Diane - Payback (ff/f)

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Diane - Payback (ff/f)

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Payback (ff/f)
By Diane

When I was 15 I used to live in a small town with my two best friends, Francesca ( Fran for short ) and Amy. Fran was quite tall, about 5' 8", with long dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. She was also a waif, with a perfect complexiation, of which I was most jealous! Amy was shorter, about 5' 4", with shoulder length blonde hair and brown eyes. I think she'd had just been to Spain on holiday as she had a deep tan at the time. She liked to describe herself as"voluptuous"although she wasn't fat. Both were quite attractive. We were a right trio, always falling out with each other, and then making up. My parents decided they were a bad influence on me, and even sent me to a girls school in a neighbouring town, so I only got to see my mates at the weekend.

One Saturday, I think it was about June because it was so hot, we went rollerskating in a park near Fran's house. I remember we had a great time, but Amy spoiled it - she has a nasty temper. She kept teasing me about my red and white striped hockey socks. She tripped Fran up several times and then skated off, laughing. On one occasion, as I was helping Fran up, she said

"Lets teach her a lesson!"

"You mean trip her up?" I said naively.

"No, I mean, like lets really have some fun!"

Fran outlined the plan. Fran's family had gone shopping, leaving the house empty. We would all go back to hers, then jump Amy and tie her up, then have some fun. I wasn't sure about it, but somehow Fran talked me into it.

We caught up with Amy.

"I'm thirsty" Fran announced, " Fancy coming back to mine for a bit? "

"Yeah, might as well, I'm bored with always beating you, slow coach!" Amy replied, looking down her nose at me.

"I'll get you back soon" I said, trying not to give too much away.

"Ooohhh, scared!" Amy retorted, sarcastically.

"At least I don't skate around all day looking like Pippi Longstocking!" Amy retorted sarcastically.

"I'll get you back soon." I said quietly, not wanting to give to much away. I was soon to have my revenge.

We skated to Fran's, Amy boasting about how she had beaten us. We sat on Fran's back patio, untying our skates. Fran and I finished first, dashing into the house, leaving Amy trying to undo her double - knotted laces. Fran and I ran into the kitchen. Ducking into a cupboard under the sink, Fran produced several lengths of clothesline. The kitchen was connected to the living room by a door, and we hid behind it on the living room side, waiting for our prey.

My heart was racing. I could hear myself breathing heavily. The back door opened.

"There'd better be ice in my orange juice or I'll be mad...." Amy threatened from the kitchen.

I was tensed, standing on the right of the door. I looked across at Fran, on the door's left, who gave me a wink and her famous sly smile.

"Hello...I'm thirsty here!" Amy shouted.

The living room door handle creaked and started to depress. This was it. no going back.

"Where are you - MMMMPPPPHHHHHH!!!" Amy shrieked as I cupped my left hand over her mouth. Her right hand came up to claw at my hand but with my right hand I caught her. Her fingers straightend in terror. I twisted her right arm behind her back and began to apply pressure. Amy tried to scream but only muffled whimpers got out.

Her legs thrashed about, putting me off balance. With one mighty effort, she kicked me in the shin.

I cried out, and momentarily released my grip. However, before she could escape, I regained my grip. Fran had applyed an armlock on Amy's left arm, shouted,"Lift her! "

Some how we lifted Amy up, leaving her legs kicking at thin air. Her cries for help still silenced by my hand, we carried her hastily over to the nearest settee.

We reached an expensive - looking leather settee, and Fran and I pushed Amy onto it.

Amy lay face down on the settee, thrashing wildy. I landed on the thick carpet, nursing a bruised arm. Fran was now astride Amy's back, frantically trying to restrain her."Help me Diane! " she yelled.

Amy, now with nothing covering her mouth, screamed for help. Fran had hold of Amy's left arm, still in the armlock. I got up, and with some effort took hold of Amy's right arm, twisted it, and brought it back, crossing wrist over wrist. Amy moaned in pain and anguish as Fran quickly bound her with the clothesline.

"GET OFF YOU COW!!" Amy screamed. " YOU'RE DEAD! DEAD!

"Gag her !" Fran ordered.

"With what!?!?" I frantically looked around. Then it came to me.

I ran around to the rear of the settee, and grabbed hold of Amy's thrashing left leg. Rolling up the left leg of her white tracksuit bottoms, I pulled off her sock. I seem to remember she wore thick white slouch socks. Running around to the settee's front, I saw Fran had read my mind. She yanked Amy's hair back hard, and Amy's head shot backwards. Her mouth opened wide to scream, but her scream was muffled as I stuffed her thick sock deep into her mouth. Her face twisted in surprise and anger, as she realised her cries for help were now futile. I then took a length of clothesline and tied her ankles, criss-cross fashion. not too tight. Fran climbed off the settee, and let Amy thrash around for a while.

I leant close to Amy's face. She looked up at me with a mix of anger, hatred and menace in her eyes.

"The best skater are you? Best looking are you?"

I said.


"Well, you're not so hot now, eh?"


"In case you haven't guessed, this is payback.

Enjoy......"I said with my best evil snear.

Ignoring Amy's moans, I took off her other sock, and started to tickle her foot. At first she resisted, then Fran began tickling her other foot.

After twenty minutes, Amy's face had turned bright red, and tears of laughter rolled down her cheeks

She kicked and tried to roll over, but between us we managed to keep her in the face down position. This was torture, and Fran and I enjoyed every minute of it.

After forty minutes we were bored. Amy lay panting for breath, moaning and whimpering into her sock-gag. We decided enough was enough, and removed the gag.

"I'LL KILL YOU! COW!" She shrieked inbetween

Gasps for air.

"You'd better be nice if you want to be freed!"

Fran warned.

"Or we'll torture you again....." I added.

Amy muttered something nasty, and then said;

"Okay, I'll be nice from now on."

"Sounded sarcastic to me . What do you think Diane?" Fran asked.

I shrugged my shoulders."Maybe she needs more tickling. " I said with a smile.

"NO! NO! I meant it. Please, no more!" Amy pleaded. " I'll make it up to you! Honest! "

Fran and I looked at each other, still unsure.

"Promise to be our slave for a week?" Fran added.

"Yes, whatever." Amy said dejectedly.

With that we set about untying her. We both expected her to punch us both out, but instead she composed herself, put her socks back on, and made us all some glasses of orange juice. We spent the rest of the day sunbathing in Fran's garden, although I don't think we never discussed our"tickle torture " again. I secretly enjoyed tying up my best friend, but longed to have the chance to be tied up myself. I didn't have long to wait.
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What a hot story. Really love the slouch sock gag👍
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So mean! But so fun! It sounds like this was the beginning of a beautiful series of encounters!
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