Koomza : 01 - Stories of me, my mom, and my friends

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Koomza : 01 - Stories of me, my mom, and my friends

Post by Soraka »

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01 - Stories of me, my mom, and my friends
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By Koomza

by Koomza » Mon Apr 30, 2012 11:03 pm

Hi all! My name is Stephanie, been reading this board since 2008, as well as the Dreambook archives and the old forums well before that, but only recently decided to actually make an account here. I’m an 21-year-old girl, roughly 5’5”. I’m a brunette, and I’ve been called both skinny and busty by my friends.

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been interested in being tied up and gagged; I think it started with watching the Rocky and Bullwinkle show and seeing the woman tied up during the opening to the Dudley Do-Right parts. When I was little, and when my parents went off to bed after they thought they tucked me in, I’d use Scotch tape to “tie up” my hands and feet, and gag myself, as I pretended I was being held for ransom.

Years later, after I turned 11 and managed to convince my parents to let me have a computer with internet in my room, I discovered Canuck’s TUG Dreambook archives and the old forum, and I spent a lot of time reading the stories, imagining myself in them.

(Quick note: my first few stories might not seem terribly intimate, but as they go on, they do get intimate, and I’d prefer to keep my stories in one place.)

My first experience with adult bondage was 3 years ago. I was stuck on a math problem, so I went to look for my mom. Before I go any further, let me describe my mom. My mom, Karen, raised me on her own; my dad left us before I was born. She’s 44 at the moment, a few inches taller than I am, and she has huge breasts; I think she’s a D-cup, she’s never told me. I personally consider her attractive; I’ve never understood why she’s never looked for a new husband.

Anyways, I called for her a few times, but she didn’t respond, which was odd. I decided to head upstairs and see if she was in her room doing work; I knocked on the door, and still got no response. I decided to just open it, and I still didn’t see her. I did hear something coming from her bathroom though; when I opened it, I saw my mom with her hands behind her, tape over her mouth, and in her underwear! When she saw me, she flipped out and started motioning towards a key on the counter. I grabbed the key and unlocked the handcuffs.

“Holy shit, mom, what happened?!”


“Do we need to call the police? Was anything stolen? Are you all right, mo-”

“Stephanie! I’m all right, no one broke in, everything is fine. It’s just... well, find a place to sit and I’ll tell you.”

After a bit, Mom came into her bedroom, where we both sat down. I’ll spare you the exact details, but she gave me a combo “the talk” and why she liked self-bondage. On the outside I was serious, but inside, I couldn’t help but find it funny. Apparently, a liking of being tied up is genetic, who knew? After the talk, Mom told me something that made me turn red like a tomato:

“Steph, I know you like being bound and gagged as much as I do; you don’t think I didn’t see you when you were little?”

I didn’t really reply here so much as spew out gibberish and a few random words. My mom chuckled. “Would you like to try actually being tied up, Steph?” I enthusiastically nodded yes.

Sorry for cutting off my first post here, but it’s getting late here and I’m getting tired; I’ll post my first actual tie-up experience tomorrow!

Koomza's stories
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Post by Soraka »

Hey everyone, I’m back with more of the story! Picking up from where I left off last night, I had excitedly told my mom I’d like to be tied up in response to her request. I couldn’t believe it; not only had my own mom been into bondage/TUGs like I was, she was offering to actually give me an experience to be tied up that didn’t involve shoddily taping my hands and feet together! My excitement caused me to space out, which made my mom give me a light knock on the head to snap me out of spacing out.

“Ha, I know you’re excited, Steph, but just keep an ear open, okay? Go take a seat in that chair over there, and I’ll get the stuff we need to tie you up. I’ll be right back, sweetie.”

Mom motioned towards a cushioned chair in the middle of her bedroom, and went downstairs to grab her stuff. I would’ve tried to sneak a peek at where she keeps her toys, but I decided to not jeopardize my first real tie-up opportunity. I took a seat in the chair, and shortly after, Mom came back into the room, carrying several lengths of rope, a small silk cloth, and hot pink duct tape. Seeing actual things I can practically be tied up and gagged with instead of Scotch tape only made me get more excited.

