Lasse K : 04 - Lana revisited (MM/ff)

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Lasse K : 04 - Lana revisited (MM/ff)

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Lars Kolm's stories
04 - Lana revisited
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By Lars Kolm @lasse672000


Sun Jul 11, 2010 8:16 am

The other day, I found the notes I made, after I was kidnapped a couple of years ago. Reading through them, I relived it all, for some strange reason almost wishing it would happen again. But how could it? I now lived hundreds of miles away from it all, in a new town and with new friends. There was NO WAY it would. But still, there was the nagging feeling in the back of my mind, I was being watched. Everywhere I went and everything I did, I had that feeling. You know the one; it's the one where you are almost certain, you are being followed by somebody, but you can't quite make out by whom? You just catch a glimpse of the same persons, over and over again, in the corner of your eye.

Suddenly the doorbell rings and when the door opens, a male voice asks if I'm home. My father, who apparently opened tells the man, I'm upstairs along with my sister, Chloé. I can hear their voices coming up the stairs, the man telling my father he's a policeman, wanting to have a word with me at the police-station. He adds that there is no reason for my parents to come along, and that I'd be home as soon as they had finished talking to me. They come in to the room where I sleep along with my 13 year old sister. The policeman flashes a badge in our faces and tells us his name is John Douh (he pronounced it as a Homer Simpson cry, almost making it sound like "John DOUW"). He asks me to come down to the car with him. My sister asks if she can come along as well, and Mr. Douh says "Sure! I don't see why not?"

We are escorted out of the house, to an unmarked car and told to sit in the back seat. There is already a man sitting there and we climb in either side of him. Mr. Douw climbs in the driver's seat, he locks the doors from where he sits and we speed off. Suddenly the car stops again, Mr. Douw turns around and says "So you are Lana, are you? I've wanted to meet you for a long time. Now, both you girls put your hands behind your backs, so this nice gentleman can put handcuffs on you."

We obviously have no choice and within a minute, our hands are secured in handcuffs. After that come the obligatory blindfold, both fabric and tape, and our knees are tied together. Then the car speeds off again. When it stops the next time, we are taken out and we hobble along in to a house.

When we come inside, I hear a familiar, but half forgotten, voice say: "So you got both of them this time? Never mind, the more, the merrier as they say! Put them in the room! I'll come and talk to them in a little while."

We are shoved in to a room and told to stand up against the wall. Our handcuffs are taken off, only to be refastened in front of us. Then we are told to put our hands in the air, and the cuffs are locked to chains hanging from somewhere above us. The chain is so short we can't even bend our elbows. Then our boots are taken away and our feet, for whatever reason, are tied together with rope. When our kidnappers are done, we are left alone. My sister, obviously, is too scared to speak, and I'm wondering what is going on. Here I thought I would be safe from kidnappers, but apparently, I wasn't.

Now would be a good time, to tell you what we are wearing. Gone are the days of the all grey school uniform. We are both wearing heavy, home-made cotton skirts. Chloé is wearing a red skirt and I'm wearing a navy-blue one. They come all the way down to our ankles and we both wear thick, white tights. Mine are ribboned, Chloé's are plain. We both wear pale-pink sweaters with Cinderella pictures. I know it's a bit childish for a teenager to be wearing something like that, but when you're as short as I am, there aren't a whore lot of clothes for you to wear that aren't. My sister and I are about the same height, so it makes buying clothes that much easier, according to our mother. You get two for the price of one, so to speak.

After a while, I can hear the door open and my sister being asked if she wants to use the bathroom. She says she does, and I can hear her being released from the chain on the wall. After a while, she comes back, and I can hear her being told to sit down. I can hear her cuffs being closed and then, it's my turn. As I don't want to use the bathroom, I'm loosened from the wall and told to sit down. My hands are brought behind me and are cuffed. I can feel ropes being tied around my waist and chest, effectively pinning me to the chair. My feet are tied to the legs of the chair.

Then the man, whom I presume is the leader, says: "I bet you are wondering why this is happening? I guess, especially you, Lana. You see, your dad is the president of a large oil-company, which we are trying to get out of business. This seems to be the best way of doing that. You see, they pollute the worlds' oceans, and we don't like that! So we will keep you here, until we get a guarantee they'll stop pumping up oil from the ocean."

We both start protesting, saying he was wrong. That wasn't our father, he was talking about! It couldn't be! Mid-sentence, I get a ball shoved in my mouth, tied in place by some sort of cloth, and by the sound of, so is Chloé. Then, the men leave us, and a string of monotonous days begins. We are never free of our chairs, except when we go to the bathroom a few times a day. Our handcuffs are taken off just before we go in there and when we eat, our blindfolds never are.

Some days later, we are again gagged; our knees are tied together and taken back to the car, put in the back-seat, our feet are tied together and we are driven back home. There, we are dumped on the driveway and the car speeds off. I can hear our parents coming out of the house and run up to us, releasing first Chloé then me.

