Alfie M : 07 - Laura's Revenge (f/m)

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Alfie M : 07 - Laura's Revenge (f/m)

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07 - Laura's Revenge
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By Alfie M

Monday, June 21st 2004 - 07:29:25 AM

Laura's Revenge (part 1)

Hi everyone. I am finally able to post my next story.

My stories involve me, my 2 sisters Amy and Charlene and our friends Leanne, Laura and Stacey.

This next incident would take place a month after Leanne's sister Nicola and her friends had captured all of us.

Then i had tried to rescue my friends but failed miserably.

Now when i was released, Laura and Stacey had gone home. I had the chance to rescue Laura first but i had decided to find Leanne first. Now Laura had believed that i had forgot about her and that i had gone home and left them.

Now she was angry with me. She didn't speak to me for around 3 days afterwards and when she did, she said that payback would be coming my way soon. I tried to explain what happened, but she wouldn't listen.

She did this for about 2 weeks, then stopped and carried on as normal. I duly forgot about all about it and assumed Laura had forgiven me. I was to find out how wrong i was.

One Saturday morning i got a phone call from Laura asking if i wanted to go round her house and watch a video. I said yes and that i would be round in about half an hour.

I was wearing my usual tracksuit bottoms and t-shirt.

I set off for Laura's house. I arrived there about 20 minutes later. I knocked on the door. Laura answered it and told me to come in. She told me her parents were out for the day so we wouldn't be disturbed.

Laura was wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Laura then told me to go into the living room and she would go upstairs and get the video.

So Laura went upstairs to get the video. When i heard her come back downstairs, she came into the room and passed me the video. She asked me to put it in the recorder and she was going to go to the kitchen to get us some drinks.

So i got up and went to put the video in the recorder when i was suddenly tackled to the ground. be continued...........

Alfie M


Monday, June 21st 2004 - 07:50:46 AM

Laura's Revenge (part 2)

Anyway i had just been tackled to the ground.

I turned my head and i saw that it was Laura. She grabbed my hands and pulled them behind my back. I felt rope being tied tightly around my wrists. My wrists were crossed and Laura then tied the remaining rope that she was using for my wrists and tied that around my waist thus tying my hands tightly to my back.

Laura then went to my legs and tied my ankles tightly with rope as well as my knees and thighs. Laura then grabbed some duct tape and wrapped it around my wrists and waist and also wrapped tape around my ankles. She then took my shoes and socks off and got another piece of rope and used it to hogtie me.

By the time she had finished i could not move a muscle. I tried struggling but couldn't even manage to loosen a knot. I asked Laura what was she doing. Laura then said that she did tell me that she would get her revenge. I then tried to explain to her again but as i did a sock was shoved in my mouth. Laura then put duct tape over it so i was securely gagged.

Laura then said she was going to torture me beyond belief. I just looked up at her as if to say please god no.

Then the torture started. be continued..............

Alfie M


Monday, June 21st 2004 - 08:13:25 AM

Laura's Revenge (part 3)

Laura started tickling me all over. It was hell. She tickled the soles of my feet, my armpits or anywhere she could find that i was ticklish.

She did this for around 25 minutes with a few breaks in between. After the 25 minutes were up, Laura said she had something even more evil up her sleeve.

She then went out of the living room and i heard her go upstairs. I then started struggling really hard trying to loosen any of the knots but it was no use. I then heard Laura coming back into the room. She then sat down in front of me and i saw she had a box in her hands.

She had a really evil smile on her face. She placed the box on the floor next to me and opened it.

She tilted the box so i could see inside it.

To my horror it was full of make-up. Laura then kissed me on the forehead and said that she was going to make me up as a pretty little girl.

I started wriggling about and mmmphing into my gag. Laura just said to stop struggling and that there was nothing i could do about it. She then put lots of make-up on me. Powdery stuff, eye liner, mascara and pink lipstick. Laura then painted my toenails and fingernails red.

She then stood up and laughed at me. She said i was very pretty.

She then said she was going for a bath and that i would be staying tied up while she did. So Laura went off to have a bath. While she did i tried struggling again but again couldn't get free. Laura had tied me up really good.

About 45 minutes later Laura came back down from her bath. She came over to me and started tickling me again.

She then went to a drawer in the living room and pulled out a camera. She took about 3 photos. She then said to me that she would show these photos around school unless i kissed her feet 5 times and agree with her that i did leave her when i could have freed her. She also said i had to apologise for it as well. Having no other choice i agreed. Laura then untied me and took all the make-up and nail varnish off me.

I kept up my end of the agreement and kissed her feet 5 times and apologised for something i didn't do.

After i had done that we sat and watched the video. Laura said that she had fun having me as her prisoner.

There it is then. Hope you all enjoy this story.

I will have another story soon.

As always feedback is greatly appreciated.

Alfie M

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