Housekeeping ties up an annoying hotel guest (F/M)

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Housekeeping ties up an annoying hotel guest (F/M)

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I'm the most annoying hotel guest there is and the hotel maid is an attractive young woman creeped out by my behavior. Write up something where she finds my bondage bag and decides to use it on me.
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I was having a terrible day and this guy wouldn’t shut up,always complaining about this complaining about that.I had enough of it man
He also has that perverted stare,the one where you can tell the way they are staring at your
“I heard him call out for the 100th time and went to check again”
“Give me some more water!”he demanded like a man hold and something suddenly bought my eye,a bag full of ropes,cuffs and other things with bondage that made me pause but not long enough that he would notice,I decided if he rang the doorbell one more time I would use it on him.he was stronger but it didn’t matter
I have been doing judo,jiu jitsu and taekwondo for the last 12 years and I’m pretty sure I could take him.
Not even 2 minutes later and I heard him call out again and decided to put it into action
I actually wanted him to ring it so I could use the ropes,so I went down there and asked him
“Can you get up “I said in a flirtatious tone and of course he obeyed
Before he knew what happened I hit him with the hardest roundhouse kick I could BUT
I made sure not to hit his jaw or use my heel,I saw barefoot aswell
The kick connected with a wet slap sound,and I could see his spit leaving his mouth from the force,like the movies,and just like that he was out cold
I quickly searched his bondage bag for a panel gag,it was the best type of gag to keep him quiet
I found one and it also had a padlock
I grabbed some toe cuffs but greatly reduced mobility but it was good enough for him to move(serve me”)
I locked them both on him,I brought some rope and used my scout skills to hogtie him,he was still out cold but I could see him waking up now.
I didn’t want to physically hurt him too much so I decided to use itching powder and rubbed it all over his body which immediately cause him to wake up
“mph” he was scared at first and tire to act like it but I saw a hint of arousement in his eyes.
“You like being tied up then you can have it the whole night”I said as I lied down on his bed as I texted my boss for a fake emergency.
“MPHH”he painfully groaned as he tried to get the itching powder off him,but he couldn’t move a bit and could only produce a pathetic whimper that people within two feet could hear.
“Since you caused me so much pain,your gonna be my servant for the night,I’m untying you but the toe cuffs stay on,
“You saw how I rocked your shit with one kick without you even processing it so don’t try to escape”I said as I untied him
His first instinct was to pull on the gag and crawl towards the I could have hurt him but I decided to simply mentally break him,I grabbed the cuffs and slowly pulled him away and away from the door
“MPHH”he screamed as he tried to fight back but quickly regretted it as I gave a light kick to his face
I helped him up and he had to walk like a penguin
I decided to use him to serve me whatever I wanted,

Failure resulted in either being knocked out by a kick or being choked put,both of which he couldn’t stop
My lap dog tried his hardest but he couldn’t
After 2 hoursi got bored and decided to turn him into my footstool
I judo slanmed him on the ground,went behind him and locked my legs around his neck,I grabbed his hands and put them on my behind and sat on them
“Deep breaths my ass”I said as I started tickling his armpits,the breaths he was trying to hold in quickly exited with a fit of laughter,he stopped laughing from the lack of oxygen and passed out which started my plan
I tied his ankles,knees and thighs,I then took the rope binding his ankles and attached it to the rope binding his thighs,.before tying his elbows,hands and shoulders and connecting them to his legs in a hogtie.
He was in no positions to even move or resist,the rope was perfectly straight and comfortable for me to rest my feet on(PART OF MY PLAN)
I watched movies for 4 hours straight and noticed how wet he was from sweat,I decided he learned his lesson and again put him in a choke
I quickly cleaned up and left and quit the job aswell
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