Duct Tape Boys : 02 - Over at Danny’s Again! Surprise after Surprise!! (M/M, m/m, M/mm)

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Duct Tape Boys : 02 - Over at Danny’s Again! Surprise after Surprise!! (M/M, m/m, M/mm)

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02 - Over at Danny’s Again! Surprise after Surprise!!
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By Duct Tape Boys

Fri Sep 05, 2008 6:03 am

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Story 4

This story happened about a month after the last time.

It was now the end of September and was just starting to get cooler at night. It was when my dad was working on a big case so he didn’t want me to be alone the whole weekend, so I went over to Danny’s house till Sunday night. It was late Friday night when he was able to drop me off at Danny’s and he came in side to say hi and leave. Don, Danny’s dad and some of his friends were on the couch in the living room, watching football and drinking beers. My dad said, “Hi.” And they all talked for a while and one of the guys said, “Are you going to stay for poker?” My dad said, “No, I have a case I’m working on and have to get back to work.” Don said, “Okay, but since you missed the last two nights of poker, you get a penalty, so be prepared next time.” I was thinking, penalty?? Just because he works a lot, harsh. So they said there good-byes and off went my dad. Then Danny and I went down stairs to play on the computer. Well we were playing on the computer when Danny said, “Did you bring all the stuff we bought?”. (FYI – If you read the last story, you would know what kind of stuff we ordered at my house a month ago.) I said, “Yes.” And opened my duffel bag to show him. It was a little heavy; do to the, two 4” wide / 60’ long rolls of black Duct Tape. They weighted a fricken ton, but well worth it. The ballgag with a lot of straps, the leg cuffs and last but not least the 2 black jock straps. Danny started picking up everything and was checking it all over. He said, “Looks good!” Just then the door from upstairs opened and down came Don. He told us that the game was over and they were going to play poker, so if we needed anything wait till they were done with a game.

So we went up stairs to Danny’s room with the stuff. Danny said, “Follow me, I found something in my dad’s room last week and haven’t decided if I should tell him about it, this also concerns you too.” I said, “Okay, what did you find?” We sneaked into Don’s bedroom and Danny went to the closet and opened the door and we walked in and shut the door. It was a walk in closet, pretty big too. We got to the back and Danny showed me a box and opened it up. I was Awestruck. Now my dad Aaron and I are clones, we look just alike and same goes for Don and Danny. But I just found out that we thought alike too. The box had rope, duct tape, gags, hand cuffs, and much more. The thing that made me very interested was the picture album in the box. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at, even more so who I was looking at. There were pictures of people tied up and most were pictures of my dad and Danny’s dad. I looked at Danny and said, “What the F--K!” He said, “I know, Right.” About ten of the pictures had a date stamp of 01/01/00. In some of the pictures my dad was hogtied, wearing only underwear and socks, he was gagged with a ballgag and was blind folded and the rest were of Don tied spread-eagle to my dad’s bed with handcuffs wearing only pajama pants and had tape on his mouth. It had been on New Years Day. We sat there trying to think when it happened without us knowing. We were all at my house on New Years Eve and Day. It had to have been right when Danny and I went to bed. Because we did stuff all day on the 1st of January, so there was no time to do it but before we woke up that morning. And the background was of my dad’s bedroom.

Well Danny and I decided we would keep it under wraps, that we knew they liked TUGS too. I mean they are brothers and only a year apart and they are the only family they have besides us. So if they happen to catch us while tied up we could use it to our advantage. Besides who wouldn’t want a chance to tie up their dad and uncle and be able to keep them under control for a while. And they can always tie up Danny and me. So we went back to Danny’s room and hid our stuff as good as we could so Don wouldn’t find our stuff, like Danny found his. We decided the next thing we should get is a box that locks or a safe.

