M/F want to be a TA for a bondage class?

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M/F want to be a TA for a bondage class?

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Understanding that students are under constant amounts of insane stress, and that these students tend to be kinky as hell, one college decided to make a rather unusual change. This semester is the first to have a class dedicated to bondage meditation, taught by yours truly. The goal is to give students a proven method to relieve stress, while also teaching them about safe and consensual bondage techniques and practices.

Naturally, I need a TA, someone on whom I can demonstrate these various ties. I need someone who will be able to lay on a desk and be folded up like origami during lectures, and who can be available during office hours should a student need some extra help. This is a paid position, as all TA jobs are, but hopefully you're not in this for just the money.

The actual dynamics of the class can be changed depending on what you like. If you want to keep things clean, I can make a lesson plan based solely on safe and effective knots and ties. We can include some toys if you want this to be a little kinkier, or we can go more explicit. Maybe the ropes stay on after class, if that's the kind of dynamic you want. Let me know.

If any of this sounds like a job you'd enjoy, shoot me a message and let's talk about it. Cheers.
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I'd be interested
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