Before Mom started tying me up, I asked her:

“Hey Mom... would you mind if I stripped to my underwear while I’m tied up, like you were when I found you?”

Mom gave me a brief look of surprise while I immediately began wondering why I asked that. To be honest, I still don’t understand why I asked it; maybe I was subconsciously aroused by my first tie-up. Mom’s look of surprise was quickly replaced by a smile, and she remarked:

“So that’s how you feel about these things, huh? Well, good to know you and I are on the same page on bondage. Go ahead, Steph.”

I got up from the chair and undressed down to my light blue bra and panties; I could feel myself blushing a little, but I was with my own mother, and she was in her matching black bra and panties as well, so I didn’t feel too embarrassed.

Now came the moment of truth. I sat upright and put my arms behind the chair, my excitement reaching its peak. Mom began by tying my elbows together, then moving down to my wrists. After Mom finished tying those and moved onto tying my thighs, I tested out the bonds; as expected, they didn’t give at all, and it gave me a sort of intoxicating effect. Finally, I was being tied up without being able to easily get out! Evidently, Mom had plenty of practice on her friends either as a kid or as an adult; I never did bother to ask her about what she did when she went over to her friends’ houses late at night. :wink:

While I was trapped inside my head, thinking about all of this and enjoying every moment of it, Mom had finished tying my thighs together. I tested them out again, and as expected, I couldn’t move my thighs. Mom talked to me before tying my legs to the chair legs.

“Ooh, Steph, I can tell you’re enjoying this!”

“Yeah, Mom! Where’d you learn to tie people up this tight?”

“What? Oh, no no no, not in that way, sweetie - look at your nips.” She winked at me as she crouched to tie up my legs. Confused, I looked down at my breasts, and I immediately felt my face completely flush; my mom was right, my nipples had started to poke out of my bra! I hadn’t even realized I was getting aroused!

Again, during all of that, I spaced out while Mom tied my legs to the chair legs, and I only snapped out when she grabbed the silk cloth she brought up with the rope and tape, and said:

“Open wide, sweetie.”

“Huh? What are you ta-gmmmggghhh!”

During me expressing my confusion while I was coming back to reality, Mom stuffed the small silk cloth in my mouth, and quickly applied 4 strips of the hot pink duct tape over my mouth, cutting off my ability to speak coherently. Nonetheless, I spent about 15 seconds doing nothing but struggling against my bonds and mmmph’ing into the gag. Mom sat down on her bed and smiled, admiring her handiwork.

“Well, sweetie, I’m gonna go downstairs and watch some TV. I’ll be up to untie you in half an hour. Before I go, though, I have one more thing to introduce you to.”

I wondered what Mom could possibly be talking about. I thought she had already finished with pulling out everything she needed, what else could she ha-

Again, I was pulled out of another bout of going inside my own head by a buzzing noise and a stimulating sensation in my crotch. I saw Mom putting one of those magic wand vibrators down my panties, giving me a sensation I hadn’t felt before. Of course, I was no stranger to touching myself; I honestly can’t imagine any 13-year-old boy or girl who is. But this was totally different; it was like the sensation I get from fingering myself multiplied by several powers; it was the greatest pleasure I had felt up until that point. I of course started mmmmmph’ing into the gag and started violently thrashing against my bonds, while Mom walked out of the bedroom, turning her head to blow me a kiss as she went downstairs.

After what I think was 10 minutes of heavily struggling against the ropes holding my arms, legs, and thighs together, I suddenly felt what seemed like an electric shock going up my entire body from my vagina. A short while later, I had a violent orgasm; the strongest I had ever had. I was left breathing quickly through my nose, and my muscles all felt like they went limp. The entire world seemed to disappear around me; all I could feel was the lingering sensations of the orgasm and the vibrator still working its magic on my crotch; now I understand why it’s called a magic wand!

After having another orgasm a bit of time after the first one, and caring about nothing but the sensations going through my body, suddenly the vibrator stopped and the pleasure went away. I opened my eyes and saw Mom grinning, removing the now shut off vibrator from me. I slowly moaned at her, hoping she’d put it back in, but she instead started to untie me.