Just seeing what our dads did, made Danny and me want to tell them right away. But we were going to wait. It was a little passed midnight when Don came into Danny’s room to say good night and that tomorrow we could do something fun. He then said, “Don’t worry if you hear any noises. It’s just Ted, he’s down stairs, and he lost in poker, so he is paying his dues.” We said, “Okay, but what do you mean?” Don said, “You’ll see in the morning, I’ll be sure to wake you up.” We didn’t know what he was talking about. We just started talking and fell asleep a half hour later.

The next morning we were waked up by Don and the clock read 9am. He told us to get dressed and come down to the basement. So we got dressed and went into the basement. Don was standing next to something covered with a sheet. He said, “Here’s Teddy!” As he took off the sheet, there was Ted in his boxers tied to the chair with tape wrapped around his arms and legs and he had duct tape wrapped around his mouth and eyes. He was clearly enjoying himself. We were in shocked once again. In my mind, I was thinking he knew, we were tying each other up. But there was no way. Danny said, “That looks like fun.” I said, “Why is he tied to the chair?” Don said, “The one who loses the most games of poker in one night gets tied up till the next day, it has been that way since we were about fourteen.” I then recalled seeing Ted in some of the photos up stairs. Danny said, “Why haven’t we ever heard off this before.” Don said, “Because Aaron and I thought you two were still too young and we didn’t want you thinking you could go around telling people or tying other people up, just cause we do it.” “And you guys are old enough now to know; besides Aaron and I use to tie each other up all the time when we were your age.” Danny said, “And you still do right?” If I was God I would have struck him down the moment he opened his mouth, he was a dip s--t! But Don didn’t even give it a second thought he said, “Yes we do, from time to time.” I looked at him and couldn’t believe it, so my dad did like to be tied up too. Danny and I are definitely clones of our fathers. I then said, “When was the last time you had my dad like this?” He said, “About seven months ago.” As we were talking, Don dropped some ice down Ted’s boxers and I couldn’t help but bust out laughing. I guess it doesn’t matter how old you get you never truly grow up.

Danny and I were very excited at this point and wanted to tie up Don. But we weren’t about to just ask. So instead we went up to Ted and started tickling the crap out of him. Don cut him loose about an hour later and he ran to the bathroom. Don than told us to go up stairs and get some breakfast while he cleaned up. While we were eating, we saw Ted go back down stairs. We finished our food and was wondering what was going to happen now. At this point Ted came back out of the basement and said, “Good-bye and have fun with him, he’s waiting for you two down there and he’s going no where fast.” We looked at each other and ran down stairs. There was Don on the floor in nothing but his tighty-whities hogtied with rope and was gagged with one of the ballgags we saw in his box. Don was mphing and rolling around on the floor. Ted was fast and good. I then just realized that Ted was wearing Don’s clothes, when he walked out the door. Danny said, “If there’s a God, he loves me.” At that point Danny ran up to Don and started tickling him on his sides, chest, feet, and under his arms. So there’s Don Mphing and laughing into his gag when Danny says, “You’re being too loud, let’s fix that.” Danny grabbed the roll of duct tape and wrapped it around Don’s gag over the ballgag. Don looked shocked and a bit happy too. (To find out very happy.) Danny said, “Be right back” and ran up the stairs. I went over to Don and asked him if he was okay and enjoying this. He shook his head up and down. I said, “Good, because were enjoying this too.” I then dug into his sides and he busted out laughing. I didn’t notice Danny was back and behind me. He pushed me down and cuffed my hands to my back. I said, “What are you do….!” He gagged me with a sock and proceeded to wrap tape around my head. He then pulled my pants off and tapped my legs together and then un-cuffed my hands and took off my shirt. And then re-cuffed them together. Then he used the tape to hogtie me, just like Don was. He then dragged me next to Don and started saying man that was easy. At this point Don was surprised but, now he was even more surprised that I was now bound and gagged next to him by his son. Danny said, “Okay time for fun!” He came up to me and started tickeling the living crap out of me. He then said, “Oh, one more thing.” as he shoved the vibrator in my boxer briefs, turned it on and taped the band of my underwear closed. Danny said, “Now for you Dad.” I was thinking is he crazy, his dad would probable, kill him. Danny went up to him and Don was shaking his head no, and Danny said, “You’ll like it, it feels good Dad, I know I like it a lot.” “And anything goes when you’re tied up; it’s the number one rule.” He then shoved the other vibrator in Don’s underwear and turned it on high. I could see the look in his eyes. He knew he would enjoy it and that’s why he didn’t want it, but Danny was hoping for that reaction. Danny said, “I’ll be back and ran up stairs again.” Came back 10mins later and had a cup full of ice. He went up to me and Don and put some tape over our eyes so we didn’t know what was to come.

