kim_bowie : 01 - Held Hostage By Father's Ex-Girlfriend (F/f)

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kim_bowie : 01 - Held Hostage By Father's Ex-Girlfriend (F/f)

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01 - Held Hostage By Father's Ex-Girlfriend
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By kim_bowie


Mon May 31, 2010 5:57 pm

A few years ago after I had just turned nineteen, I came home from work on Memorial Day weekend from my job at the department store. While driving home I noticed a brown SUV somewhat following me on my way to the house. I didn't pay it too much attention however and continued the ride back home. When I got back to my house there was no one at home. I pulled into the hot garage and went inside the house.

After throwing my keys on the table I saw that there was a note from my father saying he would not be back until late that evening because he was out drinking with his friends which wasn't too out of the ballpark for him. I changed out of my work clothes and into some blue jeans and a white tank top. Moments later I head a knock at the door. I looked out the window to see that it was none other than my dad's crazy ex-girlfriend Debbie. She had a small black duffle bag around her shoulder and tacky sunglasses on. I decided I better let her in and give her a quick dose of swearing to get her to leave, because she had done this all before.

I opened the door and said, "What do you want now?" Debbie entered the house and said in the clearest of tones, "Kim, where is the Ipod I got your father for Christmas? I'd like to have it back." I told her I didn't know anything about it. She then unzipped the duffle bag and layed it on the couch. I then said, "Debbie you better leave before I call the police." Debbie then said to me that I wasn't about to go anywhere as she pulled out a revolver. I was scared stiff and raised my hands in surrender. Debbie then gave a slight chuckle and grabbed me by the arm.

She said that she needed to make me nice and quiet. She sat me down on the couch and brought out some white nylon rope. I was then instructed to stand up and get a wooden chair out of the kitchen and bring it upstairs. With a frightened slow pace I grabbed the chair with both hands and headed up the carpeted steps with Debbie following me with her gun and bag. When we finally got upstairs she opened the door to the guest room and we went inside.

She then sat me down in the chair and started to tie my wrists behind the back of the chair. I felt so helpless and scared. After the wrists she tied my ankles together in the same fashion. Finally she tied my chest and abdomen to the chair with almost military like precision. She then looked at me and chuckled again lightly. "I'm not going to hurt you Kim, I just need to keep you nice and tied up to avoid a police presence." "What are you going to do with me," I asked. She said nothing as she then took a white handkerchief out of her bag and gagged me. She then left the room and locked the door behind her. I was so stuck in that chair.

More to Come...

Tue Jun 01, 2010 3:27 am

Part II

I was struggling to get free from the chair and my mind was racing to find a way out of it. She had tied me so tight that I could hardly move at all and I felt as if I had let her take complete advantage of me. Letting Debbie into the house was a huge mistake on my part and I quickly formulated a plan to get out of the chair.

Suddenly I realized Debbie did not search the contents of my pockets before taking me prisoner. I felt my small pocket knife in my front right pocket and I began to feel somewhat relieved.

I knew that I had at least six hours before my father came home from hanging out with his friends which gave me plenty of time to escape and either call the police or exact some revenge on Debbie. After about half an hour of struggling I finally got my gag off and began to loosen the knots on my wrist cuffs. My wrists were becoming raw and red from the constant strain put on them by the rope.

Another half hour went by and my hands were free. At this point I could hear Debbie out in the house searching through cabinets and other storage containers looking for the Ipod she so coveted. Struggling to get my hands and arms in front of my body was another half hour burden.

More to Come...

Tue Jun 01, 2010 8:49 pm

Thank you all for the support. This site has really opened my eyes and sharing my creativity with such an inviting group is encouraging.

Part III

With my arms and hands now in front of me it was only a few minutes before I had my trusty swiss army knife in my hand. Being a girl rasised in West Virginia, I had definetly used one of these before. The dull edge of the knife still made easy work of freeing me quietly within five minutes or so. I was finally free from the chair.

I crouched down and began to slowly move towards the door which I still realized was locked. I had broken out of that room several times with the exact same knife when getting Christmas decorations out of the attic and a wind draft blowing the door closed, so I wasn't worried about escaping the room. Jarring the knife into the wedge between the lock and the door cracked the device open just like the operation always had.

