Gary - Bondagetteus : 01 - Forced to Relax at the Hospital (FFF/M)

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Gary - Bondagetteus : 01 - Forced to Relax at the Hospital (FFF/M)

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01 - Forced to Relax at the Hospital
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By Gary - Bondagetteus

Tuesday, May 13th 2003 - 01:34:32 AM

After reading that fine story by Carla, I remembered something similar that happened to me.

I was working in a Hospital. Occasionally during lunch breaks or slow periods, our supervisor would let us (us being three guys and a couple of gals relax in a room that had various equipment including wheel chairs and stretchers.

I usually picked the stretcher and would sack out.

On of the girls, Sharon would love to raise hell. She would come in with syringes loaded with water and shoot them off as a squirt gun or fill water bottles and through them at us.

One day, two of the guys were off and I was the only guy there. It was a unusually slow day and Sheila the supervisor told me to go lay down if I wanted and take it easy.

I looked for Sharon. She was at her desk doing reports and the other girls were just standing around. The guys, Tim and John were as I said off so I thought great. Now I can relax for a change.

I lied down on the stretcher but felt something was going to happen. So I kept looking up and around for the first ten minutes. 15 minutes. Nothing.

So I figured, what the heck. I grabbed a blanket and covered myself. After awhile I was in a daze of sorts. You know that twilight sleep were you are half awake--in came the girls.

Two of them held my hands down while the third one reached down and tightened the safety belt around my arms. I couldn't move.

Then Sharon grabbed tape from inside one of the cabinets and started tying my hands in front with it. Over and over and over and over.

Meanwhile the other girls had strapped my legs at which time Sharon came around with another roll of tape and started taping my feet together. Round and round and round and round.

I started to tell them that that we would all get in trouble if Frank the Director of the Department came in. "you guys are crazy" I blurted out.

At this point Sue had a roll of ace bandages and a wash rag. "Oh no" I said. "You're not!"

Oh yes we are said Sharon smiling while Sue put the wash rag which had been rolled up over my mouth and then Sharon put her palm over my mouth while Sue pulled out the ace bandage, put in around my head and then over the wash rag and my mouth as Sharon pulled her hand away.

She wrapped it around several times. Then Judy came over with duct tape and put that over the ace bandage.

"You wanted to relax, there you go, relax."

"Now have a surprise for you" said Sharon.

In walks Peggy, a girls that I was dating seriously at that time. "Did you ever get Gary like this?" Sharon asked.

"No, he told me he didn't like this kinky stuff." Peggy retorted.

"Like it!" "Who says he has to like it" Sharon fired back. My guy didn't think he would like it either, until I surprised him."

"Gary, are you surprised?" asked Sharon.

Judy pointed to my Johnson and said, "He is surprised and I think he likes it." At which poing the girls left leaving Peggy and me alone.

As Peggy came over to me, I move my head toward her then wiggled my jaw while making weak attempts to speak which were stifled by the ace bandage and tape.

"You want me to take your gag off." Peggy said. I nodded yes.

"No way! You talk way too much and I never can get a work in edgewise. I'm going to enjoy this" said Peggy smiling and proud as a Peacock.

Peggy then gag-kissed me while putting her hand and rubbing me in other places. She removed the straps around my arms and shoulders but my hands w still tied and at this point I realized that the girls had wrapped an ace bandage around my elbows making it impossible to move. I was still immobile.

Peggy started to loosen my top, a sort of Pharmacists jacket by pulling the zipper down in front.

She then loosened my belt buckle on my pants

Sorry that is as far as I can go. Suffice to say, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and thanked Sharon, Judy and Sue for arranging this whole thing.

Gary - Bondagetteus

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