infmed88 : 13 - A country girl can survive (f/m)

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infmed88 : 13 - A country girl can survive (f/m)

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13 - A country girl can survive
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By infmed88

by infmed88 » Tue Mar 17, 2015 10:31 pm

Hey everyone, this is just a little story I wound up throwing together for a little bit, if you guys end up liking it I'll put more work into continuing it further. As always, any feedback is always appreciated.

Erica stood in front of the full length mirror in the corner of her excessively pink bedroom, admiring the cowgirl outfit she had thrown together for the costume party tonight. With eight different costumes to choose from and her childhood spent mostly on a farm, it was no secret to anyone who knew her that she considered herself a true Texas cowgirl. As pleased as she was with her new costume, her boyfriend had gotten on her nerves after a day spent teasing her and showed no signs of letting up.

She recalled the many occasions growing up when her three older brothers had needed to be put in their place, and decided it was time to adjust her man’s attitude. Gathering up all of the various lassos strewn about her closet, Erica coiled them around her shoulder before palming a roll of industrial strength duct tape and wedging it between her breasts. Tugging at the bandanna stretched to its limit around her chest, she bent over her desk and began playing her “girl power” playlist.

Pressing her back against the wall behind her door, the frustrated nineteen year old called out, “Hey Derek, let me see how your cowboy costume looks!”

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Erica stood again in the full length mirror in the corner of her excessively pink bedroom. Hands confidently planted on hips, and golden blonde hair cascading down her shoulders, her pasture green eyes ran up and down her own figure as well as that of her newest accessory for the night. Her cut off jean shorts matched the red cowgirl boots at the end of her smooth, tan legs, one of which was now firmly pressed against the side of her boyfriend’s head. The red bandanna top she wore was still miraculously able to contain the cleavage fighting to free itself as she stuck out her chest and smiled at Derek’s neatly packaged body in the mirror. With his own country themed outfit already a tight fit, his hips were in constant motion as they fought to make room for his package within the tight pair of jeans.

The victorious cowgirl casually flipped her hair about while running her hands along the curves of her body. She shook her hips back and forth with the rhythm of every sassy revenge song that cycled on, removing the lightly used roll of tape from her cleavage and singing into it as a microphone. Erica had immensely enjoyed the process of packing Derek’s mouth full of her sweaty bandana bras, forcing him to breathe into every single one before gagging him with it. With a dozen pieces of silver tape plastered over his mouth, he could do nothing but work his jaw around as his eyes followed every move her body made in the mirror. Every neutered threat from Derek’s packed mouth had now gone ignored for fifteen minutes, and Erica had been wearing the same smug grin for just as long.

The beaming blonde, still bouncing her hips to the beat of the music, stepped over her unwilling accessory with her booted feet on either side of him. Offering a generous view down her top as she ran her hands over the growing bulge in the over stimulated boy's pants. She remained bent over, watching his hips wiggle and thrust as his package pressed tighter and tighter against the jeans they were trapped in. Her eyes watched his as they darted from her chest to her legs, before running slowly back up to her chest again, his hips thrusting aimlessly in the air as he quickly lost hold of his composure. The music had come to an end, and the room was silent save for the sounds of fabric straining as Derek arched his back and rubbed his brown leather boots against one another, his hands forced against his ankles in a strict hogtie. Erica could tell he was throbbing beneath his jeans and allowed her eyes to coyly size it up, biting down on her lip before returning her gaze to his.

“Do I have your attention?”

Derek defiantly twisted and squirmed, shaking his head back and forth as his jaded girlfriend laughed and rolled her eyes. Slowly, she straightened her back out and stood over him, propping the heel of her boot over the center of his face, “Good, because we’re gonna see how good you are at being a cowgirl.”

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Erica cupped a hand to her ear and laughed, “What was that? Oh right, I gagged you. God I’ve been wanting to do that for so long! Hmmmm? Wh-What?”


