Qarl : 01 - Girlfriend tied me to the bed (F/M)

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Qarl : 01 - Girlfriend tied me to the bed (F/M)

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01 - Girlfriend tied me to the bed
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By Qarl

Wed Sep 28, 2011 2:42 pm

I haven't had much experience being tied up in the past, except solo play. However, in February, I met my girlfriend. She was a little reluctant at first to tie me up because she's not overly dominant by nature. But as we got to know each other better, she has been willing to try it out, on the condition that I set up the ropes and make it easy for her.

One time, we talked about tying me up, so after a late dinner when it was time to get ready for bed, she told me to get the ropes ready. I put on some homemade cuffs that I made from belts I bought at a thrift store. I hooked ropes to the bed frame, and tied the clips to the ends of the ropes. With a little adjusting, I got the lengths right so that I could lay on my back in a spread eagle and just reach the clips at the corners.

I told her I was ready, and she told me to strip. When I was completely undressed, she asked me with a smile, "Are you ready for this honey?" I was nervous and excited. "Yes, I'm ready," I told her.

"Ok Babe, get on the bed on your back."

I lay down on my back, and spread my arms and legs, feeling very open. First she clipped my ankle cuffs to the ropes, taking her time, talking to me teasingly, but in a calm and comforting voice. She was in her bra and panties, so she was able to brush my skin with hers as she secured me to the bed. It was very pleasurable to get to experience being tied up by someone I love so much, and trust completely.

"Now for your wrists, Babe," she cooed gently. She slid up the bed and helped me stretch my right arm to the clip.

"Are you ready to be completely helpless?" I nodded and murmured, and she moved to my left wrist, sliding over my chest and letting me feel her delicious warm skin against mine.

She clipped my left wrist in, and I got that warm feeling wash over me, where my last limb is secure, and I can no longer get out of the tie-up without help, or hurting myself. "How does that feel? Too stretched, dear?"

"No, it's fine. It feels good. It's tight, but not too tight."

"How's the circulation? Are the cuffs cutting into your wrists or ankles? I don't want you getting damaged," she added with a smile and warm chuckle.

"No, the cuffs are tight, but not hurting me. I like it. Thanks for tying me up, Babe," I said.

"You're welcome," she said warmly, and she knelt in to plant an affectionate kiss on my mouth.


Thu Sep 29, 2011 10:58 am

The combination of feeling helpless from the cuffs and ropes, and her tenderness and kissing, made me feel very turned on.

She noticed evidence of my arousal and teased me. "What's going on here, Lover?" She brushed my skin and made me shiver. For a while, she just knelt by me, exploring my helpless body, causing my skin to get more and more sensitive.

"I think it's time for some tickling. What do you think, Boyfriend?" I didn't even have to look at her to see the smile. It was obvious from the sound of her voice how much she was enjoying this. That made the whole thing even more enjoyable and exciting.

All I could respond with was "oh my god."

She straddled me, allowing most of her weight to rest on my thighs, and began lightly running her fingers up and down my stomach and thighs. Then her hands stopped on my hips. "How's this Boyfriend? Does this make you nervous?"

I could only nod and grunt "uh huh."

"Good. Because it should!" And she dug her fingers into my hips and tickled me hard, using her short nails to full advantage. It was like an electric shock running through me. I felt this jolt of overwhelming sensation that was almost pain, but intense in a slightly different way. My whole body bucked and writhed against the ropes and her weight, desperately trying to escape her tickling nails digging into my hyper sensitive skin. She tormented me, squeezing and digging her nails and fingertips into my hips, and waist, and upper thighs. I couldn't get away from the sensation and I groaned, hissed, and clenched my teeth, forcing a sort of buzzing "zzzzzt" out of me.

She laughed and paused a moment, commenting on how much she liked it when I made that sound. "I know I've got you good when you make that buzzing sound, Lover." Her wonderful, warm, smiling voice just added to the delicious and tormenting helpless feeling.

"Let's do that again!" she exclaimed, and renewed her assault on my vulnerable stomach, hips, and waist. I bucked and groaned, writhing and trying to stop the torture, but just made her laugh and continue the entertaining ride she was getting. "Oooh lover.. you buzzed more that time!"

She finally let up the torment after some very long seconds (that seemed like minutes, I swear). I gasped for breath and tried to relax and slow down my heart rate. She stroked me gently, partly relaxing me, and partly causing me to flinch due to the oversenstivity of my skin.

"Oh Boyfriend. I'm going to get used to doing this!" she teased.


Wed Oct 05, 2011 11:58 am

Although it's not really a TUG, my girlfriend also likes to semi-restrain me when she tickles me. For instance, the other night, she talked me into begging for a tickle, since she knows I like/hate it so much. I had to lay on my stomach on the bed, naked of course, and cross my arms underneath me. Then she sat on me, effectively pinning me by my and her weight combined.

"If you can hold this position for 30 seconds, then you won't get spanked, boyfriend," she teased. Oh my god, she knows I can't last 10 seconds.

She started counting down from 10... "Ready? I'm going to start in 10 seconds. Then see if you can take it for only 30 seconds." She giggled and started rubbing my sides lightly, making me squirm in anticipation, and getting my skin very sensitive.

When she reached zero, she attacked my ribs and waist furiously, digging into me with her nails, causing electric tickle shocks to rush through my entire body. At first, I tried to just squirm and take it, but she kept it up, finding all my week spots, teasing and torturing me with fingers, nails, and laughter.

"You can do it babe! Just a little more," she laughed. "Don't take your arms out!"

After just a few seconds, I couldn't stand it, and started bucking and writhing, desperate to get my arms free. With her weight, and the helplessness of tickling, it was a furious struggle to get her off and stop the tickling.

"Oh dear, lover. It looks like you've earned a spanking," she chuckled. "Which would you like? The hair brush? The cardboard hangar rod? Or something else?"

At first I asked for the hairbrush, but then I thought better and asked for the hangar cardboard rod.

"In that case, you'll get both," she said. Groan from me.

She made me lay with my face on the bed, and my knees bent and spread wide, sticking my butt high in the air and my privates exposed. She started whacking me with the cardboard rod (you know the ones that are attached to hangars for hanging your slacks up). She kept it up, moving around, working the same spot, moving around, harder, faster, slower. At first it wasn't too bad, but the cumulative effect started hurting, and I groaned.

"How's that feel, lover?"

"It hurts pretty good."

"Too much?"

"No, it's not too bad."

"OK, then I'm switching to the brush."

She started hitting me with the brush. Hard. She never swatted me that hard before. Also, in the past with the hair brush, I've either been standing or laying in a way that my butt created a cushion. This time, my bent over position took away the padding, and I felt each blow harder than usual.

"Oh god! Oh my god! That stings. Wow!"

After about 5 or so hard ones with the hairbrush, she paused.

"Are you going to use the safeword?" she asked sweetly.

"OK, safeword for the hair brush," I groaned.

"Just two more then" and she whacked me two more hard ones. Then she gave me about 5 more or so with the cardboard rod with me grunting after each. The sting on top of the hairbrush was a lot to take. I was so relieved when she stopped.

"Thank you for my spanking and tickle girlfriend," I said to her and kissed her deeply.

"Sorry I made you use your safeword, boyfriend." She smiled and kissed me back.

" You don't have to apologize for spanking me, babe." I reminded her. "You did a great job of pushing my limits." And I kissed her again.

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