Writer : 03 - Secret Agent (m/m, mm/m)

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Writer : 03 - Secret Agent (m/m, mm/m)

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03 - Secret Agent
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Tue Aug 24, 2010 6:30 pm

Danny was the older, 17-year-old cousin of Nick. Danny had medium length black hair, was 5'11, and had brown eyes. Danny was smart, cheeky, and quite handsome, boasting a six-pack and a slender body that most girls were lucky enough to see when he took off his shirt when he swam on his high school's swim team.

As a result of Danny's popularity, 13-year-old Nick grew to admire his cool older cousin. Nick stood in the shadow of his cousin, being 5'0 and skinny, with no real build to his physique. Nick could be described as one of those kawaii boys. You know, those with a cute face, small stature, and the most enticing smile. In respect for his cousin, Nick had his hair cut to look similar to Danny's, although more original with the use of hair gel, which he used to create a spiky appearance.

It was mid-December, a few days before school was to be let out for winter vacation, and Nick was excited for the weekend. For on Friday, his parents were leaving him in the care of Danny as they took an early honeymoon, and would be back just in time for Christmas day. Danny's parents had been away for a week already, having gone to the Philippines to visit family. They, too, would be home for Christmas; Danny just didn't want to stand the humid weather of the islands.

Danny was studying for finals when he heard the knocking on his front door. After trekking a bit throughout the spacious house, he opened up the door to his aunt, uncle, and little Nick.

"Hello hello!" aunt Tia said, and gave her tall nephew a hug. Danny and Uncle Tio exchanged glances and as the relatives entered the house, he ruffled Nick's spiky hair, which made Nick cringe a bit.

"Hey! I just spiked it up!" he said. Well, he didn't, he spiked it that MORNING, but he wanted an excuse to talk to Danny.

Danny just laughed as he closed the door and led his relatives into the guest bedroom, a room across from Danny's. Nick was soon situated and his parents had left.

However, before they left, they told Danny about Nick's mischievous attitude that year. Uncle Tio gave Danny permission to break him in, just don't scar him.

Danny was unsure exactly what they meant until aunt Tia told him jokingly, "if he gets restless, I'm pretty sure your dad keeps a roll of duct tape in the garage!"

Danny understood and thought of a plan then and there of what to do with his week with Nick. Unbeknownst to aunt Tia, Danny had concocted a plan that would teach Nick to respect higher ups and do the right thing. What's more, Danny thought, I have just the stuff to get the job done.

Tue Aug 24, 2010 7:11 pm

Ok, part two will include TUGS

__________________________________ ----------------------------------------- ____________________

The first night and day with Nick was bearable; they drove around in Danny's car (Nick held onto the seat for dear life through most of it).

"Hey! I'm a good driver, Nick. We're not dead yet, are we?" Danny liked to kid around with Nick, since he reminded him of himself at that age; cheeky and argumentative.

He drove up to the nearby Burger King to grab lunch when Nick started talking about his friends.

"You know, a funny thing happened to one of my friends the other day," he said. He seemed as if he wanted to share his story, so Danny edged him on. "Well, it was kinda weird and scary, but my friend Peter was kidnapped the other day." Thankfully the line was long at the drivethrough, and Danny was all ears.

"Oh, not for real though, although he thought it was real enough. It was an early birthday present from his older brother; Peter's brother was watching him walk home and when he was alone, he got out of his car in a mask and tied him up and stuffed him in his trunk. He taped his mouth shut too so he couldn't shout. Peter said he was tied up for like, an hour, until his brother got him out of the car and into the house."

"Was he scared shitless?" I asked.

"Yeah, and what's funny is that his parents were in on the whole thing, or, at least his dad was. Cause when his mom got home, she got on their asses about it and told them to untie Peter. That was the point where Peter knew it was a joke. So he was tied up for like,3 hours."

"Haha, did he like it?"

"Actually, yeah... he said all the blood was rushing the whole time! I kinda wish that I could try it."

"What, being kidnapped?"

"No, just being tied up." Nick didn't know it, but he had played right into Danny's hands.

"Well, tell you what: I'll tie you up when we get back."

Nick's eyes shined in admiration. "Really!?" He didn't want to admit it, but being tied up was one of his fantasies. Like the tied up hero in cartoons, who usually break free, he wanted to feel the helplessness of the situation.


When they got back, they ate their BK and Danny told Nick to get ready. "Why?" Nick asked.

"If I'm gonna tie you up it's gonna be for real."

Nick thought of something. "Can it be like a game, you know a scenario?"

Danny thought for a moment. "What about this: you're a secret agent that I caught snooping around my lair so I tie you up and keep you as my prisoner?"

"Haha, that sounds cool!" Nick went upstairs to pee. When he came down, he was wearing a t-shirt with a tux design, black skinny jeans, and black crew socks.