“Oh no silly boy, you can untie yourself. Can't you?”

The high ceilings echoed with triumphant laughter as Erica stared down her long legs at Derek’s reddening face. When he finally succeeded in shaking his head free from beneath her boot, she slid it down his rope covered chest and past his over sized belt buckle until it came to rest on the bulge in his jeans. The proud petite beauty daintily wiggled her fingers in a teasing waive at her dominated toy, slowly stroking her boot back and forth until he began letting out stifled grunts of pleasure, “You’re just gonna lay there and take this, how have you not untied yourself yet? I mean, you said I wasn’t even a real cowgirl.”


Erica rolled her eyes towards the ceiling and bit gently down on a painted fingernail, twirling her long blonde hair with her free hand in feigned deep thought, “I guess I could leave you saran wrapped naked to the flag pole. Or maybe leave you strapped and gagged on that old mechanical pony down the street all night. Or-“


“MMMM MMMMMMM!” Erica teased at Derek, quickly rubbing her foot back and forth over the bulging crotch of his jeans, “My dirty bras taste good? I’m glad you like them!”


Satisfied with the frenzied state she had worked her man into, the Texas blonde turned to her dresser and bent herself over the lowest drawer before rummaging through it. Feeling Derek’s eyes fixed to her ass, Erica frequently shifted her hips and took her sweet time in digging through the drawer. With his raging libido in full swing, Derek was thrashing and straining in his bondage fiercer than ever, his sexual frustration providing no small amount of happiness to the scorned cowgirl. Her eyes fell upon the vibrating panties she had been searching for, but continued to remain bent over while listening to the mix of angry and horny grunts from the hogtied hottie on her pink carpeted floor.

“Did I ever mention that I hogtied my brothers a lot? They always thought they were too tough for a girl to take, just like you.”


“Funny, they said the exact same thing. They never really learned their lesson though, you boys are so frustrating!”

“NNNNNNG, MMMMMMPPPH!” Derek strained his body yet again, rolling side to side while his head remained pointed at his girlfriend’s ass peeking out of the skin tight shorts it was packed in to.

Gracefully straightening herself upwards, Erica turned back towards her defeated trophy before rolling him onto his stomach with her foot. Her hand shot to her mouth in a half-hearted attempt to stifle her laughter as she watched his ass shake in the air, his feet wiggling helplessly while his hands fruitlessly picked at the expertly done knots. Her delighted eyes scanned every inch of his contorting body as she slowly paced circles around the bound boy, tucking the panties into her waistband before hooking her thumbs down the front of her shorts.

“I guess I’ll do all the talking from now on, seeing as how you’re too busy learning why you don’t mess with Texas girls.”


“Reason number one, is because we will hogtie your ass. But I guess you learned that the hard way.”


“Mumble all you want, you brought this on yourself when you wouldn’t stop running your mouth. Maybe if you behave I’ll allow you to talk again.”


“You know, I like you like this. I should just keep you gagged permanently!”


“You’re right, if I’m going to turn you into a cowgirl that bulge needs to go. Come on, let’s go to the kitchen and get some ice.”

Erica came to a stop at the head of Derek’s wiggling body and shrugged, meeting his angry gaze with a look of exasperation while her thumbs pulled down on the lip of her waistband, “Well I’m not gonna carry you there!”

The spiteful cowgirl relented with a frustrated sigh before undoing the hogtie knots and bringing the twisting and grunting guy to his feet, “There, now be a good boy and hop to the kitchen.”


Erica brought her hands to her hips and tapped a foot impatiently, her eyebrows raising in surprise as Derek wiggled and squirmed before her, “Oh? You think you still have a choice do you?”


“Fine, let’s do it the hard way.”

