mike : 01 - Younger experience (m/m)

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mike : 01 - Younger experience (m/m)

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01 - Younger experience
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By mike

Sunday, August 10th 2003 - 07:00:59 AM

younger experience

This happened to me when I was 15. One day I was hanging round ay my friend Danny's house, trying to keep cool as it was in the middle of a heatwave. We both wore just shorts, and we were playing cards.
Danny came up with the suggestion that the loser of the next game should have to do a forefit. I asked what he had in mind, but he wouldn't tell me, but I agreed anyway. Of course Danny won the next game; he paused for a short while and then said what he'd like me to do.

"I'd like to tie you up" was all he said. This seemed a bit strange, but it was too hot to argue so I agreed. Danny had me move on to his bed, and lie on it face up.

"OK, put your hands up behind you" he said. He then got something out from underneath his bed, which I realised was bits of rope. He tied each wrist to the railings in his bedboard, and them proceeded to tie each ankle in a similar way to the end of the bed, spreadeagling me.

"OK Danny, that's enough" I said, slightly frigentened but also enjoying it as well.

"Be quiet" was his response "or I'll make you be quiet!"

"How you going to do that?" I shouldn't have asked! He reached under his bed again and got a rol of duct tape, tore some off and put it over my mouth! I now was spreadeagled on his bed with duct tape over my mouth so I couldn't talk!

"One last finishing touch" said Danny and again reached under his bed! I couldn't believe what he brought out - a diver's nose clip! I began to protest, but couldn't do a lot - those binds were very tight!

"OK, take a few deep breath's" he instructed me, and I has no option but to obey, a real mixture of fear and excitement in me. "OK, one last big breath" and with that he put the nose clip on my nose, so I couldn't breathe. He stood back, watching me as I lay there, squirming against the restraints. After what must have been at least a minute I began arching my back as much as I could, really struggling, hoping that he'd release me. But Danny didn't, he just stood there, watching me, and I noticed he was enjoying it judging by his shorts!

Another minute passed, and I was really panicing now, desperately needed to breathe, frantically pulling at the ropes but nothing gave. Eventually Danny removed the nose clip and let me breathe again, and we played games like this for the rest of the school holidays!

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