skybird137 : 07 - Kitty And The Starlet (F/F)

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skybird137 : 07 - Kitty And The Starlet (F/F)

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07 - Kitty And The Starlet
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By @skybird137

Tue Dec 14, 2010 11:55 pm

The following story contains an act of love!

Those who are offended by such things and those who are under age, stop reading now.

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, I’ll just say a few things before the story.

This story was inspired by a short conversation I had with a woman some time ago. She was being a little annoying, but in a fun way, so I said:

“That’s it, I’m going to tie you up.”

“Not a chance.” She replied.

“Then I’ll gag you.”


Next I’ll put you in a box.”

“You won’t.”

Next, I said “Then I’ll post you off to Pierce Brosnan.” I knew she really liked Pierce Brosnan.

She thought for a second, and then said “Oh, okay then.”

Another lady at work liked the idea of being parcelled off to Kevin Sorbo. Both ladies liked the idea of being presented to their favourite actor.

I recently wrote this story after the Katie tale, because someone asked me to write one with them in it. I remembered what I learnt some time ago and put it into a story.

Even though this story actually has an actress, rather than an actor, I can post the actor (F/M) version on here if anyone requests.

Also, if any lady who has read this and would like a personalised version for themselves, or if there is a person who knows a lady that would like this story, I can make it. I will require:

1 The Actor/Actress name.
2 The Lady’s name.
3 The person who left the Lady like this, so to speak.
4 The Lingerie colour choice.

You can leave details posted here and I can create a file attachment for you to download it, or you can pm me with an email address and I can email it to you. If you wish to make any alternative arrangements, let me know.

Anyway, now onto the story.


Kitty awoke slowly from her sleep, still groggy, then yawned and stretched her arms. At least that’s what she tried to do...

The fact that she could not do either shocked Kitty into being completely awake. She felt something in her mouth and felt her arms behind her back. What’s going on? She thought as she opened her eyes, where am I? Kitty looked at the room she was in. It looked like a luxurious hotel room, not her bedroom where she fell asleep. How did I get here? Then a movement caught her eye and she looked up at the ceiling. A gasp escaped her lips.

On the ceiling Kitty saw that there was a huge mirror and she saw herself lying on her right side on the large brass bed. Oh My God!, she thought I’m completely helpless! She was wearing elbow length gloves, bra and panties and fishnet holdup stockings, all black. Not only that, but Kitty was lying on her side and was totally tied up with white rope.

Her hands were crossed behind her back and ropes were wrapped around her wrists both horizontally and vertically and rope was tied around her waist so that her hands were bound to the small of her back. At Kitty’s chest, ropes bound her arms to her side, both above and below her breasts.

Kitty looked at her legs, and saw how they had been tied up. Rope bound her legs at the ankles, below the knee, above the knee and at her thighs. She then saw the rope that tightly and securely tied her wrists to her ankle in a hogtie. Kitty wasn’t going anywhere.

Looking at her own face, Kitty saw what was in her mouth. It was a large red ball, with a leather strap through it which was buckled at the back of her neck. No amount of pressing with her tongue could dislodge it. Kitty realised that she was well and truly gagged.

Kitty started to struggle furiously against her bonds, all to no avail. However she did notice something else. She felt something moving and pressing against her womanhood. She looked up and saw what was causing it.

A double stranded piece of rope had one end tied to her wrists. This went between her cheeks, then between her legs to the front of her body. It was then looped around the rope that was tied around her waist. Then the rope went back down between her legs back up through her cheeks and tied off again at the wrists, but this time, there were lots of little knots that went from her waist all the way to her wrists

Every time Kitty struggled, these knots moved and pressed against her, arousing and distracting her. By trying to escape, she was in essence caressing her own womanhood.

That’s mean Kitty thought I can’t even try to escape without being turned on. That’s so unfair!

She started struggling again, but stopped as the feeling started to grow inside her.

OK, she thought. Why am I here and who did this to me? Now, I have to wait and find out!

Half an hour later, Kitty could hear talking outside the hotel room, it sounded like someone was saying goodnight to someone else. Great, I can call for help, get some attention and be freed, Kitty surmised. She decided to shout HELP ME!, but all that could escape her lips was a somewhat muffled, “helf fee”. The gag did its job well.

The voices subsided and Kitty realised that her only chance at escape was gone. She watched the door and waited for it to open.

The door handle slowly turned...

And in walked Scarlett Johansson. She was dressed in a long plain white dress and white shoes.

Kitty laughed through her gag. This is hilarious, she thought. Scarlett Johansson is my kidnapper? You have got to be kidding me? She laughed even more when she saw the look of complete surprise and shock on Scarlett’s face. Oh My God, Kitty thought, She didn’t even know I was here! This is getting crazier by the minute.

“What’s going on here,” Scarlett said, “Oh sorry, gag got your tongue?”

Kitty giggled. Even in this situation she came out with a joke!