Pulling his zipper down and his cock out, Erica slowly and triumphantly strode forward with her hand wrapped around Derek’s throbbing manhood. Using it as a leash, she tugged and squeezed until he obediently fell in line behind her, hopping up and down through the cavernous house. The victorious girl smiled widely to herself, listening to the humiliated grunts that came with every new bunny hop her boyfriend made. His pulse pounded in the palm of her hand as she turned around and walked backwards, both hands wrapped around his cock while she led him through the spacious living before stopping in front of a hallway mirror. Keeping a hand firmly wrapped around his member, Erica stood at Derek’s side with her free arm draped over his shoulder and chest.

“Take a look hun, this is a pretty accurate picture of how things work, don’t you think?”


The trussed and rigid boy groaned as Erica gave his cock another squeeze before biting down on her lip and giving the mirror her most innocent look. Derek gyrated his hips in search of release, eyes still glowering with defiance at the scantily clad woman leaning against him. Her cell phone palmed in the hand draped across his muscled chest, Erica worked her hips and legs into different victory poses as she took dozens of pictures with the fuming boy at her side. Her breasts pressed into his side as she whispered into his ear, “I think it’s time to cool you off.”
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“Oh shush, this is for your own good. You need to learn some self-control.”


Erica gave Derek’s pulsing cock one last squeeze before tucking it back into his jeans, allowing her breasts to press against his chest as she slowly pulled the zipper back up. The sound of his voice muffled by her dirty bra fed her already beaming smile as she pulled his waistband forward with her hooked finger, his gagged protests intensifying when she dropped the first two ice cubes down his boxer briefs.

“There, doesn’t that feel so refreshing?”


The dominant diva took a step back and broke into a fit of teasing laughter, her hands resting victoriously on her hips as she enjoyed the show Derek provided for her. His upper body wrenched back and forth in the ropes keeping his powerful muscles in check, the last of his remaining dignity vanishing as he jumped up and down in an attempt to shake the ice away from his throbbing manhood.

“Come on smart ass! Just spit my bra out and admit I’m a real cowgirl…no? Still too stubborn to admit a girl kicked your ass?”


Erica paced circles around the dominated Derek, seconds turning into minutes as he jerked and yanked at the ropes keeping him humiliatingly obedient. His jaw struggled to pull free from the duct tape plastered over his mouth, sealing his lips together and forcing the foul taste of the sweaty bra to ferment while it pressed against his tongue. Every grossed out groan from her boyfriend sent another wave of cocky satisfaction through the blonde beauty, who casually scooped a hand full of ice out of the bucket before unceremoniously forcing it down his jeans and against his package. With a renewed flurry of indignant grunts and muffled curses ringing through the kitchen, Erica resumed her endless victory lap, taking the vibrating panties from her waistband and dangling them in front her red faced boyfriend when she’d enter his field of view.
Knowing it annoyed him to no end, the southern belle added an over the top twang to her voice and began her stereotype country girl act as she laughed, “You’re easier to hogtie than a newborn calf, city boy!”


“I picked that bra specially for you ya know, sweatiest one ‘ah could find.”


Setting the panties down on the table without breaking her slow strut, Erica noted the shrinking bulge and growing wet spot as the ice quickly melted away into the fabric of his jeans beneath the heat radiating from Derek’s cock, “What’s wrong Derek? Have a little accident? I thought guys were supposed to be able to hold it for a while.”


“Do ‘ah need to put a diaper on ya? Why didn’t you just say you needed to go?”


For another fifteen minutes Erica enjoyed watching her boyfriend squirm after every additional handful of ice was either forced against his shrinking bulge or dropped down the front of his shirt. Even after his enthusiasm had subsided, the cross cowgirl continued to torture him with her Texas twang and maddeningly skimpy outfit. Any time his jeans showed signs of expanding, another lump of ice would find its way down his now soaking wet clothes.

“Yer not gunna pee yer pants during the party are ya? That’d sure be humilaitin’.”

“MMMMPHHH MMMM GMMMMPHH,” Derek angrily rolled his eyes before they locked back onto hers.

Before she could continue to further agitate her helpless boyfriend, Erica’s phone blared country music from her back pocket, “Hey Tracey!”