"Don't you look spiffy," Danny said. Danny just wore blue jeans, and a black t-shirt with black no-show socks. "Be right back."

Danny went to get his ropes, handcuffs, and duct tape. He took a vibrator too, just for kicks. Luckily, the kitchen table was empty and made of wood, which would fit Danny's evil designs.

Danny walked downstairs quietly and crept up behind Nick and placed his hand over his mouth. Nick responded by bringing his own hands to his mouth until he realized it was Danny.

"Look what I caught, a little boy agent!" With one hand, Danny cuffed Nick's hands behind him and took out a small bandana. Quickly, Danny wrapped it around his cousin's mouth. That'll keep you quiet for a while." He turned around to face his captive and patted him on his cheek a few times. "I caught a feisty one this time. I wonder how much the agency will pay to get you back." Danny started circling him, "well, either way, I'm gonna have fun torturing you." Danny took another bandana and wrapped it around Nick's eyes.

At this point, Nick ran from Danny but, without any sense of where he was going, he ran square into the sliding door leading outside. He would've fell flat on his back had Danny not followed and stopped him from falling.

"Insolent boy, I'm going to have to restrain those feet of yours. Danny made Nick walk to the kitchen table and then placed it upside down so that the legs faced up. Danny then uncuffed Nick and, using rope, tied both of Nick's wrists to the table legs directly. Luckily, the table was exactly Nick's height, so when he tied his ankles to the bottom legs of the table, Nick's whole body fit perfectly with the table.

The twist was that Danny stood the table up. Nick was able to stand on the ground, yet his arms and legs were firmly trapped in an X position which was surprisingly comfortable.

Danny made an evil laugh. Well, you look like you're enjoying this, he hit Nick's package with the back of his hand. Nick blushed and tried to escape, but found that the knots were too tight. In a swift swipe, Danny took out the gag, allowing a second before balling up the bandana and stuffing it in Nick's mouth. He then held it in as he proceeded to wrap duct tape around Nick's head several times, till he was positive that it would never come off.

Tue Aug 24, 2010 8:16 pm

Nick struggled as much as he could, but he couldn't seem to get the bandana out of his mouth or off of his eyes. Then came something unexpected; Nick's t-shirt was raised and was folded behind his neck to reveal his skinny body. He felt something go up and down the line of his abs and immediately shook. Nick was extremely ticklish, part of the reason he hated long hugs with girls who found him cute. One stroke turned to five long fingers, then ten, and before he knew it, Nick was being tickled everywhere around his exposed chest. At one time, Danny stuck his fingers into both of Nick's armpits, both jabbing them and softly going through them. Without any armpit hair, Nick's pits were completely helpless to his cousin's long torture. Then, while Danny kept the boy's chin up, he used his other hand to tickle Nick's most sensitive area: his neck.

"Poor Nick," Danny said sarcastically, "you can cry all you like, but no one will hear you!"

After 10 more minutes of tickle torture however, the door bell rang...


"Oh shit..." Danny said. Nick was in a really BAD position; he couldn't let anyone see it unless...

Danny ran to the front door, leaving Nick's chest exposed to the cold, as it heaved up and down. Nick was in a cold sweat, and was still recovering from his tickling when he heard footsteps approach him. Then, it felt like even more hands were going over his body! Not two, but four hands went to work tickling Nick's most ticklish areas. Nick was struggling hard but no matter how hard he moved, his bindings prevented him from freeing himself.

After what seemed like an hour (only 20 minutes), the tickling stopped and his blindfold was removed. Nick's eyes squinted as they adjusted to the light. The first thing he saw was a boy he didn't recognize.

Danny spoke up, "Nick, this is my assistant, Vince. He is my cohort in crime and has agreed to help me torture you in return that I let him do most of the torturing. Unfortunately, whereas I'm a sweet and benevolent soul, you won't find Vince very generous..."

Nick got scared and started fighting his bindings with no success. He moaned into his gag as loud as he could but that only produced a small muffled cry.

"Don't bother," Vince said, "young man, I'm pretty sure you know that there are reprimands for trespassing unto private property. What's more, our secret facility must never be uncovered; I'm afraid that we're going to have to keep you here until you either join our side... or die."

Danny came up, "ok Vince, hold on. Let's give the boy a chance to tell us if he's ready to join us." Danny unwrapped the tape around Nick's head. As soon as it was off, Nick spit out the wet bandana.

"Now," Danny said, using his finger to bring Nick's chin and face up to his own, "are you ready to join us in our malicious deeds?"

Nick decided that this question would determine if he was going to be released or not, but Nick was having such a great time that he decided to milk it as much as he could. "Never," he replied in a menacing growl.

