Lizzie C. : 01 - Finding Sister's Boyfriend All Tied Up (F/M)

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Lizzie C. : 01 - Finding Sister's Boyfriend All Tied Up (F/M)

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01 - Finding Sister's Boyfriend All Tied Up
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By Lizzie C.

Sunday, August 11th 2002 - 05:12:15 AM

My name is Lizzie and I really enjoy reading a lot of the stories here. My sister Alex told me about this site a couple of weeks ago after I found out that she and her boyfriend Cory liked to play tie-up games a lot. I wanted to share the story about how I learned about it but I didn't want to just put down a bunch of facts like, he did this, then she said that, blah, blah, blah, so I'm writing it out as a story. It was really a fun afternoon for everybody. I hope I'm not breaking any rules by posting this.

A couple of weeks ago a stopped by Alex's apartment to drop off a skirt that I had borrowed from her. I thought that she wasn't home because her car was gone, but I have my own key, so I just let myself in. Being the big snoop I am I snuck into her bedroom and was mildly amused to see her boyfriend Cory tied down to her bed, gagged and blindfolded. Because her bed doesn't have a footboard, his ankles were lashed, spread, to the bedposts of the headboard. His wrists had been handcuffed together and pulled over his head and than secured to the frame at the foot of the bed with a belt. He was barechested but had on a pair of black sweat pants so at least I didn't feel like I was walking into some big sex scene.

My sister was no where around.

Now he was twisting about, or trying to, trying to see who was in the room with him. My first thought was to just leave. I really wasn't suppose to be there anyway, but what if he were really in trouble?

I stood over him and slipped the blindfold off. The look on his face was hysterical. I'm sure he was expecting to see Alex instead of me.

"Omygod, what has she done too you this time?" I laughed. "Are you all right?"

"Mppmpphh!?" Well, that was no answer.

"I mean did Alex leave you like this or some pycho killer guy?"

"mmmmpppggh..." Well, that was no answer either.

"I mean Alex left you like this right? You guy's are playing a game?"

"Mmpphhhh"....nod, nod, nod

"Hmmmm.....I thought so......Well, have fun."

I slipped the blindfold back over Cory's eye's, then went into Alex's closet. She had this cute little sundress I wanted to borrow.
Cory had started thrashing about on the bed as best he could and mpppphing thru his gag, after thinking it over for a bit I went back to him. I removed the ball gag and slipped the blindfold off.

"Oh thank you, thank you, thank you..................... I've been like this almost two hours."

"Boy, She really trussed you up good. You must have been real naughty." I giggled

"HaHa..... Can it Lizzie.....the key should be right in the middle drawer of the dresser. It's on a silver chain."

"You guys getting into the kinky stuff already, huh." I said, Ignoring him. "Where is that pycho-sister of mine anyway?"

"She went down to the pool. We've played around like this before, but this is the first time she ever left me like this. Man, I can't wait to get back at her. She'll pay for this good......... Get that key will ya."

"Soooo, You just let her tie you up like this?" I walked over to the dresser.

"Yeah, It's fun...usually....... I asked her to do it the first time we played . I always wondered what it would feel like to be... restrained, you know, and now she seems to be really enjoying it too. The controlling part of it anyway...... and the teasing part ....... I've got a theory that all you girls love to tease guys...... to some extent anyway."

"Yeah, It comes with the packaging. So let's see if I got this straight. You wanted to start playing tie-up games with Alex, but only on your own terms, right? If she wants to start directing things, you start complaining...... Typical male"

"Look, being teased while your tied up can be really exciting. Being left alone blindfolded and gagged is a little over the top, don't you think?"

"I'm confused. You say you like being tied up, with her in control, but now you're asking me to free you."

Now, up until that time I had never really understood the whole bondage thing. I mean who would want to have sex with someone who you had to tie down just to be there. But now...... hmmmm Cory looked really hot all staked out and helpless on the bed. I couldn't help thinking how glorious it would be to to kick off my sandals, lose my cut-offs, and straddle his head for an hour or two. Him being helpless was making it that much more exciting. Hmmmmm.... I wondered what Alex would say about that?"

"Is this it?" I stood above Cory's head and dangled the key inches from his face......with a smirk on my face of coarse.

"Lizzie, c'mon, you got to get me out of these. Alex won't be mad...... I promise."

