Writer : 02 - Big Bro Ties Up Little Bro (m/m, M/mm)

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Writer : 02 - Big Bro Ties Up Little Bro (m/m, M/mm)

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02 - Big Bro Ties Up Little Bro
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Sat Jul 03, 2010 1:40 am

Another Buddy Series side-story

This happens sometime after Vince stayed with Tito Don and his cousins. This focuses on Danny, and the return of his, kind of a jerk, brother Shawn.

Now, Shawn had been out of the house for about a year after he left for college, but every so often, he would go back home to visit his family, and more importantly, torment his little brother Danny. Where Danny was built with a skinny body, Shawn had muscles to add to his strong frame. Shawn could always easily overpower Danny, a feat that some of Danny's friends would call astounding.

The first day that Shawn came home, Danny was playing on the ps3 in the basement. The house was empty and Shawn instantly decided that he would play with his little brother, the only way he could. However, to make it interesting, he would allow Danny to take advantage of him first, after all, Shawn was always able to escape Danny's ties. Just for assurance, Shawn thought, I got my pocket knife in my back pocket!

Shawn went down to the basement. "Hey, if it isn't my favorite little shit in the world?" he said lovingly.

Danny sighed. "Hey bro, did the university of asian retards finally kick you out for being too stupid, even for their standards?"

"Hey! Just because you're probably going to UCLA doesn't mean you can disrespect your older brother! You know what I should do??"

Danny knew, and sort of dreaded the thought. Whenever Shawn got mad with him, it was straight into an inescapable hogtie and nearly endless torture by him. When Vince or Nate tied him up, it was all fun and enjoyable, but when his brother did it, it was like punishment. Danny braced himself for the worst and crossed his arms behind his back.

"Naw, dude, I won't tie you up today. In fact, you should try tying me up for a change. See if you've gotten better!"

Was Shawn actually being nice for a change? Danny though. The last time Danny tied up Shawn was ages ago, and Danny's been practicing hard to be able to keep a person bound-- just ask Nate. "Ok, your funeral!" Danny got his stash of equipment: ropes, duct tape, bandanas, socks, and, just for his "special" brother, he hid a vibrator in his pocket.

Danny quickly got to work tying up his brother into a tight hogtie using nothing but rope: Shawn was pleased. He tied his torso at several spots and made sure his legs were immobilized. As he finished, Danny stuffed a grey sock into his brother's mouth and duct taped it shut.

Btw, Shawn was wearing a white t-shirt, cargo shorts and white crew length Nike socks. Danny then smiled at his brother, "now for the surprise!" He pulled out a vibrator, and stuffed it down his brothers shorts and into his (wow, he actually wears one, Danny thought.) jock strap. Shawn tried squirming but Danny just laughed and turned it on. Shawn then moaned as he endured the pleasurable vibrations.

Danny decided, "I'll be right back, I'm just going to get TapEx (a local Korean snack shop in the Bay Area). Shawn smiled through his gag, while trying to contain his excitement caused by the vibrator.

Of course, since Shawn had his pocket knife with him, it only took a matter of minutes for him to escape. As soon as he was free, he waited for Danny to come home. All it took was for him to move into the shadows when Danny came back downstairs, and pounce on him, holding him down using his weight.

"WHA--PPPHHHH!!" Danny tried to yell, but Shawn forced the sock he was gagged with into his brother's mouth, then taped his mouth shut, wrapping it several times around his head until he was satisfied.

"That tape's gonna be a bitch to rip off later, eh, bro?" Shawn quirked. Shawn quickly took off all of his little brother's clothes, save for his black boxers and black crew socks. He sat on Danny's legs while he tied his hands using rope, and reinforced it with duct tape, making sure to duct tape Danny's fingers so he wouldn't be able to escape. He then duct taped Danny's torso and proceeded in tying his legs together with rope and reinforcing them with more cut tape. This time, for extra torture, he hogtied Danny and got one of his shoes and taped it around Danny's poor nose. Unfortunately, Shawn had been playing a lot of basketball before he came home. The stench was still strong.

