Doug : 02 - The Playhouse (f+/mm)

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Doug : 02 - The Playhouse (f+/mm)

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Doug's True Tie Up Stories
02 - The Playhouse
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By Doug R

When I was ten years old, I spent two weeks in the summer with my cousins at my Aunt Jean's house. My cousins Donna, 11, and Shirley, 9, had previously initiated me into their bondage games by spontaneously tying me up in the basement rec room (see my earlier post, Feb 10, 1998, for details). A few days later, Donna, Shirley and I had made plans to go swimming at Becca's house. Becca was a friend of Donna's who lived two doors down from my Aunt's house. Late that morning, I found that everybody was gone except for Shirley. She told me that Donna awoke earlier and was already at Becca's (Aunt Jean took George with her on an errand, and Keith was gone, as usual). After a quick breakfast, I changed into my bathing suit, slung a towel over my bare shoulders, and left with Shirley.

Once at Becca's house, I was impressed with the home-made playhouse that sat in their back yard, towards the rear of their property. Made of wood, the playhouse was a simple box-like structure with a slanted roof. Becca ran out and greeted us. She was twelve, clad in a one piece bathing suit and barefoot, with long blond hair. She told us to put our towels on the picnic table, and come and see something inside the playhouse.

As soon as I entered the cramped playhouse, I was stunned at the sight before me. There was another boy, about my age, lying on the floor. He laid on his left side, with his back facing us. He was bound hand and foot with clothesline rope. Like the rest of us, he was clad only in a bathing suit. When he craned his neck to glance over his shoulder, I saw that the boy was gagged with tape. Donna knelt over him, expertly checking the knot on the rope that bound his ankles.

I could recall feeling great excitement--as well as a feeling of dread. I had been eagerly anticipating the moment when Donna and Shirley would spring another bondage game on me, but I never dreamed that it would be with the participation of people outside of our family. Both Becca and Shirley started giggling behind me. Shirley then whispered something in Becca's ear.

Donna got to her feet and smiled broadly at me. She had a roll of tape in her hands, and had pulled a strand off. "Hi, Doug," she said casually enough. "How's it going?"

I knew what was coming, so I braced myself. "Why did you tie him up?" I asked.

"For the same reason we're gonna tie you up," Donna replied sweetly. Then she placed the strand of tape over my mouth. "We're kidnapping you."

Before I knew it, Becca and Shirley had tackled me to the floor. I put up a fight by tickling Shirley in the stomach, but then Donna joined in the melee, and my arms were soon pulled behind my back.

I was forced to lay on my stomach while Donna straddled my back and tied my wrists together with rope. Then she re-tied them by running another strand of rope vertically over my original bond. If nothing else, I was grateful that the floor of the playhouse was covered with an old piece of carpeting, which was no doubt placed there by the builder to protect barefoot kids like us. Although the carpet still felt threadbare and gritty, at least I wouldn't have to worry about getting splinters.

Shirley and Becca were still laughing and whooping it up while Donna methodically tied my ankles together. She double tied them the same way she tied my wrists. Then, she had me roll over on my right side while she wrapped a rope around my legs and bound them together just below my knees. Donna double checked my bonds, then placed more tape over the strand that already gagged my mouth. When I was bound and gagged exactly as the other boy had been, Donna stood up with a satisfied look on her face.

Shirley angrily said, "Aren't you gonna hog tie them?!"

Donna shook her head. "They're not going anywhere." She then whispered something into Shirley's ear, which made her younger sister nod in agreement. Donna then started fanning herself with her hand and said, "It's getting real hot, isn't it?" When Shirley and Becca concurred, Donna added, "Why don't we take a swim in the pool? See you later, boys."

Just as the girls were about to walk outside, Becca suddenly turned back and said, "Oh, by the way: Doug, this is Jim, my brother; Jim, this is Doug, Donna and Shirley's cousin."