“Sorry, Steph, but something came up at work and I have to leave now. I can’t leave you here tied up and gagged while I’m gone, sorry, but I’ll make it up to you later.”

Mom quickly untied the ropes immobilizing me and took off the tape from my mouth while I spat out the silk cloth. I took a look at the time; it was 9 PM and I still had homework to do! Mom tossed the tape and stashed the ropes, cloth, and vibrator downstairs, and quickly got dressed. As she got in her car to head out to work, I waved at her and blew her a kiss, still in my underwear. She sped off towards work, while I finished up my Algebra 2 homework and got ready for bed.

That’s all for my first story! Next time, I’ll talk about how I walked in on my mom having some “fun” with one of her friends and getting roped into it!
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Post by Soraka »

I’m back with another story, exciting :)

A few days after my mom gave me my first bondage experience, on a Friday night. I was doing my weekend homework so I could go out with some friends the next day without having to worry about the work. Mom was upstairs, doing what exactly, I don’t know.

At about 8 PM, while I was finishing up math homework, Mom came downstairs and started to head out the door.

“Stephanie! I’m going to go over to Donna’s house to watch some movies with her. I’ll be back in a few hours!”

“Kay, bye Mom.”

As soon as Mom closed the door and confirmed she went to Donna, our neighbour’s, house, I took a small break from the monotony of homework, grabbed a bite to eat, and put on some TV. After only a few minutes of channel surfing and seeing nothing worth watching, I found myself without anything to do. I decided to just quickly finish up my homework and go over to Donna’s house to watch movies with Mom and her. About 5 minutes later, I left for next door.

Before I go further, I should probably introduce Donna and her daughter and one of my best friends, Lindsley. Donna, much like my mom (whose name, I forgot to mention, is Karen), is a single mother, although under different circumstances, which I’d prefer not to mention. Lindsey is a few months younger than I am, though still 18 years old, and is a tad shorter than I am, but started developing earlier, so her bust size is noticeably larger than mine. Donna is a little younger than my Mom, I think she’s 43, but she’s a little skinnier, with hips that are... I can’t quite describe them, but they’re “sexier”, I guess than my mom’s. A few times at school when I hear boys listing off “MILFs” who have kids that go to my school, I commonly hear Donna as part of that group.

Anyhow, I knocked on Donna’s door, but no one answered. I decided to see if the door was open, and sure enough, it was. I walked in and heard muffled moaning coming from the next room. Immediately I knew what was going on. I poked my head around the hallway, and saw both my mom and Donna tied up and gagged with duct tape; I couldn’t fully see from where I peeked, but it looked like Mom was frog-tied while Donna fucked her with a strap-on. I decided to quietly go up the stairs and see what Lindsley was doing; surely she could hear this upstairs.

I knocked on Lindsley’s bedroom door, but all I heard was moaning; this time, I just opened her door without any thought. I was greeted with the sight of Lindsley lying on her bed, nude, tied up spread-eagle style. When she saw me come in, her eyes went wide, accompanied by her struggling more intensely and grunting into her ball-gag. I couldn’t help but stare at her breasts as they jiggled in rhythm with her struggling; her noticing this only made her struggle more. I decided to talk to her. I sat down next to her on her bed, and started to remove her gag.

“Don’t worry, Lindsley, I’m not gonna do anything to you, I’m just interested in how you got into this.”

I unbuckled the ball-gag from her head, and she spat out hot pink panties; having seen her at slumber parties in the past, I knew Lindsley had been gagged with her own panties. After sputtering a bit, Lindsey spoke up.

“Bleh, thanks, Steph. My mouth was getting dry from having been gagged for however long I have been.”

“I can imagine... so how’d you end up nude, tied up in the most exposing way possible, and gagged with your own panties?” I decided to be straight to the point here.

“You don’t beat around the bush, do you... well, basically I was doing my weekend homework to get it out of the way, then at about 8, I heard your mom coming in. I wasn’t expecting her, but I just decided to keep concentrating on my homework. After about half an hour, I heard moaning coming from downstairs. I went down to check and see if your and my moms were okay, and I found Karen tied up and gagged with her pussy exposed, while my mom was putting lube on a huge dildo.”

