, and brought her friend in.
Oh, I was in trouble now.

My sister and her friend walked in.
Lucy was a cute looking girl, same age as my sister.
She Has long blonde hair, blue eyes. She's wearing a purple top, blue jeans, and red socks. Their were both looking at me, as I'm lying on the floor in my briefs and shirt, tied up and gagged, all helpless.
"You really tied your brother up like that?" She said with a giggle."
"Told you I wasn't lying, he asked for it since he went in my room."
Mpphh..mphh! I grunted back at my sister.
"See? I bet he agrees with me anyway, he usually does."
"I see, he is quite handsome actually.. I mean, cute" She said.
"Really? Come on, you can't have such low taste."
"Yeah, I guess" She said, with a slight blush on her face."
" So, you said you wanted to be tied up too for a little while?"
"I-I did, but I didn't expect your brother would be tied too"
"Oh don't worry, I'll untie you after a while."
"Well, in that case I won't mind I guess"
"Good, but remember that we'll play by my rules." She said with a smirk on her face, I knew my sister was up to something.

My sister went to her room, and returned with a couple of her scarves.
"Alright, but first you'll have to remove your pants."
"W-what?!" Lucy replied in surprise.
"Its only fair, he isn't wearing his pants either right?"
"Yeah.. but, stil.."
"Hey, my rules remember? Come on, we're both girls afterall"
"Besides, I bet he saw girls in her underwear before too"
"Alright, alright.."

She turned around, removed her belt and removed her pants and threw it around the room, revealing her pink underwear with white stripes around them. She blushed as she turned around, but didn't seem to mind it too badly.
"See, nothing too difficult right?"
My sister then went to me, and forced me to sit down with my back turned against them.
"Alright, now you're going to sit with your back against his, ok?"
"S-sure, that'll work for me"
She than sat down, and turned her back against mine.
My sister than tied Lucy's legs, and hands up, like she tied mine.
"Now, you still need a gag. You know, to keep you as quiet as him"
"Tape right? Thats alright I think, should be nice to try."
"Tape, yes." My sister replied back with a small tone, as she picked up the other sock I was wearing, balling it up behind her.
"But first, you've gotta open your mouth"
"Why?" She replied back in confusion.
"Don't worry, just do it" She said back with a smile."
Lucy than opend her mouth, not sure what to expect.
And my sister than pushed my sock in her mouth, and taped it shut with one layer of tape. I felt Lucy squirming against my back.
Mpphh..mphhh!! She moaned in anger, but couldn't say anything.
"Don't worry, the sock is to prevent you from licking the tape off"
"Now, enjoy your time tied up ok? I'll untie you after I took a shower so I can fresh myself up a bit, than we'll play with my brother, alright?" Lucy moaned in return, but gave a slight nod with a blush on her face.
"Thats it, have some fun you two." She left the room, and went inside the bathroom to take a shower.
The two of us both started to struggle, and moan with the gags in our mouth. But it was no use, those scarves were pretty tight.
It was quite of a turn on with Lucy so tight against my back, and seeing her in her panties. The bulge in my briefs grew a bit, and I hoped my sister wouldn't notice that, or I'd be in more trouble.
Atfer we struggled for about twenty minutes, my sister opend the bathroom and returned to my parents bathroom.
I heard her laugh as she entered the room.
"Before I'll make some comments, I'll first untie you Lucy"
She removed the scarves around her hands and legs, then peeled the tape from her mouth. Lucy spat the sock out in disgust, and had a small blush on her face as she spat it out.
"Well, how was that?" She asked with a smile.
"Well, it was quite nice, but that sock was a bit gross..."
"Yeah, you'll get used to that I guess"
"So, what fun did you had in mind with him?"
"I dunno yet, but I'm sure he won't mind if we play with him"
MPPHH!! I moaned in anger back.
"See? He agrees, thats a good little brother"
"Lets first drag him back to my room, ok?"
"uh, alright then"

I tried to struggle, but it was no use. The two both carried me back in my sisters room, with was a mess now. Their swimming clothes were all over the room.
They then placed me around the floor in her room.
"There we go" My sister said with a smile as she stared at me.
My sister than noticed the slight bulge in my pants, and laughed a bit upon seeing I got a little excited.
"You've been squirming all day, but when I invite a friend, you seem to get pretty turned on don't you brother?"
"MPPHH...!!" I moaned back in anger.
"W-what do you mean Lisa?"
"Nothing, but lets change his gag shall we?"
"Wait, he has something in his mouth too??"
"Ofcourse, he has his other sock in there all morning."
"Thats.. gross, I guess."
"Alright, I'll remove the tape, and the sock and you cover his mouth with your hand so I can find a proper gag, alright?"
"Sure, I guess" She said with a soft tone.

I squirmed a bit, but I knew it was rather useless.
My sister removed the tape, took my sock out of my mouth and before I had a chance to react, I had Lucy's hand covering my mouth, keeping me rather silent.
"T-this is different than my usual saturday." She said as she kept me quiet with her hand.
"I bet it is" My sister said, as she was looking around her room.
Mpphhh!! I tried to moan, but her hand was kept tight over my mouth to prevent me from talking at all.
"Ohh, I got something" My sister said with a grin.
"What, more socks..?" Lucy said with sarcasm.
"No, something.. else"
My sister approached the two of us, having something in her hand but I wasn't sure exactly what it was.
"Alright, you can remove your hand"
Lucy removed her hand from my mouth, and before I could ask what she was holding, she shoved it in my mouth.
It tasted awfull, and it was kinda wet too.
She quickly tied a scarf around my mouth, leaving a few parts of cotton sticking out of my mouth.
"Sorry Lucy, I stuffed your bikini bottom in his mouth"
"You know, the one you were, wearing just now!"
She said that with a smile, as she looked at me squirming.
"W-what!?" Lucy replied a bit surprised.
"Don't worry, you'll get them back as well."
I couldn't believe my sister would stuff her friend's worn bikini bottom in my mouth, it tasted awfull, but I couldn't get it out either.
I started to struggle more, but my sister was holding me down.
"Well, why don't we give him some of our clothes eventually"?
"What do you mean Lisa??"
"Well, he sneaked in my room, probably interested right?"
"Oohh.. riight, I dunno .. I guess, it could be fun"
MPPHH..MMHHH!! I moaned, shaking my head.
"Oh, but this is your punishment brother, you won't argue us."
"But don't worry, we're not gonna dress you up right away"
"Around the evening, perhaps noon, lets first tease you a bit"
"Some tickling perhaps?"
I started to squirm some more, wondering what they meant with dressing me up.

He never finished the story :(
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Thanks for posting this, amazing!
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Hooray for sibling bondage!
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Thanks for re-uploading the story ^^
What are you waiting for? Finally put a gag in my mouth and play with me!
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Would any good writers be interested in finishing it?
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Love the story what a lovely sister to have turned me on it really did
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Next time he will knock on the door first :D
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Great story! I love the sexual tension!
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Love sibling bondage.
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One of my all-time favourites! Absolutely love sibling tie-up games.
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Is There part 2??
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This is an incredible story, really enjoyed reading it. Hopefully there is another part in the future. His sister certainly showed him whose boss!
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I remember that this was the first TuG story I ever read and I searched for hours for another part lol
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