Tied Up All Night (M)

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Tied Up All Night (M)

Post by Stoutland395 »

A cracked window suggests an intruder or some stranger or maybe just a bitter rival.
A guy (late teens, early college) lies in bed, bound and gagged.
Hogtied, spread-eagle, or just hands/feet tied, etc. However the writer envisions it.
It's late in the night, and most everyone else has gone to bed. He writhes in bed trying to get free, and he calls out hoping his family/roommates will hear him, check on him, and let him out. No one comes. Morning arrives, and the smell of breakfast/coffee wakes him up. He hears the chatter beyond the closed door, and his calls for help renewed.
Hours seem to pass, then the door handle jiggles. A knock. A call for him, but he's gagged and can't reply.
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Post by DesertFox »

If you’re still around and interested, this seems like a fun one-shot that I could write for you.

My endings aren’t great when carried over multiple chapters, but I can do shorter stories a lot more easily haha.
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Or don't! Unlike the situations in my stories, it's entirely up to you!
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