WishPaladin : 01 - How a sister motivates her brother to study (M/F)

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WishPaladin : 01 - How a sister motivates her brother to study (M/F)

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01 - How a sister motivates her brother to study
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By WishPaladin

By WishPaladin » Mon Jul 25, 2016 11:15 am

This story is per request of Mask6184. I hope everyone enjoys it. :)


“Argh, I've had it with these math questions.”

“What's wrong, little brother? Is the math too difficult for you?”

“Well, the questions are pretty hard... But it's more like I've been studying for hours, and there is no end to these practice questions.” Sam showed his sister, Rachel, the two pages full of integral calculation questions that he still had to solve. “That's still forty-two questions in total.”

“Hmm... so you lack the motivation to finish them, right? Just wait for a sec. I'll be right back.”

Puzzled by his sister's remark and bored of the math questions, Sam decided to procrastinate a bit. He knew he didn't really need to finish all those questions before the exam. In fact, math was one of his stronger subjects. Even without this last drill, he was pretty confident that passing the exam would be a breeze.

“I'm back!”

His sister stood in the doorway, dressed in the black leotard she used for gymnastics which nicely showed off all of her curves. and wearing matching black thigh-high stockings. Even more suspicious was the plastic bag she was holding in her hand.

Sam was unable to suppress a grin. He recognized that bag as the same one his sister had used a few times in the past when they were younger. Back then, she wanted to play escape games and easily escaped those bonds around her wrists and ankles. However, that had been when he still sucked at using ropes.

“Heh-heh, looks like this will really help to get you more motivated.” Rachel smiled devilishly as she showed the contents of the bag.

“So if I finish all questions, I get to tie you up?”

“Not quite. That would be too easy, right? Since you also have the solutions of the problems written at the end of that handbook, we'll play it like this.” She sat down on the bed behind me and took out ten pieces of rope. “You have forty-two questions you need to solve. For every four questions you solve correctly, you get to use one piece of rope.”

“Forty-two is not a multiple of four,” Sam pointed out.

“Well, I'm giving you a slight handicap. Even if you get two questions wrong, you still get to use all this rope. Isn't that nice of me, eh, little brother?”

“Hmm... I think I should get a bonus if I manage to answer everything correctly.”

“All right. If you somehow manage that, you'll get a bonus.”

“Okay then, we have a deal.” Sam grabbed his handbook and a piece of paper and started working on the questions.

“Oh, you're fast.” His sister was leaning over his shoulder when he was finishing the fourth question.

“They are ordered according to difficulty. Anyone can do this if they put their mind to it.”

“No, no, little brother, I don't really think those are easy.”

Sam raised an eyebrow. “If these aren't easy, how did you ever pass that exam one year ago?”

“Eh-heh...” Her eyes avoided his.

Sam sighed. “You totally cheated on that exam, didn't you?”

“Come on, let's check how well you did.” Rachel quickly changed the subject.

“All correct, of course.”

“Congratulations! Here is your first piece of rope!”

“Hey, can I gag you instead? You're really disrupting my concentration here.” In their past escape games, his sister had always refused to be gagged, which he found to be a pity. Secretly, he hoped she would agree this time.

“No. No gags. How else can I tease my sweet little brother if I can't make a sound anymore?”

So it didn't work, Sam thought. “Let's see if you still talk that high and mighty one hour from now.” He motioned her to turn around and hold her arms together behind her back.

“Scary... You think you'll solve enough questions to keep me restrained? Ouch, hey, that's getting too tight!”

“Don't be such a crybaby, wanna-be Houdini. I can still put one finger under the ropes if I try. I need to make it at least this tight if I don't want you to slip out like before.”

“Hmm, that's true. I won't be slipping out of these that easily.”

“And this is only the beginning,” Sam grinned.

* * *

“You sure you aren't secretly a math genius, little brother?”

Sixteen perfectly answered questions later, Rachel was sitting on her knees on Sam's carpet. Besides tying her wrists, Sam had used two of the four ropes he had won to tie each thigh to her corresponding lower leg, putting her in a frog tie. With the other two ropes tied firmly around her knees and ankles, her mobility had been severely restricted.

“Didn't you know that I actually am one?” Sam asked, looking down on his elder sister. She looked a lot cuter now when restrained by the ropes and having to look up to him. “I thought you started this whole game exactly because you knew I am good at math.”

“Oh dear, you really think I'm that much of a masochist?”

“Says the sister wearing a leotard without wearing any bra or panties under it.”

Briefly, very briefly, Rachel's face flushed red. “That's standard practice!” she defended herself.

“Doesn't change the fact that you changed into a leotard for this game.”

“It's just more comfortable to be tied up in this outfit.”

Sam waved away her excuses. “Right, right. While we were talking, I perfectly solved the next eight questions.”

“Eight at once?”

“Yeah.” Sam grabbed the two longest pieces of rope and tied the ends together. “You see, these ropes are too short for the next step.”

Using the extra long rope, he started winding it several times around her body and arms, both right below her chest and right above it.