Kitty looked at Scarlett Johansson as her eyes looked around the room. At the same time, they noticed a large card. Kitty watched as she walked over and picked up the card. Scarlett read it aloud.

“Note to Scarlett ‘in big letters’. Kitty is a big fan of yours, so I decided that she should meet you in person. The reason she is tied up because if Kitty wasn’t she would run away in a second. She would ask you to free her if she wasn’t gagged so you must leave the gag in. Just ask her if she really likes you, which should be enough. I’m sure that she will enjoy tonight with you. Signed, Skybird.”

“PS: Kitty likes cuddles and a back rub.”

Skybird did this to me? Kitty questioned, I’m going to kill him when I get out of this! He must have done this after I fell asleep, probably put something in my coffee...

Scarlett sat down next to Kitty on the bed, and softly said to Kitty, “Do you like me?”

Kitty mutely nodded her head, blushing furiously.

Scarlett, slowly removed her shoes, unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. She was wearing a white basque, panties and stockings.

Scarlett lay down next to Kitty and embraced Kitty in her arms. Kitty snuggled into Scarlett while looking into Scarlett’s eyes.

The Scarlett started to caress Kitty’s hair with her right hand, while still holding Kitty with her left arm. This is wonderful, Kitty thought. Then Scarlett started to kiss Kitty’s left cheek tenderly. The kisses then slowly moved down to the left side of Kitty’s neck. Kitty tilted her neck up, to give more room for Scarlett’s kisses. Scarlett started to gently nibble Kitty’s neck, teasing the skin.

Then Scarlett moved up to Kitty’s ear, gently kissing the lobes and then moved back to Kitty’s cheek.
Then Scarlett turned Kitty onto her back. She saw herself being kissed on the neck again, then on her shoulders. Then the kisses moved down to her breasts, just above the bra. Scarlett planted kiss after kiss there.

Scarlett stopped and looked at Kitty. “Those poor lips haven’t been kissed yet, have they?”

Kitty shook her head in agreement.

“I’ll have to do something about that then, won’t I?” Kitty nodded.

Scarlett lent down and started planting kisses, first on Kitty’s upper lip, then on her lower lip.

Kitty cursed through her gag. With this on, I can’t be kissed properly, she thought. The ball’s so big that I can’t close my mouth. She made strangled “mmpphhs” at Scarlett, while trying to plead with her eyes.

“Ok” said Scarlett, “I will remove the gag for a little while, so long as you promise not to speak, do you promise?”
Kitty nodded, slowly.

Scarlett reached behind Kitty’s neck and unbuckled the gag, then she pulled the ball from Kitty’s mouth. Kitty closed and opened her mouth several times, taking advantage of the temporary freedom.

Next, Scarlett leant down and kisses Kitty on the lips gently, slowly pressing her lips against Kitty’s. Kitty closed her eyes and luxuriated in the moment. Then she felt the tip of Scarlett’s tongue caressing her lips. Kitty parted her lips and let Scarlett’s tongue enter her mouth. Kitty felt a gentle caress against her own tongue, again and again. Kitty intertwined her tongue with Scarlett’s and they stayed like that for some time, with Scarlett holding Kitty.

Then Scarlett withdrew her mouth from Kitty’s and then repeated the process.

Finally, she sat up and gently said “Open wide, please.”

Kitty did so, knowing that she would soon be helplessly gagged again. The ball went back into Kitty’s mouth, and the straps were buckled behind her neck. Again, instead of speaking, all she could say was a soft “mmppphh.”

Scarlett then took hold of Kitty and turned her over until she was on her stomach. Kitty struggled, but she was so helplessly tied, she couldn’t even roll onto her side.

Then Kitty felt the rope that held her in a hogtie was being removed and she stretched out her legs.

Now she heard the sound of rope against metal. Kitty tried to lift her feet, but was unsuccessful. It was then she realised her ankles were tied to the foot of the bed. She felt Scarlett astride her at her hips, then felt the soothing sensation of Scarlett’s hands gently rubbing Kitty’s back.

Well, the note did say a back rub, Kitty remembered.

The back rubs were mixed with kisses, some along her shoulders, some on her neck and some down her spine.
This had become so relaxing that Kitty started to drift off to sleep...

She was jolted back to wakefulness when she felt one of Scarlett’s hands placing something under her, or to be more precise, about waist height and between her body and the ropes that went between her legs.

Next she felt a button being pressed and was shocked as the device started buzzing.

Oh no! She thought. What’s she up to now! No, that’s mean!

The device itself wasn’t touching anywhere sensitive, but it was held in place by the rope that went between her legs, with lots of knots along it. These knots were now buzzing too, and they pressed against her womanhood.

There’s no way I can rest now, Kitty thought. This is very ‘distracting’

And to make it worse, Scarlett leaned over to her ear and started singing ‘Good Vibrations’

God, that’s terrible! Kitty’s hips started to twitch.

