Charlie : 01 - Capture the flag (f+m+/f+m+)

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Charlie : 01 - Capture the flag (f+m+/f+m+)

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Charlie's stories
01 - Capture the flag
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By Charlie

Friday March 3rd 2000 03:12:10

Let me start off by saying that this is a really good site.

This story happened last summer and was a game my friends and I concocted while spending the summer bored roaming around the yard. I'm a high school student from B.C. (Canada), I"m 17 and most of my friends were that age too.

Before I introduce my friends in this game, I'll tell you a bit about the game itself. It was called "capture the flag". Most of you have heard of it. Basically the rules were simple. The first team to capture the other teams flag and return the flag to their own base were the winners. However, we put our own twist on the game. This version took place over a large area surrounding our homes and school. The object of the game was to not only capture the flag, but members of the opposite team as well. Since this game took place over a large area it made the game more fun and more challenging. The flags and prisoners were kept by the teams "home base". Each teams base was represented by some ones house, which I will get into later.

These are the players, there was me, Charlie (17) 5'9, Evelyn (a girl I sorta had a crush on) (16) 5'6, her sister Ashley (15) 5'5, Rebecca (17) 6'0, Mike (Rebecca's sister) (17) 6'1, Dave (15) 5'8, Dana (17) 6'3, Jeff (16) 5'8, Jessie (16) 5'7, Jessica (17) 5'7 and Christie (16) 6'0. We were all friends for about three years. Anyway we had met at Ashley's house to set up the ground rules for our day of capture the flag.

Ashley's house was one base and the other was Jeff's house. They were about 2 kilometers away from one another with our school and a little forest in between. We were split into teams of two. Team A was me, with Evelyn, Ashley, Rebecca, Mike and Jessica. The other team consisted of Dave, Dana, Jeff, Jessie and Christie. My team had the one extra person cause my team was slightly younger (and not to be sexist had more girls). Anyway so team B traveled to Jeff's house and would call us when they were ready to start the game. In the meantime I sat with Evelyn, Ashley and Mike going over a game plan while Rebecca and Jessica waited for the phone. We basically agreed that Ashley and Rebecca would hang around and guard our base while Evelyn, Mike, Jessica and I would head out looking for the flag and prisoners. We also decided it would be safer to stay in groups of two, just in case one of us got into trouble. Mike suggested I go with Evelyn and he would go with Jessica. Evelyn and I kinda looked at each other and smiled as we agreed. Then about five minutes later the phone rang. Sure enough it was Dave telling us they were ready to begin. So Evelyn, Mike, Jessica and I grabbed our water guns and headed out.

Mike and Jessica decided they would travel around the streets (we live in a fairly quiet neighborhood) while Evelyn and I tried the school ground and forest area. We set off (about 10:00 AM at this point) to look for the enemy. Evelyn and I trotted off just talking and walking normally chatting about the game at hand. I had to admit she looked really beautiful on that day. She wore a white t-shirt and shorts, while I wore blue and light brown shorts. We just laughed at each other chatting about stuff when we reached our destination, the school.

We sort of turned into our commando mode and started patrolling the area. First we scanned the parking lot, but didn't find anyone. Then moved onto the park, the football field and the jungle gym. However we didn't find anything. So we continued on past the school and decided to look at the small brush/forest that was near by (and between the two bases). It was getting onto 11 when we entered the forest looking for our enemy but didn't find much. After a while of searching we sorta sat down on log and chatted a bit.

"I never knew being a spy could be so hard", she joked.

"Yeah, right up there with construction work", I replied.

We just sorta joked together then she stopped, turned to me and said "Charlie I need to be fully honest will you".

"Yeah!?" I said reminding myself to stay gentlemen like.

She took a breath then asked "Have you ever considered us - I don't know - going out".

Inside I was like woa, that was unexpected, but also I was excited. I looked back at her and said "You know I have".

She looked at me with a sort of glint in her eye "And?"

I looked at the ground, then back at her and said "I think it would be good".

She seemed really excited and replied "Me too".

We smiled at one another and chatted about a date. We got lost just chatting and talking about one another that we forgot we were in a game of capture the flag. When we finally realized it, it was too late. We had let our guard down long enough for Christie to jump out behind us, gun in hand, yelling "Stick em up".

Evelyn and I couldn't believe we forgot and had been taken that easily. We raised our hands into the air as Christie took our guns and picked up her cell phone. (blasted technology!). She called Dana to come over to where she was and to give her a hand with Evelyn and I. After she was done Christie had us march through to the other side of the forest where Dana was waiting with Jeff. They were waiting besides Dana's van, or prison vehicle, which had come to transport Evelyn and I off to Jeff's house (The other base). Christie promptly marched Evelyn and I over to the car where Dana had two handcuffs. Jeff and Dana both hand cuffed hand hands and Evelyn's hands behind our back and put us in the back of Dana's Ford Windstar. We were sat in the middle seats where Jeff and Christie put our seat belts on for us. We couldn't do it ourselves with our hands cuffed behind our backs. Then Dana jumped in and started up the car.

