The Backwards Bunch (M/m/mm?)

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The Backwards Bunch (M/m/mm?)

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A story mostly recalled from true events. Bondage, 95% consensual, 5% feigned reluctance. No explicit content in this bit, but I put it in the adult section in case I do continue it, as the story - or the version I offer of it - definitely took on a more exciting, erotic component.

Title of Story - The Backwards Bunch
Author - Windrunner
Gender Roles - M/m (M/mmm if continued)
Content Rating - MA(adults only)
Status - Work in progress
Link to Topic -
Tags - Bondage, blindfolds, hoods, down jacket, nylon clothing, bandannas, outdoor
Synopsis - In 250 words or less, describe your story.

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Hi there,

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