Shawn then took the vibrator. "I can see why you like these kinky things," he said, and stuffed it down his brother's boxers, taping it onto his already erect thing. He didn't turn it on yet, but went back to the stash. He found two more vibrators and got an idea. He dutc taped the other two vibrators to Danny's exposed nipples. Danny had never tried this method of vibration before; he hoped that it would not hurt his sensitive nipples.

"1, 2,....3!" As Shawn yelled 3, he turned on all vibrators at once, causing an immense surge of stimulation to rush through the three most stimulated areas of his body. The experience to Danny was unlike any he experienced before-hand. It made him moan and beg for it to stop, but at the same time, he didn't want it to stop. It was this uncertainty of a want for pleasure that caused Danny so much torment. He began drooling in his gag, and the sock became immensely wet. Shawn was laughing as he saw his brother's fierce struggling turn into lethargic and sloth-like movements. It seemed as though all of Danny's sense had been turned on. Shawn left his brother to eat whatever was left of the food he brought home.

Surprisingly, the food was untouched! Danny brought home two bags of crispy popcorn chicken, but never ate out of his bag! Shawn laughed and took only his bag (he wasn't a COMPLETE ass to his brother) and watched some T'.V. in his room. It was about 4 o' clock.

Shawn then woke up... it was 7 o clock... "SHIT!" Shawn thought to himself. Danny's been tied up for three hours?!! Shawn dashed downstairs, almost running into his dad.

"Shawn! You're home? Can you help me unload the groceries? Mom's working late, so it'll just be us men for dinner."

"Uhm, ok, dad, inna bit, I just gotta-"

"Hurry up so I can start cooking! Call your brother, too."

"It's ok," Shawn said, thinking fast, "I got the groceries."

Shawn ran outside fast and carried as many grocery bags as he could, hoping to finish before his dad found out about Danny.

He got into the kitchen, to find that the door leading to the basement was wide open! He dropped the bags and slowly walked down the steps. He looked inside: there was dad, overlooking Danny, struggling weakly, vibrators still on and shoe still attached to face.

"Shawn..." Dad said. "did you do this?"

Danny stopped moving when he heard his father's voice.

"Y-yeah..." Shawn looked down, noticing a wet spot on the ground (it was pee) around Danny. He started untying him.

"No, no, wait!" Dad said, "I got to take a picture!"

Shawn and Danny were both baffled. Dad took out his iPhone and took a few good shots of his younger son bound and gagged.

"I've got to say, Shawn, nice work. Intricate ties, excellent torture methods..." Danny wanted to be untied at that moment. He couldn't take any more vibrator action. Suddenly, Dad turned them off. He also took off the shoe and ungagged his son. How long were those things on, Danny?"

"<cough> about three hours..." he said.

"Three-!! Shawn, if you tie someone up, monitor them at all times! Three hours is too long to keep something like vibrators on a person!" But dad just laughed it off as he and Shawn continued to untie Danny, who, at his release, went dashing towards the bathroom.

At the dinner table, the men all talked about what Dad had seen.

"So, you've been doing this for a while already?" Dad asked his sons.

"Yeah," Danny said, "usually Shawn gets the better of me; and I do it with my friends all the time."

"Well, I can't say I never saw this coming: did you know I knew Vince's dad from a long time ago? We were childhood buddies, and he introduced me to tying up games" Dad answered.

Danny was astounded. He was still in his boxers and socks as he ate dinner but he almost literally peed his pants: his dad was NOT going to kill him for liking TUGs! He actually liked them too as a kid!

"No more secrets, ok boys?"

"Got it," Shawn replied.

"Well, you two better get ready for bed. Also, because you guys have been basically lying to me all of those times you almost got caught, you'll both have to be punished." he smiled.

The brothers both laughed in turn, and before they knew it, they were both tied spreasd-eagled onto their beds: Danny, only in his boxers, Shawn in his jock-strap. Both were blindfolded and gagged with each other's socks. Danny got the bad end of that, since his brother's socks had the same smell and tasted like sweat...

"Have a good night boys!" Dad said, "I'll untie you guys when it's time for breakfast!" Each boy mmpphed into their gags, but they heard their doors close as the sound of crickets were heard in the cool summer night.


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