“Woah woah woah, hold up... Donna likes women?”

“Well, Karen does too, from what I saw! Anyhow, when my mom saw me, she ran towards me and tackled me to the carpet. She said ‘Lindsley, how many times have I told you not to peek in on me and my friends when they’re over?’ I told her the usual ‘I lost track of how many times, mom’, and she said if I liked seeing her friends nude and tied up, then surely I’d like to try it too! So she dragged me up to my room, my wrist in one hand and a ball-gag in the other, I took off my clothes and underwear, and she tied me to the bed like this. She then took my panties off the floor and stuffed them in my mouth, then buckled the ball-gag behind me. ‘Have fun, sweetie,’ she told me sarcastically as she walked out. Ugh. She treats me like a huge child...”

“I don’t think tying up your own daughter nude is treating you like a child, Lindsley.”

I recognized the almost porn star-like voice as Donna's. I turned around and saw my mom and Donna standing in the doorway, both nude and free of their ropes.

I'll leave the story here, I'll continue either later tonight or tomorrow.

Thanks for voicing your like of my stories, everyone who's commented! You encourage me to keep writing about my experiences
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Post by Soraka »

I’m back again with more stories!

When I stopped last night, Mom and Donna had gotten out of their (self-)bondage and walked in on Lindsley and me talking about how she ended up tied spread-eagle to her own bed nude and gagged with her own panties while they themselves were nude.

I sheepishly smiled and said, “Um... did I come in at a bad time, Mom?”

“Steph, why did you think it was okay to peek in on my private life? I thought you had homework to do, anyway.”

“I finished it, Mom, and I came over because nothing good was on TV and I wanted to watch TV with you, Donna, and Lindsley! Instead, I found you tied up with your legs on Donna’s couch while nude, Donna also nude, tied and gagged screwing you with a strap-on, and my best friend tied up nude on her own bed, gagged with her own panties!”

“I understand I lied to you, honey, but you still decided to peek in on my private business, so I’ll give you a choice: you can either be grounded when Donna and I are done, or you can join Lindsley in bondage, at the whim of Donna and I.”

Mom knew how to make me join in on the fun, and I instantly nodded my head at the latter choice. I could see Lindsley blush a bit, but she didn’t really protest. Donna asked Lindsley if she wanted to be in some clothes while tied up with me, but Lindsley refused.

“If I didn’t feel uncomfortable with Steph seeing me stark naked, and don’t think I didn’t notice you staring at my boobs while they were jiggling, Steph, I won’t feel any more uncomfortable being tied up with her while nude.”

I started to take off my clothes and underwear, partially because I was already aroused slightly by seeing Lindsley tied up nude, partially because I’d feel weird while my mom, Donna and Lindsley were nude and I was still clothed or even in just my underwear. I started by pulling down my jeans and my red panties, revealing my ass and vagina; even though Lindsley had seen my bare ass at least once during slumber party games of Truth or Dare (I and my friends were weird 12-year-olds, eh?), I could see her staring intently at it while I was bent over and turned around to look at her; she looked almost completely flushed when she noticed me looking at her, while I just smiled and finished pulling off my panties. Moving onto my shirt and bra, I faced her this time and just gave her a nice view of my body; she went red even more. I think this experience actually helped turn both of us bi with a heavy preference for girls.

“Well, I don’t have any clothes on now; how should I be tied up, Mom?”

“Crawl onto the bed with Lindsley and I’ll let you figure it out, Steph.”

I got on the bed with Lindsley, as per Mom’s command; Mom then told me to lie opposite of Lindsley, which I did, then she moved my legs so one was over and one was under Lindsley’s; I could already see where this was going. Mom then proceeded to lift my arms up and tie my wrists to the bedposts; in the midst of this, Donna stuffed Lindsley’s panties back in her mouth, but this time put some light blue duct tape over Lindsley’s mouth. Lindsley mmmph’d for a second, which made me feel even more aroused at the situation, then started to wriggle a bit in order to, according to what she told me after this, jiggle her breasts for me. The view did look pleasant and made me even hornier, I admit.