"Hmmmmm, just you hold on buster." I walked over to the window. I could see the pool but I couldn't make out which lounging form was my sister. I walked over to their nightstand and picked up the phone. Alex never went anywhere without her cell. Cory dropped his head back in resignation. His chance for revenge was quickly fading.

"Hey there sungoddess, whatcha doing?"

"Hey Lizzie. I'm out by the pool catching some rays. What are you up to?"

"Just standing here watching you."

"Why? Where are you?"

There was a long silence and than I said "You know you really shouldn't leave your pets alone for too long."

Now I could see Alex as she got up from her chair and stared back at the apartment.

"Omygod Lizzie. You're in the apartment? What's Cory doing?"

"He's just hanging out ..... looking neglected... and vunerable........ very vunerable."

"Lizzie, don't do anything. I'm on my way back."

"Better hurry Al, or I'll have to start the tickle torture without you."

I put the phone back and went over to sit next to Cory's head.

"Lizzie, pleeeeease." He was actually laughing over his predicament

"Think somethings funny huh?" I had to smile myself. Using my forefinger, I began to draw little imaginary circles on his face.

"Listen. Anything you want.... Anything."

"That's enough Cory. You're in no position to argue so stop trying. Besides, we sisters have to stick together. If you're worried about being bored, don't be. I think you're in for a pretty exciting afternoon."


Lizzie C.

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Thursday, August 15th 2002 - 04:13:25 PM


Soon Alex was back. She had put an oversized shirt over her bikini, and she smelled like cocoa butter.

"Geez Lizzie, don't you respect anybody's privacy anymore?"

"Awww, Alex. What terrible timing. Cory here was just about to promise me anything if I just let him go....and then you show up."

"Is that right?....and how is Cory doing?" Alex bent over Cory's head and stopped just short of kissing him.

"Oh, just great." Cory lifted his head up as much as he could to kiss her but Alex pulled back just slightly, with an amused smile.

Then she lowered her lip's to his and gave him a loving kiss.

"You look so good in bondage. Why, I bet we could could make a bundle selling pictures of you on the internet, whataya think sis?""

She surveyed his staked out body on the bed. His ankles had been tied to each bedpost of the headboard and his handcuffed wrists had been attached to the frame at the foot of the bed with one of her belts.

"Look Alex, I've had enough. I've been here for hours. I've got alot of things to get done today."

"Really,... What things?"

"A lot of things." Cory started laughing again. "Important things."

" one?"

"Alex, C'mon....... Lizzie."

"Oh, hush you!!........ Lizzie, the key please."

I dropped the key into Alex's upturned palm. She paused for a moment like she was weighing it in her hand and than walked over to the dresser and dropped it into the top drawer. She picked up the ballgag on her way back.

"You know Alex....If you were the one tied-up and I...mmmpppphhhhh." Alex popped the gag back into his mouth.

"I thought I asked you to hush?" she said as she restrapped it behind his head, as Cory tried to escape her.

I had to giggle as she gloated and baby-talked to him about his predicament, all the while patting him on his cheeks..

"Want to see something that really drives him looney?"

Alex plucked a feather out of a nearby vase and approached the bed again.

"You know what's coming now, don't you?"

The bed creaked and groaned as Cory tried to express his disapproval to Alex, but that wasn't going to stop her.

She stopped just above his head and waved the feather inches from his face.

"Important things to do my foot. I've got important things to do too. Watch this."

She climbed onto Cory's chest and sat so that his head was trapped between her legs, than she brushed the feather up and down his face.

"Oh my god Alex, you're torturing him." I laughed.

"Am I torturing you?" She babytalked to him ".......Am I......should I stop?........hmmmm?...should I ......see, he doesn't want me to stop."

Cory twisted and groaned beneath Alex's weight.

"He can't talk Alex." I said, stating the obvious "He's gagged."

"Well then, how do I know he really wants me to stop?" She kept brushing his face with the feather for at least another minute before she put it down, knelt above him, and covered his face with tiny kisses.

I was so freaking flushed, and all I could do was stand there with a big stupid smile on my face. My boyfriend Kyle wasn't going to know what hit him that night. Hmmmm ......I knew he had some old ties in his closet, somewhere.

It seemed like a good time for me to leave. It was getting about time to get ready for work anyway. Alex, getting off the bed told me to stay a while longer.

"We'll leave him to stew a bit. He needs a break. I have such delicious plans for you my dear." She said patting his cheek.

"You are so cruel." I said, but with a touch of admiration.

"C' in sick today. This will be so much more fun than waiting on tables."