Scarlett said, “You can’t fall asleep yet, sorry.” And gave Kitty some more back rubs.

How can I relax with back rubs when this thing is buzzing away!

Finally, the back rubs stopped and Scarlett turned Kitty around so that she was now lying on her back.

She looked up at the mirror and gasped.

The device was a metal skinned cylindrical vibrator and she realised that there was no chance of shaking it loose.

Then Scarlett started to kiss Kitty’s neck again.

Slowly her kisses moved down to Kitty’s breasts above Kitty’s bra.

Next, Scarlett reached over to the middle of the bra front and undid the clasp.

“Got to keep abreast of the present situation,” she said.

That joke is awful! Kitty groaned. Here I am, being teased to death, and she’s cracking jokes!

Scarlett now pulled the two sides of the bra apart, leaving Kitty’s breasts completely exposed. Next, she started to plant little kisses in a circular pattern around Kitty’s nipples. Then she kissed kitty’s breasts along the bottom.

Kitty started to writhe uncontrollably. I can’t take much more than this, she thought. It’s driving me wild!

Scarlett now started to tease Kitty’s nipples, gently holding them between her teeth, pulling and twisting.

Moans now started to escape from Kitty’s gagged mouth.

Scarlett noticed this and said “I think it’s time to turn it up to eleven.”

She reached down to the vibrator and pressed the button again.

Kitty felt it go into overdrive. It was a distraction before, but now it could only be described as ‘excruciatingly pleasurable’

Kitty was writhing like crazy now, moving this way and that, as much as the ropes would allow.

Please, please please please, Kitty thought continuously, although she wasn’t just thinking it. It was coming out “Mmpphh!, Mmpphh! Mmpphh!” she said.

Kitty felt like she no longer had any control over her own body. As well as writhing, she was involuntarily thrusting her hips up, as if she was trying to make love to the very ceiling. Again and again, her hips jerked, and she could get no relief.

Noticing this, Scarlett said “Got an itch you can’t scratch?”

Kitty now screamed through her gag. This is NOT the time for jokes! She yelled through her gag. Don’t leave me like this! This came out as a long stream of “Mmpphhs!”

“I can scratch your itch for you; do you want me to scratch it?” Scarlett said.

Kitty nodded her head furiously and “Mmpphhs!” YES, YES YES! She screamed through her gag, If you want to take me, TAKE ME!

Scarlett started to untie the ropes that held Kitty’s legs together. Kitty was still jerking her hips crazily, hoping for a release that won’t come. Scarlett then tied Kitty’s right leg to one corner of the bed, and her left leg to the other corner.

Next, Scarlett moved her hands to Kitty’s hips where Kitty’s panties were. Scarlett felt for the two clasps, one on either side of the panties, and undid them. She then gently removed Kitty’s panties.

Scarlett then got a pair of special safe scissors and cut off the rope that went between Kitty’s legs and switched off the vibrator.

Kitty let out a massive sigh of relief. She was so highly aroused by now though, that her hips still jerked.

Come on! She tried to say, I’m completely available to you! What are you waiting for!

On hearing this, Scarlett seemed to understand. She gently lay down on top on Kitty, with her head at Kitty’s womanhood and her own womanhood almost in Kitty’s face.

Within a few seconds, Scarlett started to stroke Kitty’s womanhood with her tongue, slowly at first and very gently. The caresses drove Kitty wild.

Soon however, Scarlett started to speed up and apply greater pressure.

Yes! Yes! That’s it! Kitty thought It won’t be long now!

Now, Scarlett’s tongue was playing Kitty like she was a musical instrument being brought to a crescendo.
Oh God! Kitty screamed through her gag. Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!

Kitty now felt her womanhood on fire from the quickness and intensity that Scarlett was now employing.

Then there was no more ‘oh god’ or anything else. She was not shouting, or thinking or looking, she was just experiencing. The wave of pleasure just totally overwhelmed her, and she floated in ecstasy...

... A while later when she was basking in the afterglow of passion, Kitty noticed that she was being cradled in Scarlett’s arms. Scarlett was whispering sweet nothings in Kitty’s ear.

Scarlett said “You are the most wonderful woman that I have ever known. I will never forget you”

Thank you Kitty mumbled through her gag. She felt so very tired.

“I think it’s time for you to rest,” Scarlett cuddled Kitty and Kitty started to fall asleep...

Kitty awoke with a start! She was in her own room! It was all a dream!

That was the weirdest dream ever, she thought. I don’t think I’ve had any dream quite like it. I think I shall write it down tomorrow.

Kitty took hold of a pillow to cuddle as she lay back down on the bed. I’ll never have a dream like that again, she thought a she drifted into a deep sleep.

The room was still dark, so she never noticed the new photo that was next to her computer. It was a picture of Scarlett Johansson, autographed and saying “To Kitty, the most wonderful woman in the world.” Next to it was a DVD-ROM disc with “PLAY ME” written on it...

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