While he drove us to their base, Christie and Jeff continued to search for the members of my team. Evelyn and I looked at one another in disbelief that we were prisoners so early in the game and just sorta stared at one another. But we smiled at each other as Dana approached Jeff's place. Once there, Jessie came out from the house to help Dana with Evelyn and I. They undid our seatbelts and we were escorted inside.

Jessie and Dana took us through the house into the basement, which we presumed to be the prison. Once down there they un cuffed our hands from behind our backs and told Evelyn and I to stand back to back. We looked at each another for a moment then stood with our backs to one another. Dana pulled a wind of string out of a little toolbox they had and walked over to Evelyn and I with it. Dana then took the string and secured my right hand to Evelyn's left. Tying or wrists together then double tying a knot. Once that was done Dana did the same with our other wrists. Securing them together with a double knot around our wrists. Now Evelyn and I were tied together by our wrists. Dana and Jessie continued by tying us together at our chests, stomachs and upper arms. This really fastened us together but I enjoyed being secured tight and snug next to Evelyn, she said later she enjoyed it as well. After our torsos were tightly tied together, Dana and Jessie helped sit the two of us down and tie our ankles up. They then added some more rope to our arms, which completely tied our arms together. Dana looked just about finished when Jessie added "don't forget the gags".

"Thanks Jessie", I said sarcastically as Dana drew into his box of toys. He produced two ties and handkerchiefs from the box and walked over to Evelyn. He put a handkerchief in her mouth then secured it with a tie. He wrapped the tie around her head and secured it between her teeth. After she was tied Dana did the same to me. Dana admired his work as Evelyn and I just sat there staring.

Dana turned to Jessie and said "I should get back and help the others, can you handle these two?", he asked.

Jessie replied "no prob, we have them secured".

Evelyn and I looked over our shoulders at one another as Dana left. Jessie then turned off the lights and shut the door, following Dana upstairs. Evelyn and I tested our bonds rubbing back and forth. It was dark and we couldn't see much besides the light coming behind the curtain from the small window in the corner. We gave it our best but after a good half hour of struggling we just gave up and sat still. We rested against one another just hoping someone would free us.

It wasn't until about two hours later we saw the door open and Jessica stood at the top. Evelyn and I wailed through our gags but were silenced when behind Jessica was Jessie and Dave. Jessica saw us sitting there and said "oh no, that's where you were". I nodded in reply as Jessica was sat on a chair in the corner of the room. She had her hands tied behind her back and was then secured to the chair. Her legs were tied and Dave put a gag on her as well. Jessie was just starting back up the stairs when she asked Dave "Have you talked to Christie or Dana lately?".

"No", Dave replied. "Haven't seen them in a while".

Both Dave and Jessie looked at the three of us with a puzzled look. But then the two of them left for upstairs and closed the door. Evelyn and I again continued to struggle while Jessica did the same. We worked but still to no avail. Another half hour past and we grew very tired. Evelyn and I had been tied up for nearly three hours. We just rested against one another trying to stay relaxed as much as possible. It wasn't until 3 PM that we heard the door open again. Evelyn had fallen asleep laying against me but was awaken by the door. The three of us looked up at our new inmate but to our surprise to see Jessie was coming down with Mike behind her with gun in hand. Jessica, Evelyn and I all moaned and yelled through our gags as Mike put Jessie on the floor. He then ordered Jessie to untie the three of us. Evelyn and I were first untied then Jessica. Evelyn and I were really glad we were free, we were tied up for almost 4 hours!

After we were freed, we tied Jessie up and put her in a closet in the basement. After Jessie was put away we heard noises from upstairs. It was Dave coming back to check on Jessie. The four of us hid and when Dave came down Mike pulled out his gun and we captured him too. We tied him up and gagged him just like Jessie. We then pulled her out of the closet and tied her together with Dave. After they were tied, we left the house and started back for our base. Evelyn and I were so relieved to finally be released we were running back to our territory. Mike filled us in on how they captured Christie and Dana and now had them in their jail.

