Read, Comment, Repeat!

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Read, Comment, Repeat!

Post by Johnsnow »

Many of you have read Bondagefreak's last post on this matter and the site had a huge surge in activity. Recently that surge has dwindled and the site is back to how it was before. Below is a new message written from Bondagefreak.

We need your attention for three short minutes.
Please read this 'till the end and PLEASE pay attention.

Some of you are at Uni. Others have full-time jobs, and others are going through hard times. But one thing that links us all together is or love of bondage/tugs/kinks, as well as our regular logins on this superb site.

A LOT of you log in to your accounts, read stuff, and then log out.
Most of you are probably not aware of this, but we've recently lost many of our top-notch authors due to lack of comments and board activity. Low feedback and extremely high lurker rates are continuing to decimate the board.

If we value this place and wanna see it last a few more years, we really need to start pulling together a bit.

Listen. Authors DON'T want you to write a text on their stories!
They just wanna KNOW that what they're writing is being read and enjoyed.
And trust me, if you have time to read something, you DEFINITELY have time to signal your presence by posting a short comment.

Leaving a line or two just to let the author know you're still following can take as little as five or ten seconds. (Ex: Hey dude! Great stuff :) Can't wait for the next chapter!)
See? 10 seconds.

If you wanna write a big review or have a lot to say, then go right ahead.
What's important is just letting your favorite authors know that their works are being read.

We sincerely...sincerely hope you guys are hearing and understanding what's being said. The activity on here and the content you enjoy reading will fade away at an increasingly alarming rate if nothing is done.
Head this warning!
This is not a threat. This is a wake-up call.

You guys and girls all login multiple times a week. So I'm sure it's safe to say you like reading the stories on here and enjoy spending time on this site.
Do NOT let this place die and do NOT brush this plea aside and expect your fellow members to simply do their part in your stead. This is a COMMUNITY movement. This place CANNOT and WILL NOT survive without your support.

Every time you post a comment on the forum, you're making an investment.
Your posts, no matter how insignificant you may think they are, are actually investments with a guaranteed return.
Each time you post, you're ensuring that MORE of the stuff you like to read will find it's way on the forum in the coming days and weeks. You're actually securing future chapters and future stories for yourself!

Keeping this place alive is ridiculously simple.
All you need to do when you finish reading a story or a chapter, is type a line or two in the comment section, click on "submit" and then exit the forum like you usually do.

Read. Comment. Exit.
Read. Comment. Exit.

It's true. The "Read. Exit." strategy will save you a few seconds. But it will also send this place to an early grave, which means no more stories and no more reading.
It's your choice. Think about it.

If you enjoy the stories here and if you enjoy this community, support its authors!