gerberval9 : 06 - Family Bonding Time (M/fF)

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gerberval9 : 06 - Family Bonding Time (M/fF)

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06 - Family Bonding Time
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By gerberval9

This story was found on gerberval9 Deviantart's page

This story is a little closer to home because it involves my daughter Amy. Nothing weird or gross happened, I can assure you.

This was fairly recent. My daughter, Amy, had just turned 8, something that blew my mind. My little girl was growing up. Luckily, I still have many years ahead of me before I lose her to the world.

Anyway, it was a Saturday afternoon. I was working on a project in the garage for my wife when Amy came out to join me. I think Mary, my wife, was at the store.

"Hi daddy!" I stopped sawing to turn and smile at her.

"Hey pumpkin," I replied. Like my wife, she had very vivid red hair that was beyond curly, and her face was covered in freckles. It was rare to see Amy not smiling, and she seemed to spread that to everyone around her.

"Can we play a game?" she asked, bouncing up and down on her feet. I glanced at the bench I was working on, but then shrugged. What was more important? Spending time with my daughter, or working on a bench I could finish later? It was an easy choice.

"Sure sweetheart. Just let me clean up a bit, okay?" Amy bolted inside, and once I washed my hands and face, I found her waiting in the living room.

"So, what game?" I asked. I knew that Amy loved Old Maid, Go Fish, and Texas Hold-em (for an 8 year old, she had a surprisingly good poker face). To my surprise, Amy said, "I want to try a different game!"

"Oh?" Amy bobbed her head up and down vigorously.

"Yeah! I want to play the games you and mommy play." I froze, completely caught unawares.

"Huh? Wha?" Amy tilted her head to one side, confused by my response.

"You know," she said, like it was obvious. "You're cops and robbers games!" I didn't know what to do. I had no idea that Amy had seen me tie up her mother. Now that I was a parent, I maybe tied up Mary once or twice a month, and always when Amy was in bed. Not that we were ashamed of our bondage fetish. We just felt that Amy might be confused if she saw me standing over her bound and gagged mother.

Clearly, we had failed.

"Um... honey..." I said slowly, desperate to find a good answer for this situation. "Those games are... ah... special... I don't know if you would like those games..." Unfortunately, Amy had inherited my persistence and Mary's stubbornness.

"You make me eat gross food to see if I'll like it," she argued. "Well, I want to try this game!" The logic was painfully sound. I knew I couldn't use the, I said no! approach on Amy. That would just begin a whole new debate. Amy could tell I was struggling and spoke up again.

"Besides, I've played cowgirls and bandits with Tim! It didn't look much different than that!" This brought me up short. Tim was a boy that lived just up the road from us. He was Amy's age, and we often let Amy go play at his house.

"Tim... he ties you up?" Amy nodded.

"Uh-huh!" I wasn't sure how I felt about that.

"Um... is he any good?" Amy shrugged, her face completely honest.

"Not really. I can always get loose, though it's harder when he uses shoe-laces." I resolved to speak to Mary about this, but right then, I had bigger things to deal with. Eventually, I decided that it couldn't hurt.

"Fine sweetheart," I said slowly. "But just one game, alright?" Amy clapped her hands excitedly.

"Yay! Are we cops and robbers? Or cowgirls and bandits?" I really didn't like the idea of playing either of those games with my daughter.

"How about you're a princess, and I'm a wizard?" I suggested instead. Amy thought about it, and then asked, "Am I going to be eaten by Dragon?"

"Do you want to be?" She gave me a look that clearly said I was dumb.

"No daddy. But it might be fun!" I smiled and nodded.

"Okay then. Go put on your princess costume." Amy shot away. I'd gotten her for her birthday a Merida costume from Brave, and she loved the thing. While she was gone, I fetched a few coils of rope from me and Mary's play chest. Amy was back a few minutes later, wearing the dress.

"Ready daddy!" I smiled at her, and then gave a fake evil laugh.

"Har har princess Amy!" I said gruffly. "Time to feed you to my dragon!" I wrapped my arms around, causing her to squeal happily. I carried her down the stairs to our basement where the rope was waiting. Setting her down, I picked up a rope. I crossed her wrists in front of her and tied them gently but securely. Anything less than that would have been insulting to my daughter.

"Let me go you bad guy!" Amy said, pretending to struggle. "My prince will stop you!" With her hands tied, I wrapped another rope around her torso, pinning her arms to her body. I knew Mary, in the same situation, could escape this in a few minutes, but I was confident it could hold Amy.

"If he tries to, I'll feed him to the dragon too!" I growled, tying her ankles together next. "Now, wait her while I go fetch my dragon!" I made to leave, but Amy piped up.

“Wait Daddy!” I turned, and she continued.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” she asked, giving me a confused look. “What about a gag?” Now, there was no way in hell that I was really going to gag my daughter. So I compromised and tied a scarf around her mouth in a pretend gag. Amy started mmphhing and grunting, obviously pretending, and I couldn’t help but smile before speaking.

“You’ll be dragon food now!” I jogged upstairs and found Dragon, our golden retriever of about two years, lying on the floor, chewing on one of her toys.

“Come on girl!” She stood up, her tail wagging furiously, and followed me back down stairs. Amy was still struggling against her bonds, and I pointed at Amy.

“Go get her!” Dragon bounded forward and almost tackled my daughter, licking her face as fast as she could. This dislodged the gag, and Amy cried out, “Ach! Nopht! Dragon! Get off! Daddy!” Laughing, I pulled the dog away.