"Mmm, poor choice. Vince, he's all yours." Danny walked away, as Vince approached Nick. Nick was caught off guard as Vince came within kissing distance of his face, only to be distracted by his fingers tackling his armpits. When Nick's mouth was wide open, Vince stuffed his own small white sock into Nick's mouth and sealed that with duct tape.

"Now, if you had cooperated, we wouldn't have to resort to this." Vince took out a small container marked "itching powder" and lightly spread some all over Nick's bare chest. He put a small speck on Nick's nose as well.

It didn't take long for it to take effect as Nick started jerking nonstop as the powder worked its magic. "I'll see you in a bit Nick," Vince said, and before he left, he ruffled Nick's hair with his hand. Unfortunately, Vince's hand still had traces of powder so it left Nick's hair itching like crazy...

After being left alone for an hour in the tight X (it was now5 o clock) Vince came back to a tired and weak looking Nick. The powder had ceased to affect him just a few minutes ago. Nick wished he could bring his arms down just for a second, and yet he felt them grow stronger from struggling for almost two hours.

"I see you're a bit tired, hmm Nick? Well, Danny's not here; I'm not going to ask whether you're willing to join us; I'm just going to torture you more!" And with that, Nick's chest was attacked by 10 long fingers that prodded just about everywhere. It went on for about ten minutes till Danny came in.

"I am guessing that the prisoner still does not wish to cooperate?" Danny said.

Nick tried to shake his head but Vince got in the way, "sadly no, sir. Why just look at his eyes; sad and yearning, but still full of rebellion. I'll have to break him down more before he's ready."

And with that Danny walked away. Nick tried screaming but Vince would hear no more of it. "Silence! The fool Danny doesn't know it, but I'm in this for myself. For you see, you and Danny are both hot looking guys. It's fun for me just to toy with people like you, so just watch: in a second, you'll find yourself not alone in this torture!

Nick's eyes widened as Vince revealed the vibrator he had taken from Danny. "Now, to keep you occupied while I set things in place..." Vince unzipped Nick's pants and quickly stuffed the vibrator into Nick's boxers. Using tape, he kept it still and pulled up Nick's pants and re-zipped them. He then taped the remote onto Nick's chest, right in between his nipples.

"Oh look, so close, yet so far away... 3... 2... 1!: and with that, Vince turned on the vibrator and an overwhelming sensation took over Nick, as he began to moan and scream all at once. He found the feeling interesting and weird, but also very strong. He moved to and fro but couldn't shke off the feeling...

Vince laughed and left the room, but not before blindfolding Nick with his red bandana.

After ten minutes of vibrations, Nick heard a bit of a rumble upstairs. He heard footsteps and muffled yells and sighed: his great cousin had been caught, just like him.

However, when his blindfold was removed, it wasn't Danny that he found trussed up in a hogtie and only in his boxers, but Vince! Vince was tightly hogtied on the floor, with ropework that was intricately designed to pull on his crotch whenever he tried to move his feet away from his arms. Vince was obviously in a sweat and even when he tried to switch to his side, he found it impossible to do so without pulling on his happy zone.

Danny stood triumphantly and removed Nick's gag. "Now, Nick," he asked him, "are you ready to join me and punish the betrayer?"

Nick was breathing weirdly and grunted a bit, trying to get the words out.

"Oh yeah..." Danny took the remote off of Nick's chest and turned off the vibrator...

"Phew... Thanks. And yes; I am ready. Just get me out of here!"

Danny smiled as he removed the ropes that bound Nick to the table. when the last hand was free, Nick dropped to the floor. With a movement, he ripped the vibrator away from his area.

"So that's where it went!" Danny said jokingly.

Nick fixed his pants and looked down and the bound and gagged teen who had been torturing him for almost three hours. "You know Vince," he said, squatting to the ground near his blindfolded eyes, "payback's a bit- OWW!" Danny struck Nick over the head before he could curse.

"No cursing! I promised your parents you'd be good!" Danny said sternly.

"Alright. Payback?" he pointed at Vince.

Danny looked at him, then at Vince, writhing on the floor. "Sure."

And with that, Nick's newfound respect in his cousin grew to exponential highs as he and Danny tortured Vince the exact same way that Nick was tortured. The only difference was that it was longer and HARDER on Vince since he was older.

Vince ended up staying for the night... tied inside a sleeping bag and blindfolded. Danny decided that his sock wasn't needed to keep Vince quiet when he was sleeping. Danny and Nick ended the night playing video games while Vince watched/heard. Soon after 11, Nick fell asleep on the couch.

Danny sighed and petted his kawaii cousin's head. It was a cute sight, as Nick and Vince were just a few inches away from each other (even though Vince wasn't really asleep, he was just blindfolded). Danny turned the TV off and reminisced: a new generation of TUGs was about to begin for little Nick.

The End


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