stevemcnish : 01 - The Best Summer (m/m)

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stevemcnish : 01 - The Best Summer (m/m)

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01 - The Best Summer
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By stevemcnish

Mon Aug 23, 2010 3:41 am

Right basically I am going to write a story, haven't yet decided how long this is going to be, but I have quite a lot to get through.

The story is true in some parts, some are added for effect. May I warn you now that it may contain some sexual content, but this won't be until later on in the story.

I am also going to be changing names to protect identities.

Just to set out first the characters and a brief description of each of them.

Firstly there is me, Nick. I am 17, around about 6ft tall and have dirty blonde hair, toned and generally outgoing and quite sporty.

Then there is Rob, he is 16 (a couple of weeks from 17) about 5ft 10, with light blonde hair. He has a GF but does secretly like to indulge with guys from time to time. He is a member of the school soccer and swim team.

Then there is George, he is 17, ginger hair and around 6ft as well. He has been on the school rugby team and is also quite fit. He is also openly bisexual.

Chapter 1 -

Nick and Rob were walking home from school together, it had been a long term and both were glad to be finally getting some time to relax and do what they wanted for almost seven weeks. Rob had been planning to see his girlfriend over the weekend, but the plans had broken down , because her dad had booked the family to go on a surprise getaway, and so she would not be around.

Rob said to Nick "Do you fancy coming over tonight mate, perhaps we could watch the football, get a takeaway and have a few cheeky drinks?". Nick thought he had nothing better to do and said "Sure, what sort of time do you want me to come over?". Rob said "About 7 if that's alright with you, I have swim practice from 5-6, so 7 should be perfect".

"Cool, see you later mate." Nick replied, and both went their separate ways. Although Nick and Rob walked some of the way home together, Nick had to catch a bus as he lived quite a way out of town, and Rob lived literally 10 minutes away from school.

When Nick got home, he kicked off his shoes as he entered the hallway, and decided that he was going to relax before getting ready to go to Rob's. He began flicking through the channels before he settled for Sky Sports News.

After having watched for a couple of hours, he decided that he was going to start getting ready to go to Rob's, and leave enough time for him to get there on the bus as his parents were both away on business that weekend. Nick had a shower, and for some reason he decided that he was going to select a pair of tight enhancing briefs that he had bought for when he finally had a girlfriend to impress. Little did he know that later on, the briefs were only going to be the start of his adventures..


Mon Aug 23, 2010 2:23 pm

Part 2

Nick had decided to wear the briefs, thought about it for a second, thinking "Why did I even pick these?". But he was already running late and decided to just leave it, it wasn't as though anyone was going to find out what he was wearing anyway.

Nick left the house and made the short walk to the bus stop. The departure board said the bus would be about 5 minutes, so Nick decided that he would sit down and have a flick through his messages on his Blackberry. The bus actually turned up on time for once, and although it was early evening on a Friday, the bus was almost empty, with Nick being the only passenger in addition to a solitary lady who was sitting at the front of the bus.

The journey was one that Nick had made many times, and he listened to some music, mainly dance music as it was the weekend and school had just broken up. The traffic was quite heavy, so the journey took a bit longer than it normally would, but Nick dinged the bell and got off the bus, and began to walk towards Rob's house.

Rob's family were quite well off, and they have a large gated house on the edge of town. Nick had been to the house quite a few times, but this would be the first time that he had been their while Rob's parents and his sister were away. He buzzed the entrance panel, and Rob instantly recognised that it would be Nick, based on the time that he arrived.

Nick and Rob greeted each other as most other teenage guys would, and they headed towards the kitchen to get a drink and settled down and watched the football. After having a couple of drinks after watching the first half of the match, Rob and Nick decided that they would order the takeaway from the local pizza place, the food was good and it was quite cheap.

During the second half of the match, Nick spotted something strange laying on the table in the corner of the room. It was a pair of rigid handcuffs. Nick thought nothing of it at the time, he had known that Rob had been involved in police cadets, so that is the reason why they would be there.

The takeaway arrived in the mean time, and it was quickly eaten, with Rob being starving after swimming practice. The game was also very average, ending in a 0-0 draw.