“Looks like the princess got eaten!” I told her.

“I’ll escape next time!” Amy retorted as I untied her. “Thanks daddy!” Mary came home about twenty minutes later, and as I helped her with the groceries, Amy ran into the room, still wearing her Merida costume.

“Mom mom!” she said excitedly. “Wanna play princess and the bad guy?”

“What’s that honey?” Mary asked, not noticing my flinch of surprise.

“You and me are princesses,” she explained. “And daddy kidnaps us!” Mary turned to look at me, an eyebrow raised. I shrugged and spoke in french so that our daughter wouldn’t understand us. Both me and my wife were fluent, me having french parents, and Mary spending two years in Paris.

“She’s seen me tie you up apparently.” Mary’s eyes widened in shock.

“Oops. And did you already play a game with her?” she asked.

“Yep. Nothing serious, just a little rope. How do you want to handle this?” To my utter shock, my wife just smiled before reverting to english.

“I would love to play Amy. Can I wear this?” My wife was wearing jeans and a plain white t-shirt, and her red hair was in a pony-tail.

“No mom, you need to wear a dress!” Mary nodded and said, “Then I’ll go change. Maybe the bad guy will kidnap you before I get there?” She winked at me, and Amy grabbed my hand, dragging me away from the groceries.

“Come on daddy!” The rope was still downstairs. After stuffing it into my pocket, I picked Amy up and set her on my shoulder.

“Alright lass,” I said gruffly, once again playing the villain. “Off to me dungeon with ya!” Amy squealed and kicked, and I carried her into the unfinished portion of our basement. I remember as a kid I always thought places like that were a lot like dungeons, though I never really got to tie anyone up in those places. I pushed Amy gently against one of the beams before looping a cord around her several times, tying it off behind her.

“Let me go bad guy!” Amy cried furiously, struggling with her bonds. I used another scarf to gag her once more, and as I did that, the door to the room opened, and Mary walked in. She was wearing a light blue sunday dress, with the hem just above her knees. Her hair fell in a tumble around her shoulders in an elegant sort of way.

“Release my daughter you villain!” she said dramatically, but I smirked evily at her.

“Not a chance your highness!” I grabbed Mary, who allowed me to pull up to the post beside our daughter. With her, I did a bit more than with Amy. Pulling her arms around the post, I bound crossed her wrists and bound them tightly. Ropes went around her breasts, both over and under, securing her even more firmly to the post. As I tied her legs, Amy spoke through her gag.

“Why don’t you tie me like that daddy?” I was about to say that it was a little scarier to be tied up like this, and that she wasn’t ready for something like it, when Mary cut me off.

“Yeah Alan, why isn’t she tied up like me?” My neck popped as I twisted it to look at my wife.

“Excuse me?” I said in french.

“She won’t be happy otherwise,” Mary replied calmly, also in french. “And relax, this is just a game.”

“I hate it when you two do that,” Amy announced grouchily. I gave my wife another look, but she just nodded encouragingly.

“Alright then,” I said, giving in. I untied Amy, and then pulled her arms gently around the post. I tied her hands palm to palm, cinching the rope as I finished. Then I tied another rope around her middle, securing her firmly to the beam. I tied her knees and ankles, but as I did so, Amy spoke again.

“Can I get a real gag daddy?” I already knew what Mary would say, so I growled, “I ain’t your daddy princess! And you need to be kept quiet!” Amy giggled and Mary laughed as well. Using a hankie, I rolled it up into a solid ball, then bent down in front of my daughter.

“Open your mouth missy!” Amy did so willingly, and I carefully worked the cloth into her mouth. Using a silk scarf, I pulled it between her teeth and tied it firmly behind her head. Amy tried to speak, but all she could muster was a muffled mumble, and then she smiled through the gag.

“Oh please sir,” Mary begged as I approached her. “Do not gag me to!” I smirked as I showed her the three pairs of her panties in my hand.

“Sorry your highness,” I said with a wicked grin. I pushed the first panty into her mouth, closely followed by the second, and then third. Mary’s cheeks were bulging as she fought to keep her lips pressed together to keep the cloth from escaping. Using a longer scarf, I wrapped it three times around her mouth as tightly as I could. Now, my wife could barely make a sound, let alone talk.

“This needs a photo!” I announced, laughing as my daughter and wife struggled against their bonds. Pulling out my phone, I took a few photos, and then sat down on a folding chair.

“Go ahead ladies,” I said wickedly. “Get free!” I guessed that Mary would get loose first. With Amy present, I couldn’t add a few extra ropes that would have made her escape impossible. Sure enough, fifteen minutes later, Mary let out a muffled grunt of pleasure as one of her hands slipped out of the binding. But instead of trying to untie herself, she reached over and worked on Amy’s knots. Amy had already given up trying to escape and was just standing against her post. With her mother’s help, Amy managed to free her hands as well, and soon, both my daughter and wife were free.

“Tim has never tied me that good before,” Amy announced as we headed back up stairs. “Thanks daddy! We should play this again!”

My wife and I later that night talked about the experience. We both started playing tie up games around her age, and we both turned out well. Our only concern was Amy’s safety, so we decided that if she wanted to play tie up games with friends, an adult had to at least be in the room, or she would have to play the games at our house. Mary also resolved to teach Amy a few pointers on escaping bonds.


gerberval9's stories
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Great family bondage story.
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