Now I had to think of how to think of a plan to get to a phone. My cell phone was in my work pants pocket which was downstairs in my room. Calling the police was probably my best bet cause I didn't want to cause any panic for Debbie with a loaded weapon if I tried to seek revenge on her.

I began my descent down the carpeted staircase as quiet as I could be waiting to hear any noises that would give away the location of Debbie. I heard some rustling in dad's room which was just down the hallway from mine. After sneaking into my room and looking in my work pants I realized my cell phone had gone missing. I went into a slight panic looking for it on my bed and on top of my dresser.

"Looking for this Kim?" I spun around slowly and saw Debbie with my cell phone in her hand waving it tauntingly at me and her small revolver in the other. I stood there frozen stiff.

"Kim, why didn't you stay tied up in the guest room?" She looked at me puzzled as if my escaping had been her fault and not my own. I was in my surrender stance again. Debbie looked frustrated. "Well, it must be a good thing I brought these then." Handcuffs were reveiled out of her back pocket. "Turn around!" she commanded. I submitted to her and was again bound, this time by steel. I was frisked by my captor and she found the knife and threw it across the room in disgust.

Debbie sat me on the living room couch and placed another handkerchief in my mouth. "Don't move!" she said.

More to Come...

Wed Jun 02, 2010 4:34 am

Part IV

Just remembering how the cold steel caressed my skin when I was first handcuffed brings chills down my spine even today. The latch noise that the turn pins made echos through my brain every now and again. I was starting to get sick of playing the damsel in distress.

While sitting on the couch with my hands secured behind me I started feeling pretty upset. Debbie went back to searching dad's room for the still unfound Ipod. The time spent waiting on her was the hardest part. I just wanted tied up again. I couldn't stand the way handcuffs felt on my skin.

Around ten minutes later Debbie re-entered the living room. I was motioning to her and making noises of duress under my gag. "What do you want?" as she removed the gag. "Debbie these handcuffs really hurt my skin and I'm so uncomfortable." For the first time that day Debbie looked at me with some sympathy. "Kim, I know none of this is really your fault, I've just been so upset with your dad over how he hasn't returned my phone calls. I just feel so unloved. I've done a lot for you and your dad over the years." Debbie was right though. She had really done quite a bit for father and I over the past couple years including finding a copy of Revolver on vinyl for my Beatles collection, ironically enough.

"Debbie, no offense, but I don't think dad and yourself are a very compatible match," I said as she was unlocking the handcuffs. Debbie understood and finally came to reason with that concept.

We shared a moment. I finally said to her, "Debbie I have an idea." Debbie looked at me with disbelief for a moment. "Why don't I help you clean up the house a little and then you can tie me up before you leave and I can tell dad and the police that I was just robbed by a stranger?" Debbie gave a slight smile and agreed. It took about and hour to clean up messes and make the house look more ramsacked through than before. The only thing I let Debbie take was a DVD player and a small portable television from the basement to make it look as if burglars had come into the house and tied up the poor innocent inhabitant.

I brought the chair back downstairs into my room and changed my clothes. While changing into some fresh panties and blue jeans Debbie remarked on my cute American Eagle duck underwear which I felt was kind of sweet in a way as I slipped the jeans over my exposed bottom. My tank top was changed out for a black one and I was ready to be held captive again.

"Are you ready?" she asked with rope and gag in hand. I said yes. "Tie me up well enough to make me look as if I've been stuck here for around four hours or so." Debbie grinned as she slipped the rope around my wrists, ankles, abdomen, and chest. I was again held prisoner in a chair. The gag was the final effect. To be honest with this audience, I felt pretty comfortable in that chair the second time. Debbie left with her gun and supplies stowed away in her bag.

Three or so hours later my father finally came home. I had nodded off to sleep in my new bedroom prison and dad immediately ungagged me and ask me what happened. I went into a sob and explained how some men had broken the front door in and grabbed me and confined me to the chair. The police were called and within a few minutes dad had freed me from the chair. The police didn't seem to care that much for the missing DVD player or the television and told us if they find the property they will return it.

I went to bed that night feeling glad that I had helped out someone who I cared about.

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