The kidnappers are caught a couple of days later, trying to leave the country.

It seems to be a happy ending, but I've learned not to take anything for granted any more.

Mon Jul 12, 2010 11:01 am

I lie here in bed, feeling a bit jealous of my sister. I look over at her bed, seeing her body tucked into the high-necked, long-sleeved tight sleep-sack our parents make us wear at night nowadays. It closes with a zip, which runs from the feet all the way up to the neck. They are tethered to the frame of our beds by a couple of straps, one pair by our chests and one pair by our knees and locks, and we can't out of them by ourselves. They're so to tight, we almost can't move a muscle. The window is opened just enough to let the cool night-air in to the room.

It's been a couple of weeks since our ordeal at the hands of those amateur eco-terrorists, and I'm oddly enough almost waiting for it to happen again. But this time only to me! Strange, isn't it? There is a little, persistent voice in the back of my head saying: "Be careful, what you wish for. It just might come true!"

I must have dozed off, because I'm startled by a sound coming from the window. I look over at Lana's bed. She's not wakened by it, so it's probably just a branch of the tree outside, touching the window. Suddenly I can see a movement and the window is fully opened. Two men climb in and, before I know it, they put a sack over my head. They cut the straps holding the sack to the bed. One of them puts me over his shoulder and carries me away down a ladder that is put against the wall. I can hear my sister waking up, screaming, but it's too late! I'm being laid in the back-seat of a car; my hands are tied together in front of me as the car speeds off.

When the car finally stops, I'm being carried over a shoulder up some stairs and into what sounds like an elevator. It starts moving, but stops rather quickly again. I'm carried, still flung over a shoulder into an apartment and deposited on a bed like a sack of potatoes. I'm ordered to close my eyes and my head is wrapped in what feels like bandages and some tape. My still-bound hands are anchored to the middle of the headboard and then I'm left alone for as while.

Sometime later, I can hear someone coming into the room. I felt someone sit down on the bed and then a hand was put on the lower part of my stomach. I heard a voice saying: "First of all Chloé, I want you to know this has nothing to do with your family. Well, not directly, anyway. We want you here as protection. I promise you, I will let you go in a couple of days, when we've done what we set out to do. If everything goes according to plan that is. Until then, think of yourself as our guest. We will do everything possible to make your stay as comfortable as possible, I promise. We will treat you as we did your sister. No harm came to her, did it? Sure, she was kidnapped, as are you. But, then again, she's got a great story to tell at school, hasn't she? Soon you will have too, I promise! Now, let's get down to the details of your stay with us." His voice is so hypnotic, I almost lose track of what he's saying. He shakes my stomach a couple of times. That wakes me up, and reminds me how long it was, since I used the bathroom. I let out a moan of discomfort.

"Ah, let's start with point number one, shall we?" he says, when he hear my moaning. I can feel him opening the zip a bit. "Good" he says. "You're wearing a leotard! I was afraid you were naked under there. Although, that shade of pink wouldn't be my choice of colour for someone with your complexion! Where was I! Oh, yes. The only time you will be allowed out of this, is when you have to use the bathroom. When we've had this little chat, this rope around your wrists will be replaced with cuffs. These will remain on you until your release in a couple of days. I, or one of my associates, will feed you regularly. The rest of the time, just lay back and enjoy your stay with us!" With that, I felt him clicking on a pair of cuffs, before he untied the rope around my wrists. "Now I believe you want to use the bathroom, don't you? One moment and I'll help you." He opens the zip all the way down, and helps me to my feet. I am taken down what seems to be a long corridor, judging by the surrounding sounds, and into the bathroom. My handcuffs are taken off and the door is closed. When I'm done, I stumble out, the cuffs are put back on, and I'm taken back to the room. When I'm safely put back in the sack again and the zip and straps are safely closed, everyone but me leave the room. But before he leaves, the 'leader' says: "I'm sorry but, when you're alone, you will have to be gagged at all times." With that, he puts some kind of ball in my mouth, tying it in place with what feels like a piece of string.

For the duration of my stay (later I find out, it's close to a week), the only one I talk to, is the one I presume is the leader. When he comes to tell me I can go home, I make him promise, that he'll do this again! Whether it's with or without the blindfold is up to him. The only things, that are not negotiable, are the cuffs, the leotard and the sleep-sack. Those things have to be included in the deal. I can hear the astonishment in his voice as he does so. "You have considered all of this a game, haven't you?" he says.
"No, I certainly haven't! But I've enjoyed it never the less."

Fri Jul 30, 2010 7:46 am

Around two weeks later, at seven in the evening the telephone rang. Our mother answered. Then she came into our room and said, in a rather puzzled voice: "I've just spoken to a man who said, that even though you two don't know his name, you know him, whatever that means. He said he'd like to meet you tonight, down by the gate. He also told me to tell you to come prepared! Oh, one more thing; he'd be there around nine."