I couldn't help but chuckle slightly. Jim just glared at her over his gag. Becca then knelt down by our bound legs. With a mischievous grin on her face, she tickled our bare feet. I was ready for it, so I showed no reaction, but Jim pulled his bound feet away with an indignant grunt under his gag. This made Becca try to tickle his feet even harder until a call from Donna outside made her stop. As she walked outside, I heard Becca say, "What's the fun in tying them up if you can't torture them?"

The playhouse had no glass in its windows, they were just open frames, there was also no door, as well. So I could still hear the girls laughing and chatting wildly outside. Then I heard somebody--probably Donna--give a whoop which was followed by a trio of loud splashes in the pool.

Jim started to struggle against his bonds. We couldn't have been anymore than a foot apart, and I watched over my shoulder as his squirming brought him closer to me. Jim stretched his arms as far out behind his back as his bonds would allow. Then he made a grabbing gesture at me with his bound hands.

Then it hit me. By lying back to back like we presently were, Jim and I could untie each other's bonds. Yet as a result of his struggles to get closer, Jim wound up lying in such a way that his hands were too low to reach mine. But I could reach his hands easily.

It didn't take me very long to find the knot that bound Jim's wrists together. I started tugging at it, and the strands of rope began to pull loose. Soon, I felt the bonds slip away from Jim's wrists, but I realized that Donna had double-tied him, as well, so I was only halfway through the job. I craned my head over my shoulder to find the second knot binding Jim's wrists and went to work on that. By now, I had broken out into a sweat. Not only was it a warm July day, but it was also very humid. The playhouse offered a meager cross breeze between the front and back windows, but Jim and I were lying on the floor. In the distance, I could hear a lawn mower start up. What I would give to have one of those mower blades to cut these ropes!

After fumbling with the knot, I finally yanked it loose. I watched over my shoulder as Jim pulled his hands free of the rope, then sat up and went to work on the ropes binding his legs. Once his legs were untied, I waited patiently for Jim to untie me, but he pulled the tape from his mouth first.

No sooner did he drop the tape gag on the floor did Jim get to his feet and start climbing out the rear window of the playhouse.

Startled, I shouted, "What are you doing!" It came out muffled under my gag. Jim paused halfway through the window to wave bye-bye to me silently, then he was gone.

I let out a groan as I laid back against the floor. Some gratitude....

It wasn't long before I heard one of the girls outside scream, "Hey, where are you going?!"

I just laid there and waited for them to come into the playhouse.

Shirley arrived first, followed by Donna and Becca. They were all dripping wet with their hair slicked back from having been in the pool. Donna knelt down and helped me to sit up.

"I can't believe he left without freeing you," she said, sounding irked. "That's rude!"

I nodded glumly; it was all I could do with the gag still covering my mouth. Becca stood there looking very disappointed while Shirley just shook her head. It was at this point that Becca's mother started calling for her. I learned later that Becca's mom had glanced out the kitchen window and became suspicious when she saw everybody had congregated around the playhouse. Becca ran off to talk with her.

"I knew you should have hog tied them," Shirley muttered in disgust.

"Shut up," Donna snapped. "Or I'll hog tie you."

Becca came back. She told us that her mother had decided to join us for a swim.

Donna let out a weary sigh. She had been kneeling next to me, and now she reached behind my back and started untying the rope binding my wrists.

"No, wait!" Becca frantically said. "I don't think my mom knows he's here, so we can leave him tied up."

"It's over, Becca," Donna said firmly.

"There's always next time," Shirley said, as she helped to clean up the loose rope and tape from the floor of the playhouse.

Life went on. Of course there was a next time. There were many more times, not only during that summer, but the others that followed. But this story has taken up so much space already that I'll have to save the next one for another occasion. Thanks for reading it.

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Post by Hudtie »

Did Becca's mother not approve of tie-up games?

She might have shown you how to tie Doug up better?

If she wasn't likely to come into the playhouse or notice Doug was missing, I would have left him tied up while you swam.
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