After my wrists were securely tied to the posts, Mom stuffed my panties into my mouth and then buckled a pink ball-gag behind my head. Lindsley and I both mmmph’d at each other, testing out our gags; it was a sort of surreal experience, it was the first time I’d heard Lindsley making a sort of moaning noise, while it was her first time hearing me moaning. While Lindsley and I gag-talked at each other, Mom had finished tying my ankles to the bedposts, tying me spread-eagle style much like Lindsley was. Almost surely intentionally, Mom had tied Lindsley and me together in such a way that our vaginas were touching; again, a unique first for both of us, another girl’s vagina touching our own. I shifted myself up and down a little, rubbing both of our crotches; I ended up making the both of us moan in pleasure a little.

Right as Donna and Mom were leaving the room, Mom stopped, and said “Oh my, I almost forgot the piece de’ resistance, girls! This should keep you both occupied with each other instead of on the noises we make downstairs!” Mom proceeded to whisper something to Donna, and Donna then left Lindsley’s bedroom; shortly after, Donna came back carrying something that made both Lindsley and I go a little wide-eyed, wriggle in our bonds, and make noises into our gags: a double-ended dildo!

“Donna and I understand that just leaving both of you tied up with your va-vas sort of awkwardly touching isn’t exactly something that’ll keep you excited, so here’s a little toy to keep the both of you occupied while Donna and I continue our fun! Let ‘em have it, Donna.”

After saying that, Donna walked over to the bed, Lindsley just sort of acceptingly shifted herself back, and I did the same. Donna inserted the first end of the double dildo into Lindsley’s vagina, making her moan more deeply than she had before, and then stuck the other end in me, also making me moan very deeply in pleasure as well.

Mom and Donna both left the room, with them both saying “have fun” teasingly. For the first few minutes, Lindsley and I just sort of awkwardly wriggled in our bonds and talked into our gags, occasionally causing the dildo to give us both short bursts of pleasure. After those first few minutes, I decided to actually do something and started shifting my body in a way that pushed the dildo into Lindsley, then pushed back into me, causing both of us to start moaning much more in extreme pleasure and, after a bit of this, Lindsley started shifting herself as well. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter each minute, and Lindsley and I both stared at each others’ now bouncing boobs, both of us noticing that each others’ nipples were erect.

After what I think was 10 minutes of this, Lindsley suddenly started shouting into her gag, and violently thrashed against the ropes; I could tell she was cumming. No more than a few seconds later, the familiar sensation of extreme pleasure hit me as well, and we both violently thrashed against the ropes holding us in place; all I wanted to do was break free, grab Lindsley, and kiss her; I’m sure she felt the same way. While I was recovering from the overpowering orgasm, Lindsley had found a way to loosen the bonds on her wrists, and untied them both.

With her hands-free, Lindsley bent as far as she could, and evidently, those years of gymnastics had paid off, as she was able to slowly untie her ankles as well. After she was free of being tied up (though still gagged), Lindsley untied my arms and ankles as well. I proceeded to rip the tape off of Lindsley’s mouth, while she unbuckled my ball-gag; we both spat our panties out and held each other. After a short bit of cuddling with each other, Lindsley piped up with an idea.

“Hey, Steph... how about we go get some revenge on my mom and Karen? It’s only fair that if they got to tie us up, we get to have some ‘fun’ with them, right?”

“I like the way you think, girlfriend! Let’s go.”

That’s all for tonight! Next time, Lindsley and I have get some revenge on Donna and my mom. :wink:

I might take some time to write up stories of TUGs I had with some of the younger kids in my neighborhood; intimate TUGs are fun to recount as well, but I do have non-intimate stories I’d like to share. Dunno yet, though!
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Post by Soraka »

So when I last left off, Lindsley untied herself and me, and we both decided to have fun with both of our mothers, who were presently bound and gagged downstairs, probably having strap-on sex. Before we went downstairs though, Lindsley grabbed the ropes that had just a moment ago bound her and me to the bedposts; “I’ve got some ideas on how to use these” she said.

When Lindsley and I arrived at her living room, Mom and Donna both turned their heads at us and started thrashing against their ropes and quite loudly made noises in their gags.