I looked over at my sister Lana and smiled. "OK! Thanks mom."

As soon as she left the room, we started organizing things. We got our leotards on under our clothes. Mine was light blue and Lana's was black. We both wore white pantyhose. Then we bundled our sleep-sacks into a big bag, and then we waited. And we waited. You can't believe how slow the clock moves, when you're waiting for something exiting to happen! Anyway, a couple of minutes to nine, I took the bag and we went out. The last thing we said to our parents were; "Don't wait up for us!" and off we went. We walked down to the gate and waited.

Suddenly, a voice we both recognized said: "Good, you're here. I was afraid you weren't going to show up. Now Chloé; blindfold your sister and put the handcuffs you'll find next to you on the ground, on her hands in front of her. Then tie her knees together, with the rope you'll find there as well. Don't bother making it neat or anything, just make sure it's tight enough, so it doesn't slip off. Then what I want you to do is stand very still. I'll blindfold you from behind, cuff you and tie your knees together the same way. After that, we'll go for a ride. OK?"

I did as I was told. When I was done, I asked Lana if it was too tight, but she said it wasn't. Then it was my turn. When he put the handcuffs on me, I could tell by the smell of his breath he'd been drinking coffee recently. Maybe he even had a cigarette or two. When he had finished cuffing me, he must have taken a roll of tape, because I could feel something else being wrapped around my head a couple of times. He took us by the arm and we hobbled to a reasonably sized car. We were put in the back seat; he buckled us in and went to get the bag with the sleep-sacks. Then; off we went.

As our hands were trapped beneath the seat belt, we couldn't lift our blindfolds, to see where we were going.

After a while, the car stopped and he came around and opened the door on Lana's side. We were taken inside a house and in to a room and told not to move a muscle. A little while later, I could hear him come back into the room and put our sleep-sacks on a couple of beds. Then he said: "I'm going to release your hands and knees now. When that's done, get your clothes off, except for your leotards and get into the sacks. Do NOT take your blindfolds off, unless I tell you to. Is that understood?"

"Yes, it is," we said. As soon as I felt the cuffs and rope disappear, I took off my trousers and sweatshirt and fumbled my way to the bed, which I discovered was right behind me. I wriggled my way into the sack and put my arms in to the sleeves. Then I just lay back and waited for the zip to be closed. In a couple of minutes, I felt the zip being closed and I heard him saying: "Right girls! I won't keep you for long this time, only until tomorrow night. I'll call your parents to let them know you are all right; and where to pick you up. But first, I'm going to tell you why I've done this so many times over the past few years.

As you might know, I'm an eco-fighter and your parents work for a company that isn't all that eco-friendly, to say the least. When I did this the first few times, I did it to put pressure on that company, to see the errors of their ways, so to speak. This time, I did it because you seemed to enjoy it so much. Now I'll let you get some sleep and we'll talk some more tomorrow." With that, I heard him close the door and leave.

Early the next morning, he came in to the room again. This time, I could hear he wasn't alone. "Breakfast, girls!" he chimed. He sat down on my bed and helped me, while his assistant helped Lana. When we had finished eating, we were allowed out of the sacks, to make a visit to the bathroom.

When we came out of there, he said, as he was adjusting our blindfolds:" It's such a fine morning; I'm not going to put you back in the sacks. Instead, I'm going to tie you to a tree outside for a while. The fresh air will do you good. What do you say about that?" I thought about it for a while and then agreed, as did Lana.

So we were led outside and to the left. We were stood against separate trees and our hands were tied behind each of them. Then my knees and ankles were tied to it as well. Then he wrapped a rope around my chest-area, after which he said: "Now; I know we're in the middle of nowhere, but just to be on the safe side, I'm going to gag you anyway. Now; open wide!" He put what felt like a rubber ball in my mouth and wrapped my head with a couple of layers of fabric and tape. Then we were left there more or less alone for the rest of the day, except for a quick snack at lunch-time, and a couple of drink- and bathroom breaks.

When I could feel the evening chill set in, I heard a voice I recognized as my fathers' right next to me say, "There you are! The voice on the phone was right. Are you two girls ready to come home yet?"

I nodded, as must Lana have done, because he said: "Good. I'll just go and pick your stuff up from the house, and we'll be off." A while later, I could hear him come out of the house and say: "OK! Let's be off." I could feel him cutting off the ropes, which were holding me to the tree. He took off the gag, but when I felt him start to take the blindfold off, I said: "No, please dad! Let me have it on for just a while longer. And tie my hands together in front of me again, please!" Lana said the same thing.

We must have been quite a sight, when we came back home! A grown man leading two blindfolded girls, who only wore leotards and tights and had their hands tied in front of them. We managed to persuade our parents to let us have our hands tied for the rest of the evening, and being blindfolded until the next day.

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