A Scout's Life (fff/f & f/fff)

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A Scout's Life (fff/f & f/fff)

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Title of Story: A Scout's Life

Author: AlexUSA3

Gender Roles: fff/f & f/fff

Content Rating: PG

Status: In Progress

Link to Topic: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=21461

Keywords: nonconsensual, kidnapping, girl scouts, knots, forest, camping, revenge

Synopsis: Joyce is a middle school girl scout who has a love-hate relationship with fellow scout (and school classmate) Ruth-Ann. During a scout weekend in the woods, Ruth-Ann and her friends decide to teach Joyce a cruel lesson by tying her up, gagging her, and abandoning her in the forest from the camp site. Can Joyce escape before her diabetes spirals out of control and get back to camp before dark?
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