All of a sudden all I hear is tape being ripped off and Mphing. Soon to find out what was going on. I then felt Danny’s hands placing ice on my back and taping them in place. I was getting so warm being tied up so it felt good for all of 5 seconds then nothing but cold. And away with the Mphing. Danny then took the tape off of my eyes and whispered in my ear look at my dad. I look at him and noticed his underwear looked a lot more, FULL. Danny went up to him and pulled out the vibrator and there still looked like there was no room. Holy Crap I thought, will mine ever be like that. At that moment I looked down at me and realized I had a bulge too. Danny then took mine out and threw it off to the side. Then he said, “Time for the down sizing.” He dropped about 5 ice cubes in my underwear and did the same to Don. I could hear Don’s disapproval and I was sure he heard mine. About an hour later Danny went up to Don and started untying him. He cut the rope around his feet and took off the tape from his eyes. Danny said, “Now wasn’t that fun.” Danny unwrapped his mouth but left the ballgag in and cut the last bit of rope on his hands. Don stood up, took the ballgag off and said, “Well that was a change, to have my own son and nephew keep me bound and gagged, well my son at least.” Looking at me on the floor tied up still. Don turned and looked at Danny and said, “So how long have you two been tying each other up?” Danny looked at him and said, “For about 3 months and it’s a lot of fun, I enjoy doing it and so does Chris.” “And now that we know you and Uncle Aaron like it to we can do it all the time.” Don walked up to Danny told him to take his shirt off and turn around. He did and he and I knew what was coming. Don then grabbed his hands and began wrapping them with Duct tape. Danny said, “This is so cool my dad is tying me up!” Don then said, “You’re loud aren’t you.” He wiped off the ballgag he was just using and shoved it in Danny’s mouth and buckled it tight. “Much Better”, he said. Don then pulled off his shorts and to our surprise; Danny was wearing one of the black jock straps. I couldn’t hold my laughter in, I was tearing up I was laughing so hard. Don said, “Why are you wearing a jock, oh whatever. If that’s what you want to wear so be it.” Don laid him on the ground and wrapped his legs in tape; he then wrapped tape around his stomach to his back to keep his hands from moving. “Okay done”, he said. “Oh wait three more things.” He placed some strips of tape on his already gagged mouth and grabbed the two vibrators and taped then to his crotch and turned them on. Don then said, “Well that was fun, not the kind of fun I was talking about when I said, tomorrow we could do something fun. But it’s all fun in my book and I guess your guys to.” “Okay I’ll be back in an hour or two so have fun. So there Danny and I lay on the floor half, well me half naked and Danny 90% naked, bound and gagged, with Don knowing everything. I was at that moment very okay with our situation, but Danny on the other hand, had two more things keeping him from relaxing like I was.

