When Markus met Peter (M+/M+)

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When Markus met Peter (M+/M+)

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Title of Story: When Markus met Peter

•Author: gag1195

•Gender Roles: M+/M+

•Content Rating:MATURE 18+

•Status: In Progress

•Link to Topic: When Markus met Peter

•Tags: Mature, bondage, tape gags, sock gags, ball gags, rope bondage, tape bondage, hostage situation, stalker, new relationship

•Synopsis: In this prequel to Bondage Weekend, Markus and Peter navigate the beginning of their relationship. But the pair's stubbornness and pride may end things too soon. It's going to take some dedicated friends and their roping skills to set things right. But there is someone with a vested interest in keeping the couple apart...
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