“Hey, that's tight,” Rachel complained. The ropes were firmly pinning her arms against her back. However, Sam wasn't done yet. “Were did you even learn to tie something as elaborate as this?”

“Internet, of course.”

Sam also wound the rope between each of her arms and torso, making the ropes press down and further accentuating her breasts. Next, he pulled the rope over her shoulder and connected it to the middle of the rope below her chest before pulling it back over her other shoulder. The rope in the middle pushed her breasts a bit apart, while the one under her chest pulled them upward.

“How does it feel?” Sam asked when he was finished. It hadn't turned out exactly like he had practiced, but it was close enough. He liked how his sister was slowly losing her haughty attitude. With every rope he added, she looked cuter.

“Tight... Haah... Like, really tight, but not tight enough to really hurt. And every time I move my arms a bit... Ah...”

“You're making strange noises, sis. I'd almost think you're actually really enjoying this.”

“Of... of course not! Haah... I'm just being a nice big sister providing her brother with some motivation to study!”

“Hmm?” Sam raised an eyebrow as he observed the stiffened nipples under his sister's leotard. “By the way, I just finished four more questions while you were panting.”

“You're kidding! So fast?”

“Yep. And my answers are all correct.” He showed her his answers and the solutions to prove it.

“...no way. What will you do now?”

“Don't worry sis, I have reserved a place for each rope,” Sam whispered in her ear while he wound the next rope around her arms just below her elbows. Thanks to her gymnastics classes, she was flexible enough to have her elbows almost touching each other without hurting.

“You think... you can answer everything correctly?”

“I'll do everything I can. Which means all of them, of course. After all, I who knows when I'll get a chance like this again.”

* * *

“Poor big sister, looks like you're losing terribly.” Sam looked down on Rachel who was helplessly squirming on the floor. Since he had already successfully answered forty questions, he had used up all of the ropes.

“Ungh,” she moaned in response. “I never thought... you'd answer all of them.”

Of the two remaining ropes, he had used one to connect the bonds around her ankles to the back of her chest harness, putting her in a strict hogtie. However, the reason for her moans was the rope he had used before that. He had tied the rope in question around her waist and pulled it between her legs, connecting the other end to the bindings around her wrists.

With every tiny little movement of her arms, a small knot rubbed against her most intimate parts with only the thin fabric of the leotard in between.

“There are still two more questions left, remember?”

“Right... ugh. You ran out of rope though.”

“Don't you worry, sis. Just enjoy yourself for a while.”

Trying his best to focus despite his sister panting and moaning, Sam continued solving the last two questions.

“Done! Any last words, sis?”

“What do you mean- oh you've gotta be kidding.” Her face flushed red when Sam took out a roll of duct tape and a few pairs of his socks.

“You're totally looking forward to this, aren't you?”

“No I'm – Ungh!” Sam had just given a quick pull to her crotch rope.

“Liar... You see sis, I already knew that you had been browsing bondage sites. You should be a bit faster in minimizing those windows when I enter your room.”

“Hear who's ta- mmph!”

“Nope, no more talking for you, dear sis.” Same pushed the rest of the socks in her mouth and sealed it off with several layers of duct tape. “Guess I'll take a commemorative picture of my perverted sister.”

“Mmmmph! Mmph!” Rachel protested, her face beet red.

“Looks like it turned out perfect, don't you think?” He showed her the picture of her lying on the floor on her stomach wearing her black leotard that perfectly showed off all of her curves. She was completely helpless with her arms tied at her wrists and below her elbows, while they were also pinned against her back by the chest harness. Her legs were also tied above her knees and ankles, while they were being kept in place by the combined frog- and hogtie. And whenever she somehow manage to budge a little bit, this only served to have her crotch rope stimulate her even further.

“Now I'll just use this black T-shirt as a blindfold so you can't see my tickling attacks coming.” Ignoring his sisters muffled protests, Sam blindfolded her.

Her legs, wrapped in thigh-high stocking, would be the first target of his attack. Her feet would be unable to escape his assault, and the fabric of the stockings would only make the tickling feel worse than if he had tickled her bare feet. And his sister was particularly ticklish...

“Well sis, time for some fun, huh?”

One last weak protest, and then the room was drowned in incessant muffled laughter.

* * *

Ten minutes later, after several tickling attacks on Rachel's feet and sides, Sam stood up. His sister was lying on the floor on her side, still panting.

“Mmgh!” she moaned as he pulled her crotch rope one last time.

“Man, looks like you really enjoyed yourself.”

“Mmm. Mmph.” It was hard to tell whether those sounds meant agreement or disagreement, but judging from the wet spot in the fabric where a certain knot was pressing against her leotard, he assumed that it was the former.

“Hey sis, thanks for the motivation. These extra exercises made me confident that I'll ace that exam tomorrow. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll go and play some video games downstairs while you enjoy yourself!”

“Mmmph! Mmph!!”

Sam grinned, closing the door behind him. This had been his best study session ever.

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