Dog rescue MM/F

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Dog rescue MM/F

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14 years old girl was home alone in white raincoat and pink culottes and barefoot. Suddenly she hears something and cames face to face with two masked robber who thought home was empty.

One of them quickly handgags her. She is tied up to chair hands behind back ankles together and gagged with cloth. They also pull hood from her raincoat over her head without covering her hair just like in picture. They decide to change their plans and instead of robbing house they decide to take her hostage so her parents would pay up ransom.

But then German Shepard appears and starts barking. At first robbers want to shoot him but girl stops them and lie that it is her dog. So she is untied and ungagged and she lets dog into the house and closes dog in another room while being hold At gunpoint by robbers. She is then retied and regagged and closed by key in her room.

But then dog who managed to escape the room and run outside appears and gives her a scissors by half open window. She grabs them and starts using them to free herself but then hears door being unlocked so she try to hide them but drops them under waredrobe under process and is unable to retrieve it. Then robber grabs something and leaves.

Girl is despaired thinking that she lost her only chance to escape but then dog using the fact that door to her room was now open runs in and starts to chewing ropes. Then dog hears one of robbers returning and runs away again. Robber ungags her and tells her that he discovered that dog escaped room nad asks where he is. She lies that she do not know so he regags her and leaves.

Then the dog appears again and chew up the ropes around her wrists. She removes her gag and untie her ankles and finally remove hood from her head. She thanks dog patting it on head and they escape by window. Then she see police arriving and she discovers that dog was working on police to catch the robbers