“Surprised, huh? Lindsley’s years of gymnastics apparently helped us out here, so thanks for letting her get those, Donna! Now, we’re not angry; Lindsley and I really really liked being tied up nude with a double dildo in each of us!”

“Since you both gave us lots of pleasure, we’ll repay you now!”

Donna and Mom both gave each other worried looks; Lindsley started the fun by walking towards Donna, and moving her towards the other couch in the living room; I, meanwhile, grabbed a chair and helped my mom over to it. When I looked at Lindsley and Karen again, Lindsley had unbuckled the strap-on from Donna and tossed it aside. Lindsley told me she’d be right back, and she went upstairs. I took this time to give Donna a look-over; she really was a beautiful woman, and much like my mom, I wonder why she never put herself back out there.

Lindsley came back down with a magic wand vibrator and a vibrating buttplug; I smiled when she came down, she was thinking the same thing I was.

“So who should we start with, Lindsley? My mom or yours?”

“Well, Karen was on the receiving end of the dildo, so she’s probably felt more pleasure than mine; let’s start with mine!”

I walked over to Donna, she looked me straight in the eye and nodded, and I moved her in a way that she was now bending over, her tight, round ass sticking up in the air. I gave her a quick slap on the ass, making Donna squeal a little and wriggle. Lindsley handed me the buttplug, and I grabbed the tube of KY on the table. I put some of the lube on the buttplug, put some on Donna’s butt, and gently slid the buttplug in. Donna moaned as I shoved it in, and I had a bit of fun pulling it in and out of her asshole, which made Donna shudder and moan some more.

“All right, Steph, enough teasing my mom, turn it on.”

As much as I wanted to play with Donna a bit more, I turned on the buttplug, moved Donna so she was facing me, Lindsley handed me the magic wand, I put it on Donna’s pussy and turned it on, immediately making her moan and wriggle. For the first few minutes, I just sat on the couch next to Donna, holding the vibrator to her pussy, not doing anything else. After a few minutes, Donna turned to look at me, then motioned to her breasts. I couldn’t think of anything else she could mean with the motion, so I rubbed and tweaked her right nipple using my right hand, making Donna moan and writhe some more again.

After a few minutes of holding the vibrator to Donna, she started to breathe much more quickly; I could tell she was about to climax; right as she was about to be pushed over the edge, Lindsley snatched the vibrator from my hand. Donna thrashed against her ropes, actually jumping off the couch a bit. Lindsley grinned and taunted Donna.

“Oh, you were about to cum, mom? Well, I think it’s about time Karen had her turn, don’t you? Don’t worry, I’m sure the buttplug will keep you horny.”

Mom’s eyes went wide and she whimpered a little. To be honest, I was with her on this one; Lindsley seemed a little scary at that time. Lindsley sat next to my mom and started vibing her immediately. Mom struggled less than Donna did, but she definitely mmph’d and moaned more. If there’s one thing I didn’t think I’d see that night, it’d be my best friend, nude, teasing my mom, also nude, tied, and gagged, with a vibrator.

After this point, there’s not much more to this particular TUG. Lindsley let my mom climax without teasing her, then she let me vibe Donna again. After that, Lindsley said that our moms had enough, so she untied and ungagged them.

Before we all got dressed, Donna told Lindsley that were it not for the fact that Lindsley let her cum in the end, Lindsley would’ve been grounded “for a long, long time”. Mom and I went home after getting dressed and saying bye to Lindsley and Donna.

When Mom and I got home, she asked me something.

“So, Steph, did you enjoy tied up sex with Lindsley?”

After pausing for a bit, I said yes. She then asked “Were you uncomfortable at any time? Even if you enjoyed it, I don’t want to put you through anything you don’t feel comfortable with.”

“I enjoyed it, Mom; it was weird being tied up nude with my best friend at first, but it didn’t feel uncomfortable.”

Mom nodded and smiled, and we both went to bed shortly after.
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Post by Tiengag5 »

Wow, love the great bondage stories.
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Nice story :) I remember a previous version of this story in which the main character was stated to be younger
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