Nick was still intrigued by the handcuffs, and after having a couple more drinks with Rob, he plucked up the courage to ask what they were for. Little did Nick know, Rob had placed the handcuffs deliberately there, hoping that Nick would ask what they were for.

Nick asked "Rob what are they for, and what have you used them for?"

Rob replied, "Take off your t-shirt and I will show you what I can do with them!"

Nick obliged and took his t-shirt off to reveal his slender, toned body, the hours that he had spent in the gym had really begun to pay off for him.

Rob swiftly cuffed one of Nick's hands, and before he could react, Nick found himself fully cuffed and under the control of Rob.

Rob gleefully proclaimed "This is exactly what they are for, and once I saw you looking at them I decided that I would have some fun with you tonight!"

Nick was then swiftly gagged by Rob with a large ball gag head harness, which incorporated a blindfold, but Rob had taken the blindfold off for the time being so that Nick could see his fun and games take place before his eyes.

"To make it fair, I will strip down to my underwear, but I am going to strip you off first!" Rob said to Nick

Nick then suddenly realised that he was wearing the briefs that he had never intended to be seen wearing by his friends. He began to struggle, but he knew that there was no escape from Rob.

Rob had Nick under control now, and he pulled of his loose cotton tracksuit bottoms.

"I never knew you had such a nice package Nick!" Rob proclaimed.

By this time, the bulge in the briefs had grown, and Nick was becoming secretly more excited yet terrified by the second..


All feedback and comments are welcomed and appreciated!

Sat Aug 28, 2010 2:20 pm

Time for some more!
Part 3

Nick was becoming increasingly excited as he now knew that Rob had full control over him. While this was something that he had thought about maybe once or twice, he had never been expected to be taken advantage of by the one guy that he had always had a slight crush on throughout school.

Rob continued to gaze at Nick's bulging package in the shapewear briefs, and he decided that he was going to start having some proper fun.

He led Nick to one of the many vast expansive rooms in the house, and when Nick arrived, he saw a large variety of bondage kit and equipment laid out on the bed in front of him, ranging from handcuffs to chastity toys.

Rob decided that he would keep it simple at first, and he simply decided to re-cuff Nick's hands above his head, so that he had full access to his body.

The tight briefs were still bulging at the seams, and this time Rob decided that he was going to give it a quick squeeze, which Nick responded to with a pleasurable groan. "I know you're enjoying that, I have seen you checking out other guys in the changing room at school, and to be honest, I have always wanted to check you out as well, so I'm going to make you my slave this summer. We can take it in turns!".

Nick responded with a pleasurable moan, he liked the idea of being under the control of Rob for the summer, and so he decided that there was no longer any need to be afraid of what Rob was planning.

Rob decided that he was going to up his game, and placed a pair of rigid leg irons onto Nick, and made sure that he ratcheted them tight so that Nick was not going to move for what he was planning next.

Rob went over to one of the several drawers in the room, and decided that he was going to place a chastity device onto Nick. He selected the more severe of the two devices that he had purchased, a CB6000, and selected a cuff size that was going to be tight, but made sure that Nick was not going to be able to pleasure himself over the next few days before they saw each other again.

Rob went back over to where he had Nick tied up and told him "I am going to make sure that the only time that you have any pleasure is when you are going to be with me for the next few weeks at least!" Nick made a grumbling noise through his gag, but there was little that he could do to prevent Rob from doing what he wanted to do. Rob removed Nick's tight underwear, but he had a rock hard boner.

Rob decided that he was going to have to take action to ensure that he could get the chastity device on, so he went quickly to the kitchen and returned with some ice cubes in a plastic tray.

"I'm going to have to get rid of your excitement so I can get the damn device on!" Rob said.

With the thought of ice being applied one that was particularly unpleasant to Nick, he quickly thought of something that he knew would reduce the size of his boner, and Rob quickly seized the opportunity to attach the device. He also clicked a small padlock into place, and said "I now have full control over your pleasure, so you best do as I say, or you could be in the cage for quite a while to come yet!"

Nick mumbled something through the gag, but it was almost inaudible, and Nick was increasingly drooling everywhere because of the large size of the ball gag.

Rob had decided that it was getting late, but he had at least one more surprise for Nick before he let him go for the evening, and it was going to be something that could either break the friendship for ever, or make the friendship unbreakable...


Please let me know what you think so far!

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