It took us about half an hour to get back to our base. When we arrived we pushed the door open and called for Ashley. But we got no answer. We all drew our guns and split up, thinking our base had been infiltrated. I searched up stairs but found nothing. I ran into Jessica on the lower level and we both found nothing. I asked her where Mike and Evelyn were and she replied they went to look downstairs. After hearing that we didn't take any chances. We left the house and slowly patrolled outside until we found our way into the back. The two of us crept up to the back window and looked into the basement. Down there was Evelyn, Mike, Rebecca and Ashley all sitting against the wall with their hands tied behind their backs. Jeff, Dana and Christie were standing over them with guns in hand. They were talking to them but we couldn't make out what they were saying. They chatted for a bit then Jeff took off up the stairs leaving Christie and Dana with the rest.

Jessica and I agreed we had to make our move. We walked up to the front door and just as Jeff was walking out, we surprised him and put a gun to his head. He was almost as surprised to see us. We took his gun and made our way downstairs. Christie called for Jeff as we made our way down the stairs.

"Common Jeff where are the - " she paused when she saw us and she got Dana's attention. Jessica and I pointed our guns at them and forced them to surrender. We took the three of them and made them untie Evelyn, Mike, Ashley and Rebecca. After they were untied, we tied their hands behind them and then tied their legs.

Boy were they upset, on top one moment and captured the next.

I walked over to check on Evelyn but she said she was alright. We smiled then finished with our prisoners. After they were securely tied, we forced them to tell us where their flag was. They were resistant but after five minutes of tickle torture, Christie blurted out it was in Jeff's back yard.

"Great job Christie", Jeff said sarcastically.

We thanked them then gagged the three of them before heading out to the car. I took one last look at the three of them gagged and bound then headed up to join everyone else. We couldn't all fit into the car so Mike, Jessica, and Ashley took the car. Rebecca offered to stay at home and protect our prisoners and Evelyn and I would take it by foot. Evelyn and I set off through our usual root. The forest and schoolyard. We walked and talked about our day and each other. After a while I took her hand and we walked hand in hand over to Jeff's. And I was enjoying every minute of it too.

When we finally got to Jeff's we saw the car parked half way down the street. I guess to avoid any conflicts. When Evelyn and I got to the back yard the flag was still there and Mike, Jessica and Ashley were no where to be seen. Evelyn and I got a little worried. We decided to draw our guns and patrol the area. We were very careful not to let our presents known as we made our way into the house. Evelyn and I slowly made our way into the basement, watching each other's backs along the way. When we got to the basement there was no sign of anyone. This was extremely weird. It was just past 6 and there was no sign of anyone. I ducked behind a few pieces of furniture and checked the furnace room. Still nothing. I turned to ask Evelyn what to do next when she was gone.

"Evelyn?" I called getting no response. I really got nervous and started making my way back. I got to the living room and there was Evelyn with Dave with a gun to Evelyn's head. He told me to drop the gun as Evelyn gave me a depressed look. I slowly put the gun down as Evelyn and I were now their prisoners again. The two of us were escorted outside into the garage of Jeff's house. When Dave opened the door Evelyn and I were shocked to see the sight before us. Mike, Jessica, Rebecca and Ashley were all tied up. Mike and Jessica were tied in chairs back to back while Rebecca and Ashley were also tied up back to back sitting on the floor. Evelyn and I gave ourselves depressed looks as just then Dana, Christie and Jeff popped out from the corner.

"Well guess we win eh" Christie remarked.

Evelyn and I were both stunned.

"How the hell did - " I said as Jeff interrupted

"Well we managed to untie ourselves and we were more than a match for defenseless Rebecca. After we captured her, we warned Dave and Jessie about your scheme and laid a trap for them".

Obviously Jessie and Dave had escaped being tied up. Dana continued "After we warned Jessie and Dave, we took Rebecca captive and made our way over here. Now that we have you all we need is your flag".

"Which Jessie has gone to get, so in the meantime, over hear prisoners!".

Evelyn and I again smiled at one another then heard more rope being unraveled. The two of us we pushed so we were face to face, which seemed kind of weird. Jeff told me to place my hands around Evelyn, which I did, as he secured my wrists together behind Evelyn's back. They then did the same with her, tying her hands behind my back. So we were now tied in an embrace. Then we were secured together as they tied rope around us at our chests and wastes completely securing our upper bodies together. This time we were spared the gag but our team had been captured and with Jessie now returning with our teams flag, we had lost.

As our punishment for loosing, Dana took out his camera and took several shots of the six of us tied up. Evelyn and I stood together, still in a tied up embrace just smiling at one another.

That night we went back to my place to through a party for such a great game. At the end of the evening Evelyn and I decided we would give each other and try and went for a date the following Friday. It's been almost a year and we are still together. This game was a lot of fun and it brought Evelyn and I together. We had a lot of fun and were thinking of having another game this summer. Maybe later on, if it happens, I'll write another one of these. Till then, thanks for reading and keep up the good stories. Luv your work Canuk, thanks for a great web site to share these stories.

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Great story with a lot of surprising twists!
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