Ignoring the gagged shouting next to her, Erica took a seat on one of the wooden stools at the central island in the kitchen. She crossed her legs and reached her free hand out to seize Derek by the waistband of his jeans as he began hopping away, carrying on her conversation despite the angry grunting. Despite her firm grip, Derek continued to twist and wiggle in a futile struggle fueled by sheer stubbornness.
“Oh nothing, just trying out costumes for tonight. Not much else really.”


The ropes tightly pressing into Derek’s body rustled softly as he arched his back and flexed his arms, wiggling his shoulders up and down in the latest of many failed attempts to break free of his humiliating bondage. The sound of his gagged voice sounding more and more frustrated delighted Erica to no end, and encouraged her to purposefully keep the conversation going for as long as she could manage.

“Oh, I’d love to go shopping tomorrow!”


“No, I don’t think Derek’s gonna wanna do anything by then. Are you Derek?”


“He’s just being stupid, you’ll see when you come over later.”


When another twenty minutes had passed and the roped up cowboy still refused to hold still, Erica stood up from the table and grabbed a commanding hold of the outer most rope running across his heaving chest, “Could you bring your theater makeup kit by the way? It’s for a surprise.”


Even with the top of her head only rising high enough to reach his chin, there was no question as to who held the power now. Giving the rope a tug, she turned and began the slow process of hopping her uncooperative boyfriend out of the kitchen and into the living room where he soon found himself being pushed onto the soft leather couch.

“What noise? I don’t hear anything.”


Erica slid herself atop his chest, her toned legs easily pinning Derek’s head still, “Sure, let’s both stop talking for a second.

With a teasing waive of her fingers, the blonde beauty gave a devilish smile before scooting forward and seating herself directly over his face,


The room fell into complete silence with the exception of Derek’s squeaking boots, his body writhing and twisting in a suffocated panic as his vengeful girlfriend wiggled her hips in a humiliating victory dance, “Nope, I’m not hearing anything. You?”

Silent thrashing was all Derek could manage as powerful thighs squeezed against his bulging cheeks. The squirming and jerking was becoming increasingly desperate as the girls moved on in their conversation, the defeated dude only able to gasp for occasional bouts of air when Erica would raise her body slightly away from his face. Looking at the clock on the wall, a smile born of deep satisfaction spread at the knowledge of knowing the inconsiderate jerk had another hour at the very least before he’d be able to breathe freely again.
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An hour of being smothered had settled Derek’s raging libido, and had also convinced him of Erica’s legitimate cowgirl status after failing to undo a single knot in the ropes pressing against his body. The Texas blonde held her phone in the crook of her neck against her ear, biting down on her lip while sensually sliding her hands down her thighs, delighting in the boy’s struggle to maintain control of his urges. His nose flared as it sucked in every bit of air possible, his frustrated and defeated eyes lighting up with hope when she began saying her farewells to the girl on the other end.

“Okay, now what’s so important that you were trying to say while I was on the phone?”


“One more time sweetie, maybe try spitting my bra out of your mouth before talking.”

Cupping a hand to her ear, Erica let out a loud belly laugh as her trussed toy worked his jaw around his gag, fighting a losing battle against the duct tape plastered over his mouth and the bra pressing into his tongue. His back arched and hands meekly waived around in the air as he slowly and loudly made another attempt to speak through his gag, much to the giddy delight of the cowgirl idly twirling her air.


“I am a cowgirl!? Well it’s about time Derek, are we gonna have to go through this every time you’re acting like an ass from now on? Because I think this is the first time you’ve admitted you’re wrong.”

Erica’s joyful laughing continued to echo through the house as her boyfriend’s head wiggled violently beneath her. The sight of Derek’s acceptance of her victory over him captured on camera for an eternity as she held her phone over his face, recording his desperate attempts to beg for release while still trapped under her womanhood. Without having to force his head into a nodding motion, the bound and gagged boy groaned and squirmed in utter defeat as he made every attempt to placate his angry master.