DUCT TAPE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fri Sep 12, 2008 6:27 am

Part 2

Well Don came back about an hour later, which seemed like a lot longer to Danny. And went up to Danny and said, “I think that’s enough for now.” And turns off the vibrators. He then said, “Father like son.” Danny by now had a very apparent bulge in his crotch. Don then came up to me and started to untie me first, because I have been tied up the longest. I then peeled of the duct tape around my mouth, which came off pretty easy do to the sweat on the back of my head. I started to get dressed when Don said to get my swimsuit on. So I went upstairs and got my trunks on and went back into the basement. Danny still had his gag on and his hands were tied. Don said, “I can’t pass up this opportunity.” And with that he grabbed Danny laid him across his lap and gave his bare butt 3 quick pops. He then took off Danny’s gag and Danny said, “That Hurt. Why did you do that?” Don said. “Let’s call it even, for earlier.” Don said to us, “Okay let’s go swim for awhile.” But Danny still had his arms tied and he was in a jock still. With that Don picked him up and started walking up stairs with Danny protesting. I followed them outside and Don dunked Danny right in the pool. Don then said, “Well you like jock straps and being tied up, so much that you should stay like that all day. With that Don striped to his underwear and went in the pool with me going in right after them. We were in the pool for a good two hours and during that time Danny kept asking me to cut him free but I wouldn’t. He just kept following me and ever now and then Don would grab him and throw him to the other side of the pool. We got out and it was starting to get cold. Don said, “Okay that was the last swim till it gets warm again. He then covered the pool with the winter seal and we went inside. It sucked because we wanted to go swimming still, so if we want to we have to go to an indoor pool, anyway.

Don finally cut Danny free and he ran upstairs and into the bathroom. So I went to his room and got changed. Danny came into the room about 15mins later; he took a shower and now only had a towel around his waist. He then threw the jock in the hamper and said, “Well don’t have to hide that now.” I laughed and said, “Well you’re the one that put it on.” He said, “I know, I’m glad I did. That was great; I can’t wait till the next time.” “Ya me too. And now we have to get my dad too, maybe Don will help?, I said.” Danny then told me to turn around. I said, I don’t want to be tied up right now” He said, “No, I’m getting changed.” Oh, so I turned around. (I’m so dumb!!!) He jumped on me and taped my hands behind me. I said, “I thought you just said you were going to get changed.” He then walked over to the hamper and took out the jock he threw in there. I said, “Hell no!” Danny said, “Hell yes!” I closed my mouth tight and made sure to take a DEEP breath. He then pinched my nose and pinched my nipple at the same time I screamed. He shoved it in all the way and held it there till he peeled some of the tape off and wrapped my head four times. Danny said, “There you go.” It was a good thing that we were in the pool for a long time, because it only tasked like pool water. Danny then got dressed. He came up to me really close and said, “Looks like its time for dinner.” So he took me downstairs and brought me to the kitchen. Danny said, “Okay! There are two hungry kids that want food.” Don turned around and looked me square in the eye. He the said, “Man I guess we should have hidden the tape from Danny, Right Chris?” I shook my head up and down. Don told Danny he would have to untie me once dinner was ready. He said, “Fine.” So he made me walk into the living room, and pushed me on the couch and said, “This is for not cutting me loose in the pool.” He started tickling me, with no mercy. Don yelled from the kitchen that dinner was ready. So we walked into the kitchen and Don cut my wrists free. I sat down and took off the tape around my mouth and then spat out the jock and said, “Nasty, Your going to die a painful death” to Danny. Don asked me if I was alright. I said, “I’m fine, but that was a lot in my mouth.” We started eating and talking about our crazy day. After dinner we all watched a movie and went to bed.

But sometime in the middle of the night, I felt a hand go over my mouth. I thought “Great, Danny’s going to tie me up again… I was wrong; Don was there and told me to be quiet. I then got out of bed and we creped over to Danny’s bed. Don pulled out rope and a ballgag. We were going to tie him to the bed for the night. SWEET! Once Danny’s asleep he is out cold. So Don tied some rope to the four corners of the bed and then I tied up his feet, while Don was tying his hands, because he could reach over the bed and not touch it. When we were all done Don tickled under Danny’s armpits and he jumped up but not too far, due to the rope. He said, “What’s going on.” Don said, “Oh nothing, were just having a little fun, well I’m having a little fun.” With that Don put the ballgag in Danny’s mouth and buckled it behind his head. Don said, “Good night and as I walked back over to my bed Don Bear hugged me and threw me down on the bed and handcuffed my hands to my back. He wasted no time and produced another ballgag and gagged me with it. He then tied my feet just like Danny’s were and undid the cuffs and cuffed me right hand to the bed post and pulled out another pair and did the same to the left hand. So there Danny and I lay on our beds bound and gagged, wearing only our boxer briefs and Don walking out of the room saying “See you boys in the morning.” We fell back asleep eventually, but took awhile. I had to register what just happened. It has been two days of a lot of surprises.