That sounded really tempting.

Before we left him I just had to goad him one more time myself.

"Well, it looks as if you've gotten yourself into quite a jam here mister" I said standing over him, tweaking his nose.

I was trying to think of something really cleaver to say when the phone rang.

Alex went over to the nightstand to answer it.

She lay down on the bed and draped a leg over Cory's chest.

I could tell by Alex's end of the conversation that it was one of Cory's friends trying to track him down.

"Hey yourself....what's up?"

" Maybe. Why? What's going on?"

"Oh, boy's night out again huh? You guy's just went out last night. God, don't any of you have lives outside of each other?"

Alex had began to nudge Cory's face around with her sandaled foot as he writhed around on the bed.
With her free hand she groped around at his manhood, which appeared to be trying to burst out of his sweatpants.

"I don't think Cory's going to be able to make it...... He hasn't been able to get out of bed all morning."

Cory snapped his head up as far as he could and just glared at Alex. "mmmmpppphhhh!!!!"
Giggling, she responded by putting the sole of her sandal under Cory's chin and playfully tipped his head back as far as she could with her foot.

"You are such a bitch." I mouthed to Alex while trying not to laugh out loud.

I knew she wasn't hurting him, just trapping his head back.
I really had to get into the act, so I picked up the feather and starting tickling his face again, all the while cooing and teasing him.

"O.K., I'll be sure to let him know, but I wouldn't count on him if I were you. I think he's going to be tied up tonite...... you know, with this flu thing."

"No problem............. I'm sure he'll give you a call when he's free.......I mean if he's free........ya go out."

"Right, Seeya."

After Alex hung up, I made my own call, to tell the restaurant that I wouldn't be there. Now we had plenty of time to treat Cory to a full body tickle and tease session. Alex pulled off her oversize shirt. I just had to give her credit, as 'The Tease Queen' was really getting off on teasing Cory with her bikini bod... as well as her merciless fingertips. I tried to be a bit more subdued, and concentrate on the tickling part, and leave the teasing to Alex....... which she did quite well. Cory's sweatpants were doing a terrible job of hiding his full tilt erection, and Alex batted away at it with her open palm. Every once and awhile she would give it a squeeze thru the fabric but than ignore it as she dug her fingers into Cory's sides.

We finally decided that a break was in order, and went down to the pool to recharge our batteries, and let Cory recover too.
Of corse, we checked his restraints before we left him to make sure that none had come loose.
He writhed and squirmed on the bed but we thought it was best that he stay tied up while we were gone.
Down at the pool, Alex could talk about nothing else.

"I don't know what it is about having him tied up like that but it is such a blast to have that kind of total control......"

She actually shivered as she thought of her boyfriend safely staked out on her bed, awaiting her return.
Or maybe fearing it.

"He used to always be so passive in bed, it would drive me crazy. I tried everything...... lingerie...... porno...... candles...... I just wanted him to ravage me once and while............ take me, ya know....But now, after we put some bondage into our lovemaking, I know that when I decide to let him go.......... He'll be like this lust-crazed wildman. Nowadays I'm ravaged whenever I want to be."

Alex decided to jump in the pool to cool off before we headed back up.
It had been almost an hour.
I just soaked up the suns ray's, looking forward to tormenting Cory one more time, before I brought my new found skills home to my own boyfriend, when Alex's cell buzzed.

"Get it for me, wlllya." Alex called.

It was our youngest sister, Crystal.

"Hey Chris.....Whatcha doing?"

"Lizzie?? I thought I saw your car out front. Where are you guy's?"

"Omygod Crystal, a better question would be ....where are you?"

"I've been trying to find you all afternoon, I had Jan and Beth in the car so we thought you might be at Alex's."

"Crystal...... where are you?"

I already knew the answer to that one. We had made our copies of Alex's key at the same time.

"We're in Alex's apartment. But Lizzie, what's going on? Cory's tied up and gagged........ he looks pretty upset. He's keeps trying to tell us something but we can't make it out."

"Crystal....don't touch anything." I laughed"...we're on our way back now .....Nothing O.K."

"But........... why is......."


"Hold on a sec Liz.......Hey Jan, Beth..... stop!...Don't take the gag out yet. My sister said not to.......... I don't care..... leave it in for now."

"And Crystal........... don't tease him....... at least not until we get back, O.K..... We're on our way."

The End.....until it's my boyfriend's turn

Lizzie (again)
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