“Now, before we get you dressed for the party tonight, say you’re sorry.”


Her eyes rolled to the ceiling as she tapped her finger against her chin in mock consideration, “Hmmmm, you may have learned a lesson, but you’ve still got plenty to answer for.”


“Are you going to let me be in charge from now on?”

Erica’s smile grew wider with every obedient nod from her dominated man, his nose rubbing against the crotch of her barely-there jean shorts with every humiliated acknowledgement of her place on top of him, “MMMM HMMMM.”

“We’ll see about that, now let's turn you into a cowgirl for the party tonight, because a real cowboy wouldn’t let himself get all trussed up and humiliated by a girl, would he?”

Erica’s teasing threats of his punishments to come sent Derek into another frenzied series of grunts and writhing, tempting her to remain seated over his face for another hour so she could enjoy the sight of his eyes fill with disgruntled embarrassment. Rocking her hips back and forth one last time, Erica tucked her phone into his front pocket before quickly and violently working her hips back and forth on top of Derek’s face. With her arms stretched over her head in victory, the devious woman took in every garbled groan and muffled curse as she forced his head into a nodding motion, the vibrations from his gagged voice greatly adding to the temptation to keep him as a permanent couch cushion.

“Remember this hun, because I’ll put you right back in your place again the next time you act like an ass.”

Dismounting from her thrashing and squirming boyfriend, Erica helped pull him to his feet before giving him a smack on his tight butt. Teasing and taunting while she watched him hop up and down, the cooing cowgirl offered sarcastic encouragement to Derek until he finally made his way back into her excessively pink bedroom. With the boy in bondage twisting and grunting in the middle of the room, Erica paced circles around him with her hands on her hips, thinking aloud to herself on which cowgirl costume he would look cutest in.

“Definitely some pantyhose, those’ll look great on your legs.”


“I guess we can’t both wear short shorts, but which color of mini skirt should I put you in?”


“Pink? Hmmm, or maybe the jean skirt…”


“You’re right, pink would look better on you. Maybe a black bra and tank top to go with it?”

Derek shook his while violently twisting and pulling at the ropes, his jaw struggling in a vain attempt to pull free from the sticky tape keeping his disgusting gag pinned against the thrashing tongue in his mouth. With the door to the hallway shut, he was unable to even attempt at hopping away from the beaming beauty strutting circles around him. Even in his angry state, Erica noted he couldn’t keep his eyes from running up her long legs and curvy chest, her own eyes rolling towards the ceiling in false annoyance.

“True, we definitely need to add the gun belt, and we’ll pick a cowgirl hat when we get there. Now, let’s get you stripped and changed. Are you gonna cooperate this time, or are we gonna have to do this the hard way?”


Coming to a stop in front of the squirming figure standing in the middle of her room, Erica let out a sigh, “Of course you’re going to make this more difficult than it has to be. I guess you haven’t learned anything after all. Just remember you brought this on yourself.”

Ignoring the flurry of gagged protests and demands muffled by the soggy bra packed into his mouth, Erica forced her bound boyfriend over towards her bed and pushed him onto his back. Looking over her shoulder at the desperately writhing body jerking around on her sheets, she tossed a dozen different articles of clothing on to the bed next to him before resuming her girl power playlist on the computer and climbing up onto the bed next to him. With one hand victoriously planted on her hip, the other pressed firmly down against his duct taped mouth and held his head still enough for her to straddle it.

“Ready for your makeover Derek? Or should I say…Denise?”

Facing towards the rest of his kicking and bucking form, Erica once again seated herself directly atop her boyfriend’s face, smothering out any noise that the music didn’t. Leaning forward to undo both his belt and the ropes around his thighs, the beaming blonde began giggling, and wouldn’t be able to stop until Derek was a cowgirl just like her.
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A shame that this was not continued :lol:
Send a PM and tie me up ;)
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