I awoke the next morning to dripping water. Don was dripping water on my forehead, which was really annoying. Don said, “Good afternoon.” It was already 1pm. I saw that Danny was still tied too and Don said, “Okay time for you two to get up.” Don then untied us from the beds and brought in a box from the hallway. He said, “Okay, here’s all the stuff I have for tying and gagging people.” Danny said, “Cool, and we can use this stuff too.” Don said, “Yes.” And with that Danny said, “We have some stuff too.” He reached under his bed and pulled out our duffle bag and opened it up. Don didn’t seem too surprised. He said, “I know you two had to have some stuff, because you both seemed to know what you were doing yesterday. Okay but from now on no more secrets, okay and from now on if you boys see something you want to add to this stuff talked to me or Aaron first.” We said, “Okay.” I then asked Don if he told any of this to my dad and he told me he talked to him last night, when he called and asked how you were. All of a sudden I felt a pit in my stomach. I then said, “Well, what did he say.” Don said, “He told me that it was great and I agreed. I said our sons our just like us, so lets teach them and have fun. He also can’t wait to see you today.” Don then said, “I’m going to tell you two a secret and you can’t tell Aaron. He is the one that got me and all our friends into tying each other up.”

At that moment I was shocked. But if my dad never got into TUGs, we wouldn’t be here talking about this right now and all the stuff that happened the passed two days would probable never have happened. So to me and Danny my dad was a real hero and a person to look up to. It was Sunday so Don did some yard work, while Danny and I played basketball and my dad showed up early. It was only around 4pm and he wasn’t suppose to be able to pick me up till late. He got out of the car carrying two pizzas and said, “I got out of there early and decided to grab some pizzas for us, let’s go eat.” We all dropped what we were doing and went into eat dinner. We sat down and started eating when my dad, Aaron said, “Well Don told me all that has been going on the past two days, so what do think about all of it?” Danny jumped in saying, “It’s great, a lot of fun and its great that we all love it too.” I said, “Ditto! I just like the feeling of being tied up and being able to tie someone else up and have control over them for a while.” Aaron said, “Good to hear that.” Don said, “Aaron and I have a surprise for you two. In two weeks we are going some where for the weekend and we will have fun the entire time were there.” We asked, “Where we were going, but they wouldn’t tell us.” They said, “You’ll just have to wait two weeks till we go, so be ready.” After dinner was over Don and Aaron went down to the basement and talked while Danny and I went up to his room. We decided that we could split up the stuff because we don’t need to hide it anymore. And because of Don’s stuff I took enough so I would have plenty at my house. I took two rolls of duct tape, two ballgags, two handcuffs and the leg-cuffs, some rope, a bandanna, and a Speedo. Danny said, “If I come over to your house I’ll bring some more stuff and if you come here you bring some stuff back with you, okay?” “Okay”, I said.

We were done and I heard my dad call me. So I went downstairs and we left. On the car ride home my dad said, “Well, looks like we are going to have a whole lot more fun at home. And we will try to get over to Don and Danny’s house more often.” Well all and all that weekend rocked. This type of thing doesn’t happen to many people, but I‘m glad it happened to me and Danny is also happy we have such great fathers.

I know where we went to that weekend, but you’ll just have to find out in the next story.

Next story -Kidnapped TUG Vacation (m-M-m-M) :tied: :gag:

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