blackjackviper : 01 - Sister/friend tickling (m/ff, ff/m)

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blackjackviper : 01 - Sister/friend tickling (m/ff, ff/m)

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01 - Sister/friend tickling
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By blackjackviper

by blackjackviper » Fri Dec 12, 2014 10:08 pm

Do you know what's great about being young? Kids don't question, they just do it.
It was a Saturday afternoon. My mom's close friend brought her daughter over. Her daughter is my sister's age so naturally, they got along. Back then I couldn't get close to her because she was in a different age group and we liked different things, so it got awkward whenever my sister wasn't home. But that all changed.

Let's call my sister's friend "Susan". They were in the bedroom chatting and I was in the mood for some tickling fun, but I had to find some way to do it. I decided to play a card game with them. My sister thought tickling was fun back then, so of course, she would agree if I were to ask her, but I wasn't so sure about Susan. I knocked on the bedroom door and asked them if they wanted to play "I declare war." I told them that the loser would be punished.

"What kind of punishment?" My sister asked
"The one you enjoy", I said

My sister smiled and agreed. But she wouldn't tell Susan what we were talking about. The game started and because I was older, my reactions were quicker and I easily won. So that means the punishment would be for the two of them. I went into the drawers and got the jump ropes out and my sister instructed Susan to lie down on the bed with her hands up and her feet together (so proud, she already knows the drill). I tied them both up. I was thankful my sister was all cheery about this, otherwise, it would have made Susan worried. Once they were tied, I put the sleeping mask on both of them and decided to tickle Susan first.

I moved down to her feet and removed her socks to reveal her soft, tanned feet.
"Hey Susan, are you ticklish?" I asked while stroking her feet up and down, but there was no reaction.
"Hehe, no, not down there." She said
What good information to have, that means she's ticklish somewhere else. I went up to her knees and squeezed them, and that's when she jerked her knee up.
"Ahh!" She screamed. I got her spot, same on the lower part of her legs and started to squeeze her knees. Her reaction was priceless. There was a lot of buckling up and down. Luckily I had the jump ropes tied tight so she couldn't get out. I moved up to her tummy and lifted her shirt. She tried using her tied up hands to block mine but I quickly grabbed it and put it above her head. I gave her belly button a quick tickle and blew raspberries on them. She was a laughing maniac, but it was obvious she was enjoying it. And finally, I went to her armpits, but unfortunately, she wasn't ticklish there. I was going to tickle my sister but then I thought of something deliciously evil.

"Alright girls, we're going to have a tickle contest. The one who could survive the armpit tickling gets to tickle the other. I knew my sister was going to lose. Her armpits are her killer spots. I sat down in the middle of the two of them, put one leg on each arm and began the tickling. Susan wasn't moving a lot, but my sister was thrashing like crazy. Her smooth armpits were so fun to tickle. Finally, she surrendered and I untied Susan. I told her to begin tickling my sister on her right armpit. I went into the bathroom and grabbed a toothbrush and began brushing her left armpit while holding her down. We tickled her for about five minutes before releasing her. By then we were all worn out. I offered myself to get tied up and be their slave. My sister quickly tied me with my hands behind my back with my stomach on the bed. My sister sat on my butt while Susan sat on my legs and the tickling began. My sis began tickling my ribcage and Susan began tickling my feet. I tried to move as little as possible and allowed them to get their revenge.

At the end of the tickling, my sister told Susan to put her feet on my face. My sis was too young to know about fetishes and stuff, but she thought that making someone smell their feet was funny and a type of punishment I hated. Boy, was she ever wrong. It was a great way to end our little fun session. We did a few more tie-up games whenever she came over. As we grew older, they either forgot about it or just choose not to mention it.

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